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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Trump Exposes U.S. One Party Rule

Libertarians knew it all along but the general public was slow to believe a pack of “Isolationists” and “anti-tax” loonies who "threw their votes away" by writing in Ron Paul even when he wasn't on the ballot for president. Well perhaps we’re not so crazy now, eh? 

Ok, maybe that perception won't be changing anytime soon.

But it seems that it's getting pretty hard to tell just who is the biggest enemy of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, the Democratic Party or the Republican Party.  But in fact, it’s BOTH. 

And why is that?

Because they are on the same side, the side of Government, BIG Government. Both political parties are cut from the same cloth, two sides of the same coin. And as this election season heats up its becoming clearer of who wants the big government machine to stay in control.

This is why I’ve said that GW Bush and Barack Obama are essentially the same guy. They both spent too much money and signed big money, big government bills into law. Bush expanded Medicare with the Drug Benefit plan, signed the absurd No Child Left Behind act, doubled down on the "War on Drugs" ,oversaw never ending war once it had begun and generally spent like a sailor on shore leave. And the Republocrats applauded.

George H. Bush and Bill Clinton had the same boss too. And Ronald Reagan made a real bizarre decision when he granted amnesty to 20 million illegals. Out of character? Sure was but was it planned? 

This underscores the sameness of the administrations. The only difference lies in what groups each “Party” placates with sweetheart taxpayer money give-a-ways when it’s their turn to sit in the Presidents chair.

With the Democrats it’s the Social Services wing and the liberal college professors who reap the rewards and with the Republicans its “Law& Order” types who get the handouts like the Department of Corrections, the Police and The Military. Gotta keep those conflicts going whether it be foreign or domestic.  The “other side” will protest and then vote for it anyway and so the bill will pass. All part of the deal.

With this setup We the People get all sorts of inconvenient crap shoved down our throats like government sponsored abortions, one point nine gallon toilets, ObamaCare, Common Core, NSA listening posts, costly solar and wind power, bloated school lunch programs, our "look the other way" immigration efforts and last but not least, ETHANOL! The benefits of all these "important milestones" are illusionary to the public but are boons to the cronies who set up the businesses that benefit from the public funds and cheap, to them, labor.

But the Three Branches of government, the Democrats, the Republicans and the Media can all agree that they hate Trump and will do anything to derail his campaign. How can you buy a guy with loads of money? It burns.

The Government Media were all patting themselves on the back just last week when they felt they managed to portray him as anti-military just because he mentioned that John McCain wasn’t a war hero just because he was captured. He did actually say he was a war hero but that is of no importance when you’re trying to hold onto power. The thing they forgot however was that EVERYBODY is sick of John McCain and his bullshit , thinks he’s a king-sized jerk and suspects he’s also brain addled, which, of course, he is. So subsequently, nobody worth listening to came to McCain’s defense and Donald Trump’s polls continued to rise.

Just like President Lincoln did back in the Civil War where he dumped McClellan for U.S. Grant, the American People want someone who will fight. They want a leader who will stand with them and against the government bosses who pass laws the people don’t want and don’t want to pay for. They’re tired of the government shell game playing fast and loose with their money.  People see the boarders overrun the schools over run and their jobs leaving the country, their pay checks stay the same and their costs, especially taxes, increasing. They’re tired of being picked clean and being told to lump it.

It’s early yet and it’s still an open battle between The Government’s Candidate Jeb Bush and the people’s champion so far, Donald Trump. The ones who are taking shots at him are also showing themselves and their true colors. In order to attack Mr. Trump, his attackers must expose themselves as being opposed to the principles he's talking about and what he's talking about is what we've been missing in this country for a long time.

There are other strong candidates who also aren't for keeping things the way they are like Scott Walker, Carly Fiorina, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul who stand against the status quo but it’s clear that the major target of the government and their henchmen is not them. Until they start opening up, they will remain in a distant second place.

It is Donald Trump alone who has brought the government minions out into the open for all to see.

Now what are we going do about it?  

Saturday, July 25, 2015

India Wants Money from Britain

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has praised a speech by Shashi Tharoor, a member of Britain's government who is of Indian decent, that called for Great Britain to pony up some dough to make amends for 200 years of British rule in India. 

Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Good luck with that since, as Liberal as the Brits have become, they ain’t THAT Liberal! India has a better chance of seeing Vishnu than they do of seeing a Farthing of reparations from Great Britain.

Of course without the intervention by Great Britain way back when we’ll never know if the people of India would have overthrown the Raj by themselves and then have embarked on a course of self-determination. Such a thing would have probably happened eventually had they not since it always does eventually. The Pendulum never ceases to swing but at this point the world will never know.

The biggest crime I’d say the UK committed and the biggest hurdle that India had to overcome was that when Britain left, they didn’t do anything to show the natives how things were supposed to run. The Brits held onto power long enough for the people who remembered how to do things the old way were gone and not long enough for people to grasp the new way. Without the Empirical Knowledge associated with generations of people growing up in that system, well, these guys were lost. I mean really lost.

And the signs that they never quite got it right are everywhere.

Yep, India got stomped on by Great Britain. But who didn’t in those days? Ireland got stomped on too and worse. The Brits took all the food, drained their resources and left the poorer country folk to starve to death and they still occupy the Northern region of the country. There are a million Irish people on the bottom of the Atlantic. What’s that add up to at 25 bucks a head? Ireland could probably use the cash about now too.

But just because you think you deserve it, to expect such "justice" is to waste one's time since there is no shortage of people who got stomped on by somebody else. NOBODY, no race or country, has a monopoly on pain and there are few walking the Earth today that can claim a moral high ground with a straight face. I find the whole issue hilarious.

Before the Brits, the Vikings came and kicked Ireland's butt.  Oppression and servitude most surely followed. Should Ireland go after Norway now? If India thinks it has a case then so does Ireland.

And even before THAT we had to kiss Caesar’s ring. Celts ended up as slaves to the Romans. Italy is a broke-ass country now so nobody should bother with asking them BUT just because it happened 2000 years ago should Italy be able to claim a Statute of Limitation?

But Ireland will never ask for money. Why? Because the Irish are better and TOUGHER than that. The Irish, and this is most likely from shear habit and repetition, just pick themselves up, brush themselves off and keep living and moving forward.

Everybody in the world has been stomped on at some point on our way to the 21st Century and with leaders like we have today, we’re all poised for a second and in many cases third go around.

The early Romans got stomped on but then became the stompers. The Ancient Greeks did their share of stomping before being stomped upon themselves. The Persians stomped around for awhile, so did the Huns. The Christians and the Moors had a stomping contest and after Spain came out ahead they went across the ocean to stomp on the Aztecs and the Incas before England stomped them but good.

For a while there everybody was stomping on Africa, then Russia stomped on Finland, Czechoslovakia and Poland all the while stomping on themselves which may be a feat never equaled and are again stomping Ukraine. The Germans stomped on Europe TWICE, Japan stomped on China, China is currently stomping on Tibet, the U.S., after eking out a close win over England went on to stomp on Mexico, Hawaii and has made a career out of stomping around in the Middle East.

Australia stomped on the Aborigine and Canada is still looking for someone, ANYONE to stomp on since they got stomped the last time in 1812. There’s more stomping left un-chronicled I know but there are just so many hours in a day.

So what are you gonna do?  Nobody seems to have learned a damned thing.

So who are you going to ask for money? 

The Libertarian motto is: “Protect Yourself at All Times”.

Yes, I know, that’s from the Marquis de Queensbury’s rules for Boxing but it certainly applies to everybody. Who is in a better position to protect you than you? Some people are unclear on the concept and somehow believe that government will protect them, feed them and educate them. This “Wrong Thinking” needs correcting. You are not # 1 to government. You ain’t even # 2.

We’ve all had to pay some group or organization for protections whether it be a King, a Duke, a Lord, A Dictator, a Raj, a Prime Minister or a President. The problem arises when we come to a point where we need somebody else to protect US from THEM and this will always fall to the people themselves.

So when times start to suck, an independent person will figure out the steps they need to take to protect themselves and their loved ones under the circumstances that have been thrust upon them. They’ll stash some hard currency in a place they can get to it if they need it, they’ll buy some gold, they’ll put away a month or two of dry goods to get by in the event of shortages and they’ll buy a gun and ammo to protect it all if the shit should hit the fan.

