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Friday, December 30, 2011

Media Blitz’s Ron Paul - Radio/Print Establishment Unite Against Libertarian Candidate

I think this is unprecedented in my life time. I find this all day everyday media blitz on radio and in print against US Presidential candidate Ron Paul alarming.

Never before have I witnessed all media, those from the political Left and the political Right, come together to totally thrash a leading candidate to the extent they are campaigning against Ron Paul.

Not Mike Dukakis, not George W. Bush, not Al Gore or even Barry Goldwater has had this kind of blistering rhetoric come from BOTH sides of the political spectrum. 

Makes you wonder what the big deal is about this guy. Why, after 35 years, is he now a threat?  How can a man who campaigns on a platform of peace, liberty and the individual pursuit of happiness be branded by ALL media as a ‘Kook”?  I have yet to hear one talk-jock say Ron Paul is relevant or electable. He’s both and his ideas have found a home in the American public. And the government establishment knows it.

For decades the United States has been ruled by a band of elites that take turns at the presidency. Democrat or Republican makes no difference, they are the same person and their policies only get continued by the next politburo appointee.  What this political establishment has done is allow illegal aliens to overrun the country, built a towering entitlement program that is a large contributor to the bankrupting of the country and the undermining of individuals beliefs in self-sufficiency. Their expansion of government into all aspects of our lives is unwieldy, inefficient and profoundly expensive. We have generations of welfare recipients and people who feel they cannot live without what government gives them. Such a waste.

The present syndicate that is running the nation is out of control in their spending and their militarism. With every passing administration, we find it more out of step with how the American taxpaying public feels. Is Ron Paul a nut or is he the only one saying what the people already know?

But to see this play out on the airwaves and the dying print media is to marvel at how far the established media will go and how shrill they are sounding. They know the policies of the past are failures but are willing to back them because that’s how their bread is buttered. How short sited they are since when we as a nation run out of bread, they too will run out of bread. They don’t live so high that they can’t fall also. No one will escape if the United States falls.

Time to go in another direction and there’s no better time than right now.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

That's It For The GOP

It’s time we hold up the current two party system for the failure that it is. The Republican Party should be immediately folded into the Democratic party and have a new second party take their place. It is time for the Tea Party to step up, hold a convention and pick a candidate of their own.  The currant class of politicians calling themselves Republicans isn’t capable of dealing with what really troubles our nation and is in the way of allowing a Tea Party candidate to come forward to do the job. 

I haven’t been able to tell the difference between the Democrats and the Republicans for decades so it’s time they just merge. We’d still have a two party system and the Republicans can drop the pretense that they are any different from the Democrats. We all know now that they’re the same party and have been for decades. Neither can stop spending taxpayer money or the expansion of government “services” if their lives depended on it.

There are no major differences between the Demlicans and the Republocrats anymore. Neither has room for new ideas and only seeks to hold power for themselves and their moneyed backers. The people get nothing but taxed from either syndicate and they have left little doubt that they both believe in the expansion of government. There’s a hand in my pocket. Do I care if it’s a Democrat hand or a Republican hand? No, there’s a hand in my pocket! And I want it out.

We need a new party of the American Taxpayer. A party that isn’t afraid of how they’re going to “Look” to the American public when they propose tax cutting and entitlement reform legislation. How about "The Backbone Party"? 

The Tea Party didn’t send the new wave of Republicans to worry about how things look. They were sent to cut spending and they haven’t. Why? Because they’re still outnumbered by the biggest party in Washingtion DC, the Gravy-Train party.

Let there be a national Tea Party and we’ll see who votes for them. Tea Party vs. the Gravy Train party and we’ll just see on what side of the fence the nation falls. At least it will all be out in the open and the people of the United States can then make the decisions they’ll need to survive if the current establishment wins.

The American Taxpayers have just received another $1 Trillion spending bill. Although there are some cuts in this bill, they are modest and there are plenty of increases. Of course there is the provision that extends unemployment insurance another 99 weeks or should we just call it what it is: The Dole. There are also provisions making it easier for companies to bring in workers from overseas via the H-2A and H-2B temporary worker programs. How is that going to help US jobs? Although National Public Radio is to be supposedly weaned off public funding by 2014 (which still means it receives funding for the next 2 years), the “Corporation” for Public Broadcasting is still getting $445 million.

But to boil it all down, it’s $1 Trillion to prop up the government…again. And who do we have to thank for all this? The Demilcan Party. Or the Republocrat Party, whichever you prefer.

If we can’t do anything to change this “system” and soon, we’re going to end up like the UK or Japan or worse. I find the thought revolting.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fox News and the US War Obsession

I'm seeing a pattern with the recent elevation of the standard dismissive "Ron Paul's a kook" talk.  I hear this stuff all over talk radio and especially from Fox News. Every TalkJock on the station repeats either "kook" or "Isolationist" every hour on the hour. Then they marvel at the devoted "kooks" that "follow" Ron Paul. I don't know if they really think the guy is a nut or they just want the phone calls. It is a very transparent strategy leading up to Iowa for the Imperialist Warmonger crowd at Fox and my local stations who are in the bag for Mitt Romney. I'm in Massachusetts and I won't be voting for Mitt if he's nominated. I'll probably write in Ron Paul...AGAIN. 

When they call Ron Paul an Isolationist for his Free Trade and Non-Intervention policy, it's just a euphemism for not wanting to take over a place by either shear military force or by CIA skulldugery. The people of these countries don't want another US puppet dictator like the Shah or a US occupational force. They want to run their own country their own way. And how can we be Isolationists if we're TRADING with the place?  You are either trading with a country or you are isolating them, not both. 

I especially bristle at the talk of how "out there" Dr. Paul's ideas are. When they call HIM a kook, they're calling ME a kook and disparaging MY ideas too. Screw them.

And you know something? Iran IS going to go nuclear and develop a bomb regardless of what anybody thinks is going to happen. They know that the big benefit of having the bomb is to keep the US honest in our dealings with them. They NEED the bomb. Meanwhile, we've worn out our war machine on long and needless occupations and now that something "important" has come up, we don't have the will or the money to do anything about it. What are we going to do now, attack Iran

I guess we can just put the Iran war memorial right next to the new Iraq war memorial that goes next to the Vietnam war memorial that fits right next to the Korean war memorial. The wars just go on and on. 

Yet for all our Imperial nature, for all our Interventionism and heavy handedness, the United States has never been as unsafe or as close to collapse as it is RIGHT NOW. 

This latest diatribe from the right wing radio windbags just goes to show that the Republicans aren’t really for limited government. They aren’t really for limited taxation either. They just want to redirect public funds to keep their war machines going. The “War Junkies” of the Political Right have run us into the ground just as badly as the “Welfare Junkies” on the Political Left. They don't want different ideas, they want THEIR ideas and FOX News is as bad as NPR in this regard. Neither side would carry out the reforms that a Ron Paul presidency would. They would go on attempting to either buy or coerce influence around the world and speed this nation closer to it's ruin. Look at what a great job they've done so far.

