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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

China Goeth Before a Fall

China does not own Taiwan.

They never did.

They aren’t even the same people.

The children of Mao Zedong and the children of Chiang Kai-shek, although both born of murderous totalitarian cloth, have gone in glaringly different directions since the final banishment of 1949. 

Taiwan did not become Chinese, the Chinese who went there became Taiwanese. And while the Taiwanese are a reflective people now delving into the examination of atrocities of the past, mainland China has no such reflective spirit. Their past suppression and killings of their own people go unresolved in favor of pointing fingers at Japan. Mao Zedong remains a close third on the list of top totalitarian murders behind Stalin and Hitler. Should history make more revelations, Mao could yet reach number 2.

Today the people of Taiwan are facing their bloody history at the hands of Chaing Kai-shek, even building a memorial museum to victims of the 228 Incident and the White Terror but on mainland China, although they may have abandoned the “Communist” ideology a bit for the sake of making some real money, haven’t given up on the suppression of their history, news ideas and thought of freedom that still lie within the people.

And Taiwan is a Democracy whereby they have regular and free elections to see who will exercise government power and where victory at the polls confers real power to the winner.

China…not so much.

I have met many people from China who now live in the U.S. and the first thing they tell me when I ask them “So, what brings you to this part of the world?” is that they now get to live the life they wish to lead. “We do not have much freedom in China” one woman who my company hired part-time and who is also a graduate student at Harvard University said to me, “To achieve the things I want in life, I had to leave.” I’m sure there are many more who remain less fortunate.

To say that China and Taiwan are one is absurd. There is only one China and there is only one Taiwan. There is far more than 110 miles separating the two nations. 

China's Shaky Pins

China may be flexing its muscles in the South Seas but it is a precarious perch for the new bully on the block. One does not have to worry about getting into an arms race to change the balance of power however. All the United States has to do is withdraw China’s Most Favored Nation trading status and impose tariffs on Chinese imports and things will change rapidly.

China’s out there blowing a lot of dough on armaments, building island military bases and planning trips to the moon. It would be a shame if the money ran out before they can finish all that, wouldn’t it. It wouldn’t take long.

We’ve been kissing China’s ass since 1972 screwing Taiwan and ourselves in the process. We have had to put up with a lot of China's nationalistic economic bullshit since then. The dumping of cheap Chinese steel into the United States helped kill our steel production and turned a once iconic steel mill in Easton Pennsylvania into a Sands gambling casino.

Then there is the matter of China’s currency manipulation. See China's government declare their economic independence and might while reaching for the oxygen masks!

But this is very easy to unravel. The action will cause prices to rise here at home but with the coming economic changes on the horizon, the income of working Americans will rise to meet this challenge. Once domestic product kicks into gear, there will be no shortage of goods. They’ll just be made better and last longer.

Despite the last 16 years of spendthrift egomaniac presidents trying to give away the U.S. economy, it’s about time we had a fiscally conservative egomaniac president looking to bring it roaring back.

I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Flag Burning and the First Amendment

I think this is all rather funny.

President-Elect Trump, as we all know by now, is an opinionated man and he’s still 100% better than anybody else who ran to be in the White House. I've traveled to see Mr. Trump speak on two occasions and am not worried about my choice in the least.

And really, nothing is going to change despite what the president elect said about what should happen to people who burn the American flag. Nothing.

After all, the American flag is made to burn. That’s what it is there for. It is a thing, an object, a symbol. And being a symbol, just a symbol, it is never going to be as important as what it was made to represent: FREEDOM.

The American flag is the most burned flag in the world. The Arabs in Gaza burn it, the Iranians burn it, Venezuelans burned it during Chavez' rule and now they burn it mostly to keep warm at night but most importantly, American’s burn it.

I really have no issues when I see protesters burning the American flag. If it’s overseas I always wonder where the heck they got all those U.S. flags so fast to respond to the latest "outrage". I mean, who sells American flags in the Middle East? There must be a concession just for people who want to burn them.

But when I see a U.S. government flag burned in America by Americans, all I think of is Freedom, the U.S. Bill of Rights and that our Constitutional government, despite its sometimes glaring misdeeds and indiscretions, still works on a level that no other country in the world does. A country that can stick to the rules set down by people who knew well the dangers of runaway despots and tyrant wanna-bes who would pass laws over the people with just their pen and their phone.

When I see a U.S. flag burn at the hands of the indignant, I think “This is what it’s all about.”

In fact, everybody should get out and burn the American Flag! 

But I realize that some people get confused. They think this symbol of our nation is MORE important than the nation itself and the principles upon which it was built, that this flag, this THING has importance unto itself over and above what it was meant to stand for. 

This is clearly wrong thinking. 

I have to laugh at all this since EVERYBODY seems to be all for the Right of Free Speech right up to the moment they hear something THEY don’t like. Then “There ought to be a law!”

And there is a law:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or of the right of the people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

And there you have it.

Nice speech needs no protection. There is no "but" after the sentence "I believe in freedom of expression..." You either have freedom of speech or you don't. 

There is no such thing as "Hate Speech" or "Free Speech Zones". It is all Free Speech and it can be spoken anywhere one wishes to speak it. The "Free Speech Zone" is the United States of America. 

Where else you going to find it, Cuba?

In fact there are many so called "First World" nations that don't have free speech protections. France for one, Japan for another. Forget about China, no free speech there and Russia? Fugettaboutit!

In Canada, a country where nobody wants to burn their flag, free speech is a "fundamental freedom" but the government is allowed to pass laws limiting free speech when justified, whatever that means and it doesn't mean much. 

But in these United States, it's not just The Law, it's on the top of the list of the first Ten Laws of the New Republic and it's there for a very good reason. 

You may not like it, Barack Obama may not like it, Donald Trump may not like it and Hillary Clinton, she certainly doesn't like it but that's not the point is it?

The point is, it's there.

And tens of hundreds of thousands of Americans have died over more than 240 years so far, to defend it.

Is that important enough for you?

So other than giving both right and left wing radio touts another reason to flap their gums and for people with nothing better to do with their time to call them up and give their opinions, nothing is going to change. There isn’t a Supreme Court Justice sitting today no matter who appointed them, who would vote to change the right to burn the American Flag.

So just go live your lives and use your time here on God’s Green Earth for better things than jumping through hoops laid down by partisan media types who's only real interest in the story is selling advertising for their stations at your expense.

Go out and live. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Election 2016: Hollywood Elite, GOP Faithful Flood Canadian Border

The last thing Canada needs is more Socialists. They’ve got enough problems without more flooding over their borders. Of course, try going to the Canadian border and telling them you’re there to look for a job and see the way they’ll treat you. I can save you the trouble and tell you that you won’t like it one bit.

