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Thursday, October 19, 2017

America's Hypersensitivity to Speech

There is nothing you can say today that won't offend SOMEBODY and that somebody wants you to STOP speaking.

Doesn't matter who you are these days, you're going to say something wrong. And when you do, there will be someone there to complain because THEY didn't like what you said.

Well Boo Hoo!

Soldiers Know What They're Getting Into

If they don't their stupid. Just being a soldier means the odds of you getting killed go up dramatically. Many soldiers are killed in training. Many are killed by their own fellow soldiers, mostly in error. Then there are the people actually trying to kill you.

So to say a soldier knew what he was getting into is correct and if their family isn't aware of such things, they are living a fantasy.

If you want "Politician Speak" then vote for a politician. Most people, and don't get me started about the popular vote, most people voted for a non-politician, Donald Trump, because they were tired of the Bullshit they were hearing from professional politicians. So here he is and don't be surprised by what he says or suddenly decide to hold him to a standard that nobody has managed to maintain. Admit it, you just hate Trump.

If you actually voted for Trump and are offended, shut up, you knew what you were getting into.

Women ARE Sex Objects

And so are MEN. Duh! For those of us who desire to have sex with a woman, we look at women to evaluate their suitability for sex and child bearing. Women also OBJECTIFY men in a fashion to determine if they would like to propagate their genes with them based upon their ability to deliver, ahem, the goods. That means "have sex" for the literary challenged.

What Harvey Weinstein was doing didn't have much to do with actual sex. Sexual contact to him was just an act of domination, like any rapist. He just wanted to lord his superiority over someone. This is why he acted as sadistically with men as well as women. Of course, you can't cheat an honest man. The people who laid down for him and put up with his cravings just to keep their jobs are just prostitutes themselves and are no better.

Oh what price fame!

But to attack men for treating women as sex objects is stupid since both men and women are sex objects to each other and sometimes their own. To deny that is to deny human instinct.

You see, women ogle men just as much as men ogle women but since men have a narrower range of vision, we get caught much easier looking at a woman's rear end. A woman's field of vision is much wider than a mans and she is able to see your behind quite clearly while pretending to look somewhere else.

I swear some of these chicks complaining just need to get laid. 

Banning Halloween

Halloween is older than Christianity. It goes all the way back to the early campfires of Man. It falls on either October 31 or November 1st depending on tradition but it is the evening when the veil between the realm of the living and the realm of the dead is the thinnest and people believed, and they still believe, that communication with the recently departed is likely at this time of year.

Halloween is a good time to dress up and pull pranks.

So what is wrong with dressing up like an Indian?  Indians suddenly in denial they dressed in feathers and skins? How about a Chinese Coolie? Did they not exist. Are the Chinese suddenly ashamed of their past? How about dressing as a Cowboy. Didn't they shoot Indians?

If children dressed up as Colonial or British Soldiers then they'd be accused of White Supremacy.

I heard some idiot on NPR today saying that for an immigrant to assimilate into American Culture would mean they'd be forced into White Culture. Never mind that some immigrants actually came here to become Americans.

You just can't win.

John McCain Cannot Drop Dead Fast Enough

If you can find a person more bitter and dislocated than Senator John McCain these days, please point them out. Hillary Clinton, by comparison, is but a distant second place.

Here is a man who tried for the U.S. presidency, had the backing of his party, the GOP, had money'd backers behind him and thought he had a good chance of winning.

But he was the only one. Turns out he was a cantankerously terrible candidate who mistakenly picked a real conservative as a running mate who only highlighted how much of a "made man" he was with the establishment party. John McCain was nominated to lose. Sorta like that basketball team that always played the Harlem Globetrotters and always lost. That team was aptly named The Washington Generals. Mr. McCain was the captain of the team.

And now he sees a non-politician, untrained in diplomatic speech and uninitiated in the GOP go out and win the presidency with no experience and no political affiliation.

Never mind the brain tumor, THIS is what's really KILLING him. McCain would have rather seen Hillary Clinton win the White House than Donald Trump. Go ahead, somebody, ASK HIM!

This haunts him like nothing else McCain has ever experienced. You stupid MORON! No, not Trump, but YOU PEOPLE who voted for Trump.

Now Mr. McCain is going to shoot down and blow up everything Donald Trump has promised and is working for and in doing so, working against the American people who voted for Trump. John McCain is going to show you how futile it is to want to improve the standard of living of the American people. He'll show you.

John McCain is a bitter, bitter little man. 


But the truth of it all is that in America, this is all protected speech. This "outrage" is designed to distract you and silence you. These idiots kneeling, these people offended, should mean nothing to you. You shouldn't be distracted, in fact you should just ignore it and stay focused on the real issues of the day: That the Affordable Care Act is killing your insurance coverage and that the American Taxpayer needs a Goddamned break! We need small business back in business and all this hoopla is just a front to keep you from holding the people responsible accountable for their actions.

Now that's an outrage. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Hey Senator Corker...Screw You!

Get lost Corker!

We don't need this GOP establishment obstructionist IMP hanging around spouting his "I'm a monument of maturity" bullshit when he hasn't uttered a peep worth printing or done a thing in the senate worth measure in 8 Goddamned years. Just who does he think he is now? 

Donald Trump asked him twice to run again for senator and he refused. I don't know why Trump asked him once. Senator Corker, the alleged Republican from Tennessee is not running in 2018 and so what? Hopefully we'll get someone who'll actually vote for a bill that will provide the American Taxpayer a break. And if a Democrat gains his seat, who would be able to tell the difference anyway? Good-bye Corker and good riddance. 

Repeal the Affordable Care Act like you've been going on about for the last 8 years?...nah. Vote for Tax Reform to spur economic growth and get small business back in business again?...nah, not if Donald Trump is going to sign it. 

And that's what it's really all about isn't it? 

Screw this jerk Corker! He's using words to describe President Trump that he has never used to describe the previous, what's his name? What a hypocrite.

The only fighting words I've ever heard come out of Senator Bob Corkers mouth in the last 8 years is when he's going after the president of his own party! What bravery in the face of adversity! Why, he's a HERO! To CNN and NPR!

Funny how the Republicans only now seem to have grown a backbone when it comes to keeping the economic scourge of the Affordable Care Act tamping down the growth of small business or when it comes to keeping taxpayers hands off of their own money. Is the status quo what they are now champions of? 

Vote for the Republican ticket and keep everything the same! Same expensive, crappy healthcare! Same high taxes! And all the opiods you want!

Sounds like a winner. 

The new slogan can go something like this: If the Democrats are too weak to fight Trump, then by God we will!

The GOP plan is to not pass any legislation that Donald Trump has campaigned on. They are going to fight tooth and nail to keep things the way they are no matter what the American people, the people who elected Donald Trump, think. That'll be a lesson for all you voters who actually thought you had a say in U.S. governance. Well guess what? You don't! Now shut up and sit down!

