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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Democrat Imams Spur Political Jihad

It was bound to happen given all the Socialist Brother's continuous exhortations and calls for violence. The calls for impeachment, assassination, the assertions of illegitimacy, the sheer invention of Russian manipulation and the overall absolute outpouring of venomous hatred all pointed at one man and the people who voted for him to be President of the United States. All beginning from the very moment the Political Left realized that their candidate LOST.

Putting aside all irony and hypocrisy that this reaction invites since the media did nothing but badger presidential candidate Trump to accept the results of the 2016 election, one cannot help but notice the rising tide of violence perpetrated by a group of people, bound by a rigid ideology, who have since the 1960s grown increasingly intolerant of anybody who does not believe what they believe.

Sound familiar? It should.

What difference is there between Mr. James T. Hodgkinson, the man who just opened fire on Republican Congressman at a baseball practice in Washington, DC and, say, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the Paris killer? Pardon me, the 2015 Paris killer.

Both belonged to radical groups that had no tolerance for "Deniers", Both attempt to force their antiquated and narrow world view upon the majority population who do not believe what they believe. But most important, both had no qualms about resorting to brutal acts of violence to achieve their goals.

They both dream of world domination and subsequent paradise.

And they were both motivated and taught by prominent, high placed spiritual figures to go forth and change the world. One listens to a radical Imams like Anwar al-Awlaki, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi and Anjem Choudary and the other listens to radical Imams like Steven Colbert, Wolf Blitzer and Charles Schumer.

And they both want to overthrow the sitting government. To be more specific, democratically elected sitting governments.

And that's just like any less-than-mainstream group that has done throughout time. They have made the destructive decision that if they can't win at the ballot box, they will "win it" in the streets.

And here we are. Surprised it took so long.

"Oh Wal Man," you say, "There is a big difference between a Radical Islamic Jihadi and a Democrat! You are just being dramatic! You see, the radical Imams are SUBVERSIVE and good people like Bernie Sanders, Maxine Waters and Chuck Schumer are just FIREBRANDS. Ya see? Big difference."

I haven't seen any difference.

I have a good friend since childhood whom I've always tip-toed around when it comes to politics. He's VERY Left-wing and ever since the 2016 election he just blurts out statements like "Trump's a Fascist!" Just totally out of the blue and way out of the context of the conversation we were having.

Sometimes we're not even having a conversation.

He's become so pre-occupied by what is going on, he's hardly in touch with what is really going on. Which is the Radical Left, so used to having their way the last 8 years, is suddenly finding themselves losing their shit!

The Political Left cannot rationalize how they lost their grip on power and that the majority of the American People aren't with THEM.

So now, rather than undergoing some reflection on their beliefs and some self-examination to determine how to win them back, the Left has instead declared that THOSE people are now Public Enemy #1. The targets are clearly defined: Anyone recognizing and standing with President Trump must be destroyed!

The Leftists may have lost the hearts and minds of the majority of voters in his country but they haven't lost all their power. They still have the 24/7/265 Leftist Media and the Public University System that has been cranking out the Entitled Children of a Utopian Future both faithfully indoctrinated and ready to do battle for a Progressive America!

Clad in their black jeans, black hoodies, black masks and goggles and armed with pepper spray and incendiary devices, these "students" are ready to infiltrate and incinerate any University that does not accept their spiritual leaders views. They are the harassers, the psycho-operations front shock troops. There is money behind them and more than enough media propagandists to make excuses for them.

They are ready to shout you down, tear you down or burn you up. To the Left, joining "The Resistance" is code for going on the Offense.

Stoked by the Leftist Media outlets, Sanctuary City Mayors and radical Democratic Congressmen and women, there is nothing these Progressive operatives won't say, no reprehensible act they won't portray and no insane plot they won't trumpet. It permeates every waking moment for them.

A journalist working for Arabic News station Al Jazeera was heard to say after a CNN piece on Donald Trump, "Whoa, that's over the top, these guys are WAY too radical!".

The Political Left is stoked for a fight and willing to see how far they can push you til you just have to push back.

But will they like it when they get one? Or do they prefer the violence to the harsh reality that people just aren't into them much any more. It's the rejection that's most hurtful.

But the grand design, the Left's Plan "B" is to plan for destruction and chaos. Like all Jihadis and Anarchists, these people only want is to tear it all down. It doesn't matter who gets hurt as long as they succeed in destroying what other have worked for.

It's Jihad. It's what radicals do.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Big Business Loses on Climate Gamble

Just imagine the heaping wads of money these big multi-national companies must have stood to gain from the implementation of the Paris Accord. Just a run down of the giant corporations with their hands in every pie that were really, really for this Paris Accord: Tim Cook of Apple, Darren Woods of Exxon/Mobile, Facebook Authoritarian Mark Zuckerberg, and perhaps the biggest beneficiary of public funds in the world, Elon Musk. Also those bastions of free speech the New York Times an The Wall Street Journal have come out for this phony-baloney "Pact". 

If that doesn't convince you President Trump did the right thing, then nothing will. 

Why are these high and mighty shysters out there embarrassing themselves? Nobody really believes that we have anything to do with the Earth's climate, least of all them. They don't believe it either! They're only in it for the money. Also none of the reported One Million other countries that signed this empty agreement believe it either since not one of them have even come close to the marks set down for them in it. So what could the real motivation be, hmmmm? 

My favorite quote must be that idiot Musk's when he says "Climate Change is real!" Ha ha, what a moron. That's right up there with crazy-like-a-fox Al Gore's "The planet has a fever!". 

And go ahead Mr. Musk, quit the White House Business Council. If the government wasn't subsidizing your "business" you wouldn't be on a committee anyway. You'd have no business and nobody would have ever heard of you. 

But one thing should be very clear from all this emotional bleating and gnashing of teeth: All these moneyed egomaniacs think that YOU are plenty stupid. 

And why wouldn't they? You've bought into their shtick for so long they think the Sun shines out of their behinds. 

So how much of a benefit to the long suffering small businesses across these United States would all the Carbon Swaps,Tax Breaks and outright Subsidies these global big businesses had built into this climate deal for either developing, producing or consuming "clean" energy? You know that these "incentives" must surely have been written into this massive International Ponzi Scheme. Otherwise why would they get involved in the first place?

Just an accounting of the people and corporations that were staunchly for this agreement should be enough to make a bell go off in most reasonable people's heads. Ask yourself; "What can Exxon/Mobile possibly gain from such as deal?" 

Oh, I'll bet there are plenty of incentives in there to soften the blow for them! 

And who gets to pay for all this? Why it's us, the U.S. taxpayer, of course and what remains of small business in this country that already can't handle the regulations and taxation it's already groaning under. We get to pay for it and revel in the .00001 degree drop in global temperature that they surely will find happening.

"The sacrifice will be well worth it." says Elon Musk as he hops into his private jet and heads off to the Caribbean to join Al and Tipper Gore for a little rest & relaxation as a reward for saving the planet. 

And now that Mr. Trump and the United States has left Europe to themselves, let Angela Merkel, she of the open borders and state support of indigent invaders and Emmanuel Macron, he of the steely handshake and strong warnings to other world leaders, start to worry about their own issues in their own countries since it's easy to see that they've got more important problems to contemplate right now bigger than figuring out how to change the weather. Unless they're just looking for a distraction. 

And Mr. Obama, how can we miss you if you won't go away?  

The Paris Accord was obviously a big swindle by the Globalists and President Trump did just what we put him into office to do. 

Good job!