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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Trump is the Target

Don’t let anybody kid you. It’s not Donald Trump who is “targeting” people like Fox News’s establishment talking head Megyn Kelly or Univision’s Latino Apparatchik Jorge Ramos, it’s quite the opposite really, THOSE networks are targeting HIM.

The new spin is that Donald Trump is too VOLATILE. He’s TARGETING people. He has a PERSONAL VENDETTA for these people. He's a BULLY, ganging up on people who dare to ask him a question. Therefore he’s not fit to lead, right? I mean, president Obama's administration hasn't demonstrated any personal vendettas against anybody, hmmm? Try getting a tax exemption for your conservative non-profit group sometime. 

So Jorge Ramos just stands up at the Trump presser and just starts firing questions off when he wasn’t called upon and like he was the only “journalist” in the room.  He wasn’t even waiting for answers because he just kept shouting questions. That's because he wasn't there for answers to his questions. He was only there to cause a scene. That was his job. That was what he was told to do by “his people”. And now he is the target because Trump called him on it and fired back?

Jorge Ramos is a Leftist’s Leftist. He’s not a journalist, he’s an activist and as objective as a cop at a drug bust. This man earns his bones by advocating for the legitimizing of millions of people who have entered this country illegally and who are drawing resources paid for and meant for American Citizens. If he were alive today, Che Guevara would probably think Jorge Ramos a bit extreme. 

When asked point blank by Ann Coulter about how many Mexicans in this country would be enough, Mr. Ramos couldn’t answer the question, he refused. It is apparent that Jorge Ramos and his bosses at Univision want an open border with Mexico. He wants unfettered access to the American Welfare Support System for all South Americans, nothing less.

AND Mr. Ramos has pledged that he can remain objective as a professional even though his daughter works for Hillary Clinton’s election campaign. Does anybody actually believe this bullshit?

We already know that Megyn Kelly was positioned to derail Donald Trump in the first debate. Yet it is Donald Trump who is singling out these people?

It makes no sense.

It is they that fired the first shot and now they’re upset that it didn’t work the way the schemed it up in the morning meetings. Well, Shee-it!

So it’s back to the drawing board for the establishment party and speaking of which, Jeb Bush, the establishment candidate, has surprisingly come down on the side of Jorge Ramos. Well, who knew?!

Mr. Bush said that these “journalists” should be “treated with a little more respect”. Of course Jeb (is it disrespectful to call him “Jeb”?) has also praised Megyn Kelly as the most professional journalist on cable news. Not a real deep pool to be fishing in there. 

And while I’m at it, who names their kid “Megyn” with a "y"? It’s “Meghan” for Christ’s sake. It looks so dumb when you read it.

People who are tired of establishment candidates will pull the lever for Donald Trump. The more they target him, the more obvious it is to the general public that they are targeting him. The more they try to discredit the people who believe in him or the more they try to discredit him, the more it works in his favor. People are tired of being played for suckers by establishment politicians.

Politicians have joined forces to continuously lie to the American people and making promises they have never intended to keep. All they are interested in is their own joy. They love the Gravy Train and never want to get off and certainly don’t want anybody else to board their one party grift mill.

But the train has gone off the rails and a professional politician haven't proven to be able to solve the problems other professional politicians have caused. I’m always astounded at people who want to turn to the very same government to fix something that they had botched in the first place. These people who complained that the government has “fucked things up”  and then having elected a new candidate that did nothing to change things, then want to return to yet another professional politician in the hopes that THIS one will finally do the people's bidding and fix the problem.


This is what happens when you think you need government to do something you could better do for yourself. 

We don’t need another establishment pol and the citizenry has lost all trust in the ability of the current incumbency. 

So when The Government sics their media lapdogs on a candidate that shows promise, it’s plain to everyone and it’s plain now that this is what is happening right now.  Megyn Kelly and Jorge Ramos are  cut from the same cloth and they serve the same master.

But the spinmeisters are at it 24/7 right now trying to cook up another angle to discredit Donald Trump. They are puzzling and puzzling until their puzzlers are soar. But there is plenty of time.

This sort of thing always reminds me of that movie from 1993 with Michael Douglas “Falling Down”. Douglas plays this middle-aged guy, he’s on his way to work one morning and he just gets fed up with the traffic and walks away from his car. He sees hypocrisy in the highway department paving the same road over and over and he is set upon by gang members but turns the tables on them. He is tired of items being misrepresented to him, of the open corruption of the system and reacts the way many people would have wanted to react to the same situation. You start to root for this character, Foster, and you find yourself identifying with him as he lashes out against circumstances needlessly thrown in his way by the accepted established norms. By the time the movie is almost over, you are thinking that Foster is your hero. People in the theater even cheered. 