The way I see it, it’s the Democrat and Republican parties that are holding the extreme beliefs. They are two sides to the same bad penny. One wants too much spending and welfare give-a-ways and the other wants too much intervention and war but they BOTH want control of the means of taxation. The elections are a dog and pony show for the public but we still get the same guy in office. I find the airwave onslaught of both Left and Right wing propaganda tiresome. It's just a lot of empty words to defend proven failure. 

So you can go on doing the same wrong things and hoping for a better result. I'll "waste" my vote on Ron Paul.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Why Ron Paul?

There is yet another resurgence of Ron Paul as a candidate for President of the United States. Why? Isn’t he an open borders America hating kook with a cult following? The media doesn’t want you to hear his ideas. The political left and the political right don’t want you to hear his ideas. So why is he so popular?

Maybe it’s because the citizens of the United States are sick of the same candidates over and over again. There is nobody but the same candidates to vote for and no matter what they call themselves, either Democrat of Republican, they are on the same team. Taxes always go up, we’re always at war and we are in everybody else's business more than our own

The people of the United States are tired of constant war and sending our best and brightest children to fight them. War isn’t something a nation reaches for at the drop of a hat. War is something to be pondered and reasoned and VOTED UPON by the US Congress. Yet each President has their wars: Korea, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Panama, Iraq, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq again, Libya and Somalia and now they want Iran.

But we as a nation have grown tired of war. Witness the revelations of our men and women returning from Iraq. I have yet to read that ONE of them believes it was worth it. And you know what? It wasn’t worth it. It was a waste.This is not the fault of the people we send to fight, it's the responsibility and the fault of the people who sent them ie: The President of the United States and the US Congress.

The other trouble with always being at war is that when a real nation defending conflict comes along, nobody wants to fight it. We should save the swords for when we really need them.

This is why people are getting behind Ron Paul. The Libertarian credo is “Free trade and non-intervention”. How radical is that?

People are tired of trying the same wrong things over and over. Boom, Bust, Boom, Bust, bank bailouts, a ceaseless drug war, foreign aid to countries that hate us, the government aiding the support of an illegal alien workforce and then going after states that try to defend themselves from the onslaught. The list can go on. This is not how a nation is supposed to work. What we have passing for a fiscal policy and taxation is not Capitalism nor is it a Free Market. We have lost the expertise and knowledge on how a real free market is supposed to work. So much so that people don’t even believe it works any more. They’re actually frightened by the notion.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to take a different approach to how we see ourselves and the world we interact with. It is time to respect the workings of sovereign nations that have ideas different from our own? Is just merely being a trading partner enough for us? Should we make sure we’re secure here at home and that our economy is strong?

We’ve tried it the other way, with huge bureaucracy, armies of government workers, costly national programs for education, health, social welfare and commerce that don't really provide a benefit to the people they’re supposed to help and have actually made things much, much worse.The history of these programs is deficits, overruns and cutbacks.

People are wising up to the diversions, the subterfuge, the politics and the out-right lies we’ve been hearing for decades. Times up.

It is no surprise to a Libertarian that US citizens are tiring of the same people becoming president and trying to “Pass a Law” that will solve the nation’s ills. People are finally coming around to the idea that just passing a law isn’t going to do it. We the people have to be behind it.

This election is no different from past ones. We have a Marxist president and a two left-leaning Republocrats to “challenge” him. Once again we have nobody to vote for.

The American people deserve more than this. Time for a change.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Three Myths About Ron Paul

This is a follow-up to my August 2011 blog “Nine Myths about Libertarianism” which anyone who has obviously stumbled upon this site by accident should take a look at first.
BEING A CANDIDATE for President of the United States invites scrutiny. It also invites volumes of talk and speculation from people who appear to getting paid by the word for their opinions. Other than the re-emerged Newt Gingrich, the candidate that has garnered many outlandish accusations is Ron Paul.
At first the mainstream press ignored him and hoped that we would too. But that did not happen and Ron Paul’s popularity grew. So the alternate plan is to now broadcast that people who believe in Ron Paul as a candidate are “followers”.  Yes, Ron Paul has been described as a cult leader or he has a “cult following”.  Iowa must be just flooded with “followers”. This is the “can’t win” scenario those who support Ron Paul’s run for the Presidency and Libertarians in general face all the time.
Other terms used by radio mainstreamers like that renowned war monger, Sean Hannity and his egomaniac co-horts; the volatile Andy Levin, faux Libertarian Jay Severin and “I hate everything I don’t understand” blue-collar millionaire Howie Carr include: “Ron Paul Lunatics”, “fanatics” and people following Ron Paul “in lock-step”. 
Andy Levin has described Ron Paul as a “kook” which I find a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black if anybody has had the astricted “pleasure” of listening to this guy go nuts about some “super important” subject that we should all drop what we’re doing and immediately go running out into the streets in protest. I’ve listened to Levin and if anybody is a kook, it’s him. Sometimes I swear he’s going to have an aneurism right on the air the way he gets worked up into a frenzy. If anybody knows anything about being misunderstood, it should be Andy Levin.
When all these Talk-Jocks were on the outside looking in, it was all about gaining support as outsiders and finding a following. Now that they are “in”, it is they that are in lock-step.
But at any rate, although I don’t pretend to know Ron Paul, I actually listen to what he says and know something about the principles he stands for which are the principles most Libertarians share.
Myth #1:
Ron Paul is for Open Borders - Then why did he vote to institute the fence along the US border with Mexico? Why did he vote against Amnesty for Illegal aliens in this country? Why is he against the extension of taxpayer paid benefits to illegal aliens? It makes no sense to say he is for open borders if he didn’t vote that way. I never heard him say it but have been told by many a right-wing Republocrat that he said it. It just doesn’t jibe with what I’ve heard him say and the way he has voted. Unlike another Congressman named Barack Obama, Ron Paul has a voting record other than “Present”. I suggest people check it out.
Ron Paul knows as you and I know that a poor, dependent and divided population is easier to rule and that a nation of self-confident individuals who can make a living on their own is a libertarian ideal. I find the open borders argument tiresome.
Myth #2
Ron Paul is weak on foreign policy – The thing I hear most is “Isolationist”. I don’t understand how “Free trade and non-intervention” is Isolationist. Especially the free trade part. There are many pundits with an agenda who say the world is different today, that being involved in the affairs of sovereign nations is necessary in a new world. But this “World Policemen” hat has not made the United States one bit safer.  The Isolationist card is always thrown when someone’s views vary from the idea of populating the world with our military personnel. This is foreign policy? Trade agreements and alliances are foreign policy and the money spent keeping bases all over the world can better be spent on defense right here at home. In addition to this, Ron Paul has never said the United States wouldn’t come to the aid of an Allie. The United States and it's people give greatly when there is a friend in need. I don't see this changing, do you?  but Ron Paul has said that, in the case of Iran, that the United States has no right to interfer and that the drum beating for interferance is mearly another excuse for the US to start another war. This is something we've been doing since I've been alive and has not made us any safer in the long run. It has actually worked in the opposite since all the Arab nations are now clamoring for the bomb because they now know that having it offers some protection.
Myth #3
Ron Paul is protected from criticism by his “followers” who call up the talk shows and challenge them on everything they say negatively about him. – First off, I guess his "followers" aren't doing such a good job but my second thought would be "So nobody else calls when their candidate is shown in a negative light?"
Ron Paul is popular for a reason.  It is obvious that his message resonates with people tired of trying it “the old way” AGAIN. I admit that I have felt that some of these attacks on Mr. Paul also attack my own belief system. Let’s face it, what Libertarians believe is often misrepresented in the press. Not surprisingly, the Tea Party is in the same boat. Some of the stuff I hear just galls me to action.
Ron Paul goes to the debates and he makes the radio talk show rounds like all the candidates do. He goes on Fox News and seems as open to the slings and arrows as anybody on the campaign trail.  I say ask the guy anything. The world needs to know. It isn’t like he’s a stranger to the American public or has changed his tune over the years. It's that now more people are paying attention.  
SO WE SHALL SEE how Ron Paul does in Iowa or if his heightened status and the criticism it brings will have any sway with the public. The people who have the microphone and the forum can do with it as they please but we don’t have to believe what they say.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Newt Gingrich is Right on Israel