Bob Corker only represents the glaring problem of our one party system. He is the best example of what's wrong in our government and how these people have separated themselves from the desires of the people. Corker represents the problem, not the solution. 

The outgoing senator's sudden stand and combative rhetoric are not the actions of a person willing to work towards a common goal with the leader of his party. We need new people in the GOP who actually want to work for the country instead of worrying about getting along with that OTHER Socialist group in American government, namely the Democratic Party.

It is Senator Corker who is out of step with what the American people want and who has lost sight of who he's working for and why. I'm glad you're going Mr. Corker because it's clearly time to go and I only wish you could take Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell with you. 

Much like Hillary Clinton, the nation will be 100% better of without Bob Corker, period. 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Eliminate the Estate Tax!

Warren Buffett should just shut his big fat yap! His argument for keeping the estate tax sounds like it comes from an establishment bureaucrat who acts like he doesn't have a clue as to why the estate tax is an Anti-American and Anti-Capital tax.

He really is a bad liar.

First of all, the money in a person's estate has already been taxed. It was taxed when the person earned it. They have, at the point of income, already paid their obligation to the state and federal "guardians of the public trust". What is left over belongs to the person who earned it and they are free to distribute this money any way they please.

Unless they die. When this person passes away, his money is then taxed again. By a lot.


It's just an asset grab by the state. This also discourages continuity of family wealth. Most times the taxes on an inherited property are so high that the recipient has to sell the assets to pay the tax and doesn't not get to pass the property down to their heirs. This is an un-American activity.

Rather than "hurting" the wealthy, the inheritance tax, very much like the capital gains tax, hurts the middle income people. Buffett would like you to focus on people like him, wealthy big business types but the people who are most hurt by the estate tax are family businesses and farms, people who's wealth lies in the businesses they built and the land they hold in the family name. The wealthy just pay it but the lower inheritors have to sell to pay and lose the asset. How is this serving the public interest when people work their whole lives to earn a living and to pass their gains on to their families? It makes no sense.

And to have Warren Buffett bloviate about how the inheritance tax effects so few people that the government should just keep it.

That it. That's his high-minded argument. It makes me think Mr. Buffett must have inherited his money at least initially since it's hard to believe a person such as he is considered a money master-mind if he says bullshit like this.

Perhaps he'll also make a statement about how the government will "pay" for their tax cuts. Like the money was coming out of the government's pockets in the first place when it's money from the taxpayers. The government can "pay" for taking less of our hard-earned money by slashing Washington's bloated bureaucratic overhead by 10% across the board departmental spending cuts.

That'll "pay" for it plenty, bucko.

But what should Mr. Buffett care about you? You're not Warren Buffett you stupid down-trodden surf! Why should you get to keep anything from your parents especially if they did well?

What a jerk Warren Buffett is.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

San Juan Mayor Can't Find U.S. Aid!

It seems that Carlin Yulin Cruz, the Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico cannot find any disaster relief that has been sent to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria flattened the place. Even though she gave a press conference while standing in front of tons of relief materials left standing on the docks.

It's like watching a horror movie where the victim is wandering around in a big dark house. We can see the killer looming to strike but THEY can't see the killer. We yell, "Quick, turn around, it's right behind you, Look! Look!" but the character just does not see what is plain to everybody in the movie theater.

"Ms. Cruz, turn around, it's right behind you, Mira! Mira!

But no, the Left Wing Mayor cannot see what is plain to see by everyone else.

Did she purposely leave everything piling up at the docks? Were there no local teams put together to distribute these goods? Although there was a sense of urgency in her voice, there didn't appear to be urgent actions taken to tear open those pallets and get that stuff out to the countryside. There were news reports of aid being shipped to Puerto Rico as soon as the storm had passed. What happened to it?

We know what happened to it.

If there were no local teams to distribute these foodstuffs and water, President Trump is correct in his assessment that it is a matter of bad organization. With modern weather services we can now see a storm coming weeks away. It's not like the Hurricane of 1938, there's no excuse for a municipality not to be ready for such contingencies. Disaster recovery is just the sort of thing you have a municipal government for. It's supposed to be what they do.

The Vietnamese were able to haul giant howitzers over mountains and carry supplies 500 miles at a time all on the backs of the people yet in Puerto Rico they can't get people to come get the food? There seems to be a lack of motivation somewhere along the line.

That Leftist mouthpiece, National Public Radio, has been trying to make Puerto Rico out to be President Trump's Hurricane Katrina and have been typically quick to pounce on anything to use the "K" word. Now they have Mayor Cruz in the fold and she has become the Media's darling, another in a long line of Anti-Trump champions. You go girl!

You remember Hurricane Katrina right? That was the Left Wing's opening to attack GW Bush for Federal inaction even though the Democrat Mayor of New Orleans, convicted felon Ray Nagin, and late Democrat Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco both got the heck out of Dodge before the storm and left everybody to face the wrath of Mother Nature themselves. So much for setting an example. There was no leadership during the storm, they just screwed. Evacuation buses stood empty and stationary since there was no one to drive them and people who did manage to get out were left in the Houston AstroDome to live through a remake of "Lord of the Flies".

Well all that was George Bush's fault.

But ultimately this whole charade is yet another grandstanding waste of time and money. To anyone paying attention, and we're all paying attention these days, it means nothing. Nobody's opinion will be swayed and it all amounts to a hill of beans. Trump's bitter clingers will hold on tighter to their Bible's and guns and Hillary's Commies will grip their microphones and camera stands with more vigor.

The real tragedy is that the people who are actually waiting for this stuff now probably believe it's the Federal Government that dropped the ball when it was their own home grown Apparatchik who just let the supplies sit on the docks to fit an agenda of subterfuge and propaganda. Or maybe they know the score, who knows?

But of all the many things the Mayor of Puerto Rico has said during this recovery effort of a totally devastated island, the one phrase you will not hear pass her lips is...

"If there is a will, there is a way."

We see what we see. Not action on the part of the government of Puerto Rico to take charge and get something accomplished. Instead they stand in front of piles of supplies they say didn't come and stand around while the mainland flies in troops to hand it out for them.

Hey wait, maybe this IS Katrina after all!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Liberals Kneel While America Stands

Kneeling is an act of capitulation. It is a sign of submission. Look it up.

And that's what we have seen over the last 8 years under the last president and what we continue to see in almost every facet of the public media.

Capitulation. Submission.

These are the same people who don't mind if the country is over run with illegal immigrants who often are supplied public benefits such as housing, medical care and even social security payments that they never paid into. To the Liberal factions among us, this is ok. They need it, they say. It's their RIGHT, they say. Neither, however, is the case.

These are the same people who also don't seem to mind that people from known hostile lands such as Syria, Yemen, Libya and Somalia can come into our county with no scrutiny. If fact the Left has gone out of it's way to fight for their RIGHT to come into this country unimpeded. Under the United States Constitution they have no such rights.

But this makes no difference to the Liberal front and it never did.