But wait…it’s all a sham. Foster, we are told at the end, is a laid off defense worker who is in the middle of a divorce and has “Lost it”. He’s gone crazy, see? And Foster ends up getting killed trying to see his daughter that he is deemed too crazy to be allowed to see even though he was rational enough to the casual movie goer for 99% of the movie.

And the lesson of this giant downer Cop Out of an ending is: If you don’t like what’s going on, and you want to do something about it, you must be NUTS! You obviously aren’t right in the head if you actually think you want to do something about the way things are in this country since it should be obvious to you that you can't. If you think this way you should be SHUNNED. So shut up and sit down!

Worst movie ever.  

Monday, August 17, 2015

Donald Trump Deporting Illegals: Si Se Puede!

I am already tired of all the bullshit “He can’t win” baloney.  My favorite is the statisticians that have “mathematically” eliminated Donald Trump’s candidacy because he’s winning so early in the process. They may never have heard of the term “leading wire to wire” before.

Immigration is the battle for the remainder of the North American Republic.  Yes, that’s us.

It is a situation that even if you are here illegally, you want to put an end to. Imagine, what good is sneaking into a country and then have it go to shit? You want that? Then you have to find another one and the other one’s are going to know you’re coming and you will REALLY get a cold reception there since they know you’re hordes of uneducated, unprincipled Visigoths have already laid waste to one country. Someone is bound to start really shooting. Then you have a real boarder war. They won't be shooting over your heads at the Canadian border at that point.

My second favorite bit of bullshit comes from the likes of PBS, the National Public Broadcasting System that is funded largely by taxpayer money and contributions from people to whom I refer to as GRPs or Guilty Rich People. You see, GRPs actually think they are helping people by lobbying the government to spend Other People’s Money (OPMs) on things like “Safety Net” programs and National Health Care so that the working society will take care of these poor downtrodden folks who's only crime is that they are in the country illegally. Wait, that IS a crime!

Little do they know that by doing so, these poor downtrodden folks are incentivized to stay poor and down trodden and useful slaves to the system. In other words, a life of servitude. And the big companies that employ these Great Unwashed get to skate on the benefits that companies are normally required to give their employees. That's a big savings advantage for a business. They would obviously prefer that the general public cover the costs of policing, educating and housing these people who need everything and have brought nothing. After all, Tyson Foods and other big processing plants needs fodder for the mills and they don’t want to pay too much for it either. This is why the taxpayer must pay.

But at any rate, PBS and the Leftist Media tells us that deporting illegals is “Impossible” and “Unworkable” there are just too many people here illegally and since we “Can’t Deport Them All” we must find a way to help them stay. Also it would be DEVASTATING to the American Economy to not have these SERFS in the workforce any longer. Who will fill their shoddy shoes? 

But we MOST CERTAINLY can deport 30 million illegal aliens, that is, if you WANT to deport 30 million illegal aliens.

The FIRST THING you do is make it illegal to EMPLOY illegal aliens. Hefty fines, immigration raids (remember when we used to do THOSE?) and plant shutdowns will convince even the hardiest of illegal alien employers to find a more fertile field in which to find workers. They may even look for them in the U.S.

The SECOND THING you do is end America’s version of The Dole by cutting unemployment benefits and the massive Food Stamp program that is so awash in taxpayer cash that they run advertisements on television and radio to keep people coming in the doors. This is something that should not be paying tax money to advertise. Once the people can’t get the free money, they will have to get money the old fashioned way, they’ll have to EARN IT like the rest of us wage slaves. Also by cutting "benefits" like Unemployment Insurance, which is now up to 30 weeks, that money can stay with the employers who are required to pay it so they can use it to hire workers instead of paying people who are not working. How cruel!

By cutting off the job supply for illegals and incentivizing work for the rest of the citizenry, the artificial market for masses of illegals will shrink rapidly and many will self-deport, meaning they’ll have to return to wherever it is they came from. This will also keep others from bothering to come and perhaps they'll stay where they are and work to change the system in their own country. How backward!

So YES WE CAN get rid of this massive influx of illegals.

