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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The NSA: Keeping America Safe from Angela Merkel

We can all sleep more soundly in our beds with the knowledge that the multi-billion dollars spent on the National Security Agency is well worth it so that Angela Merkel won’t be sneaking into the country to carry out her nefarious evil deeds upon an unsuspecting American public.
Our government’s most prominent anti-terrorist organization has taken the necessary steps to insure that Ms. Merkel , along with a reported 35 other world leaders, will not pose a terrorist threat to the United States.
Does anyone actually believe that the NSA is not doing the same thing to the American people? If millions of phone conversations in France, Spain, Brazil and Germany are being monitored, how could the government not monitor communications in the U.S.?  They are supposed to have a warrent here and they're supposed to have probable cause but that means nothing any more. We're told that the White House just didn't know about it, that's all.
And who believes that tight-ass of a president didn’t know about it? The same person who couldn’t delegate the reading of an 1-800 number on TV for his cratering Affordable Care Act and who has the last word on pushing the button on one of our Drones to bring death from above to Middle Eastern terrorists and civilians alike isn’t going to know? Sure he knows.
And yet, according to the administration, they never saw Bengazi coming. Let’s ask Ambassador Stevens about how safe he feels with the NSA monitoring phones and computers. Wait, you can’t, HE’S DEAD!

Let's ask U.S. Boarder Patrol Agent Brian Terry how safe he feels that the U.S. Department of Justice is doing all they can to protect our agents on the U.S. boarder with Mexico. Oh snap! You can't 'cause HE'S DEAD TOO!

What else will Obama and "his people" claim they don't know about?
The NSA and its sister groups the CIA and the FBI are all in place to do one thing first and foremost and that is to keep the people who are currently in power, in power.  This is why they’d rather tap millions of devices in Spain, Germany, Brazil and Russia than find out where all those guns they let walk across the Mexican border went to and who was behind it. Those people are to be protected.
Is protecting the American public really the NSA's top priority?

Who will protect us from them?
Perhaps this is why, as more and more people are growing dissatisfied in this country about the way the present administration is treating private enterprise and squelching individual freedom, that the national policing agencies have become more aggressive towards the citizenry. One need only look at the “non-government shutdown” where the National Parks Service and other “cop” agencies just closed parks and the businesses on them for the sole purpose to inflict pain upon the American Taxpayer who wanted to frequent them. An especially smart thing to do given the current state of the economy. But it wasn't about being smaret, they just wanted you to know that it’s THEY that control access and you…do not. Ditto concerning your privacy.
But it looks like the cat is out of the bag about the United States ambitious attempt at becoming the worlds new evil empire despite an 11th hour charge by the National Media outlets that are printing accounts of how other countries are spying on us also. Too late.
So once again it's the United States that proves the biggest threat to the United States, the biggest casualty being our credibility. How does it look now when we condemn hackers from around the world and it turns out we’re hacking almost every device on the plant, certainly every wireless device.
Thanks to Edward Snowden, everybody knows. The problem now is what are we going to do about it?

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Karma Bites Big Government Healthcare in the Ass

A funny thing happened on the way to the takeover of the American Economy...The Totalitarians forgot that they don’t know how to do it.
Just like when would-be Captain Hillary tried to take over back in 1993 and then realized she couldn’t actually fly the USS Enterprise, the Imperial President has been shown what happens when ideology slams into that hard stone and unforgiving surface called: Reality.

They say Karma never loses an address and right now it’s hitting 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500 pretty hard.
And why not since what the Obama Regime and their cadre of Communist traitors to the American Way deserve everything the thinking American is currently powerless to give them: Some Comeuppance.

But it’s not like anyone will actually lose their job over it or that anything will change in the short run. In the Obama government there is no accountability, only excuses.
We all know that this government’s idea of success is not in the execution of any of their counter-intuitive Communist programs; it is only that they come into existence and in this case that driving the best healthcare system the world has yet to witness into the ground is not the point.
The point is that they were able to force you into it like it or not.
That National Healthcare doesn’t work and will never work is no longer the government’s problem. The law as passed does not apply to them or their Bolshevik brethren so it’s now OUR problem.

But the longer this goes on the more will be affected just the same. As hospitalization becomes more and more dangerous, people will stay away. As hospitalization becomes more and more expensive, the people who still have to pay will stay away. As more and more doctors come from Third World hell holes, EVERYONE will stay away unless they’re so sick they figure a 50/50 chance at survival is now good odds.  Just think about all the good those Cuban doctors did for Hugo Chavez.
National Health Care will ensure that there will be a two tiered healthcare system just like the one England has: Those that have money pay for good care. Those that don’t take their chances in the standard sub-standard Death Spiral known as the National Health System. Good doctors will become very hard to find and will be able to name their price outside the system. 