I find it unimaginable what an Israeli citizen living in Israel must go through on a daily basis living under the circumstances that they do.

Now I know not all of Israel is hit by rockets (yet) but rockets fly every day into parts of their country.They have people trying blow up buses full of people and people with guns trying to get into the country just so they can shoot at them.

They are surrounded by people whose only wish is for them to march into the sea and drown. The Israelis face a culture that for generations have made nothing but bombs, tunnels and children driven by the hatred of Israel. We see no “Made in Palestine” clothing labels, no toys, paper flowers, nothing of export. They don’t’ even make pocket combs.

But they seem to have the time and money for rockets, bombs and for the digging of tunnels all for the purpose of attacking Israel. These are generations of people wasted in the single minded pursuit of the destruction of a single people, Israel. And after decades of this they never seem to tire of it or waver in their conviction. No action is too bold, no amount of rhetoric is too demeaning.

How can one live under such pressure? People are adaptable creatures to be sure but one can only imagine the rationalization that must go on to make daily life seem normal there.

So when Newt Gingrich comes out and finally says what everybody already knows but won’t say, people are shocked. They don’t seem to be shocked about what is actually going on in Israel so much as they are outraged that someone has actually pointed it out. Shoot the messenger. Again.

But that’s what politics and diplomacy has become for America in the 21st Century. Avoid, don’t take a stand, indict the victim and let the attacker go. It’s because, you see, they are merely misunderstood. They are less “fortunate” than we are here in the land o’ plenty and we should take pity. Never mind we as a nation are being overrun by the modern equivalent of the Goths. Never mind that this hatred has spilled over into the United States and continues to grow.

Newt is right when he says it’s time to stand up and see things for what they are. The situation is intolerable and there should be repercussions. You shouldn't hit somebody and expect not to be hit back.

It’s time to hit back politically and openly call the Arabs on their support of their long standing Palestinian Army. It’s time to hit back at the Palestinian Authorities  and say that until they come out publicly that Israel has a right to exist, there will be no more money from the United States or her allies and that they can forget about any negotiations since any negotiation must START with the recognition of the State of Israel.

Without that, the Palestinian people can just rot where they are, wasting their lives, for eternity. 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

They Just Don’t Write Songs Like That Anymore…

I grew up listening to local Boston DJ Arnie “Woo Woo” Ginsberg’s Night Train radio show near the end of it’s more than 20 year run. He went from playing cutting edge Top-40 songs to playing the Golden Oldies playing the same music.

This is where I first heard the tunes that really struck a chord in me and continue to influence my songwriting. Songs like Wilbert Harrison’s “Kansas City” with that great rockin’ bass line. Or the country swing of Farron Young’s “Hello Walls”, Jim Reeve’s “He’ll Have to Go”, Chuck Berry’s “Sweet Little Sixteen”, Freddy "Boom, Boom" Cannon's "Palisades Park",  the Jive Five’s “Daddy’s Home”, Minnie Small’s “My Boy Lollipop” (the first ska US radio hit from Jamaica) and great instrumentals like Link Wray’s “Rumble and The Dual’s “Stick Shift”. It was all one big chart on the Night Train Show.  Plus, NO BEATLES! “Mr. Postman” was sung by The Shirelles and “Twist and Shout” was recorded by the Top Notes.

But then there were these other songs. Songs you just don’t find on the radio like you did in the 1950s and early 1960s where apparently dying in a fiery car crash with/for your significant other was the height of romance. And these weren’t just quirky songs they played on the radio as a novelty; these were top ten national US chart topping hits!

Affectionately referred to as “The Casket Full of Hits”, these songs hold a place in pop music history for the death and destruction they portend. All in the name of love I might add. 

Some were just merely depressing like “Ode to Billy Joe” and some were just gut wrenching like “Tell Laura I Love Her”. You see he was going to win enough money to pay for a wedding ring at the local stock car race. What could possibly go wrong? Well, Johnny didn't make it to the end of that fatal heat. Witness a lyric from the song, which charted at #7 in the US and at #1 in the UK in 1960: “And with his dying breath, you can hear him say, Tell Laura I love her, tell Laura I need her, tell Laura not to cry, my love for her…will never die!” And then he dies. Tragic.

Then there’s “Teen Angel”. The singer saves his girlfriend by pulling her out of the car when it’s stuck on the railroad tracks while the train was coming but then she runs back for his high school ring which she left behind and so SHE GETS HIT BY A TRAIN!  Name me another Top 10 tune (#1 in the US in 1957!) where the chick gets hit by a train and I’ll buy you a beer.

Or how about Dicky Lee’s “Patches”? She’s from the wrong side of the tracks and and dresses poorly (hence the low-class nickname "Patches") so his parents won’t let him see her anymore and so SHE DROWNS HERSELF. When they find her “floating face-down in that dirty old river”, the boy vows “it may not be right, but I’ll join you tonight”. This song charted at #6 in the US in 1962. I’m not making this up!

We all know the guy on the motorcycle buys it with resounding effects in “Leader of the Pack” after the singer breaks up with him; “Lookout, lookout, lookout, lookout!” CRASH, too late. That was a #1 hit for the Shangri-las in 1964.

Not to be overlooked was “Running Bear”, a #1 hit for Billy Preston in 1959, The boy and girl this time are Indians from different tribes and they BOTH drown in the river after being forbidden to see each other. And also #1 in 1959 was the legendary “El Paso” by Marty Robbins. He gets shot down by a posse after coming back to town to see a chic who we aren't really sure if she even likes him although she gives him a kiss as he expires. I guess he was right.