Donald Trump’s idea of finally going after the 14th Amendment is the BEST THING we can do to save this nation. Any Constitutionalist who isn’t tragically bent to the Left will tell you that the 14th Amendment wasn’t enacted to keep illegals in this country and give them defacto citizenship. It was to give citizenship to freed slaves brought from overseas before and up to 1868 since the defeat of the Southern States in the War of Succession brought about the end of legal slavery in the nation and so gave them the rights all citizens up to that time enjoyed. NOBODY except Jeb Bush believes the 14th Amendment was meant to secure citizenship for people illegally invading our country. The import of slaves was a legal trade back in the day so subsequently, Africans and other slaves were brought here legally. The 14th Amendment gave them legitimacy under the law. Many had fought for the North in the Army and the Navy. 

Now this misapplied judgement must be definitively declared null and void. Nowhere else in the First World can you drop a kid and have is instantly be declared a citizen. The 14th Amendment does not say this and neither should We the People. Try that in Germany, Spain, Canada, Australia, hell, try it in Mexico!

So yeah, I’d pull the lever for Donald Trump for his stance on Illegal Immigration ALONE and if I was a Legal Immigrant from ANYWHERE and was able to vote, I’d do it too.

At least you’d be voting to have a country to live in, for yourself and your heirs. 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

My Return to Using Cash

Want to make a difference in this world and give yourself more freedom? Tired of your bank nickel and diming you? Concerned about identity theft?

Then stop using your debit card for everything.

The retailer pays 2% of the cost of the purchase as a fee for a credit card purchase. That money goes to the bank that issued the card. A purchase with a debit card will be less, often just a flat fee of 10 cents per transaction. This also goes to the bank that issued the card.

That can add up to a lot of money.

Do you find yourself using your card for the most mundane of purchases these days?  You buy coffee with the card? How about beer? I remember when it was a sign of shame when one "charged" booze of any sort. Those days are gone. It’s now second nature to whip out the debit card for most anything; a $6.00 fast food purchase, a soda at the quick mart, a pack of gum at the Rite Aid. I routinely see people use their card at my local laundromat.

But YOU don’t pay the transaction fees, the merchant does, right?

Well, to the merchant, that fee is the price of doing business and therefore gets passed to the consumer through the cost of the products they sell. So you do actually pay.

But it’s not so much about who is paying in contrast to where the money is going. We rail against big banks but then have no issues using our Bank of America or Chase Bank issued debit card to buy a $2.00 notebook.

I bumped into a representative for VISA through a local business gathering a year or so ago and someone in our group asked him what company VISA viewed as their biggest competitor.  The guy didn’t even blink. He said that there was no company, their chief competitor was CASH. And so, like any big company, their efforts are spent eliminating the competition.

Think about it, if there is no cash, then every transaction a warrants a fee. Every purchase would yield a payoff FOR THEM! You’re paying extra because the merchant has to cover the fee he pays out so every time you swipe your card, you are costing yourself money too. How convenient.

Recently I started keeping 20 to 30 bucks in my pocket and I’ve been buying my coffee, my groceries and the substantial quantities of beer that I drink with the cash I’ve been walking around with in my pocket. Once you get over the initial weirdness, it is actually cool to think you are doing something fewer and fewer people are doing these days. Sorta like listening to a record on a turntable if anyone knows what that is.

As far as your personal security is concerned, when was the last time you were in a restaurant you were in for the first time and handed over your card and the waiter or waitress walked off with it and brought it back to you to sign?  You don’t know anything about the place.

Using one of those mini ATMs at a stop along the highway is a sketchy proposition also. You don’t know anything about the network that machine is on, who owns it or who is running the operation.

Then there is the tracking portion of your transaction. Every time you use your card, you leave a trail. It’s not like your committing crimes and that you have anything to hide but you leave a record everywhere you go and use your card. At the very least your card transaction ends up, along with the item you purchased, in the store database for future marketing purposes. Information, btw, the store has a right to use and sell. It's nobodies business where you are, where you shop or what you are buying. Make yourself mysterious.  

My favorites are the people who over draw their checking account and get whacked with a $30.00 overdraft fee because they swiped their card for a latte at the local coffee franchise. Now that’s an expensive cup of coffee! Had they just had the cash in their pocket in the first place, they wouldn’t have had to guess how much they had in their account. Having cash is a good guarantee of funds.

Of course using cash for everything isn't always possible. You'll want to use your credit card for large purchases and online purchases since it is secure and has built in protections for the card holder but for the piddling things we buy here and there throughout the day, cash is still the quickest IF you put some in your pocket. 

It would be great to see what happens if somehow everybody could do this but Libertarians are not ones to go leading a consumer charge or attempt to get people to join together, sign a petition or start a boycott. That's a waste of time and effort. Libertarians take ownership of themselves and their own individual actions. The rest will fall into place. 