Only people like millionaire Canadian Premier Danny Williams, who headed south for his heart surgury rather than have the procedure done in a Canadian facility, will be able to afford to go to a good U.S. hospital. The rest of us will have...less.

Technological advances will be sacrificed to the bottom line since the system will quickly become cash poor. The Massachusetts model and the reason Mitt Romney lost the last presidental election, has never been in the Black. The only reason it's still running is because Governor Deval Patrick, a close personal friend of Mr. Obama, has thrown ever increasing resources at it on one end while trying to keep spending down on the other. It isn't working since the Massachusetts tax rate keeps increasing to keep up with MassHealth's expenditures. Co-pays and Deductibles for the people paying into health insurance plans continue to climb and have doubled in as little as four years. RomneyCare has made Massachusetts the most expensive state in the union for healthcare while emergency room visits and wait-times for doctor visits have increased. No, there is no cure in RomneyCare.  

There is no free lunch and you can’t give anything away for free for long. To defy this most basic economic rule is like attempting to defy gravity. You will ALWAYS fall back to Earth.  
The Obama government is trying to keep secret the numbers and the money it’s giving away for the Food Stamp program, the Welfare Program, the School Lunch Program and all the subsidies it’s issuing to who knows where and for how long. When this all sees the light of day, it will be astounding. Then we’ll have to put up with the same crap that we heard during the 2007 collapse: How could this happen?

Pul-eeze! It hasn’t happened yet and I’m already tired of it.
So now the latest pie-in-the-sky plan that never was intended to actually help anybody but the government cronies and their big business providers has come to fruition. Well, sort of.

The plan everybody knew would crash and burn is crashing and burning. But there is no pleasure to take from this since it’s not going to go away any time soon unless businesses and people openly defy this law. They should defy this law but will they have the balls to risk being shut down?
It will take companies: insurance companies, healthcare providers, large businesses and small to just decide to not comply.

Everyone affected will either need to raise a stink or just walk away so that the NEXT President of the United States will actually have to do something about it since Lord knows the Obama will do nothing while people live in fear of having no healthcare and of having that All-American terror group, the IRS, come for what they have left after what they've already taken for taxes.
President Obama, who has never eve run a hot dog stand yet has managed to become president will continue to spend money the nation has not made for the next two plus years and then pass the whole mess he’s made along to someone else and go down in history as the only president to never submit a budget for the nation despite there being a law that says he is supposed to.

Though we didn’t need any more evidence, the latest avoidable turmoil thrust upon this nation at the hands of the president only underscores that he, Barak Obama, is a failure of epic proportions and history will eventually be allowed to reveal the real extent of it. He never had a plan because he never thought he’d actually get this far but here he is and we’re stuck with him for at least the next two years.
You never know, depending on how the 2014 elections go in the House of Representatives, we could see Obama declare he’ll run for a third term. If the Political Left manages to gain a majority in the House I can see him declare that “There’s more to be done, I’m not finished yet!”

I wouldn’t put it past him.  

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Republic’s Last Stand

The holdout Tea Party Republicans are staging a stand for the Republic of the United States. They lose here and there’s no reason to believe they will ever get another chance.
With the government subsidizing minority populations, non-working populations and illegal immigration which as Ronald Reagan so popularly said: “Whatever the government subsidizes, we get more of”.

The biggest mistake of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign was when he said; “We’re going to put the country back to work!” And then they made the distressing discovery that there are a great many people living in the United States these days that don’t want to do just that. Why work when the difference between working and not working has become rather small. People are finding that if they make less, they will receive more from the government. That’s a hell of a voting block they’ve created.
The biggest threat to the individual freedoms of the American people right now is the over reach of the government, it's disregard of the U.S. Constition and it's flagship takeover program, The  oxymoronic Affordable Care Act and everybody who cares even a little bit knows it.