So Donald Trump is now “President Elect Trump” and the Government Media and their Socialist brethren are already plotting their distractions. “What is he going to do about North Korea?” asks one NPR wag this morning. Like THIS is the most important thing President Trump has to address as soon as he takes office. Like he’s going to deal with that before he’s going to straighten out our decimated healthcare system and undoing all those executive orders President Obama signed as his way around Congressional approval. I can only hope that in his first week, Mr. Trump’s writing hand is going to be sore.

Mitt Romney Vanquished

Not only did the American People vanquish the reprehensible and arrogant Hillary Clinton but also the losing spirit of the establishment GOP and their most recent “Face of Failure” Mitt Romney. Mitt had the chance to help but he refused.

How stupid people like John “I never met a war I didn’t vote for” McCain, the spineless Paul Ryan, Smarmy Ted Cruz, that idiot Leftist John Kasich and the RNC in general must feel for not getting behind the Republican Nominee now President Elect. Donald Trump owes these people nothing and although he will take the high road, I hope he reminds them in private the first time they come to him for anything.

Why Buy a Newspaper Ever Again?

The New York Times, USA Today, The Boston Globe, The LA Times and The Washington Post are all just wastes of good paper and not even suitable to wrap a fish in. Other than lining a bird cage, what are these “Icons of the 1st Amendment” good for? They did nothing but distort the truth, disparage and ridicule and outright lie to the American Public. They were calling the race for Hillary Clinton two weeks before the Vote and even speculated if she was going to break the record for most electoral votes. How absurd has that turned out to be?

We are lied to every day, day-in and day-out. They lie to us in the government schools, lie to us on government radio stations like Bloomberg and National Public Radio and lie to us especially on Television and you can name any station, they are all the same.

To most of America, to our enduring credit, we can tell the difference. But now, in the aftermath of such overwhelming propaganda, vitriol and yes, hate, can we ever listen to these Apparatchiks again? They have proven to be blight on the American landscape and are doing nobody any favors with their Unions and Programs for the “Poor”. They want to keep you stupid and broke and heaven help you if you want something better for yourself or your children because you will have to beg for it.

These people ought to feel ashamed for their behavior but Socialists have no shame. They are right and the rest of the country is wrong and Socialism will rise again because NEXT TIME they will get it right.

Such is the arrogance of the Leftist, Anti-Capitalist Mentality.

The Easy Part is Over

Now that most of the people in the key stats of Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio have voted for at least a chance of an opportunity in the future, the future hurdles that the still entrenched GOP and the united but stung Democratic Party will throw at President Elect Trump will make the bumpy run up to the presidency seem like a kiddie ride in an amusement park.

The job of putting money back into American’s pockets will not be easy if anyone can remember the hard time Ronald Regan had doing it. He was able to get the tax cuts but he never was able to cut as much of the equally important spending cuts through Congress to correspond with these cuts. Still, the economy, ravaged by Jimmy Carter’s unimaginative stewardship, responded quickly and grew.

The Supreme Judicial Court

It would be nice to give Clarence Thomas a companion or two that will hold the U.S. Constitution in as high a regard as he does. This looks to be the most important and lasting contribution President Trump can do for the United States and its people.

Audit the Fed

It's time to let Rand Paul at the Federal Reserve. This "Pillar of the Republic" has resisted scrutiny since the beginning. It's time we know how much dough this country has at its disposal and how the place works. It won't be pretty but it needs to be done. 

Russia, China and the Rest of the World

It is my profound wish that we can find some way to at least normalize relations with the Russian Republic. There may be too much bad history to think we’d be friends but if we can start today, perhaps there can be established a mutual understanding and, of course, free trade and peaceful relations.

China, on the other hand, has to be impressed upon to stop their economic cheating. They have distorted free trade and manipulated their currency to their advantage and until they play by the rules of the Marketplace like most other countries, I don’t see how we can continue to let that go on.
I hope the United Kingdom, Germany and France can pull their heads out of their asses long enough to strengthen international trade without imperial interventions around the world. Old habits die hard but it’s time to recognize the sovereignty of other States and respect them.

And lastly it’s time for the United Nations to get the hell out of New York City and set up their interventionist hateful organization somewhere else. I don’t expect President Trump to do anything about that but they should stop screwing with their bullshit Climate Change Ponzi schemes, Rules for Others but not Themselves and their military support of radical groups with the unlawful intent of destabilizing sovereign nations.

Will this all change suddenly because Donald Trump is president? Obama isn’t Santa Claus and neither is Donald Trump BUT there is cause for renewed optimism since we already knew what we were in for had Hillary Clinton gained the White House; more shortages and hardship.

Susan B. Anthony Spinning in Her Grave

To think that someone as corrupt as Hillary Clinton not only gained the Democratic Party’s nomination but came within the margin of voter fraud from the U.S. Presidency is remarkable. That so many people were willing to look the other way on all her arrogance, dubious financial dealings and her willingness to live outside the rules of office and laws of the land tells more about the people who voted for her than about the candidate herself. Is this how bad people wanted a woman president? They are as morally bankrupt as she is. Let history show that Shirley Chisolm, back in 1972, was by far a better, more sincere and honest candidate than Hillary Clinton. 

Love it or Leave it

For people who think the American flag is a symbol of oppression, for those who feel that America is a land of hate and imperialism and for those who think that anybody other than a Democrat is the embodiment of Adolph Hitler, all I can say is that there is nothing keeping you here.

There are no walls keeping people in. You are free to move around the world if you like, to search for Valhalla. You are welcome to try. The United States, like other nations around the world, doesn’t have the greatest track record in many ways but in one way we have an advantage: We are very introspective. 

We examine what we have done repeatedly, minutely and document everything. There were 100 depositions taken after the Boston Massacre. There were drawings done from many angles. We know the names of everyone there and where they were standing. The whole event was documented beginning from the time the last echos from the British rifles died out. This is how we are. We question, ponder and with any hope, improve.

Freedom is fought for every day not in the rice paddies of an Asian country, not in the sands of the Middle East nor in the hills of South America but in the homes, the workplaces and the schools right here at home. Sometimes we wonder what the hell is going on, that the people who go to work every day, pay our taxes and work towards a brighter future for ourselves and our own are the true forgotten ones in Washington. But every now and then the elastic snaps back and just maybe, perhaps, we get to pull some freedom out of the “America the Oppressors” crowd’s bonfire of hate.

Avoiding Venezuela’s Fate

Despite the deficits, the debt and the damage of a Socialist President, the U.S. still has a chance to pull itself back into the black. Our economy, when allowed to function as it should, can blow past such things. Hell, we’ve had crap for an economy for 8 years and we’re still tops in the world. What does that tell you? 

It's times to turn things around.

You ready? 

Friday, October 14, 2016

Can We Ever Trust the Media Again?

The Boston Globe, The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, The Associated Press, CNN, Fox News…how can we trust anything they say ever again?

All just propaganda sweat sheets. Not a word can be trusted and they prove it every day. I don’t read them, I avoid listening to them whenever possible and I can’t understand why anybody else would either. If they lie about one thing or use “weasel words” to distort the facts, then why should I trust them to even tell me the weather? Should I trust that because THIS TIME they might not be lying?