There are many on the Left who feel America is bad. The last President of the United States...what's his name, was their champion. Born with every privilege yet deciding it was all wrong. These people have lost sight of how lucky they are. They have lost sight of the history of hard work and sacrifice that the "American All" has put into making these United States so unique to this world we live in.

There are too many examples to list, where does one start with American History? White men fought to end slavery, African men fought the war too. The bones of thousands of Chinese lie along the path of the great Transcontinental Railway. The Italians and Irish fought for limited space in the Industrial Revolution and ended up marrying each other in great numbers. The German families that raced into the Midwest to start farms during the Great Plains expansion. The one thing in common was; Everybody had it tough! They all fought, they all competed and every race that came to this country can claim a victory. They've all had members become successes.

But the American Experiment has a learning curve. It's comparatively short history is paved with conflict and strife inherent in such a highly mixed society. Go ahead, name another society as diverse as ours. I'm waiting.

So when someone says that we as a nation are not diverse, that the American Ideal does not provide adequate opportunity, I would say that you have an alternate agenda since there cannot be a statement farther from the truth.

The American people, those who get up every morning and hump their way to work, put up with a lot of crap. Crap from other countries who's jealousies are worn on their sleeves and come to the UN in New York, eat cracked crab, drink champagne and then stand up and say the U.S. is the Great Satan. Crap from our home-grown Liberal "Elite", with monied families and who graduated privates schools who think they are the smartest people in the room and dictate to every day working taxpayers how bad the country is and how undeserving of the things we have because we were born white when there are millions of non-whites doing very well here. Apparently they didn't get the memo they were supposed to be down-trodden.

We took crap from the last president who thought we clung bitterly to past traditions and to our guns. He thought that we had too much when others had less. He never had a job in his life so could not value to work ethic of the average American. When one is pushed through life, it's hard to know what it's like to have to pull.

And now the American people are taking crap from our over privileged professional athletes who have been given every chance to develop their careers from a young age and never appreciated it. Most never take advantage of the education they are given a chance to obtain since most professional football players never graduate the colleges they've played for and who knows if they ever went to a class.

When Pat Tillman left the Arizona Cardinals to enlist to fight in Afghanistan, everybody in the league thought he was CRAZY to give up a $3.6 million contract to go fight for the United States overseas.

That's all you need to know.

The American people are tired of this Crap. That's why they elected Donald Trump president. President Trump is also tired of this Crap. How do I know? Because he SAYS SO! That's why the American people voted for him.

Who else did you think, the Russians?

The jeers that President Trump received from his speech at the United Nations was obscene. Who can disagree with the analogy that Socialism worked as it always does in Venezuela? Who can defend such a subjugation of an entire nation to the yoke of debt and ruin? Who can speak to that and say that Mr. Trump is wrong?

The Liberals can and do. How sick!

President Trump isn't into capitulation and it's about time.

There are people out there who want to cut our heads off. They want to walk into the nearest shopping mall with an automatic weapon and shoot as many Americans as they can. There are people who want to drive up on the sidewalk and run over as many "infidels" as they can before they are stopped. We have nuclear escalations in Iran and North Korea, we have an economy that is still stumbling along thanks to the last presidential administration and the American worker and American industry is badly in need of tax cuts and the end to Socialized Medicine. American workers everywhere are just trying to hold on to what they've got and forget about retirement and what do they see when they turn on the television?

Millionaires kneeling to protest "Oppression".

Are you kidding me?

I agree with Donald Trump. Fire these people. If the NFL owners defend them, hit them in the pocket book. The NFL only exists because the U.S. Congress has granted them an exception from anti-trust laws. But do they appreciate that?

No they don't.

Good-bye National Football League

It was more of a visceral reaction than a conscious one. I was driving by the local high school athletic fields when I saw it was youth football practice.

Named after a legendary American Football coach from the turn of the last century, "Pop Warner" youth leagues are in ever town here in New England and since Fall is the season for football, you can see the kids out practicing, bless their rattled little heads.

So I had the strangest reaction when I saw a "Football Mom" helping her young son get into his uniform. I winced a little. For some reason it seemed like child abuse although I really do know better than that.

A child always wants to please their parents so there's no way of knowing if this kid really wanted to play football or if it was something imposed upon him by his parents, especially Dad who most likely played the game himself and as I looked upon he scene, I felt the boy wasn't old enough to make that decision for himself. Not this decision anyway.

Back when they had to literally flay your knee wide open in the operating room to repair injuries leaving Amazon River like scars on young knees, I saw a good portion of such work even at the high school level. I even played the game myself for a year and although it wasn't my first concussion since I lived in a tough neighborhood where we fought all the time, it was a good one.

I was playing right defensive tackle and one game when the play came my way, made the tackle with my head into the numbers like I was taught. But when I got up the field was sideways. To not help matters, we were playing a very successful team from a "blood and guts" program known for what we refer to as "smash-mouth" football. Their coach saw what my coach did not, namely me stumbling around on the field asking the right guard where I was supposed to be. They quickly ran the next play over my position again. The running back didn't even try to avoid me, he tried running right over me. But, I made the tackle again in the same fashion and that was it for me. I was out on my feet at that point and spent the remainder of the game sitting woozily on the bench. I just got my "bell rung" was all. The next day "I was fine" and back at practice.

I was never really a fan of the game but I played because adults came to me and asked me to play so I signed up. It's an interesting game in many respects but in others it is very destructive. So destructive that players spend a lot of time adding muscle to their frames so that they can take the physical abuse of the games. This time is not spent actually playing the game, it is spent so one CAN play the game. I look upon this as a fundamental flaw.

If you are on the Cross Country Track team, you run, you get better at running. Wrestling, the same thing, you wrestle. In most sports, time spent playing the game is it's most beneficial action and weight training augments the skill set. Football doesn't seem to fall into the same category. I never played beyond that one season as a high school freshman.

Over the years I've seen some good even great athletes destroyed by the game of football. Our star player in high school, a guy who had played since he was 6 years old, had to give it up due to chronic neck injury. He was 17.  Another guy, one of the most decorated athletes to come out of my high school being an All-Scholastic in two sports two years in a row and a New England champion wrestler started to have black-outs his freshman year of college and had to stop playing football. He was 19. Yet another star player who was a standout Pop Warner star but who was short in stature and thus never could gain the weight was blind-sided during a game by a guy 100 lbs heavier. The hit smashed his wrist into his breastplate, breaking it and putting him out not only of football but the next sports season also. He was 17 and today his wrist does not turn. Nobody died but statistically across the nation more high school kids playing sports are killed playing football. In fact, football leads in all injury categories.

The people you see on television playing the pro game aren't necessarily the best players but the best players who managed to hold together long enough to reach the pro league. They can all read off a list of the major injuries they've incurred over time and have come back from. Who can imagine?

American Football is all about destruction. It's a game that destroys it's best athletes and according to Sports Illustrated the average player lasts 2.66 years.

