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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sean Hannity Clueless on Drug Legalization

He is a man left behind by the times, unable or unwilling to see the world for what it is.

Sean Hannity is a man so in denial that his ability to see any situation clearly is suspect. How can anybody believe a word this guy says when he can only recite the same wrong-headed party line over and over again in disguise of a plausible argument? And it’s not really the party line anymore since other conservatives have shown the brains to acknowledge that the War on Drugs has been a monumental failure.

That’s right, in the 35 years of the current police buildup and passage of strict and punitive anti-drug laws; drugs are more prevalent than ever in American society.

How can that be?

It’s because a market force is greater than governments. It is stronger than any military might. It will corrupt the incorruptible, sway the unswayable and bend a people to its eventual recognition of the reality of its power.

All except Sean Hannity that is, he’s just an idiot!

I had the unfortunate experience of channel surfing through his FOX radio program while he and some other idiot born with the same condition were tag-teaming a young lady with more brains in her pinky finger than Hannity and the other yo-yo boy who was on his side.

Here’s an excerpt of his skillful questioning:

“You want to legalize drugs?”


“Even Heroin?”

Now this is the question, with the exception of Rand Paul, that most Libertarians always seem to choke on when on the air with one of these professional "outraged" radio wags and this woman did just that. She started to stumble which gave Simple Sean an opening to jump in and start naming every drug he had learned about in 6th grade when a local police officer would come to school to talk to the class about drugs and bring a plastic marijuana leaf to show the class.

“How about Crack Cocaine?”

“How about OxyCodon?”

And he went on in rapid-fire like some 5 year old asking “Why” to everything.

People made the mistake of calling in to agree with this woman. I could picture Hannity sitting there with his fingers in his ears.

Thirty-five years and Billions of dollars on punishments, jails, corrections officers, wages, benefits, pensions and courts all a waste of time and money.

The reason why the government is reluctant and especially the Republocrats to go along with legalization is that if legalization were to occur, what would they do with all the cops and jail workers? They’d have to lay them off or create another boogie-man for them to chase after. But the end of this charade is inevitable. They can’t continue to throw money at it because it’s not making any money back. The States are loosing their shirts and the shirts of their taxpayers who are very close to becoming the stone you can’t get blood out of, they’re tapped out and the government has bled them dry at this point.

The massive corrections system is yet another giant house of cards that cannot be sustained. Better to tear it down now than to have it collapse.

Yes Mr. Hannity, drugs are bad. People should not take them. They are not good for anybody in the long run. BUT that's not the point.

The Prohibition on drugs wasn't about drugs being bad. It was about good jobs at good wages paid by the Federal Government. It was about buying the vote, paid for with tax dollars. It was about controlling the ethnic people's who enjoyed them like the Mexican migrant workers  who used marijuana and the Chinese railroad workers who enjoyed Opium. They had to be more productive. 

And the reason now that so many states are debating and legalizing marijuana right now is because they can’t stop the drugs from coming into the country and they can’t stop them from being produced locally. Period! So much product is pouring into the country that they can't even fathom the amount that they are NOT stopping. On top of that, domestic output has increased. Where there is a want, people will work to fulfill those wants. That is the invisible hand of the marketplace that people on the political Left refer derisively as Capitalism and it will win in the end.  

Speaking of Capitalists, the Taliban is making millions off of the sale of Heroin and with that money they are buying GUNS! Guns and bomb making materials so they can kill people. This is a direct result of driving drug production underground and into the hands of criminals instead of being above board and transacted in the light of day. 

In the mean time, the United States has become a Police State where every bank transaction over $5,000.00 is reported to the government so they can try to track, supposedly, illegal drug money going over seas. For tracking cash transactions for regular honest tax paying citizens, this has worked but for tracking drug money in particular, this too is a failure. They could reduce the amount to $100.00 and still they will fail. There is just too much of it. 

The corrections system that was set up to put drug users and dealers in jail is bankrupting the states. Since the Drug War has made everybody a criminal, our inner cities have become the equivalent of the OK Corral with local gangsters shooting it out with larger national gangsters and foreign drug cartels and people dying and police dying and innocent people being caught in the cross-fire.
And what is Sean Hannity’s answer to all this?

“America’s borders aren't secure enough, we must secure the boarders.”

Yes, that was Hannity's answer!