Many people have heard of “Last Kiss” which was a #2 hit for Frank Wilson and his Cavaliers in 1964 since it also went to #2 for Pearl Jam in 1999. Dad should have maintained the car better because Jr. loses it on a turn and his girlfriend gets killed. This is not only the very first record I ever heard as a kid but the original recording has one of pop music's truly great signature bass lines and is sung so well that Pearl Jam doesn't begin to capture it's essence in their woefully sorry remake.

The oldest, strangest and most depressing is Bobby Gentry’s 1967 hit  “Ode to Billie Joe”. Her kinda/maybe boyfriend throws himself off a bridge which they calmly discuss over dinner. Then her dad dies just to round things out, I guess.

Well I suppose there was only one moment in time for these songs to happen. A time not long after the second great war where romance meets tragedy and then is put into song.

Now it’s only left to the musicians themselves to off themselves in spectacular fashion.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Germany and Greece.

In a field one summer's day a Grasshopper was hopping about, chirping and singing to its heart's content. An Ant passed by, bearing along with great toil an ear of corn he was taking to the nest.
"Why not come and chat with me," said the Grasshopper, "instead of toiling and moiling in that way?"

"I am helping to lay up food for the winter," said the Ant, "and recommend you to do the same."
"Why bother about winter?" said the Grasshopper; we have got plenty of food at present." But the Ant went on its way and continued its toil. When the winter came the Grasshopper had no food and found itself dying of hunger, while it saw the ants distributing every day corn and grain from the stores they had collected in the summer. Then the Grasshopper knew:  It is best to prepare for the days of necessity. 

Yet the Germans have a soft spot for the Greeks. An affection that is not returned, of course, since jealousy rules those who have to accept a helping hand.

What I find odd is that all the Greek families I know here in Obscurityville, MA are extremely hard working people. They own apartment buildings, pizza shops, dog walking businesses etc and work ungodly hours in the pursuit of success .

So how did Greece get to be the welfare state of the European Union? Did all the hard working people of the country pick up and go elsewhere? Were the public union people and telephone sanitizers the only people left like in "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?" 

How did such a country, universally known as the cradle of democracy, forget the whole thing? Perhaps the road to democracy ends with a  government job and a hefty pension? The mind boggles.

But here we have Germany, the EU's most robust economy, leading the way to bale out the country with a massive, and yes it is massive, cut to the Greek debt . And ok, maybe it isn't all about the love with Greece because if they default the whole world just may fall into a thousand years of darkness, but all the crap Germany is taking from the Grecian hoards has got to be hard to take.

That's the tough thing about having a thankless job...nobody thanks you.

The statistics of the Hellenic hijacking of the private sector is right out of the "truth is stranger than fiction" literary tradition: Public employees could retire at age 58 from their "jobs for life" and receive up to 92% of their salary in pension benefits. Greeks have also avoided many a tax burden due to the public sector basically just voting themselves raises and perks that their economy could never possibly grow into like taxes on real estate. And since governments do not actually MAKE anything, rising wages in the public sector has no correlation to actual production. Government is just an expense and in the case of Greece, government is a huge expense.

And here we are, a world economy betting Greece won't figure out it would be cheaper for them to bail on the debt and start printing their own money again.

Not a comfortable feeling is it?

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Iraq Withdrawal: The Right Thing for the Wrong Reason

Just short of nine years, our involvement in Iraq this time, lasted longer than WWII, The Civil War and our American Revolution. Billions of dollars were spent, thousands of US lives were lost and the goals of the conflict and it’s eventual outcome remain unclear. So it has been announced that the US is leaving Iraq.

And the American War Machine is Pissed!

With the loss of Iraq, there is less justification for new armaments and facilities, less catered War Rooms, less opportunity for advancement and less travel. No more junkets paid for by Raytheon, Boeing and Lockheed. The budget is sure to get cut. We'll lose all the chics who dig a man in uniform! What’s a war monger to do?

War has always been a growth industry in America. Since before I was born, we went from Korea to the Vietnam “Conflict” (to 1975), supporting the Contras in Nicaragua from 1977 to 1984, Invasions of Grenada (1983) Panama (1989) the first Persian Gulf War (1990-91), Haiti (1994-95) Kosovo (1999), etc. And through most of this the Cold War was running until 1991 and now with the War on Terror (2001-?) which involves our even longer stay in Afghanistan. Then there is our incredibly wasteful War on Drugs (1984 to Infinity). I know I'm leaving things out but I've only allowed myself one paragraph for war chronicles so to just paraphrase:

Guns, guns, guns!

But now, for the first time in a long time, one of our true growth industries has to cut back. Oh, the Sean Hannity of it!

And it wasn’t even because we really wanted to. No, no, this was not our government's first choice.

President Obama, for all his initial inexperience in “foreign relations” has really embraced his roll as Commander in Chief. So much so he has totally set aside his avowed campaign pledge of bringing our men and women home after he was elected and in fact started a few more fights for good measure. But the president was unable to secure a guarantee from the Iraqi Parliament that our troops would continue to be protected from prosecution for war crimes in the international courts. This and only this has served as the impetus for the United States to finally withdraw our troops from the country. Can you believe it? 

As a Libertarian, I have always been disappointed that so called Conservatives have a propensity to back military initiatives and odd constitutional amendments like the silly “Anti-flag Burning Amendment” but it’s the Progressives in government that really tend to expand on that mentality with a sort of “ I didn’t start it but I’ll finish it” military fervor. For me, it just reinforces my belief that Republicans and Democrats are just part of the same government syndicate. I haven’t seen much difference between that war monger, free spender GW Bush and that war monger, free spender Barack Obama other than one ran a baseball team for awhile and the other has never held a real job.

The remarkable thing is that none of this almost constant warfare has served to make this nation a safer place to live. Our “foreign entanglements” have put us more and more in harm’s way and have not only drained our resources but has fostered animosity to the point that our malls, city centers and schools have become the soft targets of a growing discontent with our ever expanding interventions. One can blame Hollywood for it’s exportation of cinematic depravity but having Syrian troops shoot cans of CS gas with the “Made in Jamestown, PA USA” label on them into houses with women and children living there sends a different message. It says “We sold the people who want to kill you this poison.” Enough said.

So at any rate, we can cheer that our troops are coming home or rather we can rejoice because we get to see them again before they are reassigned to some other altercation we’re cooking up.

I here Uganda is the next “Boom Town”.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Obama Completes Overthrow of North African Fiefdom

For whatever the motivation for ignoring the war powers act and by bypassing the US Congress, the United States autocracy has overthrown a smaller autocrat in Muammar Ghadafi, a man who died as cruelly as people who live like him are meant to.

But this conflict was not about him or his demise. It was about the erosion of the US Constitutional government and the rise of a US imperial dictatorship.