I remember when I was a kid and there was this popular player, a lineman named Rosie Greer. He was a big guy and he became a minister when he had to stop playing football. I remember seeing him on television as a guest on some show and when he walked out, he had a very noticeable limb. His gate immediately gave you the impression that he was on very shaky pins.

In fact, many of these former pros from decades past are physical wrecks. What good is all that money and glory when you're a cripple? And these guys are cripples. Ask Ted Johnson, 3 time Super Bowl champion linebacker for the New England Patriots how he's enjoying all the money he made? The short story on that is: He's messed up!

"But Wal Man." you say, "The NFL is making safer helmets!"

By trying to make a safer helmet you are only giving false hope to the hopeless. The same helmet developed to reduce the impact of a hit for the player also allows the same player to just hit harder without knocking themselves out. It doesn't do anything to prevent your brain impacting the inside of your skull where all the real damage comes from.  A hard shell helmet remains, and was since its invention, a head-delivered weapon and marked the beginning of the ultimate end of American pro football. The damage it's caused and continues to cause is a crime.

So many of these NFL guys are messed up it's hard to fathom anyone is still playing the game or that parents are still sending their kids to football practice. It boggles my mind.

Perhaps it's our own fault. We all wanted to believe the team doctors saying the risk was minimal, putting concussed players back into the game and risking more damage. But now we know the NFL paid "Physicians" lied. They lied to the players and they lied to the American public about the extent of the damage to the point where we had to have players commit suicide and leave us notes to have their brains examined. How horrible is that?

Hence, knowing what I know and having seen what I've seen, when I drove by that kid and his mom my gut actually wrenched.

And now, since we are finally seeing pictures and hard evidence of what we all really already knew but could reasonably be in denial over, will this "game" ever be the same to you to watch? Now that we know, who still wants into this sport?

Which takes us back to the real reason many kids get involved with the game at an early age to begin with.

It's up to Mom and Dad.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Muslim Gunmen Leave 19 Dead in Myanmar

This is the headline you should have seen. 

The details aren’t in dispute. Nine Myanmar police were killed in a coordinated attack on three stations. Another four were killed when “Hundreds of men wielding pistols and swords attacked Myanmar troops”. Other bodies have been discovered. 

This is more than just a misunderstanding.

But when the Leftist press like the BBC and PBS for that matter encounters such religious conflicts like Muslims attacking Buddhists in their own homeland they always waver a bit about the cause.

They say “The attacker’s motives are unclear.”

Unclear, is that so?

How awkward it must be for them to outline Muslim Aggression.

So they ignore it. Instead of focusing on the reported total of 19 dead Myanmar police, people with families and who are the protectors of their homeland, they instead focus on the fact that the Muslims population, who has overstayed what little welcome they had, are now being “Repressed”. 

They as that in Myanmar the Rohingya have very little and who can doubt that but in a land of few resources, how much difference in the standard of living is there between these Rohingya and the regular peasant population? We’ve all seen the pictures from the floods in Myanmar from two years ago. How much more nothing can you have? There just isn’t enough nothing to go around in Myanmar. 

So the motive for this conflict must be something else since we know that once a Muslim population anywhere in the world reaches a certain size, it starts trying to take over and despite the International Press just showing up now like this all just happened in a vacuum, this scene has the look of something long and complicated. These people have a history and we ain't hearing anything about that part of the story, as usual.  

Looks like the Buddhists, much to Amnesty International’s surprise, don’t want to have terms dictated to them in their own country or have their policemen murdered.

So the Myanmar government has decided it’s time for these Rohingya to go and so are rousting them toward the Bangladesh border from which most of them came and burning their villages. What they don’t seem to be doing is shooting them down en mass in the streets because you know if they were, we’d be hearing about that. That would push "We Hate Donald Trump" off the front page of the national news outlets if it were so. 

But these poor unfortunates are apparently running into old landmines left over from whatever never-reported issues with Bangladesh in the past and people are now getting their limbs blown off.

So the focus of the outrage is that some of those on the move are stepping on landmines, losing the only home they had and are now fleeing a ‘Genocidal Myanmar Military”. With so many people on the move, it can be called a "humanitarian crisis" but Genocide? Where? Getting a foot blown off is bad yes and losing two is worse but it's not Genocide. 

The use of such language insults the meaning of the term. 

But the real message of such shrill and hysterical language is that if a nation tries to retaliate and protect themselves and their people from the Muslim Expansion into their territory they are now Racists and acting “Disproportionately” to the incidents that triggered the retaliation. 

The "Incident", which bears repeating, where 19 Myanmar police officers, trained to protect the people, were killed by these Muslim invaders who have now been put on the run and are now crying like any criminal who now faces punishment. Are they sorry for the deaths of these Myanmar policemen? We don't know.

I’ll tell you how this all could have been avoided; don’t go attacking and killing the police force of a country you depend upon for shelter such that it is. 

That’ll do it.

We should be calling it fair play. Don’t be an Islamic Death-Cult Following Police Killer and you won’t get your family run out on a rail for being a terrorist, get your grass hut with all your nothing in it burned up and have to run over mine fields to get out of the country. 

The Buddhists, I believe, call this "The Law of Cause and Effect". 

Something stinks in Myanmar alright and it’s Amnesty International. 

Friday, September 8, 2017

Chain Pharmacies Fuel Opioid Epidemic

It is no great secret that it's the big pharmaceutical companies behind the pushing of highly addictive drugs onto anybody stupid or willing enough to take them. But many people actually trust their doctors and so it can be understood how they can be lead astray by this trust in people who are just people like you and me after all and are subject to the same social and economic pressures we all are.

But the Pharmaceutical companies know people trust their doctors and this is why they go after them with their slick and well paid sales forces to shower paid speaking engagements, trips and other incentives upon them so that they, in return, will peddle the poison that the big drug companies are selling.

When I look at a doctor today, all I see is a Drug Pusher in a lab coat.

When I was younger doctors never gave you an Opioid for an ankle injury. You only got this stuff, the same stuff that is in Heroin, if you were dying of a terminal disease. They felt that if you were going to die, then heroin wouldn't be "habit forming" as they used to describe such things.

Legendary Who guitarist Pete Townsend said that he was addicted to heroin after the very first time he took it. The insidiousness of heroin is this: The highest you ever get is the first time you take it. Then you spend the rest of your days chasing that first big high.

No how would you like being given something like that because you twisted your knee?

The big chain drug stores are distributing Opioids as fast as the big drug companies can make them. Everybody wants them and its no wonder...they're all addicted now.

This is one way to run a business that can never fail. Hook all your customers onto the Smack your selling and you will insure that you will always have a steady demand for the product. It still works for the tobacco industry.

Win-win, baby, win-win!

And who cares if these people, once they have finally reached their prescription limit, are now full-fledged addicts who will steal anything and hit people over he head to buy the only adequate replacement for what they can no longer get: Street Heroin.

Well isn't that just dandy?!