Don’t think so.

Shades of Clarence Thomas

The recent big lie about Donald Trump has all the timing and suspense of belief as the allegations against Conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas when we was up before Congress for his confirmation vote back in 1991.

This was when a former long-time employee, Anita Hill, was put up by the Democrats at the last minute to claim that Mr. Thomas had sexually harassed her while she was in his employ.

It wasn't just a lie, it was an obvious lie.

Based just on the timing alone the allegation was hugely suspect and although the Political Left who backed her “claim” never took a step backward, her story fell apart on facts alone. Especially the fact that if Ms. Hill was harassed in so unwelcome a fashion, then why did she follow Mr. Thomas from the employ in one firm to another? She had no answer.

But to his credit and for a nation’s thankless task, Justice Thomas has proven to be the most consistent stalwart and defender of the U.S. Constitution as it is written. Not even the late Anthony Scalia could make such a claim.

Anita Hill went on to a lucrative career as a motivational speaker on the college circuit. A gift from her Leftist benefactors for a job well done if not entirely successful.

Such is the world we live in.

The “Conservative Press” is No Better

These supposedly Right Wing talk shows, Rush Limbaugh included but also Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly and our local talker Howie Carr all make their bones on trumpeting their “outrage” at what the New York Times and the Boston Globe etc write. I don’t need to hear it from them. I don’t buy or read them so why do I need these guys to tell me what the hell they said? If I wanted to know, I’d read it myself.

But the real reason they do this is because THEY’D HAVE NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT 
otherwise. It’s like the Left Wing and Right Wing press feed off each other. They need each other for their livelihood. They, like the present group of Republocrats and Demlicans, are two sides of the same coin.

And WE are all paying for it.

Human Nature to Believe

I love it when a colleague tells me about some outrageous thing that they heard on a television news show about, well, anybody of prominence or of a situation overseas. I just ask, “Are you stupid? Why would you believe that?”

This is why I have no friends at work.

There are people that I know who tell me what a pack of lies they’ve heard on the news about something and then come running to me about Donald Trump. Why on Earth would you not believe everything else except this?

With what is going on today why would anyone believe a word about what's going on in Syria, Yemen, Russia, the EU or our own presidential election. And a bigger question would be why are they buying these publications or supporting them with the cable subscriptions? 

Make the Slaves Love Their Slavery

This is why freedom never seems to win in public opinion polls. I don’t know what it is, do people not trust themselves? Don’t they want to be free to pursue what makes them happy? Wouldn’t they want to have a healthcare plan they can take with them and can afford free of government and employer mandates? A plan for their individual needs and not paying for everyone else’s?

Wouldn’t people want to have more of their own money that they earn in THEIR OWN pockets so that THEY can choose how to spend it and what businesses to support instead of having it yanked from their paychecks and used for businesses the government chooses instead?

Will people vote for a chance to be rid of excess regulations, a big and intervening government, a press that is so BENT that they take it as a personal task to collude and destroy anybody who has a alternate plan (that means you too Bernie Sanders!)?

We’re going to find out but the one thing I do know is...

The idea of a free press is DEAD.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Milquetoast Ryan Abandons Party Conservatives

I guess Mr. Ryan, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, thinks this presidential election is all about himself. Perhaps he thinks himself alone in his feelings. Or perhaps he is just favors someone else entirely.

So today Paul Ryan is appalled. Yes that's right, he's appalled by what he has heard. He just can't believe his ears! He was most upset and saddened by the news that...

Donald Trump apparently likes Pussy.

Ultimately, Mr. Ryan didn't take this news well and now he has announced, to the glee of the Political Left, that he just can't bring himself to support Donald Trump, his party's Presidential Nominee and will now only focus on not letting Hillary Clinton take the Presidential Throne with a Democratic Congressional Majority.

As if she'll even need one at that point.

Paul Ryan, in exercising his self-elected brand of voter nullification, has forgotten the stakes of this election. He has overlooked or perhaps he just can't see from his high perch that the economy is turning to shit. That good full-time jobs are dwindling, that the Affordable Healthcare Act is un-affordable, that millions of people are receiving food stamps and that many American workers are living pay-check to pay-check.

Perhaps he has not pondered the Supreme Judicial Court nominee waiting to be confirmed.

Or perhaps he has a plan of his own.

If Trump should lose this election, Mr. Ryan is going to lose the majority speaker-ship within two years anyway. It won't matter a hill of beans what he does after this. The Republican party deserves to lose the majority in the House. They have done nothing to hold onto it. They've abandoned their candidate and they have abandoned their electorate. What more can they do to undermine their cause?

Actually to say they have abandoned Donald Trump is to imply that they had ever given him anything but grudging acknowledgement as the Republican Nominee.

But Donald Trump is where he is because most people voted for him. This is why we hold elections. They didn't vote for smarmy Ted, the landed and entitled Mr. Bush, the decidedly un-dynamic Mr. Walker or that idiot Kasich ,

Trump didn't buy his way to the nomination, he was endorsed by a large group of people who represent the most conservative section of the Republican Party. Even though a majority of them are registered as Independent, they vote Republican. And for decades they have waited for a real conservative candidate.

Only to now be told that Conservatism is no longer allowed in the Republican Party.

In this election cycle, Donald Trump has electrified the Conservative Voter. Across the nation more people have voted in the primaries than they did the last two election cycles. He has gotten out the vote and he will continue to get out the vote. Whether he wins or not is a big unknown at this point but Mr. Trump has mounted an unprecedented campaign.

A campaign against not only the Liberal Democratic Party but also against the Liberal Republican Party.

But a lot of hard working people, people who pay their taxes and aspire to do the right thing, are pulling for Donald Trump. They feel, rightly, that many of the ideals they believe in are what he believes in also. Ideals that they see, more and more, the Republican Party abandoning. They want somebody to stand up to the special interests and big government that does not take their opinions and their rights in regard. They feel they have lost their voice in government.

And Paul Ryan has confirmed that they have. 

Friday, September 30, 2016

U.S. Propaganda Machine Girds for War in Syria

Oh, the children!

Day after day the leftist press:CNN, The Huffington Post, New York Times, MSNBC and Fox News roll out the articles, articles you can't comment on, and pictures of the "Children of Aleppo" and the humanitarian crisis that nobody fucking cared about until the "Rebels" backed by the United States, France, Germany and England began to LOSE the war they've been waging with Bashir Assads Syrian government forces.

And if Doctors without Borders really gave a Goose-Stepping FART about the children of Aleppo they would be calling on the parents, the anti-government "rebels", to throw down their arms and surrender "for the children". If the insurgents would just put down their arms, the Syrians and the Russians would stop bombing them and the children would be safe.

