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Monday, September 12, 2011

Obama's Jobs Plan is a Trap

President Obama’s second massive spending plan is only a ploy to force his tax raising agenda. Mr. Obama’s real plan is to raise taxes, continue unbridled spending and to have the deficit “Super Committee” vote for tax increases it since it is they who he has burdened with the responsibility to “pay” for the spending the bill provides to the tune of $447 Billion.

Once again there is no step back for Obama. It’s always full speed ahead with the spending and full speed ahead with his calls for taxing the “wealthy”. He has to keep the spigot on to fund the bloated bureaucratic mess that the United States government has become over the last 50 years since the advent of Medicaid and the modern welfare system that enlists hundreds of thousands of people in the vast money transfer system we refer now only in passing as "Government" .

Even just a surface glance of the proposal will tell you of this plan’s predicable failure. 

Example 1: If the Social Security system is suffering from lack of money coming in vs. going out, then how will giving people a break on how much people have been forced to put into the system help cure it? Answer: It can’t! They'll just have to get that money from someplace else won't they?

Example #2: How will eliminating tax breaks that will raise $400 Billion over the next 10 years balance the $447 Billion the plan will spend right now? Answer: It can’t! They'll just have to find the money somewhere else, won't they?

So how to make up the difference between what the Obama plan spends and what the government spend and what will need to be raised to balance it? I know, RAISE TAXES! And what group is in charge of deciding if taxes should be raise and who shall pay them? I know that too, it’s the Super Committee!

But whatever the Committee comes up with in the form of tax increases, assuming they even decide for tax increases, still has to pass Congress and the new Congress has a mandate from the American people, the ones who actually pay taxes, not to raise taxes. So here we are. The Obama regime will continue to spend and spend until Congress says "Uncle" and votes to raise taxes. This should not happen and only the belief in the new people in Congress sustains my feeling that they won't buy what the President is selling. I don't think the American people buy what the President is selling either.

The Obama plan is nothing but a trap to force the Committee and Congress to go along with the tax hikes he has proposed all along.

What a colossal waste of time and energy.

Why is Obama doing this? He and his abettors must know it won’t work yet it’s still full speed ahead?
It makes no sense.

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