What they won’t do is blame someone else for their problems and beg money for perceived past wrongs. That is not the Libertarian Way, that is the Liberal Way and the way of no accountability for one’s actions. Depending on government will only keep you a peasant.

We all get a chance in this world but with the way things are in a world of cultural and economic disparity, SOMEBODY is going to get the short end of the stick. We may not all get a square deal in life but we all have options and choices and nobody, not entirely, is holding a gun to anybody’s head when it comes to many of the chances we take and choices we make. Only ONE person owns you.

You can vote with your emotions, vote with your logic or vote with your feet and it’s the combination of these actions, by millions of people every day that determine the course of human history. You can stand and fight and you can cut and run. That part is up to you. It's your choice.

India should just toughen up. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Trump Is Right About John McCain

All John McCain ever ran on was his 5 years in captivity. He has managed to parlay his abuse at the hands of the North Vietnamese into a 29 year U.S. Senate gig. And what has he done in all that time?

 What is he doing lately?

All he does now is stand in the way of progress and criticize ideas that are outside of what he thinks is right.

But when has McCain been right?

Was it in his collaborations with Ted Kennedy?

He was for Amnesty for Illegals before he was against Amnesty for Illegals.

He's called Trump supporters "crazy" (they're Republicans btw) criticized the Tea Party who are more or less just regular working class folks who put down their hedge clippers, baking pans and took off their yard gloves to get together to say that they are tired of the government taking their money and using it for pursuits they felt were outside the realm of decency like government subsidized abortions which we have now seen has morphed into the harvesting of human organs for sale and trade. Perhaps our government shouldn’t be in this business.

The Tea Party is also tired of seeing their money taken out of their pockets and used to subsidize somebody else when they and their kids could have used the money just as much as anybody else. The difference, of course, was that THEY were the ones who EARNED it in the first place. It was this unevenness of purpose and confiscation that created the Tea Party and who the fuck is John McCain to criticize their efforts to bring about political change.

It isn’t like they were out in the streets looting stores and burning 7-11s to get noticed or yelling "Hands up, don't Tread on Me!"

McCain was always a big government type who never met a war he didn't vote for. In fact, his answer to most foreign policy problems is to send in the military. And this after the U.S. has basically been fighting constantly since WWII. There was a week or two in the mid 1980s, I think we were either at peace or our covert operations weren't discovered, take your pick.

And why did the Vietnamese beat him so? Because he was a flyer in an immoral overseas war dropping napalm on villages with women and children. That's not in his bio is it? It was Vietnam, just what did you think jet pilots did in that war, drop leaflets? It has been estimated that 5 million North Vietnamese were killed in the Vietnam conflict. We don't know for sure since many families were living hand-to-mouth underground and many were buried in the bombings, never to be found. But dying in a Napalm attack was worse. The flames would suck all the oxygen out of the air so if you didn't burn to death, you suffocated.  This was the mission of a jet pilot in Vietnam.

And what has McCain done concerning the VA? Beyond lip service, nothing. Once it's out of the headlines, it's off of his radar screen. John McCain is not working tirelessly behind the scenes to improve the VA hospital system. For a guy so willing to send America's youth off to war, he's not so helpful when they come back broken and in tatters. Illegal aliens do get treated better than our veterans with free emergency room visits and even taxpayer funded dialysis. I don't see Senator McCain championing this for the vets.

Donald Trump does not like John McCain. I don’t like John McCain. Plenty of people don’t like John McCain. And we’ve all got plenty of reasons. Donald Trump has put these frustrations with our One Party System into words. For this he is being attacked on all sides. That should tell you something.  What other candidate is doing this? What other candidate is actually speaking their mind and challenging the bullshit way our country is being run, the bullshit political pundits and the bullshit media? It's certainly not John McCain!

It will only be until the real working class gets angry and decides to do something will anything get done. We’re all working harder, trying to hold onto our jobs longer, trying to hold onto our money and trying to provide for our own in the face of overwhelming big government intervention in the marketplace, in our lives and in our pocketbooks.

I'm sorry John McCain suffered in the service to our country no matter how misguided that was but now the country is suffering and John McCain is part of THE PROBLEM, not The Solution. There is nothing that he has proposed or is going to propose that is going to make things any better for the rest of us. He is only for holding onto power. He’s not in it for us, he’s in it for John McCain. He does not know anything else.