I don’t know what circles Hannity travels in but it has to be a small one. Where does this guy get his news? Does he even go out of the house? If he actually went and pumped his own gas, and I will bet money he DOESN’T, he might actually see the kid on the bike putting his hands into the driver’s side door of somebody who pulled into the Quick Mart and make a drug transaction like I did in my mostly lily-white neighborhood here in Massachusetts.

Mr. Hannity, I've got news, the boarders were NEVER secure. Never secure. They are NOT secure NOW and they WEREN'T secure in the fucking 1950s, 60s or 70s either! They were never secure and they WILL NOT GET secure enough to keep out drugs. Drugs come in on trucks, they come in on boats, they come in on planes and in the case of marijuana, grown RIGHT HERE in the good ‘ol USA.

I had to finally turn my radio to the Oldies station or I was gonna drive off the road.

Nobody is that STUPID! This is what you get when people are right wing for a living. They have to say stupid stuff because they are supposed to be a certain way or they can't sell advertising. If he wasn't on the radio talking like a man in a cave, what else can this guy do? 

The money currently going into Drug Prohibition would be better spent on rehab facilities than on jails. The jails have not stemmed the tide. All the laws passed in the last 35 years has not stemmed the tide. All the police put on the street have not stemmed the tide.

The only thing that is going to keep your kid from using drugs is education, not the threat of jail.
Of course it all begins at home but since drugs are everywhere in America, on every street corner, in every school and every college campus, your best protection is communication and staying connected to the reality of the situation and being plugged into the world we all live in and share for this short time we have here on Earth. Don't isolate yourself. 

Don’t be a Hannity!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

United States Occupies Hawaii

On the heels of the Obama administrations rebuke of Israel’s purported occupation of “Palestinian” land one has to suspend belief that what the United States has done in its past is any more morally righteous than what any other country has done in its history.

Israel has more claim to the land that they sit on than we do in regards to the land the United States occupies.

Hawaii springs to mind. We've been sitting on those people for longer than Israel has been a State.

We still occupy military bases in Okinawa Japan since 1945 and they don’t like it at all. In fact, the people of Okinawa want the U.S. Military to vacate the premises immediately. It is only the money we’re throwing at Tokyo that is keeping the bases there. If that's not an occupying force, someone please explain. It's not like it's keeping Japan from attacking anybody. It's an offensive strike force that the U.S. is not going to give up regardless of what Japan wants us to do. 

We still hold Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. Don't think the Cubans are renting that to us so we must be occupying that territory. And weren't we closing that down already?

In fact, the United States has military bases all over the world. Hundreds of them. A case could be made for our occupying forces in all these foreign countries although the government always states that we hold no land but if the U.S. has had a base in anyplace for more than 65 years, I’d say otherwise. We’re holding onto that real estate real hard.

Texas used to belong to Mexico until we “Liberated” it for the United States. I'd say we've been occupying that territory since, what, 1845? 

We also occupy most of the land the American Indians used to roam free upon and hunt and plant and live their lives as their creator had told them to. But we won it all in the Indian Wars and we let what’s left of the vanquished Indian nations have the mostly unproductive land we weren't going to use much anyway.

And while we are criticizing Israel for their historical occupation…

Not a word about China’s occupation of Tibet

I guess ya'll must have forgot. The U.N. certainly has.

So to say that only Israel must give up land that they at least have lived on for ages and ages so they can hand it over to a people, lets face it, this band of Arabs, who have vowed to drive Israel into the sea and have never acknowledged Jerusalem as a state while every other nation has AND has been constantly shooting rockets into their towns, sneaking armed men into their territory and killing its citizens, well it’s rather the heighth of hypocrisy.  

But what what else would a reasonable person expect? That’s just President Obama’s standard operating procedure.

It would be pretty funny if a member of Benjamin Netanyahu's administration came out and called for the United States to give back an inch of any of the land it took over the years. 

That would be hysterical. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Obama Shills For Green Energy Companies

If he hadn't given so much taxpayer money to these alternative energy companies, maybe President Obama wouldn't have to attack Global Warming, I mean Climate Disruption, sorry, Climate Change deniers so vociferously and without tact or even a hint of diplomacy.  

No, Mr. Obama has to go on the offensive since so many of the Solar and Wind energy companies that his friends and election contributors have started haven’t done particularly well. In fact they've performed very poorly indeed!