During the Korean and Vietnam conflicts, the American people grew weary of years of intense warfare without the declaration of war. The US Congress, fearing an erosion of power, passed the War Powers Act in 1973 that compelled the Presidency to notify Congress within 24 hours of ordering troops to repel attacks against the United States and limiting their activation to 60 days with an additional 30 days for withdrawal. The War Powers Act went into law over President Richard Nixon’s veto.

And nowhere in this law can I see the term “boots on the ground” that President Obama has invoked when choosing to ignore Congress when it called on the Obama regime to comply with the law. Never mind that the United States was in no imminent danger which is outlined in the law but that’s what the cover of NATO is for. NATO is the mask the United States wears when it goes out into the world to strike a foreign foe or for a foreign friend.

But such flouting of the War Powers Act is not without precedent. President Clinton also ignored the deadline when he chose to distract from his troubles here at home by intervention in the Kosovo conflict, bringing victory to the Muslim insurgency there. Kosovo is still destabilized decades later.

And here we have Libya. With their revolt complete, they can now ease into a life of peace and tranquility. Nobody believes this will happen. The Libyan people will now usher in a new Cuban Heal to be ground under. Yes, another moderate Muslim country dethroned to welcome in a new hard line caliphate. Way to go!

But the world is put on notice. The United States will pick and choose who shall stay and who shall go. Our Presidents can now assassinate a head of state of a sovereign nation at their choosing. President Bush did it, Obama has followed suite and who will stop us? Not the US Congress and certainly not the European Union because they’re in on it too. Germany, France and England are best positioned to take advantage of restoring the Libyan oil industry, bless their charitable hearts.

The irony of the Nobel Peace prize winning president ordering and then openly celebrating the deaths of Osama Bin Laden and Muammar Ghadafi while overseeing two sustained wars while starting two more should be enough to make those thousands of Bush era anti-war Demonstrators march on Washington, right?

The silence is deafening. Where is Cindy Sheehan now? How about Jesse Jackson? Sean Penn? Maxine Waters? Jane Fonda? Tim Robbins? Susan Sarandon? How about blue-collar millionaire Bruce Springsteen? They were all prominent anti-war protesters marching on Washington just 4 short years ago. “Bring them home!” they chanted and held Cindy Sheehan, a woman who’s son was killed in Iraq, up as an example of a mother’s sorrow. But GW was a Republican war monger. Now we have a Democrat war monger, big difference. A bigger bunch of hypocrites has never existed. How can these people of “principle” even look themselves in the mirror.

Three years after the election, the wars rage on and have even expanded. And all we can do as US citizens is PAY for it. We pay with our labor and we pay with our children. We have no voice in our government and the rule of law in this country has broken down to invite certain chaos. Or a takeover. 

Dictatorship: A ruler who is unconstrained by law. A ruler with Imperious or overbearing power.  

So for all those people who are celebrating the death of another dictator, for the United States, the shoe now fits and if you think those guys were bad…

Monday, October 17, 2011

Maintaining the Government House of Cards Through Occupation

As one such future oppressor has stated; “We are trying to limit the power and privilege of the wealthy”.

If only they had used the word “Government” instead of “Wealthy”.  But this is a good example of the difference between the Tea Party and the Occupiers.

But there are other differences. Many not so well defined on the Leftist Occupiers but very much defined on the Conservative/Libertarian Tea Party side.

o       The Tea Party is made up of working people who save to send their kids to college. The Occupiers want you to pay for their college too.

o       The Tea Party wants to win change through the ballot box. The Occupiers want to win change through, well, occupation or in other words: intimidation. One does not "occupy" for democracy.

o       The Tea Party are working and waiting for the next election. The Occupiers are working so there won’t BE a next election.

The Occupiers believe it’s time for a “re-thinking” of the way we as a nation govern ourselves” and with the addition and full fledged support they are getting from public labor unions, public school teachers, Leftist politicians, openly Marxist groups, mainstream TV news, social advocates and other propagandists, we the working people who actually pay taxes into this house of cards we call a government are beginning to see just what that re-thinking will entail.

All this piling on is really all just for one reason; to sustain government. 

According to the latest US Treasury report, government spending has actually increased in 2011 over what it spent in 2010. Federal government spending has increased 5% over last year and local state government spending is up 10% from this time last year. But this spending was largely fueled by the last Stimulus Package, which was $830 Billion if anybody was keeping track, and that money has just about run out.

Enter the Millionaires. The government needs money since they refuse to cut a dime out of the Federal budget. Republocrats and Demlicans have accomplished nothing since the 2008 elections to change the government’s spending habits. We were all looking for a change but no changes seem to be made. So going after millionaires will serve two objectives: The government vacuum needs cash from anywhere it can get it and it gives the government and it’s minions a group to vilify along with bankers and The Jews.

Is anyone alive yet aware that the Stimulus packages were never intended to create jobs? These measures were passed to sustain government at its present level. No roads were ever meant to be built, no bridges were ever meant to be repaired. There were a bunch of signs printed up about how your tax money was being spent but it was all a lie. 

And here we have president Obama back for more and this time with a street mob.

The mob is there for when we run out of millionaires.

The federal and state governments are running out of places to get cash. Their collectivist tax policies and share the wealth give-a-ways have already destroyed 7 million jobs over the last 4 years in the United States. That reduction in tax revenue must be made up from somewhere and that somewhere is you and I. We are the ultimate target.

Ever since the Great Society of Lyndon Johnson we have had government attempt to mediate the outcome for an entire nation. By social engineering and a theory of bringing people up by bringing others down has fostered an ever growing segment of society that literally gets something for nothing, receiving their sustenance from the silk gloved hand of government. But that money came from other working people, working people that still had bills to pay and needs to provide for. Fast forward to now and we see what such policies have wrought upon us. This is what just giving people a fish can do. A fish somebody else worked hard to earn.

As the Occupier mobs grows larger, more belligerent and more unruly, they will attempt, encouraged by a faltering Marxist presidential regime and its media cohorts, to pull something violent and destructive. It’s only success will be measured by the size of the chaos it provokes as though to say to the world; “If we can’t have it, you can’t have it either”.

That’s the problem with creating a dependent class of people, they expect too much.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Obama's Whitehouse Invents Big Lie to Protect Eric Holder

It looks like the United States would rather start yet another war, this time with Iran, than tell Attorney General Eric Holder to resign.

In the ultimate and absurd "Wag the Dog" scenario, the US Government has pulled an assassination attempt out of thin air to divert attention away from a man who is clearly the most incompetent AG since Jimmy Carter appointed that myopic, unapologetic mass-murderer, Janet Reno. 

Time will tell if the Saudis will play along with this "outrage".

The shredding machines must be going 24/7 at the Justice Department right now since the chairman of the House Oversight and Gov’t Reform Committee, Darrell Issa, has issued a subpoena of records relating to Justice’s “Fast and Furious” operation. An operation so politically motivated and misguided as to rival any debauchery the US government has ever cooked up. And that’s saying something.