As we can see by the government’s reaction to the so called “Shutdown”, they have taken control of all the public lands and even though they were set aside for “future generations” and for the American people to enjoy, it doesn’t look like this confiscated land is going to be used by anybody but the U.S. government into perpetuity. The government has made no bones about it, these lands are THEIR lands and, surprise, you were never entitled to them and are now not even allowed to LOOK at them unless they say so, so SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN! Call in the guards!
These are the King’s Lands now and you have no right to them even though you PAID for them. This is where our government is today; right back to where we were with King George the 3rd and his haughty Parliament.
This also is just a dress rehearsal for when they can assert control over the public streets to the point where they can keep you confined to your state, your town and even your home. But this assumption is preposterous, surely that can't happen here, right?
So with this all in mind, the lone holdouts in the government right now are the Tea Party candidates trying to keep the rest of the GOP honest. There will not be another chance beyond the discord that will follow after the collapse of the economy and the government to follow. The only question now is when this will happen since the government can keep kicking bricks under the pyramid for maybe even another decade. But the house will fall.

And what kind of life can we expect to be living through the next decade?  Yes, better to fight now and risk the entire nation to collapse economically than to be nickel and dimed to death and drained of our individual resources slowly over the next ten years. The EU and other U.S. debt holders have already been calling for increased “revenue enhancement” in the face of the nation’s mounting debts. And where is THAT money going to come from? Why the U.S. taxpayer that’s who. Like the tax burden isn’t high enough already and with the price increases that nobody seems to be talking about, the situation is shaping up into a Death by a Thousand Cuts. The Middle Class, the people who work, are being drained of its resources and everybody in government has their hand in our pockets.  
But the kicker is they’re just strong arming us more and more. We are denied access to government and the lands they occupy and we don’t have the right to question it, we only have the right to PAY.

So let’s live and die on this new battlefield right now. In a purely figurative sense, it's better to die with our boots on rather than living on our knees because once we’re all flat broke, we won’t have a leg to stand on.
So go for broke boys since we're on our way there anyway.

Monday, October 7, 2013

China Gets Burned by Communist U.S. President

And they have nobody but themselves to blame.

The way I see it, if China didn’t buy all that debt, then Washington wouldn’t have been able to spend it. And if they didn’t sink all that dough into President Barak Obama’s election in 2008 and 2012 then we all wouldn’t be stuck with a guy who is only interested in forcing his Communist Ideology on the United States citizenry and champion the destruction of all that made this nation great. And yet the President has managed to have kept all the parts of the U.S. government machinations that people all over the world decidedly do not hold the U.S. in high esteem for, mainly: War Mongering, Spying, Economic Imperialism and screwing with the politics of foreign nations. Go figure.

So I won’t be crying any tears if and when the U.S. tanks and China is left holding $ 4 Trillion in promissory notes from the U.S. Treasury. That’s the way the cookie crumbles and that’s American Politics.  I just thought the Federal Reserve was just going to devalue the dollar to the point where paying the debt would be as simple as running the printing press but I guess China isn’t going to get even that.  
China's money men are now at risk of having an "accident" since they went all in on the U.S. debt. But countries can and do go out of business. Look at North Korea, they're out of business. The USSR had a big "Going Out of Business" sale sign on their wall in Berlin back in the 1990s so don't say it can't happen and after their debacle with Greece, I wouldn't suspect Germany to offer receivership any time soon. As a shady investment broker once confided to me: “Do you want to know how to make a small fortune in the Stock Market?  Start with a large fortune!” after which he proceeded to put my 401K rollover funds into a high Commission Yield Fund, for him! I learned a lot from that guy. And so will China.  

But seriously, a default is inevitable since the next 2 1/2 years is going to be like this. Just like everybody with a little common sense knew in 2004 that the housing market was going to tank well before it finally did in 2007 and nobody with the ablity to do anything about it did anything about it. So who expects something good to suddenly happen? The Pope maybe but nobody else. Rather we default now instead of defaulting 4 years from now when Hugo Chavez Obama completes his mission.
And the Chinese State should know better than anybody in the world today that Communism doesn’t pay the bills. That’s why they got out of the "Share the Wealth" business and changed over to a market economy some time ago now. It’s still an Imperial Totalitarian State but they’ve obviously got money to burn. And burn, I hope, it will.

It is my profound hope that Speaker Bohner holds the line with my fellow freedom loving Tea Party citizens of the United States House of Representatives and succeeds in defunding the disastrous and devious Nationalization of Healthcare and derails this anti-capitalist demagogue in the White House.

And if it crashes the economy and we default on the nation’s debts, it will be a small price to pay for freedom and the United States will be better off for it in the long run. And a default will be the only way to get the government to stop spending money the nation has yet to earn. China, although not alone in its complicity, has played a very big role in that spending spree.
If a default does come about then the Chinese will have plenty to think about while they’re kicking the Tibetans to death in the streets of their home town, forcing women to have abortions, breathing their fetid air and building their war machines to carry escalate their war-like stature and intimidate thei neighbors.