There are currently 33 companies that have received taxpayer money from the Federal Department of Energy to develop clean energy that have filed for bankruptcy protection after having received Billions of dollars collectively. What happened to all that money? Well I guess they must have spent it all. I guess Green Energy isn't a product that will sell itself.

What they need is a better salesman!

For all his bluster, accusations, executive actions, taxpayer "loans" and behind the scenes sleight of hand, the President just isn't getting the job done for renewable energy. Even heavy government subsidies can't manage to keep these hand picked, state sanctioned companies above water. After all, the government can spend itself into prosperity and fund good jobs at good wages, right?

Mr. Obama’s latest offensive offensive will only serve to leave the public cold. Or luke warm. Or perhaps a better word is “chilled”.

It’s all about the ice caps melting. Or was it about the Walruses not having ice to rest upon. Or was it their food supply dying in the warming ocean? Or was that the Polar Bears? It’s just so hard to keep track. 

And despite the subsidies, the tariffs and the media amplified denunciations, solar panels are just plain cheaper coming from China. And no matter how much the U.S. government pushes them.Wind Mills and Electric Cars are just too expensive for a large majority of the American people.

But the name of the game right now is Sell, Sell, Sell, Sell and the world’s most powerful head of state is pulling out all the stops to make you buy what he’s selling. This is the big pre-election sales promotion meant to define the issue of weather you care about Global...whatever or if you want the seas to rise, the mountains to fall and children to drown horribly while they are hungry and suffering from lack of public education. 

President Obama can make NASA fudge the climate data. He can offer support to the universities that have professors publish “new” findings on the effects of Climate Change, he can also influence his news media to publish dire visions of the future.

But he can’t make you buy it. And it’s killing him.

People don’t believe in man-made Climate Change. Oh, there are plenty of people on the payroll who PRETEND to believe in it but they’re only in it for the money. Look at Al Gore. He’s made Millions upon Millions from his Global Warming media events. What a racket! This certainly puts all those old gangsters and mob bosses to shame. If Gore actually believed all that crap he spouts, don’t you think he’d live a little bit leaner instead of using so much power from the grid if the reports from the Nashville Electric Service can be believed about how much his electric bill is each month not to mention flying all over the place in a big ol jet plane. And I’ll bet he probably has those old pre-gore toilets installed in his mansion. You know, the ones that hold more than 1.9 gallons and can flush anything on the first try.

I think Obama sees his retirement profession clearly. If that pasty-faced dullard Al Gore can make a mint off of the fear and self-loathing of American followers, well clearly, as a hi-lee educated former head of the Free World, like him can too.

And he can’t get on with his next job soon enough for me.

Friday, March 13, 2015

No Justice in the US Without the Death Penalty

And I mean a real death penalty, not the pretend death penalty we put in place where a death row inmate has a better chance of dying from natural causes than by the hand of the State. There is no reason a person on death row should be there for 20 years and handily outliving their victims families. There should be an appeal and then an execution within 90 days if that appeal does not overturn or change the sentence, period.

Over the last several decades the goal of "progressive" lawmakers has been to legislate the death penalty out of our justice system by instituting a lengthy and costly appeals system designed not to protect the rights of the accused but to drive the cost of sentencing a killer to death up to the point where it is becomes more cost-effective to keep them alive than to actually mete out justice for the crime. Over time it has also been proven that a Life Sentence doesn't always mean life behind bars. Many are eventually paroled to lead lives that they victims were never able to.

The victims and the families of victims are an afterthought when it comes to protecting the perpetrator and the victim impact statements are just a dog and pony show. Whatever the verdict is, it will be a disappointment to the victim and their family. And in the case of murder, that's a guarantee. 

But what about innocent victims of the system, mistakenly and unjustly convicted of a crime of murder? I say when in doubt, don’t. Don’t sentence them to death. But if you have people like David Berkowitz, the Son of Sam killer, Colin Ferguson, the New York Subway shooter, John Allen Mohammed and John Lee Malvo of the Atlanta sniper murders, or Dzhorar Tsarnaev the Boston Marathon Bomber, these people were caught dead to rights and should be euthanized. There is no doubt they committed their crimes and they should pay the ultimate penalty for them. In all of the above cases they killed multiple people and cause incalculable suffering for the victims surviving family not to mention chaos and lasting trepidation in the communities in which these killings occurred.
Our criminal justice system, like the correctional system, is a business. Many a livelihood is provided and so it pays to have a murder victim’s family come back to court every 5 years to insure that some liberal judge doesn't release the killer because the day they don’t show up, he’s out. That has got to be torture and that is no way to live for people who haven’t done anything to deserve this kind of treatment at the hands of the judicial system.