The list of accusations and public indictments against Mr. Holder started immediately after his appointment by President Obama and he has gone downhill ever since. Here’s the quick list:

o       Decides to close the military prison at Guantanamo Bay by January 2011…just because.

o       Reopened criminal investigations into CIA interrogations under the Bush administration not only wasting two years and a boat-load of money but getting no prosecution victories in his obviously politically motivated pursuit.

o       Wanted to try foreign terrorists in criminal courts instead of military councils and in New York of all places.

o       Not only drops racially motivated voter intimidation charges against the New Black Panthers Party against all recommendations but in an interview regarding how race had affected the Department of Justice’s decision making, Eric Holder denies this accusation with a diatribe that race wasn’t a factor when deciding to prosecute “my people”.

Let’s just pretend for a moment that instead of the Black Panthers it was the Tea Party standing in the same spot just outside the polling station handing out leaflets. The Justice Dept would have been up their arses in less than a minute and it would have made all the news outlets 5 seconds after that.They'd all be doing the mandatory 5 years for voter intimidation.

But the AG has graduated from his gross negligence, his go-it-alone style of management and his failure to even investigate a situation even a little bit before rendering a decision.  Now Mr. Holder has elevated himself to accessory to murder, illegal gun running, aiding and abetting an organized criminal enterprise, lying about it to a Congressional Investigating Committee and getting caught, telling the committee that he had only recently heard about the F & F operation and then having a 9 month old memo surface proving he knew about it well before then. He can't even lie right.
As much as the Iranians deserve it, I think even they would rather earn a beating than to be accused of a bogus assassination plot. And for what? To protect a liability of a man who clearly should be put in jail never mind lose his job. The blood of many innocent people now stains Mr. Holder's hands.

If this was China, they’d probably just throw him out of the window of his office just to avoid further embarrassment. Remember that Chinese executive behind the Melamine milk poisoning incident there? According to the public statement, he had an "accident".

Lets hope Justice finds Mr. Holder and soon.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: Government Sponsored Bankruptcy

It seems that global investors are just figuring out that banking on the debt of what is known as Government Sponsored Enterprises is a bad idea. As Claude Reigns said in the movie Casablanca; "I'm shocked!"

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are GSEs which means that the full weight of the United States Treasury is standing behind them, guaranteeing the loans they purchase from banks. Or rather the US taxpayer will cover any losses they may tend to incur because, you know, every banking entity, despite their best efforts, can make a bad loan here or there, right?

But it is being reported that the purchase of Fannie & Freddie’s mortgage debt by Russia, China, Brazil and India have declined and their faith in the US government’s ability to back up that debt has been shaken. These countries are divesting themselves of this debt as a government holding fearing a lack of return.

But why?

Perhaps not knowing how much in debt these two GBEs are in may play a roll.

Picture rooms full of brokers, hundreds no, thousands of brokers all over the nation and their job is to get one loan every hour. And picture this happening every weekend for 12 years and know that every one of those loans, no matter how good they may be or bad, was sent to Fannie & Freddie and they BOUGHT them.

So how much in debt are these two “companies”?

I’ll bet that as of right now, three years after the beginning of the housing market collapse, that nobody knows. The Feds don’t know, the people at Fannie & Freddie don’t know and most important, the idiots buying their debt sure as hell don’t know. How can they know if they bought them?

The Federal government has no business being in the mortgage business. There is no Constitutional mandate nor business need to be involved in who gets a mortgage. And a "Government Business Enterprise" has no reason to even exist. Fannie & Freddie became instruments of a government agenda, an agenda that everybody should be able to achieve the “American Dream” of owning their own home. And if Fannie & Freddie were going to buy the loan, the banks writing these loans didn’t need to carry the paper and were absolved of responsibility.

With Fannie & Freddie driving the bus, it was full speed ahead for the wanton purchasing of mortgages that fueled unbridled speculation and runaway lending practices that drove housing prices through the roof. And just when we thought it couldn't get any worse, the “No Income Verification” loans, otherwise known as “Liar Loans’ and “Interest Only” loans (which cannot be refinanced) were the last products of a dying enterprise.
Then, in a final effort to keep the money spigot on, Federal Reserve Chairman Allen Greenspan lowered the interest banks pay to borrow money to zero. Nowhere to go from zero is there?

And here we are. The music stopped and the Fed was all out of chairs. Allen Greenspan’s apology was sincere and dramatic: “Sorry” he said before collecting his pension and flying off to Hawaii.

It is now classic comedy to view the youtube recordings of  US Congressman Barney Frank, the guy in charge of the House Financial Committe, saying in 2004, having been warned by the Republicans of mismanagement at the agencies and of a possible failure, stating that he had seen nothing to indicate that the safety and soundness of Fannie & Freddie was an issue and there was nothing to worry about, just three years before the colapse.
Fannie & Freddie, although still buying loans, have had to tighten up the rules considerably. All those people who were looking for the American Dream found it was fool’s gold and for all the “Good Intentions”, the government once again finds that it cannot defy gravity.

And for Fannie & Freddie, well it will be years before we find out just how much in debt they really are. The final number will have a “T” in it.

Government Business Enterprises should be constitutionally banned. All they do is run a deficit. They don’t make money and only serve to drive out legitimate business from a given industry. They don’t solve any problems and suck funds from the economy. Having been established in 1992, it only took a little over 13 years for Fannie Mae to drive our economy into the ground. Quite a feat.

Now just think about what would be in store for us if Barack Obama had gotten his Public Option piece included in our overwhelmingly foolhardy National Health Plan? The Public Option called for esentially a GBE to compete with private insurance businesses in the marketplace for healthcare coverage.

Who here now thinks that this would be a good idea? Show of hands please?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Four More Years of Barak Obama...

I think we have hit a threshold in this country where most Americans would now vote for anybody other than Barak Obama for President of the United States.

Does anybody think things will get better for the economy under a second term for this man?

Sure, he may consolidate his power, tighten his grip and extend his rule over business by using his regulatory licensing agencies and his Czars since he can’t get his legislation passed but does anybody believe for a moment that the man and his policies are capable of turning the economy around, create jobs and a safe environment for business?

In the marketplace of ideas, President Obama’s three year, full speed ahead tax business first, cut gov't spending later mantra has hit a wall and will go no farther legislatively in the next year. Will four more years of an Obama administration be any different?

It is more than likely that the House and Senate will gain more Tea Party Republicans and the continuing “gridlock” will only save the country from more destruction at the hands of the naked Marxist Obama.

The thought of four more years of what we’ve been going through for the last 3 seems like an unbelievable prospect and one I’m sure not many are willing to contemplate. We are now in a place to ask ourselves "What would four more years of Obama mean to us, Prosperity or Pain?"