And that's just business to the big drug outfits. There's a lot of talk from politicians on both sides of the isle but they aren't going to do anything since they're all on the payroll too.

In the city near Boston where I work there is a city park and there are an awful lot of people just hanging around during the day even though it's on the main street. There is a CVRiteGreen's franchise pharmacy in the adjacent building. A building security guard has said that there are syringes hidden everywhere in the park and in the building. He finds them stashed everywhere they can be stashed.

But where are these needles coming from? Why the franchise pharmacy of course!

I said, 'Isn't it illegal to buy syringes without a prescription?"
"Yes, it is." I was told
"Then how are these people getting them?" I ask.

There is a person I work with who worked in that particular store and she said that she was told to sell the needles to people who didn't have proper identification or a subscription. They just sell them to these people who come in every day.

"But Wal Man," you may say "These people could be diabetic and have a legitimate need for these needles."

Then they should be able to identify themselves and present their prescription.

My source knows who these people are because she saw them every day in the park and since this store is located right next to the park it was a standard policy of this particular drug store when she was working there that no employee left the store by themselves. If fact, she said, they made it a point to all leave together.

That's scary stuff, right?

So that's where all these addicts are getting the needles from and why not since this is the place that sold them the drugs they got hooked on in the first place with the permission of a doctor. Why wouldn't the pharmacy sell them the needles they need for their "replacement therapy"?

The pharmacies make out both ways and get their customers "coming and going".

That's a hell of a business model they've got there.

They must be so proud. 

Why the Catholic Church Loves Illegals

Because a dollar from a million people is still a million dollars!

That's the bottom line.

And it's the bottom line that has made the Catholic Organization, I mean "Church" abandon it's 'Obey the laws of the land" credo it had tried to hold onto since at least the 1960s.

Now the entire corporation from the Pope on down wants the "Dreamers" to stay and to bring over sus tio', tia', abuela y abuelo tambien!

The more the merrier since they're all Catholic south of the border since Hernan' Cortez kicked some Aztec ass back in 1520, tore down their blood soaked temples and put up blood soaked churches in their place.

A vast majority of the folks in Mexico don't have two nickels to rub together and have large barefoot families. I've seen it first-hand. People are still beating their clothes on rocks in the river and the burro's are so bony you can play their ribs like xylophones. A very good wage is still $50.00 a week American. The access to education for the Granjeros is next to nothing.

These are the people the Church wants most.

The Church's Influence is Waining

The fact of the matter is that here in the United States, people have caught onto these grifters that have wrapped themselves in religious garb. It's all about the money to them and so what if a bunch of kids got sexually molested back in the 1970s? The Church never wanted to acknowledge what was going on, never took a step against ANY of the perpetrators except to transfer them to a new location when things got too hot for them in the previous assignment and went out of their way to protect them when these predator priests were ever accused.

All this from an organization that wants to "help" people.

People have been turning away from the Catholic Church for some time or rather they've been driven away. The only people who go to church are old people who just go because they've always gone and it's too late for them to become anything else.

But the younger generation have seen the abuse and have seen through the contradictions and double standards and want no part of it. You want to make an Atheist? Send them to Catholic School!

The Church needs Mexican butts in the seats and peasant money in the basket. They won't do anything for these people except advocate for them to remain in the United States even though they have no right to do so. They did not go through the process of becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen like so many people before them. No, they jumped the line, violated the law and now the Catholic Church wishes to reward this behavior with citizenship. All because they need a new flock.

If I was a Catholic, I'd be pissed at this. If I was a naturalized U.S. citizen originally from Mexico, I'd be doubly pissed.

But also the American people, many who are still Catholic and many who are not want the United States government to finally start enforcing our immigration laws. This is why Donald Trump is in the White House and Hillary Clinton is not. The American people are tired of paying for the support, feeding, education and health benefits of people who should not be in this country at all.

You cannot pick and choose the laws you want to enforce. Enforce them all or none of them but no nation can stand against an ocean of un-educated, un-vaccinated and un-committed people coming in and displacing citizen workers and using resources they never paid into while the people who do pay into these systems receive no benefit.

It make be ok for the Catholic Church to advocate violating the law but it's not ok for American Citizens who have grown tired of being marginalized while it all happens.

But the Church has never really been about religion, it's just the money that matters.

You, you don't matter at all. 

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Our Socialist Government

Our future and that of most of the next generation will be defined by how much economy government thinks we should have. Our Socialist government and their Medical and Social Welfare pyramid schemes will always require them to keep kicking bricks under it to keep it from toppling. “Oh, we can’t afford that!” They say without irony since the whole thing is their fault and now that it is so “ingrained” into the American people that too many people will be hurt.  This is the kind of talk they use to justify doing nothing. In their mind it’s easier to wait for it all to come tumbling down than to go on record as voting to stop it.

What a sham it all is but what can we do? Vote for the other party? They’re Socialists too! 
Let us all face the shear fact of the matter; this is never going to get any better than it is right now. That means no tax cuts are coming and the government will make attempts to “fix” ObamaCare which we all know is not possible. You can’t give services away for free and expect others who are paying to keep paying.  As we have already seen, the payers will also stop paying since they can’t afford the service either and they have insurance.

We have the greatest healthcare technology in the world but the hospitals won’t treat you with them because it’s too expensive. You can’t afford to have them use it on you. So you stop going. Where’s the advantage of that? On the other hand, they can’t afford to have you die either since you’re the one paying taxes. What to do?

But the bottom line is that you should just get used to living the way you’re living because your quality of life isn’t going to improve anytime soon if it’s up to our socialist government. The GOP and the Democrats all fly the same private planes, go to the same champagne parties and have the very best of everything including healthcare. And you have…much less than that.

And without putting more money in your pocket, things are going to stay this way. Hope you voted for it ‘cause here it is. Our president isn’t going to be allowed to have one single victory in the 4 years he hill be in office not because of the Democrats but because of their very best friends in the Republican Party who don’t want you to have a tax cut over affordable healthcare either as long as Donald Trump is in the White House. It’s the principle of the thing.

It’s all downhill from here. The GOP is exposed as the Colossal Frauds that we always suspected they were but hoped against all hope that they weren’t. Well, at least our suspicions have been confirmed although it is no comfort at all in the knowing.

So plan accordingly. Avoid going into debt and spend less on everything since you’ll be needing that money to go to the doctor and to pay your taxes. 

And we talk about North Korea being a Dictatorship. 

Friday, July 7, 2017

Wasting Time In Hamburg, Germany

It isn’t like the Anti-Capitalist Anarchists are ever going to win. But if they ever do, they’ll be the first to starve.

This giant mob of people who have all the time in the world and no jobs have descended upon Hamburg, Germany to bust up the city and to “protest” all their bosses at the G20 Summit. Do they really believe the dumb shit they're spouting? It's hard to believe that they would. Who knows? 

Who cares? 

