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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Obama Government Endorses Human Fetus Harvesting

A Federal Judge has blocked the release of any more video by the undercover group "Center for Medical Progress", that put out the damning video exposing the State Sponsored Abortionists and what remorseless, cold-hearted greed heads they are.  I’ll bet that living in their protected and secretive world as they do, they never suspected anyone would ever find out that people like them even existed never mind living comfortable lives on the public dime.

The judge issued a temporary restraining order on the grounds that Planned Parenthood employees would be in danger of harassment and violence as a result of more incriminating video that shows them as what they truly are: GHOULS! Ghouls that pray on humans for their sustenance

Planned Parenthood would have nothing to worry about if they didn’t kill “viable tissue masses” that would have survived as living children had they not been literally CRUSHED in the womb and then SALVAGED for export. Why, what would make anyone think what they did was WRONG? Why would anybody be upset? After all, they work for the government, right? 

Oh, they know it was wrong now.

But worst of all is the Government Sponsorship. The Obama administration’s denial of the evidence and its refusal to acknowledge that there is something wrong with this picture. They condemn the video as a fraud and refusing to even look into it as a public matter. This tactic however, will not work.

The argument in regards to abortion for the last 40 yeas hasn't been about it's availability in the United States but rather about who is paying for it. Many taxpayers take exception to the fact that the government makes abortion free at taxpayers expense regardless of how they view abortion. A great many of the American people believe it to be murder but that holds no sway with a government hell bent on sponsoring the practice whether the public believes in it or not. Shut up and sit down!

The comeback propagated by the Political Left to the public at large's protestations goes like this: “So, you want to return to the Back Alley abortions of the past!”. So State sponsored abortion on demand under any circumstances and at any time during the pregnancy is the answer to this apparently. 

The Libertarian take would be "If you want one, just pay for it yourself and leave us out of it.” Although I do have a problem with the third trimester abortion since so many premature births from the final trimester go on to become productive adults. To think that this can be taken away in such a gruesome fashion keeps me awake at night searching for a true Solomon solution to this scenario but so far none has come to mind. It is a complicated and emotional issue but what I do know is that the American public shouldn't be footing the bill. 

The disturbing result of this horrific revelation of what our government has been doing is this:

The United States has finally and unequivocally lost its moral high ground. We can never again point to anything anybody else in the world is doing or even has done to declare them "evil" or "monstrous" or even "inhuman". What can we tell the African nations that are suffering under a President for Life? What can you tell China about Human Rights? Or how about railing to the nation that Black Lives Matter? Especially when 42.4% the babies aborted in New York 2012 (31,328 out of a total of 73,815) were black? How can you even say LIFE matters these days when over a million "children" are aborted every year in this country. Talk about a declining workforce.

So what can you say to anybody when you discover that the U.S. government is funding, with taxpayer dollars, the harvesting of fetuses for research and sale? And We the People are responsible because we let it happen 

What level of evil does this put the United States?

And has anyone heard from the Pope on this one yet? I must have missed the press release. I guess Pope Francis is too busy chastising Climate Change deniers. That’s important.

Our government has spawned a class of murderous FREAKS People who will discuss over a lunch of lobster tails and champagne the crushing of a child in the womb like it was no big deal. And of course it really is no big deal. 

It's only a life and life is cheap in America these days. 

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