People are looking for somebody else to vote for, anybody else to vote for. They’re imploring politicians, many of whom they don’t even know where they stand on major issues, to run for President against Obama. Personally I would vote for a cardboard cutout if it managed to get the Republican nomination. Even a third party cardboard cutout would be preferable.

We won’t know what we’re going to get with a new president but we sure know what to expect with the old one. More speeches, more class warfare, more "us against them" divisiveness, less clarity and tougher times. There seems to be only one future under an extended Obama administration. 

The clear pick for president in November 2012 is…Anybody.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Execution Without a Trial: The United States vs. The Bill of Rights.

The recent report that a United States born Yemen terrorist named Anwar al-Awlaqi was killed in a targeted attack by US forces holds unique importance primarily because he was a US citizen. Yes, he was a terrorist and vowed the destruction of the United States and its citizens.

But the precedent that has been largely ignored because he was a bad, bad man: Citizens of the United States are entitled to a trial. This fundamental right is outlined specifically in the Bill of Rights in the US Constitution so it is an absolute certainty that the killing of Mr. al-Awlaqi was in violation of the 6th Amendment. 

All a mere technicality these days however. The Constitution is just a piece of paper now only to be obeyed when convenient.  Advocates for this killing, especially on the political Right, say that it's the terrorists who flout our laws and so the ends justify the means in the killing of al-Awlaqi. This is very short sighted. If chaos should come to the United States, there are people in our ranks that could suddenly find themselves branded as terrorists. Radio talk show host Michael Savage is banned from traveling to Britain right now and is prominently featured on a list of known terrorists and murderers. I imagine if he traveled there he'd be arrested. The Right Wing talking heads on FOX News should think about this.

Could al-Awlaqi have been tried in Absentia? Most certainly he could have and should have and people have been tried like this in the past as fugitives from justice but ever since 9/11 2001, the United States government has been short on trials and due process and long on imprisonment and stonewalling.

George W. Bush made a colossal error in never putting the prisoners of war held at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba on trial. This left things uncomfortably in the hands of the next president and which still sees no sign of resolution despite the Department of Justice saying they want to now try them as criminals to much uproar. President Bush should have had them tried and sentenced before the end of his second term. Even the POWs of WWII were eventually given hearings and either sentenced or sent home, certainly none but the worst had been held for 10 years like now.

But the killing of Anwar al-Awlaqi is something else indeed. He was clearly not like the rest of his terrorist brethren and being tried when he was alive one way or another would have served a nation like ours better than just killing him without his Constitutional right to due process. Mr. al-Awlaqi never renounced his US citizenship so to this we were bound. Even Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh got a trial. But that was then, this is now. Due process has been cast out the window.

Our ability to survive as a civil society today is not guaranteed. If we are destined to survive then the rule of law and equal justice under the law must be something we still must still strive to achieve. And if the Constitution of the United States is to remain our guiding template, it must be adhered to.

What's the difference if we ignore the 6th Amendment, the 4th, the 1st or perhaps the 2nd? No difference. None at all.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The ObamaCare Pyramid Scheme

The “Individual Mandate” is the cornerstone of Obama’s national healthcare program. It is the key element to have the full weight of the Federal government behind the enforcement of mandating participation of every man, woman and child in America in this “Healthcare” program. 

The purpose of this is, of course, to keep this new pyramid from tipping over too quickly, much like the older Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare scams before it, by insuring a steady flow of cash from everybody into the program even though some will pay more and others will pay not at all. 

Taxpayers must be compelled to pay into the system so that the government can continue to give away healthcare for “free” to their core constituency groups, mainly illegal aliens and their support groups, sympathetic businesses like MacDonald’s Corp, GE, General Motors, the Catholic Church and the Public Unions in every state in the nation. Given that only about 50% of the American population even manages to pay taxes anymore, participation by people who do pay taxes is a necessity. Not for it to work in the long run, because really there is no long run, but for the plan to work right now because once it gets going, people will grow to expect it and it can always be "fixed" down the road, right?

So to make Socialized Medicine work, people must be forced into the program, and private insurers out of it. There must be plenty of bricks to kick under the pyramid in the event it starts to hemorrhage red ink. And it will take a lot of money. In truth it will take more money than the world currently has to keep this boondoggle afloat for even a couple of years of full operation never mind into perpetuity. There will be shortages of everything from cancer medicines to doctors. Finding a doctor will become a big issue and the prices of  pharmaceuticals will climb.

And this administration makes no bones about how the Affordable Care Act is based soley upon a Pyramid Scheme of epic proportions. Every Commie associated with this deal, from Kathleen Sebelius to Charles Schumer has said that the plan will work "if" many able bodied young people sign onto the plan. That's a pretty big IF concidering that under ObamaCare, todays 20-somethings don't even have to participate since they can stay on their parents healthcare plans until they're 26 years old. How's that for farsightedness?

But also this young demographic is most likely the largest group of underemployeed and unemployeed people that reside in this nation. Many are carrying crippling college loan debt that they won't pay off for over a decade and so how are they going to pay the premiums when they turn 26? Perhaps the Federal Government will then enact yet another loan program so that they can borrow money at low interest from the government to pay for their health plan that, since they are young and healthy, they won't likely be using so that they can pay for other people to use the plan. This is a bad deal for America's young people no matter how you look at it. For them it's a robbery.
Usually bad policy takes decades to start to smell bad. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are prime examples. They started small and unobtrusive but they slowly grew over decades to be the national budget busters they are today. But its the newer bad policies coming out of Washington that just stink right away like GW Bush's “No Child Left Behind” and the “Drug Benefit Plan” tacked onto Medicare which were labeled failures the day they were passed into law. 

And on the local level the predecessor to Obama’s health plan, an entity that is referred to as “RomneyCare”, started in the red and has been running deficits ever since. Contemplate this for a moment: The MassHealth plan started losing money right from DAY 1 and has gone downhill ever since. It has only been held up by Obama's friend, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick with funds from somewhere else in the state's general tax fund. They're not about to release that information.

But the National Healthcare Plan, slap-dashed together by a Leftist Congressional majority and even then only barely rammed through over every reasoned objection has reached the pinnacle of bad policy and bad precedent. It will stand as the biggest increase in taxes that the American public will have ever seen and the final straw.

The ACA is yet another Federal plan that the American people are forced by the stern blade of an overlord government to pay for even if they never receive a dime from it. I was going to say that never before in the history of the United States of America has there ever been a product or plan that made it mandatory that a citizen to participate in but I’d be lying. Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare are all plans that a majority of citizens are pushed into participation and have to pay for. With the exception of public employees that is. Public employees are exempt from being forced to pay for Social Security and Medicaid taxes. 

So ObamaCare is not so much a health plan as it is a DRAFT. We are all now Conscripts in Obama’s war against private markets. We are now destined to be Cannon Fodder, thrown to the front and compelled to go over the top in Obama's Communist power grab and the struggle to keep what we as individuals have worked for our whole lives. We have been impressed into this monumental economic error and will be sacrificed on its altar of failure. 