I'm tired of the guy, he should just go away.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Message to European Union: Don’t Do It!

Message to EU: Don’t Bail Out Greece...again!

How many times are you guys going to fall for this Scam? Greece is Grifting the European Union AGAIN! Please wise up and snap out if it. You'll feel so much better later. 

The Greek Madhouse they call a Parliament has pushed the EU’s major player(s), meaning Germany to the brink and then pulled back far enough to draw them in again because NOW the Greeks feel that they can comply with the EUs financial demands IF they can get, this time, a five year bailout deal. 

Does anybody see where this is going? 

These guys in the EU have got to have rocks in their heads if they are going to part with any more of their taxpayer’s dough. After all the money that they’ve already put into Greece with NO return, none!

How desperate and foolish the EU will look. First with even trying to make a deal at this late hour in a pie-in-the-sky Hail Mary pass and then the foolish part comes later when they again have the football pulled from underfoot just as they were about to kick it as Greece plays Lucy to the EUs Charlie Brown.

Do we have to continue to bear witness to this, the world’s longest running drama and this latest “Will she, won’t she” episode that, although it was years in the making, it's so boring to watch.

The European Union ought to just throw in the towel on a bailout plan and chalk it all up to an expensive education by the Commie Greek Nut-jobs that they should have known  better than to get involved with. The EU ministers mothers were all heard to say “ See? I TOLD you not to play with those kids!”. They should have listened to mother.

If the EU won’t take into consideration it's own well-being and the quality of life for their own taxpayers, perhaps they can do ME a favor and get on with the business of getting Greece out of the EU sooner than later. It’s NOT going to get any better. Just more years of  talks and catered lunches, first class flight accommodations and black limousine rides with Television cameras and people asking the same stupid question over and over, "What has this crisis got to do with Global Warming?". Maybe I'm wrong, maybe this sort of thing is something the self-important rulers of Europe never get tired of. Hell, it beats digging a ditch!

So if not for you, do it for me. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put me out of my misery. If this Dog and Pony show goes on any longer, I don’t think I’m gonna survive. How can you all do this day after day and get nothing done for YEARS?

It’s like watching some YouTube video of "Russians doing Crazy Shit". I want to live my life in peace but I just can’t  look away. Everyone can see it coming except the guy in the video. What was that guy thinking? How long will he be able to hold on?

You've been warned.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Donald Trump: A Better Mitt Romney

They aren’t exact opposites by any stretch. Both 2012 Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney and 2016 Presidential Candidate Donald Trump are self-made men. They both got where they are today by making good decisions in business, took financial risks and have reaped the rewards of those risks and the hard work it took.

Mitt Romney saved the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics from ruin. Not only that but those Games marked the first time in modern Olympic History, that’s since Athens 1896 mind you, that earned a profit.

Donald Trump has made and lost and then made a fortune.

Where Mitt Romney saved and Olympics, Donald Trump saved a television network.

His series Celebrity Apprentice has put the American entrepreneurial spirit on world-wide display.  Donald Trump is one of the worlds most recognized faces. Can you see this guy visiting Japan? The trains will be late in Tokyo, that's for sure. How about Trump going England? The Beatles, who? The Royal Family will be picking him up at the airport.

And negotiating trade deals with…well, anybody.

The big difference is that Mitt Romney either never spoke his mind or gave a hell of an appearance of never quite giving voice to an unvarnished opinion of his own and defending it. Mitt Romney weighed every word and it cost him the 2012 Presidency.

Donald Trump does not have this issue.

Not one to suffer in silence or suffer fools in these soon-to-be desperate times, Trump has taken the initiative. He's not going to sit there and just take it. He's hitting first and he's hitting back. 

The China Market is cracking and trying to blow another bubble as quickly as they can to put off the debt a few more years. That trick never works.  The Chinese government is loaning people money, through their banks, to purchase stock to keep the market prices afloat.

Anyone feel comfortable with this idea?

So the Chinese right now are treading water as fast as their little feet will allow them but one doesn’t have far to look to see the shaky pins most American state and city municipalities are on also. The tax base is pushed to its limits and most have a growing retirement liability looming in the new American Deflationary Era. Our big unwieldy governments at all levels, bound by legally negotiated contracts, can do nothing but stand there, continue contractual spending and crack open like an egg. 

