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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

There Is No Shortage of Food in America

I never tire of breaking the news to people when this subject comes up in conversation but there is nobody starving in this country for want of access to food or access to free food in the United States.
We have plenty of food and many, many people, non-profit organizations and charities who are falling over themselves to give it away to almost anybody who shows up and wants some.

So, no, we don’t have people with an Access to Food problem in this country despite all that you might hear on radio and television "news". I see these organizations advertising on billboards and buying radio spots in their never ending search to find those elusive starving children.
What we DO HAVE in this country are too many people with a drug, alcohol, gambling and taking responsibility for their actions problems.

The problem we hear about, the “Children Starving in America” scenario that’s been fabricated to the point of believability is actually an “Allocation of Resources” problem with many parents and people in general who have a hard time getting up and going to work and like-wise getting up and going to a grocery store. Too many times these people end up in either a bar, a casino, a heroin den or a whore house. The money they SHOULD be spending on food is going somewhere else. 
The other  part of this issue is that these people don’t have a job and are most likely on some form of government assistance. Look at the EBT program. The people who are getting this assistance who are afflicted with the above mentioned vices are dealing their EBT cards for cash. These people will also sell their food stamps. Instead of having to actually GO GET A JOB, these folks have turned finding and converting public assistance benefits into cash into their "job". There have been stories published of people being pulled over in New York having EBT cards from both New York and New Jersey. We know the identity theft going on so that people with multiple identities get public assistance under several names. These are not isolated instances, this is chronic and systematic theft.

It is an open secret that the public assistance programs are overrun with grifters, drug addicts, gambling addicts and general run-of-the-mill do nothings. It is also an open secret that anybody who applies for assistance will receive it regardless of real need because a self-perpetuating welfare state will always be willing to make room for one more dependent especially when an election is coming up.
But the main point is that however well-intended this all may be, all these resources go to ANYTHING BUT food.. The resources these programs require to run with the hope that it may actually reach someone who actually really needs it is not only killing the taxpayer and the economy but also the chance for those people who really do want to earn their own way in this world of actually doing so.

So will throwing more money at this “Starving Children” problem change anything? No. It isn’t like we’re talking about Africa. They’ve been starving for decades over there despite all the food the U.S. has sent them over the last 40 years or so. The problem there is that they can’t grow enough food to feed their population between civil wars and government insurrections. This is not a problem in the U.S. We produce so much food that we not only export much of it but also give it away to nations in need.
So when I read or hear another non-profit organization pleading for money for the “Hungry Children” I just shake my head. No amount of money I or anybody else will give will make one bit of difference and who knows where the money is really going anyway. Anybody who is soliciting money in this fashion, with all the social programs hemoraging money for SSI, WIC, EBT and Food Stamps, is most likely just paying themselves or supporting somebody's political campaign. They always say more can be done and it truely just never ends.

These children, if they exist at all, won’t get fed unless their parents are provided an incentive to stay together, stay employed and stay contributing members of the American society. Right now, that is not happening and it hasn’t been happening for awhile. It’s an environmental issue and all the money you throw at it won’t result in a population without want.
These handouts are just wasteful wishful thinking designed mostly to buy votes and nobody in government seems to be concerned with the social consequences; the drugs, the crime and wasted lives.

It's time to do something different.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Obama's Kids Are More Important Than Your Kids

It's painful to see New Jersey Governor Chris Christie prostitue himself for the Federal Government all for the hope of getting yet another disaster handout from the Obama administration. Watching Christie dance to the Federal Overlord's tune is a distressful development since he was once a hope for change in how government has been treating the American taxpayer or as the Federal Government refers to us as: Our ATM.

While our Federal Coffers are filled with IOUs and Christie has played tough with his local budget, he has demonstrated no toughness at all when it comes to the Feds picking up the tab for his states shortfalls in the form of local disaster relief. Why buget for that since the Feds will ALWAYS write a check? Good question.

But now Christie's latest groveling to the Federal God has come in an alarming form: Making disparaging public comments about one of the few organizations that is actually looking out for the Bill of Rights, the National Rifle Association. The Federal Media has trumpeted this turn of events like they always do and try to turn it into a plus for their Federal Benefactor, the President of the United States.

The NRA has every right (for now) to point out the continuing hypocracy of President Obama's edicts and to include the disproportionate privledges of the political class.

But one good thing has come from this. We know that Chris Christie is not the man we thought he was. In fact we the public have been given the clearest picture of what he really is: A short-sighted useful idiot.

Whether Christie really believes the NRA was out of line with their ad featuring President Obama's children, we'll never really know.

What we do know for a fact, however is that Christie is a politician and as such his children, like President Obama's, also enjoy the trappings of government wealth in the form of the best private schools, the very best healthcare our nation can provide and armed personal protection as well as a fabulous pension plan and a guaranteed future.