It has also been brought to my attention that the Prison Phone Contracts generate $362 million dollar a year for the winning bidder and of that $152 million is kicked back to the prison system. How's that for taking advantage of a captive audience? Do you know how much revenue the System will lose if we actually put these people to death? This is money we're talking about. Money for lawyers, money for the judges and money for the phone company. Do you want to let justice hurt that revenue stream? That's downright heartless!

Yet the most basic rule of life is: “Protect Yourself at All Times” and if something should happen then there’s nothing anybody can do to bring a loved one back. Life is for the living but even so, unless we return to true punishment in this country where the penalty fits the crime, we as a nation are going to continue to see more brazen murders, experience increased lawlessness AND higher costs in our already overburdened and under funded penal system.

Whether one believes that the death penalty is a deterrent or not is irrelevant. The death penalty is a punishment, a penance to be paid for the crime of murder.

How much longer do we have to wait? 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Jeb Bush Exudes Status Quo

What makes anyone think anything is going to change in the United States if Jeb Bush is elected president?

And what will Mr. Bush's campaign be based upon? Jeb Bush the Reformer? Jeb Bush the Political Outsider? Maybe perhaps Jeb Bush for Change?

In a nation that is deeply divided between the takers and the taken, the private taxpayer and those at the public troth, how is this man in particular going to make anything different?

The answer is: He won’t.

They people who pay will continue to pay if not pay more and the people who take will relax, as comfortable as they can, in their knowledge that the support spigot will remain on.

The government propaganda machine is touting Jeb as The Moderate in the field. Propaganda outlets like Google News, Face the Nation, Reuters, PBS et al are saying that once Jeb Bush's record as governor come out and once The (little) People truly get to know him and become aware of all the good he has done for the state of Florida, they will take him as a serious and viable candidate.

A bell should go off in your head.

The last thing the country needs is a political dynasty. We're struggling with one right now and all American Democracy and freedom of the individual needs less of is more power-cult entities in the office of the President. Once the President transcends parties, and if the present Demi-God in the White House doesn't give you pause for thought in this regard, the system will be over and the will of the people to defend it will weaken to a much greater extent than it is now. 

The government will fight to perpetuate itself and Congress will pretend to fight the president on his proposals, most recently the Immigration Initiative and the Iran Nuclear Deal and when they “lose” they will hold their heads up high and say “We tried!”

Did they now?

How is King Jeb the Third going to do anything about this?

He isn't but he’ll look good not doing it.

His sycophantic supporters and the government press will regal all us impoverished peasants at how Presidential he looks when we know they wish they could say Imperial. But that will come in time. 

Jeb Bush will continue to draw his support, and he is the candidate with the biggest bank account, from big business which seeks political advantage over small businesses, craves low wage labor and covets the ability to shift the costs of this labor onto the communities they overrun rather than pay for it themselves. He will continue to choose the side of the public unions over the will of the people who pay their way. There is no reason, in a time where we should be looking for strength of conviction, that we will get any from this man.

The last thing this country needs right now is THE SAME.

So perhaps once again we who actually matter in this equation, since it's the money from the fruits of our labor in the greater proportion, that is funding this whole charade, will be left without much of a choice again this election.

Why vote for a Leftist in Republican cloth when you can have the real Leftist in a Democrat silk robe? It's either that or stay home.

That’s what happened last time with Mitt Romney. Had he been more conservative, had he been just a little less wishy-washy where he should have held a hard line, he may have actually won the election and would have been at this moment addressing the financial issues, the real issues that face the stability of the United States. But he wasn't and an estimated three million conservatives stayed home. 

George Bush Senior reneged on his promise of No New Taxes. His son George Walker Bush spent money like a Sailor on Shore Leave and started the program of National Surveillance of U.S. Citizens and so what are we to expect from a Jeb Bush presidency given the chance?

I shudder to think