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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Time to Boot the United Nations...

It’s time to send that den of iniquity, the so called “United Nations” to some other country. Let these near do wells and universal haters go to some other country to have their tantrums. That is, if another country will have them.

Let these "people" drive on the sidewalks of some other nation and get them the hell out of New York and out of the US entirely. We don’t need these yoyos putting Iran on the Council for Human Rights or giving Arabs a say in what Israel can or cannot do. We don’t need to pay these nutjobs for the privilege of being in our country all the while their people are out in the streets burning our flag at the drop of a hat. Let them go pull Diplomatic Immunity in Thailand and see where that gets 'em.

They hate us for what we have all the while living over here enjoying the finest the world has to offer in New York City. Let these hypocrites find a fancy restaurant in Romania or Iceland if they hate us so much. Get them out of here. 
Why do we give weight to an organization that would otherwise be widely ignored if we didn’t participate in it? Oh yes, the UN does our bidding when push comes to shove but that’s more about the money we give them to say yes. But do we really need that? We’re an autocratic empire after all and nobody believes the UN actually gives us permission to do anything nor that they are anything without us. Let them go to China and see if they all still strut. 

Time for the UN to go. The time has come for them to enjoy some other fine city. Preferably somewhere far, far away. Perhaps even move them around every couple of years like the Olympics but get them out of here. They’re tiresome to watch and unnerving to put up with. Never before has the world gathered a more insufferable bunch of professional lollygaggers and men of non-action.

And just what has the UN ever achieved? Every conflict they have ever been involved with lingers on and on without a victor and the people suffer and suffer. Wars need victors, without which there can never be a resolution and eventual peace. Enter the UN who never gives one side or the other the satisfaction of victory so what would have been a short war becomes a very long one. Good show!  They're still glowering at each other in Kosovo after 25 years. Yet the UN wouldn't dream of saying a thing about the Chinese oppression in Tibet or the Russians in Chechnya. And Mormar Ghadafi is bad to the point of intervention yet Bashir al-Assad, not so much.

What has the UN done to relieve the "suffering" of the Palestinians? Have they lobbied Egypt, that vast and expansive country, for perhaps room for a state? Have they inquired to Saudi Arabia to perhaps support a Palestinian business community? Have the Palestinians themselves set up a Chamber of Commerce to solicit businesses from around the world to invest and purchase the goods that the Palestinian businesses themselves have produced? The answer is no, no, and “What do the Palestinians actually make besides tunnels, rockets and bombs?

No, really, do they even make pocket combs over there? They must have a flag company because they have such a ready supply of US flags to burn at the drop of a hat but I have yet to see a shirt or pair of slacks that say “Made in Palestine” on the label. Why? Because there isn’t any, outside of local date farming, they don’t make squat!

After 65 years of existence, the Palestinians remain single-mindedly devoted to the destruction of Israel to the exclusion of all else. Think about this for a moment. Generations of a people wasted for lifetimes. What could these people have built in all this time had they decided on a greater purpose for their lives. It’s incredible. And where do they get their money from if they don't possess a productive economy? Hmm?

Yet it is Israel, a free and democratic society, that is called upon to give precious territory for people who have vowed their destruction, who fire rockets into Israel EVERY DAY. Who would defend this? The UN does.

The UN has destroyed more than it has ever built, denied more than verified and have never defeated a foe. Let's face it, the UN is a pimple on the ass of human progress.

Let’s finally end this charade. I won’t miss them. Not for a minute.

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