But NO, they can't do that now can they? That would mean the civil war would be over and that Assad would re-gain control of the country again and the above named Imperial Coalition would not!

So it's obviously not about the children.

Oh, and here's a quick tip on how not to get your hospital bombed: Quit firing your U.S. supplied anti-aircraft missiles from either the hospital rooftop or the hospital grounds. We've seen this act all over the Middle East. They've been warned so it should come as no surprise. Apparently a press photo op is more important than the lives of women, children and wounded fighters.

So now everyday there is outrage in the news, the White House and the U.N. that there is war, yes, war going on in Syria and that Assad and his Russia thugs are fighting back. How dare they fight back! Didn't Obama and that cardboard cut-out of a Secretary of State, John Kerry say they wanted Assad out? Then why isn't he going? And why are the Russians coming to his aid? Oh, yeah, that's right, Russia is an Ally. They signed a contract and everything.

Now what sort of deal does the United States have with Syria? None. The United States has no legitimate alliance with any group in Syria and is too far away from the conflict to even know who is using the weapons they are indiscriminately supplying. We are only told that they are Moderate Muslims if such a thing actually exists any more. This is one of those "foreign entanglements" the framers of the U.S. Constitution always warned us about. No good has come from these affairs and no good will come from this one either. Just look at how well Libya turned out.

But any excuse will serve a Tyrant and the Obama Regime is nothing if not tyrannical when it comes to what they want. They will find some excuse to throw more U.S. troops and arms into the region and continue to intervene in the Syrian Civil War. But they have to be discrete so they have the U.N. invent a humanitarian crisis so they can use yet another force of "coalition partners" to step in.

Wars need winners. What the U.S. and its European enablers are doing is prolonging the conflict so more people die. Had the U.S. not intervened, the war would have been over two, three years ago and everybody would have gone home by now.

But no, Assad must go. Why? Because we said so!

And so more U.S. taxpayer money, money we haven't even earned yet because we're $20 Trillion dollars in debt, is being cast upon the Syrian sands because Obama said so and as a result more bodies will burn.

Until our War President, Barack Obama is finally out of office we are going to have to put up with all the impotent phoney-balonie hand wringing coming out of the government media machine.

It's all they got.

The U.S. should just pack it in. Not just in Syria but in the whole Middle East. The only sponsor of terror in the world right now that I see is the United States. We have toppled stable governments and replaced them with chaotic fanatics. We have put an unmixable populace of religious fanatics (also of our making) on the move to countries that don't understand them and can't afford to take them. We have armed groups of radicals with an axe to grind against their governments who would never have had the resources to rebel if WE didn't fund and supply them. This is straight out of the Roman Book of Conquest

Here is a paraphrased piece written by Celtic historian Graeme Talboys:

"Roman techniques for conquest were sophisticated. Trade was generally the first step, with increasingly stringent and monopolistic treaties being enforced. Some groups are picked out for favorable treatment, creating civil discontent. Training and weapons are then provided for the malcontents who would other wise have little impact on their own society. If challenged about this, any imperial power will usually either deny involvement or will talk about support for the oppressed and a desire to bring freedom and political enlightenment to barbarians who, despite their uncouth ways and and lack of the benefits of civilized society, are always painted as a threat."

Sound familiar?

 Aleppo will fall and Assad and Putin will finally win a war in the television era unless Obama does something really really stupid.

Don't count that out.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Trump Gets His Point Across

Whether you feel Donald Trump “won” his debate with Hillary Clinton Monday night or not, the one sure thing that did happen was that Mr. Trump left no doubt as to what he believes should be done to provide jobs and to bring the United States economy back from the edge of the cliff.

Instead of focusing on what Trump SHOULD have said, since we know his points already by heart, we should focus on what he DID say because he said a lot.

Donald Trump was on a roll before Lester Holt deftly stepped in to get him off of the prone body of Hillary Clinton. Had he not knocked him off his line of thought and put him on the defensive, Trump would have continued to pound Hillary on the Obama Economy and her long failure of a roll in it.

Donald Trump, speaking more to the American people out in Television Land than the debate audience, outlined his plan to cut the corporate tax rate to stimulate business growth. He railed against the excessive regulation that is not only killing existing businesses but keeping new businesses from forming.

Trump hit his points on foreign trade, jobs leaving the country, inner cities crushed by no work and high crime, and the Obama Government’s responsibility for it. He also blasted that POLITICAL HACK Janet Yellin at the Federal Reserve and let the people know just how precarious a bubble the economy is perched upon. Trump also accused Yellin of playing politics with the economy after promising to raise interest rates and then differing doing so until after the election. Trump even got in the fact that we are in the worst “recovery” period since the first Great Depression. All this he said.

It was clear even before this debate that this was going to be an election of who has the right idea of getting the economy going. There has been little left to the imagination from both candidates.

Hillary has told us again and again that she plans to tax our way to prosperity. Her plan to raise taxes on the “rich” to pay for the “work” programs to get the economy going again. The Robin Hood approach is a well-worn Democratic boiler-plate idea that has never failed to fail.

Economies do not work that way, never have. When an activity like spending is discouraged, the linchpin of the economy dries up. It was clear during the debate that Hillary has NO IDEA how business actually works or how to bring the economy back. Donald Trump is correct to say that it’s about time we had a president who knows money. He said that too during this debate.

We can go off about Hillary’s email. We can go off about her lying about it to Congress. We can go off on her use of the Clinton Foundation as a license to print money and more of her nefarious missteps and oversights, the worst being Bengazi since Ambassador Stephens saw it coming and asked for help, was ignored by Hillary’s State Department and now he and three of our best are dead. There was so much to say and so little time. We were all trying to fill in the blanks.

I know there were many people leaning in their chairs hoping for Donald to land that clean punch when Hillary said she had poise and stamina because she was interrogated by Congress for three hours. We all wanted to say “And why was that, Hillary?” And I’m sure there was many a Trump supporter yelling at the Television urging him to say more about Hillary’s email server tech, Paul Combetta, pleading 5th Amendment protection in front of a Congressional hearing.  But what he said was enough and acknowledging that Hillary did have experience but it was all bad experience certainly got the message across.

Could he have said more about Hillary? Sure, but he only had an hour and a half.

Donald Trump said everything he needed to say. We all wish he could have said more but it wasn’t us up on that stage with the camera’s and millions of people watching. It wasn’t us in a room full of people just looking for one flaw to undermine years of hard work and the hopes of productive people across the nation.

There will be more time to get it all in. 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Blame Military Training For Killer Cops

“It’s more dangerous to be black in America. It’s both more dangerous because of crime, which is the Chicago story but it is more dangerous in that you’re substantially more likely to end up in a situation where police don’t respect you where you could easily get killed. I think sometimes for whites it’s difficult to appreciate how real that is.” – Republican Vice President hopeful, Newt Gingrich

Although not just a “Black thing” since the shooting rampage of the police forces in our nation goes beyond merely shooting black people. But when police are shooting Black people over a broken tail light, you just gotta think it's gotten beyond control.

