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Friday, June 26, 2015

Pope Loses Mind, Thinks He’s Michael Bloomberg!

Global Warming? Gender Equality? Gun Control in America? Middle East Politics? There is no limit or extent of world issues this new leader will take on and combat. 

And just who are we talking about here?

Why it’s the POPE!

Somehow the Pope has become bored with just one religion; he’s gone and joined a number of new ones.

First is the Global Warming Cult. You are either a Believer or a Denier. There is no middle ground and if you don’t believe then you are going to HELL!

Then there is the recognition of the bunch of militant Arabs on Welfare that currently occupy the Gaza Strip. They are now officially recognized as "The State of Palestine" by the Vatican. Pope Francis believes that the world should believe what he believes.

This is starting to look and sound eerily familiar.

So, has anybody actually SEEN Michael Bloomberg, the former Crazed Mayor of New York City, lately? Has he gotten a supreme make-over and somehow managed the old “Switcher-oo” and so is now living disguised as The Pope? If he has managed to pull off one of the greatest body-switches in the history of the world, then all these crazy actions and announcements make perfect sense. 

The Pope is actually Michael Bloomberg! It's just that simple. 

If not, Pope Francis has sure gone crazy.

And then there is the people who manufacture armaments and weapons, GUNS to be more accurate. They are hypocrites to call themselves Christians now.  This would mean that, since the United States is the world’s largest munitions manufacturer, an industry, by the way, driven by the U.S. Government’s demand for salable arms for export to foreign markets, that almost half the population of the United States shouldn't call themselves Christians now. That is, even if they wanted to.

Someone call Mr. Bloomberg right now, I’ll bet someone will say he’s “out of town and can’t be reached’. But WE know the truth.

Pope Francis and Michael Bloomberg are one and the same.

Ok, I have no concrete proof and I know Bloomberg officially left office Jan 2014 while Francis was already the Pope since the previous March but SOMEHOW Bloomberg did it and here’s why: Since he was no longer the Crazed Mayor of the largest city in the United States, who would listen to his crack-pot rantings now? Who on God’s Green Earth would listen to him if they didn’t HAVE TO listen to him like when he was Mayor? The television stations had to broadcast him and the newspapers had to cover him and all the substantial public workforce that the city of New York employs needed his good will because their jobs depended on it but once he left office, that's all over. Without the title of Mayor, Bloomberg is just another guilty rich person spouting off on things he has no business spouting off on. 

Enter The Church. Love the new Pope or hate the new Pope, you’re stuck with him until he kicks the bucket. He can say just about anything, do anything and everybody has to clap and cheer in public. THIS was too much for Bloomberg to pass up. This was the job he was always meant to have!

Oh come on now, it's not so far fetched as it seems. If you know anything about the public rantings of the former CM of NYC, it's not like Mr. Bloomberg has never imaged what it was like to BE the Pope, right? In many ways he already thought he was.

And like most crazy people, he didn’t wait for it or work for it, he just took it. Perhaps Bloomberg, leaving a body-double in his place in New York, flew to Buenos Aires, had the leader of the Argentine church kidnapped, bought off the Argentine government for short money and eventually rigged the election for Pope by stuffing $100,000,00 bills into offering boxes in all the voting eligible Bishop's church communities. Once ensconced in the Papal role, his body double hands over the reigns of NYC to new mayor and aspiring junior crazy person Bill de Blasio and nobody is the wiser. 

Stranger things have happened. 

So what’s next for our Global Do-Gooder? I’m surprised Francis hasn’t gone after the smokers yet. Yes, let’s get THOSE PEOPLE too. Will the Pope propose a world-wide cigarette tax? How about a “Tobacco isn’t Christian” campaign?

And those people who cross the street while the "Don't Walk" sign is lighted? Yes, those Jay-Walkers must be pointed out and SHAMED! And driving while texting! Oh, and all that trash left up in the Himalayas by all those mountain climbers, get them! And somebody must determine the morality of driving an UBER car!

Damn, the whole world is going to Hell.

