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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Trump Is Right About John McCain

All John McCain ever ran on was his 5 years in captivity. He has managed to parlay his abuse at the hands of the North Vietnamese into a 29 year U.S. Senate gig. And what has he done in all that time?

 What is he doing lately?

All he does now is stand in the way of progress and criticize ideas that are outside of what he thinks is right.

But when has McCain been right?

Was it in his collaborations with Ted Kennedy?

He was for Amnesty for Illegals before he was against Amnesty for Illegals.

He's called Trump supporters "crazy" (they're Republicans btw) criticized the Tea Party who are more or less just regular working class folks who put down their hedge clippers, baking pans and took off their yard gloves to get together to say that they are tired of the government taking their money and using it for pursuits they felt were outside the realm of decency like government subsidized abortions which we have now seen has morphed into the harvesting of human organs for sale and trade. Perhaps our government shouldn’t be in this business.

The Tea Party is also tired of seeing their money taken out of their pockets and used to subsidize somebody else when they and their kids could have used the money just as much as anybody else. The difference, of course, was that THEY were the ones who EARNED it in the first place. It was this unevenness of purpose and confiscation that created the Tea Party and who the fuck is John McCain to criticize their efforts to bring about political change.

It isn’t like they were out in the streets looting stores and burning 7-11s to get noticed or yelling "Hands up, don't Tread on Me!"

McCain was always a big government type who never met a war he didn't vote for. In fact, his answer to most foreign policy problems is to send in the military. And this after the U.S. has basically been fighting constantly since WWII. There was a week or two in the mid 1980s, I think we were either at peace or our covert operations weren't discovered, take your pick.

And why did the Vietnamese beat him so? Because he was a flyer in an immoral overseas war dropping napalm on villages with women and children. That's not in his bio is it? It was Vietnam, just what did you think jet pilots did in that war, drop leaflets? It has been estimated that 5 million North Vietnamese were killed in the Vietnam conflict. We don't know for sure since many families were living hand-to-mouth underground and many were buried in the bombings, never to be found. But dying in a Napalm attack was worse. The flames would suck all the oxygen out of the air so if you didn't burn to death, you suffocated.  This was the mission of a jet pilot in Vietnam.

And what has McCain done concerning the VA? Beyond lip service, nothing. Once it's out of the headlines, it's off of his radar screen. John McCain is not working tirelessly behind the scenes to improve the VA hospital system. For a guy so willing to send America's youth off to war, he's not so helpful when they come back broken and in tatters. Illegal aliens do get treated better than our veterans with free emergency room visits and even taxpayer funded dialysis. I don't see Senator McCain championing this for the vets.

Donald Trump does not like John McCain. I don’t like John McCain. Plenty of people don’t like John McCain. And we’ve all got plenty of reasons. Donald Trump has put these frustrations with our One Party System into words. For this he is being attacked on all sides. That should tell you something.  What other candidate is doing this? What other candidate is actually speaking their mind and challenging the bullshit way our country is being run, the bullshit political pundits and the bullshit media? It's certainly not John McCain!

It will only be until the real working class gets angry and decides to do something will anything get done. We’re all working harder, trying to hold onto our jobs longer, trying to hold onto our money and trying to provide for our own in the face of overwhelming big government intervention in the marketplace, in our lives and in our pocketbooks.

I'm sorry John McCain suffered in the service to our country no matter how misguided that was but now the country is suffering and John McCain is part of THE PROBLEM, not The Solution. There is nothing that he has proposed or is going to propose that is going to make things any better for the rest of us. He is only for holding onto power. He’s not in it for us, he’s in it for John McCain. He does not know anything else.

I'm tired of the guy, he should just go away.

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