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Friday, May 27, 2016

Sanders More Important than Clinton in 2016 Election

Despite the charade by the national media and the “looking ahead to Trump” posturing by his Washington Insider opponent, Bernie Sanders may yet be able to wrest the Democratic Presidential Nomination from a faltering and lackluster Hillary Clinton.

With landslide wins in New Hampshire and Vermont, wins in Minnesota, Oklahoma and Colorado and a very close near win in Massachusetts, Senator Bernie Sanders has already demonstrated that his message carries across the nation.

With more primary victories on the horizon, the Vermont senator is underscoring the profound weakness of Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate.

The South notwithstanding, Sanders popularity and that of Donald Trump, sends the message that people are tired of establishment candidates trotting out the same old populist bullshit with the result that nothing ever changes for them. The poor stay poor and the rich stay rich.

This is a cycle voters appear to want to break and whether it means a break to the Left or a break to the Right, they still are voting in large numbers to break away from the same old establishment candidate.

Trouble for Hillary

Despite all the big talk about her dominance on Super Tuesday, Clinton still did not win nearly what she and her media enablers thought she would. All the messages Hillary has tried to float have not served her well. All her votes are based on her past, not her future. Nostalgia is a poor running mate!

The Importance of Bernie

Nothing of what Hillary is saying breaks any new ground. Hers is the message of the something for everyone variety. A Hillary speech is more like things you say when you are running for President with an expectation that you just do it and get it over with and nobody really believes it or believes in it and it shows. 

Now compare that to the message that Senator Sanders is engendering. Sanders campaign is energetic, enthusiastic, certainly idealistic and is attracting new ears young and old who do believe in what he is saying whole heartedly. Talk with the people of Vermont and they all say that Mr. Sanders hasn't changed his message from the very beginning and that he has seldom failed to deliver on his promises. Love the message, hate the message, there is an energy there that brings weight to his convictions. 

It is my profound wish that Bernie Sanders succeeds in his efforts to become the Democratic Nominee and gain the grand stage to put forth in the worlds ultimate arena of ideas his argument for why he and his plan is the best for the American people. Because if that should happen, can you imagine for a moment what these debates will be like? 

They will only be the ultimate education for everyone in the entire world lucky enough to be able to tune in.

The absolute most Socialist candidate the nation has produced since the 1920s. Bernie Sanders, who is the second coming of Eugene V. Debs will take the stage to debate one of the country’s most successful Capitalist entrepreneurs to have ever run for the office of the presidency, Donald Trump!

One man, with the message that only through Government can the nation become a safer, more secure and prosperous place for the individual versu the other man who exposes less government intrusion, more self-reliance and self-determination as the way to prosperity for the nation and its people.

This would be just brilliant!

It’s the message of a free lunch versus you just can’t get it for free!

In Bernie Sanders’ world it is Government that creates jobs, housing and funds for the “downtrodden” who have failed through no fault of their own but for a system that is stacked against them. Bernie’s government will rectify the inequality of their situations and punish those who are guilty.

In Donald Trump’s world, it is not government that creates jobs but the individual with the better idea. Success isn’t a crime nor is it derived through anything but hard work and risk. You take the risk and you either fail or reap the rewards of your efforts. You have a right to your success, government does not.

These debates would be something ALL of America and really the whole world should hear, especially our youth.

This is why Bernie Sanders is an important figure at this time in history where we find the United States deeply divided and groping in the lack of clarifying light to find a path to take that will bring back the prosperity that it has lacked for the last decade and to bring renewed opportunity to the nation's underutilized youth.

These are the two messages that resonate across the country right now. They are compelling, they are vibrant and they are well presented by people who are absolutely resolute in their belief in them.

This could be the greatest political confrontation we could ever hope to see in our life-times.

And the last person we need there is Hillary Clinton.