Good thing we have Michael Bloomber...ah…I mean, Pope Francis around to help.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Liberal America Rejoices at Black Church Shooting

It didn’t take long at all for the political Left to come out swinging for the fences on “Hate Speech” and “Hate Crime” and how BAD guns are and that they should all be rounded up.

The bodies weren’t even examined before President Obama made his not unexpected pitch yet again for Gun Control legislation. Never mind that he tried this before and failed. The mantra of the Left is "try, try again". 

The first thing most regular tax-paying middle-class American citizens had to have said to themselves when they heard about black people being shot by a white guy at a church, AFTER realizing what a tragic killing of some America’s most dedicated Christian church people this was, was “Oh, here they come again!”.

And here they are.

The airwaves instantly came alive with impassioned victim-hood from the Liberal Victim Nation that President Obama and his Leftist Media Propagandists have repeatedly tried to whip up to flaunt their neediness and how whatever “White America” does, well, it just isn’t enough. From Trevon to Ferguson, the Leftist media has taken a deeper breath to shout from the mountain tops that only can a dis-armed America be a truly safe America and that death is dealt to the black man by the white hand of hate. 

All the usual suspects emerge with a new lust for the limelight. No tragedy will be left unexploited and today is no exception.  Just before jetting off to multiple fund raisers, our Socialist President made an impassioned plea for something he’s been saying he’s wanted to do since inaugurated, get the guns out of the hands of the citizens.

There are even Leftist political operatives advocating for the repeal of the 2nd Amendment, like that will bring calm to the Nation. The opposite will occur, be sure. Good luck with that one.

One thing I really hate about so called “Conservative Media” outlets is that they do the exact same thing.

I don’t read the fucking New York Times and I don’t watch fucking CNN so the LAST THING I need to have happen is to have the outlets I do frequent to tell me the crap that the NY Times and CNN put out. I DON’T CARE to hear it because I already know what they are going to say. It’s not like it’s going to be enlightening, informative or different, it’s only going to be the same old Party Line. That’s why I don’t read that paper or watch that program.

So why do I need to see that NOT Conservative news show FOX tell me what people like, for instance,  Karl Rove are saying? Who cares what he says? He's a nitwit that gets paid by the work by all these birds-of-a-feather programs. Ditto for a snake oil salesman like Al Sharpton. Why would you quote these yo-yos? To make people jump through YOUR hoop? 

I don’t need “name your conservative radio host _________ to tell me what they print in the New York Times or the L.A. Times. If I wanted to know, I’d be reading it myself.

It’s all just a game to these folks. I point at the Times and YOU call my program in a froth about those God Dammed Liberals. Oh, and while you’re at it, can you support our sponsors?  It’s just a cheap trick to disguise the lack of content and thought they put into their programs. “Oh, let’s just pick up the paper and see what my show will be about tonight? Oh, look what’s in the NY Times, my work is done!” It's like one can't live without the other. So tell me again how different you are?

It’s tiresome.

The Left is tiresome because they keep coming and coming after the people have decided otherwise. The people didn’t want Obama Care but here it is, until it collapses. The people don’t want unending war, the people don’t want subsidies as a substitute for earning a living and they don’t want thousands of illegal aliens in this country either being supported by their tax dollar or looking for a job that they or their kid may be looking for too.

The Right is tiresome because they are mostly indistinguishable from the Left. They want the illegals too and for the tax payer to support them with services so that companies like Tyson Chicken can pay them crap but they community will house them and provide them with healthcare. And these people are supposed to be looking out for us?

And when the Right does get to decide what to do what do we get? More prisons and Anti-Flag Burning legislation. That’s important right? And THEY haven’t met a war they didn’t like either.

Don’t know why I bother.


Go ahead and repeal the 2nd Amendment. It won’t do any good. None of the anti-gun legislation ever passed has stopped anyone who really wanted to get a gun from getting a gun. If they want to shoot up a church, there isn’t a whole lot anybody can do about it since there is no murder in a gun since it is but a thing. It’s the murder in the heart of man that has to be addressed and the atmosphere propagated by a distrusted government is as much to blame as anything else. 