Someone is going to have to be the Money Man. There are a few other strong money men in the field but Donald Trump is their peer, they would all work well together. That’s what good management does. Both Trump and Romney have this quality.

But Trumps refusal to put up with the nattering nabobs of the Left and their usual snide assassinations stands out because there are so many people who have been waiting for someone to stand up and just fight back short and sharp. The best part is that Trump is taking his message to the people with the aiding and abetting of his very attackers, the Press. He's on their dime. 

Everybody sees what’s been going on and now Trump is talking about it loud and gaining the ears of the public as a result.

It’s a strong message.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Anarchist Mentality

My last girlfriend was and remains an Anarchist.

I have to admit that living here in suburbia that one doesn’t get to meet or have everyday interaction with a real Anarchist so it was a bit of a shock to the system upon the revelation of that Anarchist attitude toward our society as it is presently.

We met on an Internet dating site and she lives in the city of Boston.

The thing that attracted me to her was that we had similar backgrounds. I was born into the projects of the City of Boston and she was born into the projects of New York City. We both had gone to public school, were around the same age, liked many of the same things culturally and were, essentially, city dwellers. We were both employed although she works for a public radio station in the city and I work in the private sector out in the burbs.

What I didn’t like about the relationship was her attitude. Her attitude politically, in my opinion, was disturbing.

It wasn’t that she was a Liberal, because she was and I could deal with that, but also her distain for and desire to destroy the pillars of what had built in the United States from the very beginning. The tenants of Capitalism, self reliance, of working hard to build wealth, private ownership of property and even Democracy when it got in the way of what was "Right".

She wished for the whole system to collapse, the economic system, the political system, our society and yes, our Constitution, the document upon which is was all built, to be done away with. This was unbelievable to me.

I would ask “Well doll, what would you propose we replace it all with?” No clue. She didn’t care about that part. “You know, I continued, this will hurt not just the well-to-do but the working class and yourself as well. If the system is destroyed, wouldn’t you lose everything too?” She didn’t care about that either. It was only important that the people who were in power lost theirs and the consequences to her, her family and her friends were secondary.

This is the mind of the Anarchist. They don’t care who gets hurt or what happens afterward, they only wish to tear down what is there now. There is no thought of "after". 

Greece is currently displaying the Anarchist Mentality as it has been plying its Con Game with the European Union. Greece didn’t join the EU to be a part of something greater, they joined because they saw an opportunity to scam some money from some high-minded aristocrats who traditionally had looked down their noses at them. They saw an opportunity to spend other people’s money because they know that once established, the EU would throw more money at them to hold it together. Now when they’ve pushed the EU monetary ministers to their breaking point, Greece, which has already stated that they are in War Mode, will only work to pry the EU apart. Too bad the EU didn't believe it when they first heard this said. 

But this is what Anarchists do. It’s Comeuppance. To them, it’s what the EU deserves for taking home a sick, half-dead rattlesnake and nursing it back to health. They should have known better. You cannot expect gratitude from a snake. 

One place where I think the paths of my ex-girlfriend and I diverged was when my family had to enter the projects in Roxbury, my mom, who was the head of the household, remained working. We were in public housing but we didn’t go on the welfare track. She had always worked from a young age, from fighting boys for the coal that fell off railroad coal bins as the trains passed by during the first Great Depression and then in the war factories of WWII. She ran a giant turret lathe and drilled cannon barrels for tanks. She always told us how the oil that lubricated the drill wreaked havoc with her complexion. When the boys came home from the war, the women were let go and told to start families. The work ethic stayed strong and when she was left widowed with three children, she went back to work.

In the projects, where few people actually got up everyday and went to work, Ma got up every day and went to work. We saw this. This is how the work ethic is built. There were things we couldn't do with her because she was working. There were things she couldn't do with us because she was working. That's why they call it "work". This also fostered resentment among those who did not work and there were tensions, threats and sometime physical violence which myself and my older brothers had to deal with. Me being the youngest, I became the easiest target for some of this. We were different and the "so, you think you're better than me?" mentality was evident. This is a divide for the ages. When they couldn't get to us, they went after my mother's car and that had to be defended too on occasion. And one of my most vivid memories was one winter when ma slipped on the ice, fell hard, hitting her head and then getting up and still going into work. She said the next day that she doesn't remember a thing about the day or what she did.