Try using cash more if you want to and see if you see a benefit for the effort expended. If it doesn't make you feel any better, forget it. But think about what you can do if you feel the need to complain about bank fees and the rising cost of goods. The consumer is not powerless. There are steps you can take and using cash is only one of them. 

YOU are not a pushover and YOU don't have to just lump it if you don't like what's going on. Do a search for my "Don't Buy New" entry for other ideas. It's in here somewhere. 

Transitioning back to cash is a slow and interesting process for me since it used to be something most of us did all the time but I’m starting to get used to it again. The final hurdle will be walking into my local gas station and putting down 12 big ones for gas and going back outside to put it in the tank instead of paying at the pump, which is where I do 95% of my debit card transactions in the first place.

Then I’ll know I’ve arrived. 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Hating Donald Trump

There is a new sweeps stakes that has overtaken the United States. There is now no shortage of groups that are offended at what Donald Trump has said about just about anything. Just this morning Mr. Trump was coming down for breakfast when he said to an attendant “Good Morning” at which the attendant immediately contacted The Huffington Post and complained that Trump had belittled him.

The disdain and fear is palpable in regards to Donald Trump’s candidacy for the presidency of the country.  Not by regular people, oh no, regular people find that Trump is saying what they are thinking. It’s the National Media that has taken up the mantle of protecting the prevailing status quo from a man most threatening as Trump.

Stupid Questions

Why, with the nation over a full year of domestic production in DEBT, Visigoths overrunning our borders and killing American citizens, unfathomable foreign policy stupidity and deceit at every step and markets falling all around us, would we care to know a candidates position on same sex marriage? Or a quote from a television show?  It’s all a diversion, all a stall and mostly just a chance to draw out the debate, give us nothing to hang a real opinion on, sell advertising and to play up the role and stature of the moderators asking the questions. It’s really all about THEM don’t you know.

Fox Media Exposed

Not only has Donald Trump exposed the One Party ruling class that has run the United States for far too long, his popularity has also brought Fox News and their undercover government lackeys into sharp focus by the American People. I never bought what they were selling since they would always have Al Sharpton on and call him "Reverend" and ask him questions like he was a legitimate leader of the black community and not the snake oil salesman that he is and has always been. Ditto for that philandering embezzler Jesse Jackson. I never cared to know about what he thought of a race situation. All I wanted to know was how much money did he funnel out of the Rainbow Coalition to put up his baby mama while he was still married to his wife. Now THAT'S a story! FOX never asked him THOSE questions.

Then there are the inflated egos of these phoney-balonies, especially those of Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and the "Holier than Thou" Bret Baier whom I can't stand not only to listen to but just to gaze upon his righteous face and that JFK Jr haircut makes me want to kick in my fabulously expensive flat screen. "Anything Lord, I will do anything just to wipe that smirk off his face! Just give me a sign and I will make it so!"

Hence, I have long stopped watching television "news" since there is so little truth or substance to it these days and that "fair and balanced" tagline is just that, a misrepresenting Moniker for Morons. FOX has stepped into the light and the American People see them for what they are; just another group of pompous and paid-for Tools! And now you know.

There was a good reason that a record 24 million people tuned into the GOP debate this past week. It is because THEY want a candidate with principle and not another water boy for the aging and antiquated GOP Republocratic ticket. The last thing the American public wants to see is the Dynastic and Entitled Jeb Bush get the Republican nomination and if the viewing public was anything like myself, they tuned in to see him FAIL and Mr. Trump PREVAIL over a stacked deck.

And for the most part, he did prevail although there were others who showed they have what it takes to lead. Rand Paul taking that Buffoon Chris Christie to task for his lack of a Constitutional belief system was a standout moment. But it is Mr.Trump who is the lighting rod of the avarice of the government media and how he takes it and fires back will be the tail of Election 2016

The American people see what is going on and we shall see how they react to the skewed treatment of one candidate in comparison to the whole. Of course, the media hates, with a few exceptions, ALL the Republican candidates but they must shoot down Trump first.

No News From Google

Pull up right now and you know what you will see? Articles from the Usual Suspects of skewed reporting at the top of the page. It will be something like The Huffington Post, Reuters, the LA Times, New York Times or CNN now outraged about “whatever”.  It’s all the same stuff I wouldn’t read anyway and all it takes is a quick glance at the headlines and it’s off to,, the NY Post or the SavageNation.  There is nothing of substance to be had on Google News. 