And you, you stupid slobs, have the privledge to pay for it while you're skipping yet another traveling vacation, paying off your healthcare deductable in installments, worrying if you have enough gas to get to work and shopping at fucking Walmart.

So we as a nation can rejoice as Obama's children and Chris Christie's children enjoy their privledges and will grow up to go to great colleges and gain plum assignments in government subsidized non-profits or government owned media outlets, of course. All the while your own kids are out on the streets in the line of fire, shouldering the burden of paying back their student loans, facing rising taxes & fees and trying to find a job while companies that should be hiring them are still assessing how much all the extra taxes and fees they are constantly being hit with these days will allow them to even keep the people they have never mind hiring more.

The future of our children is being squandered and their right to protect themselves and to enter the professions they choose are diminishing daily under our ever present, ever borrowing and dictatorial regime.
The message here is clear: You're kids don't rate.

While the Feds are giving your money away to the Richest Poor People the world has ever known, you and your kids have to pay the full freight and live under conditions our Political Elite no longer even identify with and who enjoy protections most taxpayers can't even imagine. These are the people who are supposed to be  looking out for us?

Let's face it. To the Federal Government, you're not only not number one, you ain't even number two!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Death of AM Radio: Call 1-800-888-8888. That’s 1-800-888-8888…

The AM band now only exists to sell you things. There is precious little content compared to the never ending commercial breaks. There are commercial breaks every 4 minutes and then go on for 12 minutes at the end of each hour. Many times they’ll come back from a commercial break and go into another commercial break. The streams of 800 numbers just run together after a while and are only broken up by the dot com ads. But whatever it is, I'm not buying.
It used to be you got the 800 number twice. Now you get it 4 times per ad. Once they start it’s just a stream of 1- 800 blah blah blah numbers and it’s just so annoying that once they start, I turn the radio off and leave it off. I'm off the AM dial for the most part these days. It's not that I don't like the shows but now I have lost my tolerance for all the extra bullshit you have to go through to listen to them. No program is worth listening to all these ads over and over. The more ads, the the quicker I turn it off.

And it’s the same 4 companies advertising on these channels so for any given 3 hours of programming you’ll hear the same ad 15 or more times. I mean, you would if you were still listening by that time.

Then on the weekends most of the channels have NO CONTENT at all since the entire weekend is now thrown over to paid programing which consists solely of either money management groups or herbal supplement companies hawking their wares disguised as radio shows. Think about it; for two whole days there is nothing but advertising. Each "show" is really just a three hour commercial with commercials in them.
I don’t know what kind of person calls these AM talk shows but they always get cut off by the host and hardly get a word in edgewise since their call only serves as a foil for the host who will pontificate about whatever it is the caller starts to say before they inevitably come up against a “hard break” meaning they're getting disconnected. Why would people do this to themselves? The world will not change by you calling a radio station, AM or FM, to complain about something and then getting cut off. Think about it.  

I don’t think these AM channels are making any money. Perhaps it’s the licensing fees they pay the FCC or the taxes or whatever it is but I think the margin is so thin these days for radio stations that they have to beat listeners over the head incessantly with advertising in order to cover their nut each month. I can think of no other explanation. Would they do things this way if they had a choice? I don’t know why I had put up with this crap for so long. 
It is reminiscent of how the cable companies continue to package a land line phone “for free” with your cable TV plan so that telemarketers can still have a way into your household. Nobody needs a land line phone anymore and even grandma can use a cell phone. Really, old people ain’t that dumb. It’s still a PHONE and they still work the same way they always have, just without the wires.

I don’t care what happens to these stations anymore. They've become un-listenable. If an AM station can't make money without spewing all these 800 numbers incessantly then sell it to someone who can since they must be in the wrong line of work.

It's a shame because I grew up with AM radio and actually enjoy radio more than television since you can actually do things while listening to the radio as opposed to having to sit and watch television. So the good old days of radio are gone and my tolerance for lack of content and non-stop merchandising has gone with it. 

I really toughed it out during the election cycle but now I'm OUT. 
Thank God! 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Republicans Go Wobbly As Obama Nullifies Congress And the Bill of Rights

President Obama has thrown down the gauntlet. He will breach the U.S. Constitution if he issues an Executive Order banning any kind of weapons. There is no power entrusted to the President of the United States under the Constitution that gives president Obama the authority to issue any proclamation to usurp any article of the Bill of Rights. But he’s going to do it anyway.

Why? Because there is no body or group that will actually try to stop him.

What's left of the Republican Party is playing the Washington Generals to Obama's Harlem Globetrotters. They just show up to lose. That's their job. Imagine just giving up the Bill of Rights because you're afraid that by defending it you'll look bad to the American public. This is a strategy?At least make a stand! Sigh.

