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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Donald Trump: A Better Mitt Romney

They aren’t exact opposites by any stretch. Both 2012 Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney and 2016 Presidential Candidate Donald Trump are self-made men. They both got where they are today by making good decisions in business, took financial risks and have reaped the rewards of those risks and the hard work it took.

Mitt Romney saved the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics from ruin. Not only that but those Games marked the first time in modern Olympic History, that’s since Athens 1896 mind you, that earned a profit.

Donald Trump has made and lost and then made a fortune.

Where Mitt Romney saved and Olympics, Donald Trump saved a television network.

His series Celebrity Apprentice has put the American entrepreneurial spirit on world-wide display.  Donald Trump is one of the worlds most recognized faces. Can you see this guy visiting Japan? The trains will be late in Tokyo, that's for sure. How about Trump going England? The Beatles, who? The Royal Family will be picking him up at the airport.

And negotiating trade deals with…well, anybody.

The big difference is that Mitt Romney either never spoke his mind or gave a hell of an appearance of never quite giving voice to an unvarnished opinion of his own and defending it. Mitt Romney weighed every word and it cost him the 2012 Presidency.

Donald Trump does not have this issue.

Not one to suffer in silence or suffer fools in these soon-to-be desperate times, Trump has taken the initiative. He's not going to sit there and just take it. He's hitting first and he's hitting back. 

The China Market is cracking and trying to blow another bubble as quickly as they can to put off the debt a few more years. That trick never works.  The Chinese government is loaning people money, through their banks, to purchase stock to keep the market prices afloat.

Anyone feel comfortable with this idea?

So the Chinese right now are treading water as fast as their little feet will allow them but one doesn’t have far to look to see the shaky pins most American state and city municipalities are on also. The tax base is pushed to its limits and most have a growing retirement liability looming in the new American Deflationary Era. Our big unwieldy governments at all levels, bound by legally negotiated contracts, can do nothing but stand there, continue contractual spending and crack open like an egg. 

Someone is going to have to be the Money Man. There are a few other strong money men in the field but Donald Trump is their peer, they would all work well together. That’s what good management does. Both Trump and Romney have this quality.

But Trumps refusal to put up with the nattering nabobs of the Left and their usual snide assassinations stands out because there are so many people who have been waiting for someone to stand up and just fight back short and sharp. The best part is that Trump is taking his message to the people with the aiding and abetting of his very attackers, the Press. He's on their dime. 

Everybody sees what’s been going on and now Trump is talking about it loud and gaining the ears of the public as a result.

It’s a strong message.

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