The Future

Better hope Donald Trump stays in the race. If the government run media succeeds in knocking him out of the race, they can knock ANYBODY out of ANY race and all that will be left to most Americans is to buy a gun and start keeping it close by. The only thing we can do should Trump get pushed out of the race or excluded from future debates is to go on strike. Stop participating and start preparing for the worst because the worst is going to happen since our system of government has been destroyed and Trump’s exit will be our proof. It was reported that at least 3 million registered Republican voters stayed home during the last presidential election which put the incumbent, Barack Obama, back into the White House. If Trump is forced out of the race and the people get, say, Jeb Bush, that number would probably be quadrupled. 

Under the next president, if the American Public does not get a viable choice in who that person is, and perhaps even if we do since things have gone quite far out of hand, could very well be the one to oversee the domino effect of State and Municipal Bankruptcies, crumbling markets, stratifying States and a national decline in growth and civility. Now who would you want that person to be? Jeb Bush? Hillary Clinton? Hahaha! We're DOOMED!

We see States crumbling around us and it’s a bit of a delusion to think it’s not going to happen here at home given the financial predicament we have been put in by an all-grasping government. It will turn the term "Prepper" from being an example of paranoia to a smart way of thinking. 

Won’t be pretty. 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Obama Government Endorses Human Fetus Harvesting

A Federal Judge has blocked the release of any more video by the undercover group "Center for Medical Progress", that put out the damning video exposing the State Sponsored Abortionists and what remorseless, cold-hearted greed heads they are.  I’ll bet that living in their protected and secretive world as they do, they never suspected anyone would ever find out that people like them even existed never mind living comfortable lives on the public dime.

The judge issued a temporary restraining order on the grounds that Planned Parenthood employees would be in danger of harassment and violence as a result of more incriminating video that shows them as what they truly are: GHOULS! Ghouls that pray on humans for their sustenance

Planned Parenthood would have nothing to worry about if they didn’t kill “viable tissue masses” that would have survived as living children had they not been literally CRUSHED in the womb and then SALVAGED for export. Why, what would make anyone think what they did was WRONG? Why would anybody be upset? After all, they work for the government, right? 

Oh, they know it was wrong now.

But worst of all is the Government Sponsorship. The Obama administration’s denial of the evidence and its refusal to acknowledge that there is something wrong with this picture. They condemn the video as a fraud and refusing to even look into it as a public matter. This tactic however, will not work.

The argument in regards to abortion for the last 40 yeas hasn't been about it's availability in the United States but rather about who is paying for it. Many taxpayers take exception to the fact that the government makes abortion free at taxpayers expense regardless of how they view abortion. A great many of the American people believe it to be murder but that holds no sway with a government hell bent on sponsoring the practice whether the public believes in it or not. Shut up and sit down!

The comeback propagated by the Political Left to the public at large's protestations goes like this: “So, you want to return to the Back Alley abortions of the past!”. So State sponsored abortion on demand under any circumstances and at any time during the pregnancy is the answer to this apparently. 

The Libertarian take would be "If you want one, just pay for it yourself and leave us out of it.” Although I do have a problem with the third trimester abortion since so many premature births from the final trimester go on to become productive adults. To think that this can be taken away in such a gruesome fashion keeps me awake at night searching for a true Solomon solution to this scenario but so far none has come to mind. It is a complicated and emotional issue but what I do know is that the American public shouldn't be footing the bill. 

The disturbing result of this horrific revelation of what our government has been doing is this:

The United States has finally and unequivocally lost its moral high ground. We can never again point to anything anybody else in the world is doing or even has done to declare them "evil" or "monstrous" or even "inhuman". What can we tell the African nations that are suffering under a President for Life? What can you tell China about Human Rights? Or how about railing to the nation that Black Lives Matter? Especially when 42.4% the babies aborted in New York 2012 (31,328 out of a total of 73,815) were black? How can you even say LIFE matters these days when over a million "children" are aborted every year in this country. Talk about a declining workforce.

So what can you say to anybody when you discover that the U.S. government is funding, with taxpayer dollars, the harvesting of fetuses for research and sale? And We the People are responsible because we let it happen 

What level of evil does this put the United States?

And has anyone heard from the Pope on this one yet? I must have missed the press release. I guess Pope Francis is too busy chastising Climate Change deniers. That’s important.

Our government has spawned a class of murderous FREAKS People who will discuss over a lunch of lobster tails and champagne the crushing of a child in the womb like it was no big deal. And of course it really is no big deal. 

It's only a life and life is cheap in America these days.