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Monday, October 29, 2012

Vote For Obama And Stick It To Whitey

It seems the only people who are voting for Obama these days are white liberals and people of color. They all have many detailed and varied reasons to do this: Because he is black.
They don’t even know why they’re voting for the guy and they don’t care. He’s black and he’s sticking it to whitey. Rich, racist, whitey. That’s all they care to know. Even the white liberals want to stick it to whitey.

There is so much we don’t know about Mr. Obama. We can’t see what he’s written in college and we don’t even know if his birth certificate is real. You think the nurse runs into the office and types a certificate as soon as a kid is born? Nope, the doctor first writes the parent’s names and birth information by hand. Where is THAT document? I have mine.
But that doesn't matter. We do know he’s black and that’s good enough for his major voting group: black and hispanic people. Ignorance is bliss.

We have a funny idea of what compassion really is in this country over the last several decades. Is compassion handing out Section 8 rent vouchers, EBT cards and free health care? Or is compassion about having the opportunity to do things on your own? Should government be in the business of carrying liabilities at other’s expense or should they be in the business of diminishing liabilities by providing a level field of play for all to excel and to contribute to a healthy society and a fulfilling life?
It’s clear that Romney has a better grasp of the state of the economy than president Obama. This is because he knows where money actually comes from. Love him or hate him, Mitt Romney is a “money guy”.

All Obama has to fall back on, since he’s made a bad situation so much worse by spending up the deficit, is racial division.
There are still many black people who think that Obama’s failure as a president is because of Whitey. There are black folks who think white people have it in for them to the point of extermination. They hold an innate animosity and distrust towards all white people regardless of ancestry. This is not only unfair, but profoundly racist. This is a racism that many black people are born into. They get if from their folks and the people they grow up with. It is environmental. Now where have I heard that before?

I have a friend who happens to be black. He was being held back in his job and was unable to advance. He felt it was because they were white and he was not. They may have even have made a racial comment but it seems to be a vague reference. He quit and went elsewhere and he’s happier and doing better.
I related a similar experience where I worked. I was also being held back and passed over even for a job I was holding at the time while a candidate for the permanent position. I didn’t get it. There were comments and none too vague. The only thing I couldn’t pin it on was because I was black since I’m not.

I have been told that since I’m not black, I couldn’t possibly understand what it’s like to be put in such a position and my answer was: “Shove it up your ass!” I got jobbed, you got jobbed. WE got jobbed.
The difference is that I can recognize it for what is. One of us is in denial.

I was born in the Boston projects. We got out. I was told that it was because we had the privilege of being white. But other white people did not get out. How’d that privilege work for them? And there were black families that got out too. How does that work? I thought they weren’t privileged? Blow it out your ass!
I’ve just spent the past week in Nashville, TN near the grounds of Vanderbilt University. I saw many young professionals there like doctors and businessmen and they are black. Was whitey holding them back? Oh, I see, whitey WOULD have held them back if they had the chance.

Whitey can’t win this argument. 
Barak Obama has become the most divisive president since Woodrow Wilson. He needs this racial division, he needs the La Razas of this country to rise up and vote for him because he’s black. He needs voter fraud and underhanded election skulldugery because his ideas aren't supported by the majority of Americans still working in this country. Obama needs the liberal media sheep on his side bleeting the party line because he's made so many errors in judgement it's hard to imagine he's still taken seriously.

But most of all Obama needs racial hatred. That will get out the vote for him. He will motivate the growing hispanic masses and established liberal haters to go to the polls for fear of a Great White Satan who will try to unite the country and give it back to their repressive European masters for only Obama knows them like whitey will never know them.
But they’ll be cutting their own throats. There can be no redistribution if there is no wealth. You can’t hand out what you don’t have coming in and the leftist, wealth destroying policies that Obama champions will eventually cause all these giveaways to dry up.

When that happens you won’t be able to blame Congress, the Republicans or Whitey.  

After this, there'll be no one left to blame but themselves.


  1. Robme was your do nothing governor. He was 47th in "job creation". His "business" is destroying companies and laying the debt on others while shipping the profits to the Caymans. You believe he is fit to run this country like that??

  2. i know this is old, and your photo essays on boston rock clubs is AWESOME and well done to boot, but a quick comment on this: blacks didn't vote for obama in any higher numbers than they did for gore or clinton or dukakis. it's just that conservative white democrats--especially southern whites--finished their process of leaving the party. in mississippi, where i live (i was a child of the south shore in the '80s) white democrats are rarer than black republicans. by a long shot, percentage-wise.