And it will fail. The takers will always outnumber the payers.

So is it Constitutional?  Never mind that there is no Constitutional mandate that the Federal Government should even get involved in providing healthcare to individuals. All federal duties not specifically outlined in The Constitution are left to the States, so to mandate state participation in a Federal plan not therein outlined, and that includes Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, would be unconstitutional out of hand.
But it makes no difference if the Supreme Judicial Court lets the Individual Mandate stand or not since ObamaCare is already inflicting its economic damage on our lives. 

It would be great if the SJC would strike down not only the IM but ObamaCare in its entirety but it’s a Dead Plan walking regardless. The only difference would be the level of pain it would cause if allowed to go forward.

And it doesn't stop here. The next step is the so called "Single Payer" plan where the GOVERNMENT is the sole provider of health care in the country. Look at how well the Veteran's Administration has handled the Single Payer system with America's verterans.

Don't get sick.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Time to Boot the United Nations...

It’s time to send that den of iniquity, the so called “United Nations” to some other country. Let these near do wells and universal haters go to some other country to have their tantrums. That is, if another country will have them.

Let these "people" drive on the sidewalks of some other nation and get them the hell out of New York and out of the US entirely. We don’t need these yoyos putting Iran on the Council for Human Rights or giving Arabs a say in what Israel can or cannot do. We don’t need to pay these nutjobs for the privilege of being in our country all the while their people are out in the streets burning our flag at the drop of a hat. Let them go pull Diplomatic Immunity in Thailand and see where that gets 'em.

They hate us for what we have all the while living over here enjoying the finest the world has to offer in New York City. Let these hypocrites find a fancy restaurant in Romania or Iceland if they hate us so much. Get them out of here. 
Why do we give weight to an organization that would otherwise be widely ignored if we didn’t participate in it? Oh yes, the UN does our bidding when push comes to shove but that’s more about the money we give them to say yes. But do we really need that? We’re an autocratic empire after all and nobody believes the UN actually gives us permission to do anything nor that they are anything without us. Let them go to China and see if they all still strut. 

Time for the UN to go. The time has come for them to enjoy some other fine city. Preferably somewhere far, far away. Perhaps even move them around every couple of years like the Olympics but get them out of here. They’re tiresome to watch and unnerving to put up with. Never before has the world gathered a more insufferable bunch of professional lollygaggers and men of non-action.

And just what has the UN ever achieved? Every conflict they have ever been involved with lingers on and on without a victor and the people suffer and suffer. Wars need victors, without which there can never be a resolution and eventual peace. Enter the UN who never gives one side or the other the satisfaction of victory so what would have been a short war becomes a very long one. Good show!  They're still glowering at each other in Kosovo after 25 years. Yet the UN wouldn't dream of saying a thing about the Chinese oppression in Tibet or the Russians in Chechnya. And Mormar Ghadafi is bad to the point of intervention yet Bashir al-Assad, not so much.

What has the UN done to relieve the "suffering" of the Palestinians? Have they lobbied Egypt, that vast and expansive country, for perhaps room for a state? Have they inquired to Saudi Arabia to perhaps support a Palestinian business community? Have the Palestinians themselves set up a Chamber of Commerce to solicit businesses from around the world to invest and purchase the goods that the Palestinian businesses themselves have produced? The answer is no, no, and “What do the Palestinians actually make besides tunnels, rockets and bombs?

No, really, do they even make pocket combs over there? They must have a flag company because they have such a ready supply of US flags to burn at the drop of a hat but I have yet to see a shirt or pair of slacks that say “Made in Palestine” on the label. Why? Because there isn’t any, outside of local date farming, they don’t make squat!

After 65 years of existence, the Palestinians remain single-mindedly devoted to the destruction of Israel to the exclusion of all else. Think about this for a moment. Generations of a people wasted for lifetimes. What could these people have built in all this time had they decided on a greater purpose for their lives. It’s incredible. And where do they get their money from if they don't possess a productive economy? Hmm?

Yet it is Israel, a free and democratic society, that is called upon to give precious territory for people who have vowed their destruction, who fire rockets into Israel EVERY DAY. Who would defend this? The UN does.

The UN has destroyed more than it has ever built, denied more than verified and have never defeated a foe. Let's face it, the UN is a pimple on the ass of human progress.

Let’s finally end this charade. I won’t miss them. Not for a minute.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Government Sponsored Solar Power Company Pleads the 5th...

Much like the Wikilinks release of the Anti-Capitalist Environmental "Scientists" emails, revealing collusion and the spread of propaganda as fact, let today mark the first day of the end of the Green Movement.

The executives of Solyndra sat before Congress and said...nothing. Nothing about what happened to the $535 Million that they secured through the Obama administration. Nothing about how they got the money and nothing about how they behaved and how they feel now. Nothing.

Yes, a company, any company going out of business is the natural act of capitalism. But this is not. Solyndra was heavily subsidized by taxpayer money through a government who constantly is trying to pick the winners and losers of industry. This wasn't just "seed" money, this was money taken from every town in America, from every street and from every pocket that could have been better spent if it were left where it was in the first place. But now is wasted. Thrown down the rathole of a Big Lie: That solar power can make money. It doesn't and it can't.

Oil is the atom of industry. It's cheap, it's plentiful and it carries more energy per ounce than any other substance on the face of the earth. Somebody dispute this. Go on, lets hear it. It's a fact.

Until we can find something like that, oil isn't going to go away. We in the former Republic of the United States now have an Autocratic government that can declare oil off limits with a wave of a hand, an executive order. They can order to ban the distribution and use of oil in the United States. But they can't stop the world. The world will continue to use oil even if we don't. The difference is that we as a nation will be competing against a world that has cheaper energy. This will never work.

Solar and Wind power are expensive. Very expensive. And to a business that expense goes into something called "Overhead". Overhead is the cost of a business to bring a product to market. And since we now live in a global marketplace, that product will sit on a shelf with other products from around the world. Products with lower overhead. Which prices will be lower? Good answer.

Not so say Solar and Wind aren't a good idea since clean energy is a worthy pursuit but the Federal Government should not be in the business of subsidizing business. The Solyndra deal smacks of corruption, party patronage and the systematic central planning that ran the Soviet Union right into the ground.

But the most insidious crime against the American public is that we never got to see what all this $535 Million never got the chance to do had it been left in the hands of the people to spend and invest in whatever power they would like. We never got the chance to see all this take flight since it was confiscated and given to the politically connected. People who obviously didn't know what to do with it and squandered it all.

Let today mark the beginning of the end of the government's distribution of wealth, of it's interference in the marketplace or it's heavy handed regulatory roll. Let's get government out of the way of industry. It's time to end the Obama regime's anti-capitalist ideas that clearly have no place in a free society. Let us begin today to return to a free market that will give all forms of energy an opportunity and so we can see the best American can produce.