It’s just a Dog & Pony Show. It isn’t like it really means anything. If people don’t show up to protest, are these people important? Perhaps these G20 "power brokers" bus in this mob to add legitimacy to what they are “doing” since what they are ultimately doing is nothing. 

Nothing will happen, nothing will change. They all stood up there applauding the Paris Accord with absolute no intention of lifting a finger to comply with it’s impossible demands. Like our last President…what’s his name, they all just stand up in front of the cameras and claim that they “did” this. Time to celebrate!

It isn't like what they are sitting around eating cracked crab over is actually important. 

So how important is the G20 anyway? 

Since its inception in 2008, has the world changed much? Really?

There’s still a hand in your pocket and the economy still sucks. People are trying to hold onto their last buck and there are still wars raging, people killing themselves and others and people succeeding and failing on their own merits and imperfections without the help or hindrance of government. 

And we all end up dead. 

Events like the G20 happen when entrenched Politicians get so comfortable and convinced of their sovereignty that they really do think they can control the weather.

The G20 is all just a show not to be taken seriously. It’s a fabulously fraudulent black tie and red carpet affair with a backdrop of central casting fill-ins throwing bricks so that newspaper people can write about how the world is going to hell, working people can look at, point, shake their heads and declare how the world is going to hell and for thinking people just ignore it. 

There are things that are never going to change no matter how much Politicians talk about them, attempt to regulate and pass laws over, or otherwise seek to govern. In this case what the G20 is always talking about is changing human nature and it’s just not going to happen. The Market is the Market and nothing about it is stoppable given the right product and the right buyer. Drugs? Can't stop them. Greed? Can't regulate it. Desire and Want?  Never going away. The Weather? You get the point. 

You can’t make a free market fair. There are going to be poor people and rich people. You regulate a financial market and it becomes less financial. That is not a good thing and that’s why nobody really wants to do such a thing and it doesn’t matter how many people are out throwing bricks through a Starbucks window, it won't change the motivation.

And really, what does the G20 ever really gotten done? This year the topics will be “Global Climate Warming Change”...ok, next. "To rectify inequalities and instabilities throughout the World"…ok, next. "Major countries taking more responsibility in making the world safer"…ok, next.

That's it, we're out of ideas.

The relevance of the G20 is pretty much the same as the United Nations. Lots of money spent, zero results. The world just doesn't work the way these people pretend it does. The Leftist Media, the Leftist Politicians and the Leftists who vote for them think that if they force enough of these "reforms" on people, the world will change when in fact only the people forced to comply will change their behavior and circumvent the unnatural laws. That's why the Declaration of Independence states that these rights outlined therein are "inalienable". Look it up.

I've been thinking that perhaps the real purpose of the G20 serves is as one of those rolling economic engines that travel about from place to place bringing attention, money and economic activity to where ever it is they land. Like the Tour de France or like what The Grateful Dead were in their musical heyday.

The Dead would roll into a town followed by 20,000 Dead Heads who would camp, stay in hotels, eat in the restaurants, buy the concert tickets, sell t-shirts, sell drugs etc and generally bring in heaping wads o’ cash into any town the band played in. The police would have a field day towing cars, arresting people under the influence, writing tickets for erratic driving and, of course, working traffic details. The Grateful Dead meant big money everywhere they went.

That’s the G20. All these mobs of people who either don’t have jobs or that perhaps protesting IS their job come into town and need food, places to sleep, ride the train, fight the police who are on overtime and if you’re an insurance adjuster, water cannon manufacturer, a pepper spray or gas mask manufacturer, well Hamburg is a Boom-Town! And money for black clothing, face-hiding bandannas, incendiary devices and "Vengeance" masks has to come from somewhere. Those "protesters" have money!

But ultimately, nothing gets done for all involved. The mob doesn't get their Chaos and the Pols don't get their Order. Once the concert is over everybody gets on the next train or piles into the van for the next stop on the tour and once the season is over, everybody goes home to recuperate, laugh about the narrow escapes and make travel plans for the next get together. 

It's all just part of the game.  

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Democrat Imams Spur Political Jihad

It was bound to happen given all the Socialist Brother's continuous exhortations and calls for violence. The calls for impeachment, assassination, the assertions of illegitimacy, the sheer invention of Russian manipulation and the overall absolute outpouring of venomous hatred all pointed at one man and the people who voted for him to be President of the United States. All beginning from the very moment the Political Left realized that their candidate LOST.

Putting aside all irony and hypocrisy that this reaction invites since the media did nothing but badger presidential candidate Trump to accept the results of the 2016 election, one cannot help but notice the rising tide of violence perpetrated by a group of people, bound by a rigid ideology, who have since the 1960s grown increasingly intolerant of anybody who does not believe what they believe.

Sound familiar? It should.

What difference is there between Mr. James T. Hodgkinson, the man who just opened fire on Republican Congressman at a baseball practice in Washington, DC and, say, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the Paris killer? Pardon me, the 2015 Paris killer.

Both belonged to radical groups that had no tolerance for "Deniers", Both attempt to force their antiquated and narrow world view upon the majority population who do not believe what they believe. But most important, both had no qualms about resorting to brutal acts of violence to achieve their goals.

They both dream of world domination and subsequent paradise.

And they were both motivated and taught by prominent, high placed spiritual figures to go forth and change the world. One listens to a radical Imams like Anwar al-Awlaki, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi and Anjem Choudary and the other listens to radical Imams like Steven Colbert, Wolf Blitzer and Charles Schumer.

And they both want to overthrow the sitting government. To be more specific, democratically elected sitting governments.

And that's just like any less-than-mainstream group that has done throughout time. They have made the destructive decision that if they can't win at the ballot box, they will "win it" in the streets.

And here we are. Surprised it took so long.

"Oh Wal Man," you say, "There is a big difference between a Radical Islamic Jihadi and a Democrat! You are just being dramatic! You see, the radical Imams are SUBVERSIVE and good people like Bernie Sanders, Maxine Waters and Chuck Schumer are just FIREBRANDS. Ya see? Big difference."

I haven't seen any difference.

I have a good friend since childhood whom I've always tip-toed around when it comes to politics. He's VERY Left-wing and ever since the 2016 election he just blurts out statements like "Trump's a Fascist!" Just totally out of the blue and way out of the context of the conversation we were having.

Sometimes we're not even having a conversation.

He's become so pre-occupied by what is going on, he's hardly in touch with what is really going on. Which is the Radical Left, so used to having their way the last 8 years, is suddenly finding themselves losing their shit!

The Political Left cannot rationalize how they lost their grip on power and that the majority of the American People aren't with THEM.

So now, rather than undergoing some reflection on their beliefs and some self-examination to determine how to win them back, the Left has instead declared that THOSE people are now Public Enemy #1. The targets are clearly defined: Anyone recognizing and standing with President Trump must be destroyed!

The Leftists may have lost the hearts and minds of the majority of voters in his country but they haven't lost all their power. They still have the 24/7/265 Leftist Media and the Public University System that has been cranking out the Entitled Children of a Utopian Future both faithfully indoctrinated and ready to do battle for a Progressive America!