The Republican Party is afraid they'll be voted out if they oppose the president but they'll be voted out anyway if they don't. They might as well fight since two years is a long time in politics and at least the people, the working "taxpaying" people, of this country will have a two year head start on their plans for survival in the coming takeover. Like Obama even cares what happens in the mid-term elections. He's taking power for himself right now.
As the climax of any action movie will tell you: This is it!

This is the moment the big business left has been working towards. The culmination of steady purchases of the political class and the wearing away of an individuals right to choose his own way in life. They care not that they rule a nation in ruins, only that they will rule. Stalin didn’t care, Mao didn't care, Castro didn't care. Obama doesn”t care.

But there will be a backlash OR perhaps not. Obama may succeed. After all the presidency has been gaining strength beyond the Constitution for decades. FDR took over once but was stopped in the courts. Obama already owns the courts.
The president has been able to start wars without the approval of Congress for decades. Even though it is specifically mandated that only Congress can declared war. Passing the War Powers act got past that one. Now the president is free to send troops into any conflict and in fact create a conflict without a care for 90 days. Obama, with his media accomplices easily knocked down any protest of his totally unconstitutional intervention in the Libyan civil war. He even violated the War Powers Act itself and nothing happened other than the radical muslim faction gained control of Libya.

The president has been able to borrow and spend money without the consent of Congress which is also specifically outlined in the Constitution. So much for the power of the purse that Congress is supposed to wield in times like this where the president is spending money like a sailor on shore -leave to prop up his array of payoffs to the public sector and their welfare brethren.
The Constitution is a piece of paper. That is all it is. But its words and ideas are the testament of the pinnacle of civilization. If government does not want to stick to its tenants, then we, the free working citizenry of this nation, have a fight on our hands the like the world has never seen.

Congress has been finally successfully circumvented and it is Congress themselves that gave away their Constitutionally granted power.  

This is it.

Friday, January 4, 2013

U.S. Government Remains Dedicated to Money Losing Energy Companies

Even while facing the much balihoo'd Fiscal Cliff, big government still clung tightly to the funding subsidies of it's failing green energy companies.  

The government will pick the winners and losers of American industry. And if they don’t win, the government will just keep throwing taxpayer money at them until they win.  And in the case of the government backed solar companies, they'll also impose tarriffs.

What next? Will government force us to buy General Motors automobiles?
They are already forcing citizens onto their Federal Health Plans. By forcing insurance providers to cover everybody regardless of ability to pay and by forcing healthcare providers to carry the illegal populous who do not pay a dime into the system, thereby driving up costs for health insurance, they will soon be the only game in town.

They’re already forcing the American public to buy mercury laced “energy efficient” light bulbs and will make sure they are the only thing on the market available by phasing out the “bad” light bulbs that we’ve been using for over 100 years. They may save a watt or two but they’re dark and where you going to throw them out? Their a light bulb the government can embrace because they can put warning labels on them and create a whole new bureaucracy around just disposing of them.
The government, by their taxing and regulating policies, is forcing people onto Unemployment Insurance. Where once stood a productive employee now stands a jobless government dependent. Millions now collect unemployment in an anonymous, almost secret fashion. Image if it were 1981 with this rate of unemployment. The lines would go for blocks and everyone would see how really bad it is. Nah, just pick up the phone and register, give them your bank account and routing number and your money will be sent straight to your checking account. No waiting.

The government is also forcing us to listen to endless propaganda via their media machine television stations: CBS News, New England Network News, Fox News, and CNN News. I was watching at my local fitness center how overjoyed CBS News was that “things were going well” with the unemployment rate ticking up to the “official” total of 7.8%.
There is no news. There is nothing to be believed anymore on the airwaves. It’s as though I’m living Terry Gilliam’s movie “Brazil” in real life. Oh, but it can’t happen here. But it has, hasn't it? 

But for all the governments promoting, funding and propping up, of all their inventive bureaucratic feats of conjuring government industry out of the need to have a government industry, all of their enterprises are very “lossy” propositions. They just lose tons of money. Why? Because nobody wants what they’re selling, that’s why. If they did, they wouldn’t need to be subsidized. They’re services and goods are too expensive are made poorly and delivered uncaringly and the increasing amounts of tax money it requires is not just killing the economy but stunting the growth and incentive of a generation.
Check the success rate of the City of Chicago’s public school system if you want to witness the trap of government industry. They won’t allow a voucher system for school choice so if you can’t pay twice, once for the public school you have no use for and again for a privates school you need, you’re stuck! Talk about no future. Perhaps they can all get jobs in the Illinois Public Works Department. A fine janitor you've raised there Mr. Smith.

This is why government has to force you to take their goods and services. This is why competition must be legislated and taxed out of existence. This is why the propaganda machine has to tell you that this is a good thing.
But we know it’s a lie. THEY know it’s a lie but it’s for your own good if you know what's good for you. You just don’t know any better. That’s why government is here to help you with your choices. By limiting your choices, the government will help you make the right one.

If you think this isn’t right, think again.