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Monday, August 17, 2015

Donald Trump Deporting Illegals: Si Se Puede!

I am already tired of all the bullshit “He can’t win” baloney.  My favorite is the statisticians that have “mathematically” eliminated Donald Trump’s candidacy because he’s winning so early in the process. They may never have heard of the term “leading wire to wire” before.

Immigration is the battle for the remainder of the North American Republic.  Yes, that’s us.

It is a situation that even if you are here illegally, you want to put an end to. Imagine, what good is sneaking into a country and then have it go to shit? You want that? Then you have to find another one and the other one’s are going to know you’re coming and you will REALLY get a cold reception there since they know you’re hordes of uneducated, unprincipled Visigoths have already laid waste to one country. Someone is bound to start really shooting. Then you have a real boarder war. They won't be shooting over your heads at the Canadian border at that point.

My second favorite bit of bullshit comes from the likes of PBS, the National Public Broadcasting System that is funded largely by taxpayer money and contributions from people to whom I refer to as GRPs or Guilty Rich People. You see, GRPs actually think they are helping people by lobbying the government to spend Other People’s Money (OPMs) on things like “Safety Net” programs and National Health Care so that the working society will take care of these poor downtrodden folks who's only crime is that they are in the country illegally. Wait, that IS a crime!

Little do they know that by doing so, these poor downtrodden folks are incentivized to stay poor and down trodden and useful slaves to the system. In other words, a life of servitude. And the big companies that employ these Great Unwashed get to skate on the benefits that companies are normally required to give their employees. That's a big savings advantage for a business. They would obviously prefer that the general public cover the costs of policing, educating and housing these people who need everything and have brought nothing. After all, Tyson Foods and other big processing plants needs fodder for the mills and they don’t want to pay too much for it either. This is why the taxpayer must pay.

But at any rate, PBS and the Leftist Media tells us that deporting illegals is “Impossible” and “Unworkable” there are just too many people here illegally and since we “Can’t Deport Them All” we must find a way to help them stay. Also it would be DEVASTATING to the American Economy to not have these SERFS in the workforce any longer. Who will fill their shoddy shoes? 

But we MOST CERTAINLY can deport 30 million illegal aliens, that is, if you WANT to deport 30 million illegal aliens.

The FIRST THING you do is make it illegal to EMPLOY illegal aliens. Hefty fines, immigration raids (remember when we used to do THOSE?) and plant shutdowns will convince even the hardiest of illegal alien employers to find a more fertile field in which to find workers. They may even look for them in the U.S.

The SECOND THING you do is end America’s version of The Dole by cutting unemployment benefits and the massive Food Stamp program that is so awash in taxpayer cash that they run advertisements on television and radio to keep people coming in the doors. This is something that should not be paying tax money to advertise. Once the people can’t get the free money, they will have to get money the old fashioned way, they’ll have to EARN IT like the rest of us wage slaves. Also by cutting "benefits" like Unemployment Insurance, which is now up to 30 weeks, that money can stay with the employers who are required to pay it so they can use it to hire workers instead of paying people who are not working. How cruel!

By cutting off the job supply for illegals and incentivizing work for the rest of the citizenry, the artificial market for masses of illegals will shrink rapidly and many will self-deport, meaning they’ll have to return to wherever it is they came from. This will also keep others from bothering to come and perhaps they'll stay where they are and work to change the system in their own country. How backward!

So YES WE CAN get rid of this massive influx of illegals.

Donald Trump’s idea of finally going after the 14th Amendment is the BEST THING we can do to save this nation. Any Constitutionalist who isn’t tragically bent to the Left will tell you that the 14th Amendment wasn’t enacted to keep illegals in this country and give them defacto citizenship. It was to give citizenship to freed slaves brought from overseas before and up to 1868 since the defeat of the Southern States in the War of Succession brought about the end of legal slavery in the nation and so gave them the rights all citizens up to that time enjoyed. NOBODY except Jeb Bush believes the 14th Amendment was meant to secure citizenship for people illegally invading our country. The import of slaves was a legal trade back in the day so subsequently, Africans and other slaves were brought here legally. The 14th Amendment gave them legitimacy under the law. Many had fought for the North in the Army and the Navy. 

Now this misapplied judgement must be definitively declared null and void. Nowhere else in the First World can you drop a kid and have is instantly be declared a citizen. The 14th Amendment does not say this and neither should We the People. Try that in Germany, Spain, Canada, Australia, hell, try it in Mexico!

So yeah, I’d pull the lever for Donald Trump for his stance on Illegal Immigration ALONE and if I was a Legal Immigrant from ANYWHERE and was able to vote, I’d do it too.

At least you’d be voting to have a country to live in, for yourself and your heirs. 

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