Clad in their black jeans, black hoodies, black masks and goggles and armed with pepper spray and incendiary devices, these "students" are ready to infiltrate and incinerate any University that does not accept their spiritual leaders views. They are the harassers, the psycho-operations front shock troops. There is money behind them and more than enough media propagandists to make excuses for them.

They are ready to shout you down, tear you down or burn you up. To the Left, joining "The Resistance" is code for going on the Offense.

Stoked by the Leftist Media outlets, Sanctuary City Mayors and radical Democratic Congressmen and women, there is nothing these Progressive operatives won't say, no reprehensible act they won't portray and no insane plot they won't trumpet. It permeates every waking moment for them.

A journalist working for Arabic News station Al Jazeera was heard to say after a CNN piece on Donald Trump, "Whoa, that's over the top, these guys are WAY too radical!".

The Political Left is stoked for a fight and willing to see how far they can push you til you just have to push back.

But will they like it when they get one? Or do they prefer the violence to the harsh reality that people just aren't into them much any more. It's the rejection that's most hurtful.

But the grand design, the Left's Plan "B" is to plan for destruction and chaos. Like all Jihadis and Anarchists, these people only want is to tear it all down. It doesn't matter who gets hurt as long as they succeed in destroying what other have worked for.

It's Jihad. It's what radicals do.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Big Business Loses on Climate Gamble

Just imagine the heaping wads of money these big multi-national companies must have stood to gain from the implementation of the Paris Accord. Just a run down of the giant corporations with their hands in every pie that were really, really for this Paris Accord: Tim Cook of Apple, Darren Woods of Exxon/Mobile, Facebook Authoritarian Mark Zuckerberg, and perhaps the biggest beneficiary of public funds in the world, Elon Musk. Also those bastions of free speech the New York Times an The Wall Street Journal have come out for this phony-baloney "Pact". 

If that doesn't convince you President Trump did the right thing, then nothing will. 

Why are these high and mighty shysters out there embarrassing themselves? Nobody really believes that we have anything to do with the Earth's climate, least of all them. They don't believe it either! They're only in it for the money. Also none of the reported One Million other countries that signed this empty agreement believe it either since not one of them have even come close to the marks set down for them in it. So what could the real motivation be, hmmmm? 

My favorite quote must be that idiot Musk's when he says "Climate Change is real!" Ha ha, what a moron. That's right up there with crazy-like-a-fox Al Gore's "The planet has a fever!". 

And go ahead Mr. Musk, quit the White House Business Council. If the government wasn't subsidizing your "business" you wouldn't be on a committee anyway. You'd have no business and nobody would have ever heard of you. 

But one thing should be very clear from all this emotional bleating and gnashing of teeth: All these moneyed egomaniacs think that YOU are plenty stupid. 

And why wouldn't they? You've bought into their shtick for so long they think the Sun shines out of their behinds. 

So how much of a benefit to the long suffering small businesses across these United States would all the Carbon Swaps,Tax Breaks and outright Subsidies these global big businesses had built into this climate deal for either developing, producing or consuming "clean" energy? You know that these "incentives" must surely have been written into this massive International Ponzi Scheme. Otherwise why would they get involved in the first place?

Just an accounting of the people and corporations that were staunchly for this agreement should be enough to make a bell go off in most reasonable people's heads. Ask yourself; "What can Exxon/Mobile possibly gain from such as deal?" 

Oh, I'll bet there are plenty of incentives in there to soften the blow for them! 

And who gets to pay for all this? Why it's us, the U.S. taxpayer, of course and what remains of small business in this country that already can't handle the regulations and taxation it's already groaning under. We get to pay for it and revel in the .00001 degree drop in global temperature that they surely will find happening.

"The sacrifice will be well worth it." says Elon Musk as he hops into his private jet and heads off to the Caribbean to join Al and Tipper Gore for a little rest & relaxation as a reward for saving the planet. 

And now that Mr. Trump and the United States has left Europe to themselves, let Angela Merkel, she of the open borders and state support of indigent invaders and Emmanuel Macron, he of the steely handshake and strong warnings to other world leaders, start to worry about their own issues in their own countries since it's easy to see that they've got more important problems to contemplate right now bigger than figuring out how to change the weather. Unless they're just looking for a distraction. 

And Mr. Obama, how can we miss you if you won't go away?  

The Paris Accord was obviously a big swindle by the Globalists and President Trump did just what we put him into office to do. 

Good job!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

James Comey Lies Like a Rug

For an FBI guy, Mr. Comey seemed to never be able to keep his mouth shut. And now that he's been fired, he's upped the word count. Why would anybody believe a word out of this man’s mouth? Wasn’t he the man who was trying to play God with Hillary Clinton’s election campaign? Why would he announce reopening the email investigation right before the 2016 election? Then he acts “nauseous” at the thought of perhaps he was the reason Hillary didn’t win the Presidency?

Right, downright appalled he was.

James Comey provided the muscle for the last administration. There were no Executive Branch investigations for 8 years prior and now apparently there are dozens of ongoing investigations into the Trump Administration? Totally believable, right? 

Did Donald Trump tell Comey to quit the “Russian Investigation”? I'd say no but even if he did, why would anyone believe he did just because James Comey said it? Why would anyone believe the Washington Post either when they repeat it? Now these two are bastions of truth and the American Way to which I cry "Horse Shit!". 

Right Wing Radio Trumpets Comey Baloney

But then you here every radio wag Left and Right acting like what Comey says is the truth. It makes no sense other than the very real statistic that the American Public is hanging on every word of the major and minor media outlets and their ratings are going through the roof so why not act like what Comey said is what really happened?

Truth comes in second to ratings and advertising dollars.

I never understood what motivates a person to call a radio talk show. They get a sentence or two out and the radio “personality” uses that as an impetus for a 5 minute monologue of their own profound observations.

How easy is it to produce one of these radio shows? They get somebody who pulls up the Drudge Report and says, “Should President Trump be impeached? What do you think? “and then they sit back as mad horde clamors for their phone. Do these people have to go to school to do this?

 Don’t people have better things to do with their time? And the advertising is off the charts, 8 to 12 straight minutes of 1-800-222-2222.

As Johnny “Rotten” Lydon once said; “Ever get the feeling you’re being cheated?”

Matt Drudge Turns on Trump

Has anyone else noticed that MOST of the articles on Drudge these days are from Left Wing publications such as Bloomberg, New York Times, The Washington Post, People Magazine…PEOPLE MAGAZINE? And none of them are favorable articles in the least when it comes to our President. These articles are merely a constant source of non-facts, speculation without proof and innuendo. It’s one thing for your enemies to slander you, it’s another to have your friends tell you what they said and not even offer a defense. 

This is the Drudge Report today, right now.