A gun is just a long knife and they sell knives in every big box retail store as well as fertilizer and propane. Gasoline is on every corner and people are driving around in 2000 lb weapons while looking at their "Smart" phones. Go figure. What is government going to do, issue permits to buy gas?  

Whether you run people over in your car, push them out of a window, blow them up with a home-made bomb or shoot them, they still dead and you still a killer.

No legislation is going to stop that. That’s just a fundraising theme and the Left is going to be cashing quite a few checks over this latest shooting and perhaps the Right will be too.

What do you think they will do with the money?

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Pope Francis Prostitutes Himself for Climate Commies

Was he, as an unknown and aspiring priest in Argentina, Jorge Bergoglio, really studying Meteorology instead of Theology back in the Seminary?  And now, as Pope Francis, has he sequestered himself in his humble chambers pouring over climate charts until late in the evening, studying ancient texts and aquiring all the climate data he can from the last century and beyond? Because if he wasn’t, then what the FUCK does The Pope know about Climate Change?

The answer, of course, is NOTHING. The Pope only knows what other people tell him about "Man Made Climate Disruption". He's a seldom heard from priest in South America and now he's an expert on climate AND The Pope.

Oh, but now as the top guy in the Catholic Church he is the Earths biggest champion advocating for big goverment intervention, regulations and MONEY to fight the emergent scourge of the Weather. Having a "Fan Friendly" Pope as an advocate of the Global Socialist Cabal will be seen by many as a boon to convincing the Rubes around the world that Global Warming, I mean, Climate Change is actually a real thing instead of what it is, another global grab for power by a government elite.

It’s all about the Benjamin’s with the Catholic Organization. If a church isn’t “pulling it in” what does the organization do? They close it. Sorry, no more services here so move along and find another church to go to that can make some real revenue. After all, we do all sorts of good deeds with it although we don’t have time to go into detail. Thanks for your co-operation.

As a child in the Boston housing projects both the Catholic and Protestant churches sent offering envelops home with every child. Didn't matter how poor you are, you are never too poor to give to the church apparently.

And now the church can debit your bank account monthly. How convenient!

What we don't hear is the Pope pledging Vatican Money for research and to join the "fight" to Save the Planet with their own resources. Heaven forbid!

It seems that the “The People’s Pope” has found a way to fill the Vatican vaults with Al Gore level money. But using his high and lofty status to tout something he knows even less about that the Bible or God: Global Climate Change.

It’s brilliant isn’t it? If the Pope calls for the destruction of every countries economy, there will be more poor people than ever. Oh, it's good to be Pope!

Who doesn't think money isn’t involved? We’ve seen others grow rich and fat on the climate change gravy train. Why WOULDN'T the Pope go for it? It isn’t like he’s taken a vow of poverty or anything; he’s got a dwindling world empire to bring back to power! There is definitely a marketable quality to Pope Francis that we haven't seen with the other Popes. By leveraging his elevated status since he took "office" a favorable statement by Pope Francis could command big money. He can sell you Catholic Guilt, White Guilt, Wealth Guilt, Pope Francis can sell it all. 

It is apparent that Pope Francis has sold his soul to the Devil of Climate Change and now he's on board the Government Train and preaching to the world, again, that it is Man that is the problem with the world. And isn't Pope Francis also a man? On top of that he has become a Useful Idiot for the power brokers of Climate Politics.

Contrary to popular belief, Popes are not chosen for their brains. They’re chosen for…er…I don’t know , perhaps how they look in a dress, who really knows but judging by the last two Popes, one who liked to spend the money, wear the cape, wear the jewels and the other who pretends not to like spending the money and goes tilting at windmills that don’t even really exist, they aren't the sharpest tools in the ecumenical shed.

Birds of a feather…fly together and so Pope Francis has joined the Global Bullshit Squad for Climate Awareness. And who cares if there isn’t an ounce of truth to any of it. That’s not the point. Its control of the means of production these Climate Communists want.

There’s a lot of money involved and a lot of power at stake and the Pope wants in on it. That money can but a lot of influence and it can certainly buy a lot of people. 

Hell, it bought a Pope.