It doesn't stop with one group of people however since the police are also shooting Whitey as well as Hispanics. In addition the police manage to indiscriminately shoot people in cross-fire situations, wounding many a passerby by irresponsibly discharging their weapons in public during shootings. You don't hear much about that either. 

This willful carnage by our nation’s police force is coming more to the forefront in the “Everybody has a Camera” age. Now we see what we’ve always suspected. Police are just shooting people down for things they have no reason to fire their weapon for. Some of the video that is going around is incredible. Police shooting fleeing women, men just getting out of their car, black people everywhere and now licensed gun owners who have done what they were supposed to and told the officer they were carrying. I have some friends on local police forces sending me videos of shootings that are unbelievable in their cold-bloodedness. A cop doesn’t feel like running after this kid so he just shoots him in the back. No law against a police officer shooting a “fleeing felon” right? And Black, White or Brown, we’re ALL potential fleeing felons and we are ALL potential targets. 

And when did failure to follow a police officer's instructions become a reason to shoot an unarmed person? It used to be a reason to hit you over the head with a flashlight but now it's the excuse all these killers with badges use to justify what they've done. "He didn't follow my instructions so I shot him." Are you fucking kidding me? We should FRY the next cop who uses this for an excuse. 

Neil Young sung in the 1970s of “Soldiers are cutting us down.” Now he can sing about the police in the new century.

And it’s not only been going on for some time but it’s increasing in its frequency and ferocity.

Many Killer Cops Skate

And most of these killers with a badge get away with it. They don’t even lose their jobs! The courts have long looked the other way in the fight for “Justice”. It doesn’t matter if they are wrong or right, they’ll bash your head in and let the courts clear them. The police are operating with impunity these days and only answer for what they do when it’s caught on video. Even then they don’t go to jail.

People are tired of seeing this and black people especially are fed up with the constant “Revolving Door of Justice” when it comes to prosecuting killer cops.

The Role of the Military

As everyone is well aware, the United States has been training and cycling soldiers through the Middle East for decades. Most of these are what they like to call “Citizen Soldiers” those in the Army Reserves or the Air National Guard. These soldiers actually have regular jobs that they work when they are not overseas killing people. Many of these reservists are police officers.

People in the military can and do receive preferential hiring when they leave military service and decide to go into law enforcement either at the local or state level. Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) also tout the numbers of ex-military people they employ. This has gone on for decades now and one thing the U.S. has a large surplus of is military veterans.

So many cops are Vets these days and many have done tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many have done more than one tour in the Middle East. Some have done three.

Soldiers are trained to kill and get it done quickly. Whether you are A SEAL, Special Forces a Marine or an Army Regular, you are taught to focus on the primary objective: Kill the Enemy. Unlike an Army Regular, a Marine is trained to overrun enemy positions and to take casualties. That’s a special and intense focus. Not everyone can be a Marine and not everyone wants to. Ditto for the SEALS.

Improved Kill Ratio

Since the World War II there have been many in depth military studies on why troops shoot too high. These studies were used to try to improve the “Kill Ratio”, the number of bullets fired vs actual hits on the enemy, of U.S. soldiers. Since the American Civil War the top U.S. military commanders have been puzzled as to why troops have always shot too high and had very low kill rates. One psychological reason is that man has a natural aversion to killing another man. Another problem is that the human body goes into a “Stress Mode” when the shooting starts that restricts a person’s ability to shoot effectively, the pulse quickens, the pupils dilate and the body is flooded with hormones. So the military command has worked diligently since then to correct these “problems” and they have succeeded in grand fashion.

New training strategies work to desensitize soldiers to the act of killing and teach them not to feel responsible for their actions. So now when these guys pop in a door and make the decision to shoot, they hit the “target” at a percentage rate never before seen in the world. U.S. soldiers are the most efficient killers on the planet. Still.

It is also believed that this resulting “improvement” in training has also lead to increases in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

These are the people we are supplying to our nations police forces. They are institutionalized, desensitized killers who have had the smell of blood in their nostrils and now they've traded the uniform of the American Armed Services for that of a City or Town police officer. 

What can possibly go wrong?

Police Officers or Soldiers?

A collaboration of sorts has been taking place between the military and local and state police departments. The local forces have acquired an incredible amount of military gear. Laser sites, gas masks, night vision googles, military style bullet proof vests and leggings, armored vehicles, acoustic riot control vehicles, high powered and automatic weapons and military style systems training. All supplied by the Federal Government.

They aren’t just cops anymore, they have become a highly trained select military tactical force right here in every neighborhood. They have all the resources taxpayer money can buy.

So just who do they answer to now?

The Drug War

The War on Drugs and its sister police-state building sister, the Patriot Act, gave law enforcement organizations across the country the power and resources it needed to build up its fighting might. The progress our nation’s police forces have made in their military capabilities is unmistakable and alarming. Over the last decade especially they have greatly grown in strength. Even though the Drug War has crashed and burned the laws and their “kick in the door” attitude remains.

The confiscatory nature of the drug laws saw local and state police raking in millions of dollars from property seizures that still continue today with little media fanfare. The police have taken cash, cares, land and homes that are then sold at auction. Assets and their proceeds the department gets to keep. The police also routinely freeze with the intent of seizing bank assets that would otherwise have served to help the “Accused” with their legal defense because any financial assets are instantly deemed “ill gotten” without having to actually prove it. But that’s ok, they were guilty anyway. Otherwise, why would the police arrest them?

What happens if you protest these actions? You could lose your property too. All that is required is an accusation.

So don’t think for a moment that law enforcement will go along with drug legalization attempts. This is their livelihood we’re talking about.

Obama Not Helping

President Obama has this uncanny knack of saying the wrong thing at exactly the right time. After all this time can anybody think this is an accident? Our racial divide although never really addressed since the 1960s has laid dormant since the late70s has now been brought roaring back by a combination of an advancing militant police force and a race-baiting president. This will benefit no one.

It is no surprise that Mr. Obama will not admit there is a widening racial divide in the U.S. under his administration. One has to wonder if Obama will succeed where Charles Manson had failed in triggering a race war in this country.

Gun Legislation Now Dead

As a good Apparatchik, Comrade Obama has come out with his expected “take guns away, the problem is solved” rhetoric.  This will not happen no matter how many sit-ins occur now in Washington. Congress isn’t going to touch it. Nobody is going to give up their guns while battle lines are being drawn in the city streets. People will only hold them closer than ever before. 

What Now?

Ending the Drug Prohibition will help. The corresponding reduction in a standing police force will help also. The corresponding saving to the beleaguered American taxpayer will boost the economy.