Good luck with that. We’re all going to need it.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Government Empire Strikes Back

With the government shutdown it has become clear just how dangerous and vindictive our government has become.
By shutting down enterprises even remotely linked to the government in violation of the law and their leases, the government of the United States has shown it is more willing to punish its citizens than to listen to or even help them. This is no longer the point of their existence.

Government autobots have been given their marching orders and have carried them out to the letter in order to give the government shutdown more of an impact than it would have otherwise. They are trying to justify their existance since we know well more than half of them are not necessary. But they are now carrying on an aggressive campaign against the people who have the nerve to go to work every goddamed day to pay the taxes to pay their salaries. These are the acts of the truely depraved and desparate.

Perhaps this is how terror networks start. The government minions can just come and throw up a sign in front of your business and declare it closed and what are you going to do about it? There is nothing, now, that you can do about it except risk arrest and prosecution for trespassing upon your own enterprise.
This underlines an issue that has been griped about for ages in this nation: That you don’t really get to own anything anymore. Even though the businesses that leased the land from the U.S. Government have a legally binding lease, they were still shut down because the “landlord” simply decides to do so. The government is in violation of the law and of the lease they signed but so what? You’re out because “We Say So!”

But it is all in keeping with the growing trend in the government and it takeover of private enterprise and it’s intrusion into the comings and goings of law-abiding American Citizens.

The government’s spying, paranoia and militarization of local police forces should not be tolerated. Its actions to restrict access to public works and lands THAT THE PEOPLE HAVE PAID for should not be entertained or explained away.
The government is coming after us, the taxpaying U.S. Citizen and the shutdown only underscores its intentions and abilities to shut people out of the political process and participatory recourse.  
But like every totalitarian regime, the most intense scrutiny and repression falls upon the free citizen and not the illegal, the immoral and the criminal. Police the good people and let the rest slide to impose terror and divisive anarchy upon the masses. This is the United States today.

But what can you, as a Citizen do?

If you aren’t willing or find it useless to join a Tea Party group you can still do other things to fight.
  • Don’t go back to government. Boycott it where ever you can and certainly stop giving them your time and your money. 
  •  Skip your hunting or fishing license this year.
  • Check your W-2 and declare 1 or 2 if you’ve declared zero. This puts more money in your pocket and not the governments. Don't use the IRS as a savings plan.
  • Make plans for a modest Christmas with less spending.  
  • Cross the border into a less taxed state for purchases.
  • Use Online Bill-Pay through your bank instead of using the U.S. Postal Service.
  • Avoid the Sales Tax whenever you can by using online secondary market tools like Craigslist.
Anything you knock off your spending also knocks off the tax that goes to the Town, State and Federal Government. It may be a little to you but it adds up. Reduce your "tax footprint". 

Check this: There is a $10.00 tax in the city of Boston per car rental transaction. There is also a parking surcharge of $2.00 per day. Meals taxes can be upwards of 7% of the cost of the meal in any town in Massachusetts. Think about that when you're on your morning coffee run. Think! Gas is taxed at $ .42 per gal ($ .18 to the Feds). Hotel/Motel rooms are taxed at 8.75% in Boston.  It’s a $ 25.00 flat fee in NYC per night. Look up the rates on your local Department of Revenue website and see what their take is on your money.
This doesn’t mean going without, it means being wiser with a buck. You’re going to need it anyway in the future.

Refuse to participate in government. Don't cooperate. Skip the census, jury duty and don’t answer demographic questions from government on forms. Refuse to shake a politician’s hand when campaigning. You aren’t free and he’s only campaigning to get on the government gravy train. Don’t back these guys just because they say they’re on your side, ignore them all because, lets face it, they're lying to your face.
Our parents and grandparents sacrificed through the first Great Depression and World War II. They withstood shortages, quotas, alternate day purchases, gas rationing and the lack of goods to help the war effort, for years!

We, on the other hand, have experienced NONE of this and what we consider suffering and sacrifice these days is not having a good connection on our iPad or the cable is on the blink and we can’t watch The Game.
If you can’t manage to go without a fishing license for ONE SEASON or cutting cable or delaying the payments of your medical bills, esentially taking SOME kind of monetary action, then SIT DOWN and SHUT UP. If you are unwilling to cut back for even a little while then it’s obviously not important to you and perhaps you should just GO FISH.

Put your money where your mouth is. Don't pay for a government that abuses you. What good is complaining if you are unwilling to provide anything but Lip Service?
Live it. Tell your friends. Starve the Beast.