One should keep in mind if they are going to consume this “brain filler” that passes for news. This is that all these outlets aren’t there to bring you insightful and enlightening news to help you form an opinion. They are there to SELL you things.

Another thing they sell is an emotional response. They would like you to be outraged. They want you to jump through a hoop. Better yet, they want you to jump through THEIR hoop. And most people are doing just that if you look at the comments section of most anti-Trump article. Badmouthing Trump sells. 

They’d throw Donald Trump under the bus if it gets them a higher rating, and they have so easily. Drudge made his bones on attacking the last president so why should he flip the script? He's just getting his "news" from a different source these days, that's all. 

Comey’s Memo

There’s no memo of Donald Trump asking Comey to drop the Flynn “investigation”. Not an authentic one anyway. Believe him if you want by I don’t. Not for one instant. He was merely untrustworthy before, now he’s beyond belief.

Donald Trump did not ask Comey for his loyalty since we all know that Comey had already pledged his fealty to the last Democrat President, what’s his name. And owing to his loyalty to the former president, Mr. Comey will say anything to bring down the present one. He brought down Hillary not for Trump but for his previous boss. 

There were no investigations to start with. It’s all a subterfuge and people who are red up to the ears over all this nothing should stay away from the television and radio talk shows and perhaps pick up that book they have been meaning to read. Your heart will thank you.

There are no Russian’s invading our voting ballots. G.W. Bush did not blow up the World Trade Center, Bruce Lee, Elvis Presley and Jim Morrison are all really dead, The Vietnam War was unwinnable and Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone when he killed John F. Kennedy. Oswald was a Marine marksman for Christ’s sake, he was a crack shot.

Recognizing the Obvious

There will be no impeachment of Donald Trump. But if such a thing should come to pass, the State of the Union would be on very shaky pins. If the GOP goes along with such a bald-faced Coup d'Etat, and make no mistake, the GOP is every bit as untrustworthy as the DNC, markets will fall, consumer confidence will tumble and voters everywhere Democrats and Republicans will know unequivocally that whatever they desire their particular candidate to achieve for them WILL NOT HAPPEN EVER.

Why bother voting if your vote doesn't bring the changes you voted for?

Pence No Answer

If something should happen to Donald Trump and we are left with the overly ambitious yet un-charismatic "Government Alternative Candidate" Micheal Pence, don't think for a moment any good will come from such an administration. The proposed Trump Tax Cuts will become "Too Costly", repealing the Affordable Care Act will now be "too ingrained upon the fabric of our nation." and nothing is ever, ever, ever going to change in your lifetime or the lifetime of your children. Oh, and Pence will be a one-term President but so what? Nothing will matter if Donald Trump is allowed to be ousted. The damage will have been done.

The Left Needs Trump

Without Donald Trump in the White House the television ratings for CNN, MSNBC and all those unfunny failed stand-up comedian nitwits on late night will tank and Democratic Party campaign funds will dry up. For the Political Left, campaigning against Micheal Pence after Donald Trump is gone would be like campaigning against your own brother.

People will go back to talking with their wives and children after work and Saturday Night Live will go back to being a trivia question: “When was the last time you watched SNL?”

Back when DEVO played the show?

Watch, Wait and Relax

So turn it all off, go about your business. Be confident that you are going to have the appropriate response to the Government Takeover and react in your own self-interest. But until something outside of all this crazy talk should actually happen, there is no use getting worked up about it. Let them Impeach Trump and THEN react. Quit jumping through hoops every time a Television or Radio "Journalist" says something nutty.

It'll only drive you wacky.

Monday, May 1, 2017

The Media Hates You!

You all voted for Donald Trump and now you're gonna pay!

Where ever you turn its 24 hours of "Hate for Trump!"

There is no hiding from it whether it's in print, on-line, radio, television or, like here in Socialist Massachusetts just idle conversations with people who will blurt out the dumbest Hate Trump stuff. It's ALMOST replaced talking about the weather here in the formerly industrialized North Eastern part of the country we call “New England”. 

Call them what you want "Teachers March, Rally for Kids, Earth Day, March for Science etc. It’s all just another “We Hate Trump” rally. It's a one-note symphony that the Political Left now has boundless energy for playing and their Media enablers never tire of covering. These are the real people! These are the concerned citizens who are only out here because they CARE!

But it was the “other” people, the Tea Party people, who walked out of their regular lives to gather, plan and act that didn’t get such loving coverage. It's not like they were school teachers and other government employees who got the day off to protest or had been told to go, the Tea Party had to get out of their individual orbits on their own time and work to make this change happen since nobody was going to help them but themselves and they knew it. The Tea Party knew their chief opposition was the American Press!

And now we all are under constant bombardment in a war the Media has already lost. But they are not going to let you forget it. Their message is everywhere: Hotmail, Radio, Television and what's left of the print media: "Hate for All Things Trump!”.  

And we thought it was bad when it was just “Bush Derangement Syndrome”. This is 100 times more insane.

How exhausting this must be for all these totalitarian Wannabes. They couldn’t push you towards believing things were going great the last 8 years, they couldn’t push you towards voting for Hillary Clinton and so now you’re going to pay for your stupidity by having to endure this media pounding morning, noon and night until they either run out of money or just start shooting.

Defenders of Free Speech my ASS! It’s quite obvious that there is nothing standing in the way of anybody's 1st Amendment rights when you hear the bile these clowns are spilling. Such venom and hatred coming from supposedly educated people just shows that in reality, they aren’t as smart as they thought they were, were they? 

That may be the hardest part for them to take.

You see, they felt that they were SO close to their much vaunted and predicted total takeover of the American process of governance. They felt they were THIS CLOSE to being able to crowd out all opposition and shout down all opposing voices to their vision of what this nation should be.

But a funny thing happened on their way to the sending people to the Death Panels: They were soundly beaten. 

But it's not that they lost but how they lost. They lost everything totally. Their total control of The Message has been shattered, shattered by the likes of Snowden & Assange, the new Woodward and Bernstein of the Internet Age.

And shattered by the millions of Americans who rather than believing what they heard, believed what they saw and had the courage to endure not only the Media onslaught and name calling but the institutionalized discrimination by the government in their injudicious use of the Internal Revenue Service against honest tax-paying citizens. 

But in all this vitriol and vengeance we see the true face of the enemy. They were there all the time but now we see them for who they really are: The Dictatorial Class.

Their message is clear: You should’ve just sat there and LUMPED IT all, the lack of paying jobs, the want of starting your own small business but being regulated and taxed out of the possibility, the ever rising tax burden and the crazy escalating healthcare costs that are not just jeopardizing your health but the health of your children. You stand there at the grocery checkout watching others using the resources you paid for. And you don’t get nothin’ so sit down and Shut Up!

You should have kept on believing in what you were told. Goddamned it, you must be a moron!

So every moment of every waking day you are going to hear about it from the people who are now shouting from the wayside, the people who thought THEY were the WORD and the POWER when it was YOU the whole time.

And some people still don’t believe in Karma.