Cutting back the totally corrupt Welfare System will also help. Continuing to subsidize a large group of people has not worked for us. Keeping people poor and stupid has not added wealth to this nation. Learning to make your own way in the world is the most enriching thing a human being can achieve in life. It’s time everyone had that opportunity again. The Welfare system is not doing anybody any favors and continuing to tell a group of people that they can't compete on a level playing field without government help will never get them on base in the game of life. The corresponding savings in taxes can go to drug rehab programs that this nation so sorely lacks.

We should end our wasteful wars that accomplish nothing but spreading violence throughout the world and creates tons of disabled warriors that we can't seem to be able to take care of. We have created a “Chicken or the Egg” cycle of violence that only increases and has not made anyone any safer. The result has been quite the opposite actually. This will also result in a net gain for the American taxpayer.

A rising economy will lift all boats. Ours has been an embarrassing flat-line of failure with the faces of GW Bush and Barak Obama on the IOUs. Putting our money back into our pockets so that we can spend it on the right things will further the nation more than any war or welfare check. 

Doing away with these wasteful influence buying, power-grabbing programs will bring the economy back so if you want a job in this country, you should be able to find one. The failed cycle of economic bribery that has been going on since the 1960s should be brought to an end. 

Or we can become a Police State. 

Take your pick. 

Trump 2016!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

President Obama Endorses Donald Trump!

What could be a bigger, more ringing endorsement of your candidate than to have the worst President to ever wear the mantle to say that he isn’t “Qualified”?

There isn’t one. Obama has told the world that Donald Trump is not fit for the presidency and he should know since he is the most unfit person to ever hold the office. Move over Jimmy Carter, move over Dwight D., stand aside Mr. Nixon, a new king has been crowned: Barack Obama.

The Anarchist-in-Chief has done everything he can to destroy the United States. He’s ordered a stop to border enforcement, allowing untold millions into the country without knowing their intent or their health. Diseases that have thought to be eradicated in the U.S. are roaring back and disruptions along the border and U.S. deaths and the hands of the invaders is continuing to rise. 

So if President Obama thinks Donald Trump isn’t the man for the job…HE’s the Man for the Job!

Just how Mr. Obama has become so delusional as to think that ANYBODY in the world would believe a word he says about anything is a wonder in itself. After all this Bastard has done to us?

The President has ravaged the U.S. economy by killing off the nation’s largest employer: Small Business, with increased regulation and taxation. Empty store fronts dot every town and city center across the country. The homeless are rampant but you won’t hear much about them unless Mr. Trump is elected president, THEN it will be the biggest problem facing our nation so will say the Government Press.

So if Obama says I shouldn’t vote for this guy, I really should vote for this guy!

Nothing President Obama has done has actually helped the United States. His Affordable Care Act has driven costs up and hospitals out of business. States are groaning under the regulation and shortages the president’s plan has brought. His backing of Green Energy companies with taxpayer dollars has left a wake of bankruptcies and blown Millions of dollars without a penny in return in a failed effort to pick winners and losers in the Marketplace.

The only private business Obama has every helped with his policies is the firearms industry. And that was unintended. 

But if we would only listen to HIM, He, Mr. Obama,  will tell us who we should vote for and it’s NOT Donald Trump. According to the President, Mr. Trump is the LEAST qualified person for the office.

On the other hand, Mr. Obama says that Hillary Clinton is the MOST qualified person for the office.

We get it. What Mr. Obama is REALLY saying subliminally is that Trump should be president or the world is going to go to shit under Hillary Clinton.

And what shit it will turn into under Hillary. All she’s got is the same banal proposals that didn’t work the last 20 times they were tried.

Hillary’s Jobs Bill vs Trump's Plan

You want a job? You won’t be getting one under Hillary Clinton’s plan. You’ll get a government check and a training program but, you know, the country is at least $19 Trillion in the hole so more government spending will not produce a single job since the money will be taxpayer money. That's all they have. The government will either have to print it or tax more for it. It is more likely, if you should have a job, that you will lose that too.  

This is the same Stimulus Plan that President Obama trotted out in 2010 to the tune of $800 Billion dollars that only went to the states public unions to prop up his voter base and didn't create a thing but more debt. 

Trump knows the way to get real jobs going is to cut taxes. More money in your pocket, you spend it, you buy things you need or want, business grows. The more of your money you get to keep, the more money YOU get to spend. The choices you make are infinitely better than the choices the Government has been making with it ie: overthrowing Libya, dropping Billions of dollars in weapons into Iraq, bribing Iranian officials,etc. This is a foreign concept to people like Obama, Sanders and Clinton.  

Ironically, this is what President Kennedy did when he took office. He cut the corporate tax rate that was restricting business under the Eisenhower administration and the economy picked up quickly afterwards and did not stumble along for 8 long, long years like they are now.

Nowadays Mr. Kennedy would be considered a Conservative Republican. But the big difference between President Kennedy and President Obama is that Kennedy actually CARED about the United States
And now, after all this time, you can make a better choice than Barak Obama. Mr. Obama hasn’t managed to make a good choice yet when it comes to keeping the United States safe or solvent so all you have to do is make ONE good choice and you are ahead of the man.

Mr. Obama says that Donald Trump is the WRONG guy for the job. The President says that Donald Trump is UNFIT to hold the office of the Presidency.

Mr. Obama has held the office of the Presidency for 8 of the longest years of my lifetime and for many others; people working two part-time jobs with no benefits and without the hope of getting put on full-time, people who are not going to the doctor because their out-of-pocket expenses are too high, our many uncounted unemployed and people going to work, busting their ass and then having to stand in line behind healthy people with EBT cards at the supermarket.

What does Mr. Obama have to say to these people?

“Don’t vote for Trump, he doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

And we know what you’re doing Mr. President.

And it's time we put an end to it. 

Trump 2016!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Obama: Trump is a Russian Spy!

That’s right; Donald Trump is working for the Russians! It’s a terrible revelation I know but the Obama regime has concrete evidence and well those people who hacked the inattentive and secretive Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails, well they were RUSSIAN!

President Obama was heard to say, “You know the FBI tells me that it’s very difficult to prove the source of a cyberattack but, since the FBI works for me, and we would never lie about something this big, we have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Russia is the source of the stolen emails from the Democratic National Committee. Yup, Trumps a spy alright. We may have Loretta Lynch issue an arrest warrant.

Heck Hugo Chavez can arrest his opposition, why can’t I? “

Obama Demands Trump Release Birth Certificate!

I have heard that President Obama wants to see Donald Trump’s birth certificate to prove that he isn’t Russian. Right now the CIA and the FBI are looking into Mr. Trump’s ancestry to see if he had any distant relatives that were either in the Russian Royal Family or better yet, the Russian Revolution.

“And where”, President Obama asked,” was Mr. Trump when Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK, anybody know? He talks about Ted Cruz’s dad meeting Mr. Oswald but that was just a smoke screen. Where was he when Oswald was around, a grassy knoll perhaps?” At the time Trump would’ve been 23 years old, certainly old enough to buy a gun in Texas.