Back then women weren’t viewed as the bread winners and you only got your start as a secretary. A secretary salary only goes so far.  Still, through hard work, taking college courses at night and seeking higher opportunities, ma was able to work herself into a better position to get the family out of the projects which she eventually succeeded when I was halfway through elementary school and my brothers were entering junior high school. She bought a house, not the best house, in a suburb of Boston in a blue collar neighborhood. Up to the time we could work, we never asked for money.

Neither I nor my three brothers went to our high school Proms. We didn’t go on school trips that required money. We didn’t go out to eat much except for an occasional trip to McDonald’s or Howdy’s and a big trip was going to Lake Pearl way out in Franklin, MA to swim. When we got old enough to work, we saved every dime and contributed to the house. One brother and I both worked our way through college, myself through night school. We took nothing and we owed nothing. 

My girlfriend’s upbringing paints a different picture. When her family came to New York from Puerto Rico, they went on public assistance even though they had an intact family unit since her father and mother, who were married, were together. She lived in public housing right up until she graduated high school and went to college. College was paid for through the State since she lived in public housing and was “poor”. The family was all this time on the welfare system. She went to the University of New York and also got her master’s from prestigious California University, all on the public arm.  She now works for a “non-profit” communications group funded by the State and by listener contributions making a better wage than I do. Was that life hard for them? I bet it was but it was very different from my experience growing up.

So it stands to reason that she would be All In on the Welfare State since all that she is today is because of it. The gulf between us was wide and deep and although I was very fond of her, our relationship was doomed.

One time I noted that my organization really likes to hire minorities and would do so at every opportunity yet, due to the nature of the work, most don’t tend to stay long. She asked me what kind of community outreach we were doing to correct this “problem”.

My reply was, after “Are you fucking kidding me?!” was that we are an equal opportunity employer and if someone, anyone, can’t make an effort to apply (online even) and walk in our door for an interview, what good will it do to go looking for them? Success does not cater to the unmotivated. Community outreach indeed. We have plenty of Portuguese employees since we are located on the south coast of Massachusetts, THEY are a minority group and THEY seem to have no trouble finding the place.

This is a fundamental rift of the entitled. They hate the very system that hands them everything and they should since we’re doing nobody any favors by giving them the very things they could earn themselves if given half a chance. In this instance the Welfare State served only to create and support Anti-Capitalists and Anarchists.  

At least one that I know anyway.

One sees people doing well and works to get ahead like they did and the other just wants to take it away from them by force if necessary as if somehow they cheated them or others to get where they are and are keeping them down through The System! If only they were allowed to make it so.

But there are many others just like her who work with us, walk among us and are currently in our government. Judge the actions and not the words but their words give them away if we actually take the time to listen to them. Anarchists tell us everyday what they are after. We just refuse to believe it. 

Because of the situations of our upbringing, both of us were left with chips on our shoulders. But only one of us wants to destroy what another has built. Sure there is corruption but there is plenty that was built the right way, through hard work, commitment and capital risk. Capitalism may not work for everybody but no system does and we only need to view history to tell us how well Socialism has worked.

Socialism has sunk Greece. It sank Venezuela and Brazil. It will sink Spain. It will sink Italy. And it will most certainly sink the United States of America so yes, my ex will most likely get her wish and feel good about being a part of its downfall. The white European majority, whatever that really is, will fall. But what then?

Zimbabwe got rid of the Europeans and within a year after many of them were drinking out of mud puddles and dying of Cholera in the streets while their economy collapsed and the nation fell to ruins. It’s still a ruin.

But they didn’t care. Anarchists don't think that far ahead. It wasn’t about them living; it was about destroying the white farmers and taking what they had built. That was all that mattered. They neither thought nor cared where the food was going to come from. They didn’t know shit about running a farm but they drove out the ones who did because that’s what Anarchy does. It destroys indiscriminately and without a plan for the future.

Once the Communists gained power in Russia, they quickly learned their plans didn’t work but still took 78 years to collapse. The misery the people of Russia suffered under the Soviet Union is well documented and heart rending.

All the Marxists cared about was taking power, what happened after that was not important and subject to improvisation.

Anarchists can’t run a country. Terrorists can’t keep the lights on.

They can only destroy.