National Press All in for Hillary

The suddenly righteous outrage of the media propagandists, especially a video by the New York Times that could be taken as a campaign blitz FOR Donald Trump. Who wouldn’t want to have Russia on our side for a change? They would be a better friend than an enemy. Wouldn’t it be great to put 60 years of distrust and counteractions behind us? Haven’t we seen this take place between Ireland and Great Britain? I never thought I’d live to see the day when Ireland and Britain sat down and made a deal over Northern Ireland. It’s not the best but it brought peace to the region. And peace lays the groundwork for prosperity and an elevated quality of life. There are a lot of people in the U.S. who hold how Vladimir Putin is running Russia in higher regard than how they view Obama running this country. That’s a strange thing.

Granted, there is a lot of bad history on both sides of the aisle but with the right people in charge for a change, it could happen. Previous U.S. governments felt that the adversarial roll served their ability to hold power but it has taken a man like Donald Trump to view such ideology from a different angle. Why not be more open with another world power?   

But alas, no one president could right our trust issues even in two terms.

Keeping the Cold War Alive

Many presidents in the recent past have used this Us vs. Them dynamic with Russia to help keep themselves in power. It served them better that Russia was the enemy. But now the United States has NO SHORTAGE of enemies and what we really could use are friends. Reviving and keeping the Cold War alive no longer serves us and our nation’s leaders should find some other value to hold power with. How about benevolence for a change? How about a fucking tax cut?

Obama’s Chinese Connection

During his last two presidential runs, Barack Obama had taken money, a lot of money, from government money men in China but that certainly got little play in the Government Press. This money was very influential. And what did they get in return? Any kind of recent trade deals come to mind? Mr. Obama doesn’t really talk much about this for obvious reasons.

Hillary Grasping at Straws

By alienating Bernie Sanders supporters and being unable to find, never mind fire up, her own voter base, the Clinton campaign is resorting to throwing bigger and bigger accusations up against the wall of public opinion with more frequency and larger failures. Would a thinking person understand that Trumps so called “Fear Mongering “ of illegal immigrants and ISIL at our doorstep is any different than the Democrats using Russia and Vladimir Putin as a Boogie Man?

Or that Trump openly asking Russia to release Hillary’s emails that she deleted even though she was under a court order not to do so is a bigger worry than the fact she deleted said emails and maintained an a private email server for government correspondence that was hacked in the first place? And if, like we were originally told, there was nothing in those thousands of deleted emails, then why would it matter, if Russia indeed had them, if they were released.

Right now the Political Left and their media enablers will say anything and do anything to hold onto power, the power they can’t hold if the American People aren’t on board with come election time. All information is suspect and if you are a Trump supporter, you already know this.

The Real Truth

In our Shoot-the-Messenger world, the real heroes are the people who risk their future, their fortune and their very necks to brink the public this information. Imagine how stupid and uniformed were were about the level and nature of the NSA spying on all Americans without a warrant like the law stipulates. The not so distant past seems like another world to us now. 

But it took people like Julien Assange, Eric Snowden and that poor devil Bradley Manning who battled their consciouses, their upbringing and their nations to bring out the truth to the world. It invites a comparison of Prometheus bringing light to mankind. Now enlightened, what do we do with this information? 

It's time to make an informed choice. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sanders Sells His Soul

He should have been the Democratic Nominee. And he would have been the nominee had the Democratic National Committee not secretly colluded with the Hillary Clinton Campaign to freeze him out of the race.

Votes were stolen. Support was not supplied and super delegates were appointed to stand against him. All of the time, effort, work and MONEY that went into the Bernie Sanders for President campaign was in the end just a Dog and Pony Show for the RUBES. 

It's not like Hillary was somehow surprised this was going on. She was in on the whole con. It was she who was driving the bus when it ran over the Sander's campaign and don't let anybody kid you. The DNC dances to Hillary's tune and not the other way around. 

Still, Sanders had a chance. His message was being heard, his vigor was infectious and his campaign proved popular. I believe he got most of the votes but we'll never know because his weren't counted. Bernie Sanders had his nomination literally taken, stolen from him and his substantial voter base.

Julian Assange really only confirmed what we already knew: That the Democratic Establishment conspired with the Clinton Campaign to deliver Hillary the nomination as the Democratic candidate for the Presidency of the United States. 

How historic was this challenge? In many ways it did make history. Hillary’s campaign will go down in U.S history as the most underhanded demonstration of campaign skulduggery in the modern era. 

That we know of.

Fairness, Fairness, Fairness…

After all this, one can better appreciate the theme of this year’s Democratic National Convention. It’s all about fairness, unity and establishing a level playing field for the American citizen. The Democratic candidate will seek to promote fairness and transparency at every level of government.

All put forth without a hint of irony or even a facial tick.

Sander’s Supporters just Bad Sports

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz addressed the crowd at the opening of the convention with these inspiring words for the disgruntled Sanders delegates:

“Come now people, you’re just being ridiculous. You are just uninformed about how the game is played. This is national politics and we can’t have a guy like Sanders win the Democratic Nomination, can’t you see? Listen, we had a process and fair or unfair you lost so suck it up and vote for Hillary. What? You mean you all thought you were part of a national movement? You’re kidding, right? You people are more naive than we thought. You all fucked up, you trusted us! You thought we would treat each candidate fairly and without preference. Well it doesn’t work that way so grow up and meet the real world!”

“Oops, gotta go!”

And with that, she was gone.

Everything Free in America!

But Bernie’s legacy will live on in the Democratic Party Platform:
  • Free College Tuition: But no jobs to go to. And since we all know how highly people regard free things, the value of a public college education won’t be much if this should happen.
  • Raise the National Minimum Wage: No jobs will come of this either. If you can’t pay $10.00 an hour you’re not going to be able to pay $15.00. Not for a crumby job only worth $7.50.
  • Renegotiate College Debt: This is good because this actually hits a government program up to renegotiate the bad-deal loans they have been handing out to anyone who applies since they took over the student loan program. So essentially it will be the government cutting the money it will receive. Odds of that happening: Zero.
  • Universal Child Care: Everybody’s kid gets to go to a daycare facility free!  This idea has also been flown as Universal Kindergarten. Just another government program for another government paycheck for another class of government employees. Oh, and who is going to pay for that? Answer: You.
  • Paid Family Leave: More holidays for American workers paid for by, ultimately, the American worker! It can't get any better than that!

Bernie Endorses Hillary!

I checked the temperature in Hell this morning when I woke up and it was 20 degrees F! It surely was a cold day in Hell as Bernie stood up and told his die-hard supporters that HILLARY CLINTON was the best person for the job of President of the United States! 

Did they believe it? Hell NO! 

Did Bernie believe it? Hell NO!

Does ANYBODY believe it?


So in the end Bernie sells out on the floor of the Democratic Convention in order to get his agenda adopted as part of the party platform.

But nobody is buying it.

Hillary Picks Crazy-Looking Fat White Guy for Vice President

Can they take a picture of this guy that doesn’t make him look demented? Is such a thing possible? I just get a weird vibe off of the visuals of this guy since before this I’ve never laid eyes on Tim Kaine before. Now that I have, I’m not so sure of what I’m seeing. He reminds me of the uncle in the family you didn’t leave the kids alone with.

Again, the Sanders supporters just have to grin and bear it, right? Hillary is the nominee and that’s just the way it is, ok?

National Public Radio is on board. CNN is on board. The DNC is on board too.

So shut up and sit down!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Sanders Endorsement of Clinton Rings Hollow

No one believed it when President Obama recently endorsed Hillary Clinton and said that she is the best candidate for the office that there is.

And nobody is going to believe it if Bernie Sanders can choke out the same line.

Bernie Sanders endorsing Hillary Clinton for President of the United States would need a great moment in acting to pull off since knowing what we all know and the slow burn that Sander’s supporters are going through right now after having been jobbed by the Democratic National Committee just before the polls opened for the California Democratic Primary. And it wasn’t the first time they got screwed by the “Creative Democracy” that the Democrats practice.

We all know that the DNC had picked Hillary Clinton as the nominee right from the start and did everything they could to derail the campaign of Bernie Sanders.

How can anyone believe that Sanders would truly and sincerely endorse Clinton and validate everything they did to him? It makes no sense.

There certainly isn’t much democracy going on in the DNC these days and Sander’s campaign exposed the rigging, the behind –the-scenes skullduggery and the outright rigging of the vote to favor Hillary. For Bernie to stand there and say “I want Hillary Clinton for President” will be the ultimate humiliation. Will he do it? How will he handle it? How will his staunch supporters handle it?

Good question.

I don’t believe Hillary did win the popular vote amongst Democratic Primary Voters. But how are we ever going to know? All we have is what the Dems have told us. Now shut up and sit down!

In the long run this treatment of Sanders will haunt Hillary. Never a good candidate to begin with since even the people who are going to vote for her don’t believe she is capable of doing anything but keeping the money flowing their way for as long as it’s going to last. And that isn’t saying much.
Nobody believes Hillary Clinton can restore prosperity and tranquility domestically and regain respect and integrity globally. Who has heard that plan? There isn’t one. With a Hillary regime there will only be the Status Quo for the preciously short time that is going to do any good. No no, a Hillary presidency is going to be a disaster.

We might not get much better under the circumstances from Trump but at least we may have a chance.  Donald Trump is a man of bold ideas and he will have his chance to put them out on the big stage for the citizens of this country to weigh.

And that chance to compare his own big ideas was taken away from Bernie Sanders.  Not by the popular vote but by the DNC powers that be that had already decided who their candidate was long ago. The Sanders campaign, all that energy, all that optimism and all that time and money was all a charade. It was never going to happen. It was all a waste of time and effort, shoveling shit against a rigged system help bent on Hillary Clinton despite her vast problems, baggage and weaknesses.

It should have been Bernie Sanders grasping for that brass ring instead of the conniving, devious and distrustful Hillary Clinton. What did she ever do to deserve the nomination? What, did she ever accomplish in politics that had any impact on anything? All she's managed to do is steal an election. 

So does anybody think that Sanders supporters are just going to forget this?

Don’t think so. 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Gay Community Should Arm Itself

When seconds count, the police are minutes away.

And President Obama anxiously awaits his next anti-gun press conference.

So rather than being a government propaganda tool as a dead person, it would be ok to choose to learn how to defend yourself and avoid the whole political tussle.

When you are a target, and gays have been targets from the beginning of the age of Christianity, then perhaps you would take an interest and responsibility for your own protection because, let’s face it, nobody is in a better position to do it than yourself.

More women are arming themselves than ever before and successfully defending themselves too. Although as a general rule the National Press tend to suppress news of people successfully fighting off attackers and robbers. They wouldn’t want people getting “ideas” that they could actually stop crime when it happens to them.

If someone in the club had a gun on them beside the detailed police officer, who was not enough, then they could have popped this guy Mateen. Preferably, when his back was turned.  It has happened where someone in an establishment under attack had shot the attacker. In fact, this has happened many, many times.

If we were talking about a segment of society that made up 50% percent of the population then we wouldn’t be talking about gays being shunned and attacked as often since only minority populations are targets of discrimination and prejudice. Gays are a minority population and despite the laws passed to protect their rights and freedoms they are still subject to ridicules and violence not experienced by most straight people. 

Turning our attention to the shooter, Omar Mateen, a 1st generation American citizen as well as a radicalized Muslim terrorist, his father made a totally bullshit statement about the shooting not being “about religion” since his poor unfortunate son witnessed two men kissing in public and THIS is what drove him to shoot up the gay nightclub. I’m glad he took the time to straightened that out.

Most people aren’t driven to kill upon witnessing such things but the most likely characteristics of those who do seem to be Muslim. The Muslims are attacking people in Europe. Attacking women in Brussels and Munich, attacking women without headscarves in their own country and attacking non-Muslim people everywhere. Muslims are throwing gay people and people just plain suspected of being gay, off of two story buildings with their hands tied behind their backs in Libya, Iran and Pakistan. Gays are being hung in Saudi Arabia. Everywhere in Muslim countries gays are being HUNTED and KILLED.

But this shooting in an Orlando gay club, it’s not about religion. It’s just about killing gay people.

That’s all. We should just understand this. 

To clarify a major misconception concerning so called “Assault Rifles”. These are just semi-automatic rifles, a rifle that resets the trigger using a “blow-back” system that was first invented before the Civil War. Today it is a very common device that is in almost every firearm made and legal in every state. To think that these are going to go away regardless of what the Obama regime attempts is naive at best. Whether the gun is displayed in a classic wooden stock or in a rather fierce looking black polymer encasement, it is still the same weapon. Under the Clinton syndicate's Assault Rifle ban back in 1994, the oft-demonized Colt AR-15, with it's lightweight polymer stock and sleek black design was branded an assault weapon while it's wooden-clad competitor, the Ruger Mini-14, was not. Of course the sale of the AR-15s really took off because of the ban and it remains the country's most popular rifle.  

When the government media speaks of "Automatic" weapons, they are actually referring to these semi-automatic weapons to purposely mislead the uniformed. Automatic weapons can only legally be possessed by law enforcement and military personnel. Civilians cannot have them legally.

If these guns or even ALL guns were banned in the United States, then they will just come into the country from someplace else. Our borders are unsecured, remember? The same inaction by our present government that allows illegal aliens to enter also allows goods and materials not allowed in this country to come in also. China and Russia among other armament manufacturing countries will find a ready market for their guns here in the U.S.  If we can’t keep drugs out of the country to the point where we are legalizing them, what makes any thinking person think that we can keep guns out?

So the message should be clear: Protect yourselves at all times.If you won't do it, who will?