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Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Media IS the Enemy of the People!

And it always has been. The difference now is that we know it too.

By conspiring to keep the American public in the dark about the collusion and subterfuge by government organizations on the manufactured issue of Global Climate Warming Change, by looking the other way when illegal immigrants kill American citizens in their homes and on our road ways, by purposely manufacturing crisis at home and abroad to keep you in ignorance and fear, the National Media has done the American Public, the people they are supposed to serve, no service at all. 

Back in the days of 3 television channels, The National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) The Columbia Broadcasting System, (CBS) and the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) had a lock on information and they all put out the same “news”.

Back then, the planet was cooling. Yes, getting colder, the future showed that the Earth would be a block of ice, and we worried about it. Back then the government was run by the Good Guys. And these good guys defended the United States from the people we were told were BAD PEOPLE. Countries like China, Russia and Cuba. They were BAD. That's what were were told and are STILL being told. No agenda to follow there, these people were just not LIKE US.

We had guys like Dwight D. Eisenhower saying that we HAD to call off the free and agreed upon elections in Vietnam and instead invade so that the world could have their Tungsten. That’s right, Tungsten. The media was alright with that in the beginning. It took over a decade to change their minds about it. 

The big 3 and the government controlled the narrative and you got what they wanted you to get.

And the media today was alright with Affordable Care Act even though any clear thinking person could see what it was going to do to the economy and here they sat by for 8 years and watched it turn to shit. Not a peep out of the National Leftist Media except an occasional question to the last president, “What’s his name,” about his fucking golf game.

This is what they did not do for you the American People. No “News” outlet sent a camera around to these small towns to see the empty store fronts, the closed factories or the idle people on the dole.

They did NOTHING but glad-talk everything.

Some Past Examples

Remember in 2012 when NBC edited the 911 call that George Zimmerman made to police before he killed Travon Martin in a fight to make him look like he killed the man-child in cold blood? Remember that it was CNN that repeatedly referred to Mr. Zimmerman as a "White Hispanic"?

Who was served by that? Not you and not me.

Or back in 1993 when NBC had to admit that it rigged a Chevy Truck to blow up to "prove" that they were unstable in a crash and prone to explosion. The only problem was they couldn't get the truck to explode! So they had to help it along a bit.

It's because, as former CBS "reporter" Dan Rather said back in 2004 when he got caught peddling a phony story about then President G.W. Bush's military record " The story is true, it's the documents that are fake!" But there is a good reason for that; to the Political Left...

Facts don't matter!  

It wasn't Donald Trump who hurt the National Media's credibility, the reason nobody believes a word out of their mouths is their own doing. The truth would stick in their throats if they ever had the nerve to try to tell it. But they won't try because they can't.

NOT the Free Press

They are not the Free Press, they are the Bought and Paid For Press. Big difference. 

For years they've looked the other way while the moneyed elite made their deals. They went to the parties the bomb-makers threw and the laughed the laugh of people who didn't have to worry about their next paycheck because the were the king-makers, Media Made Men.   

So for far too long we got: "And that's the news. Now shut-up and sit down!"

Enter the Internet!

But now the Internet has changed all that. You don’t need the government to give you the news. You don’t have to listen to or even believe the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to tell you the temperature or a God-Damned Government Agency (GDGA) to tell you that trading Carbon Credits isn’t a fucking swindle or that the government isn’t in bed with the big corporations to keep low wage workers piling into this country so YOU won’t have a pot to piss in.

You don’t have to believe what the Government Media is telling you because what their telling you isn’t true you stupid sheep! Wikileaks has only proven what we all had long expected: That your government was not only lying to you but spying on you intensely to boot! 

So why would you listen when NBC, Reuters, CBS, ABC, CNN or ANY of these bought-and-paid-for PROSTITUTES say that President Trump’s 4 week old administration is in Turmoil? Why would you believe Russian's hacked the election? Why would you believe ANYTHING these people have to say? And just because they continue to have a forum to put their swill out on the airwaves every day over and over even though they themselves know it’s a lie and their doing it for only ONE purpose.

And that’s to keep YOU stupid, in the dark, under-employed, over-taxed, under-educated and out of the fucking American Dream while they and their LORDS hand the wealth of this nation to OTHERS!

So why are you still giving them the time of day? Someone lies to me once and I know it, there isn’t another thing I’m going to believe. Am I alone in this world?

I think not!

Our Media system is broken. Their only real function is supposed to report the truth but they do not. 

They Leftist Media has been caught out as liars and liars they'll be until they stop. 

They have not only let the American people down but have maliciously deceived us time and again. This is reprehensible conduct but now we know it. 

We're onto them.  

Saturday, February 11, 2017

ObamaCare Has To Go…Now!

The U.S. economy is never going to get better until the Affordable Care Act is repealed in total.

What do we replace it with?

Replace it with nothing. 

The less that government is involved with healthcare, the better.  Just look at what a wonderful job the government has done since it got involved in the American school system.

Scrap ObamaCare. The longer it is allowed to linger the worse off everyone will be.

The Affordable Care Act is the single biggest economic blunder that has blown a hole in our often touted but yet unverified “Economic Recovery” of the last EIGHT YEARS! That is not economic recovery that is stagnation. For eight years, despite the forged jobs numbers, the glad-talk and the media propaganda, we have had miserable growth. People are working two part-time jobs, contract jobs or not working and flat small business growth all because the cost of insuring people in the workforce has grown so high that companies have balked at hiring. ObamaCare has made people too expensive and as a result fueled the growth of automation.

It also shows in the actions of large U.S. employers who can just get workers from India under H-1B visas and pay them minimum wage. Or use Indian and Mexican companies as outsourced call centers and pay them even less than that. 

And of course, they don’t have to pay for their healthcare.

In 2012 my co-pay, the payment I made to see my regular doctor, was $15.00 a visit. I could see, say, a cardiologist for the same payment.  My deductible, the yearly out-of-pocket medical expenses I was responsible to pay before the insurance company started covering was $500.00 for the year.

As of 2016 my co-pay is $25.00 for my regular doctor, $45.00 for the Cardiologist who is now a “Specialist” and my deductible is now $1500.00 out-of-pocket.

My employer will pay 582.71 per month for this year’s coverage or $6,992.52 in total.

This is for a single person. The family plan is double this expense.

That's a lot of money.

This is what has happened in 5 years under ObamaCare. What will the next five years bring? 


It is a downward spiral of less money, less resources, more work for those employed and no future for those who aren’t. Less money to spend to keep the economy going because it’s all getting sucked up into these Free Lunch medical services for “The Poor”.

There is no fixing this plan. It must be scrapped and the sooner the better for all involved. It will not get better, it can only get worse and all the protesting in the world isn’t going to change the reality of the fact that there just isn’t enough money in the world to make Socialized Medicine work. It never has. It’s failing every place it’s been tried. Canada? Failing. Britain? Failing. Cuba? Ha, you’re kidding me, right?

Things weren’t perfect before Obama injected yet more government involvement in the medical industry so government should not add anything more.

Market forces will return with freedom of choice. Let people buy their healthcare from outside sources and across state lines. Let people only pay for the services they need instead of forcing them to carry useless services they won’t be using and make sure the people who are paying nothing, pay SOMETHING. Otherwise they won’t respect the system.

Health Insurance should be something I can carry with me instead of with my employer. This kind of market mobility will allow more people to be in business for themselves.

But the cheapest way for people to afford their healthcare is for government to get out of the healthcare business. Government only adds bureaucratic overhead and runs deficits. Neither of these forces is conducive to affordable ANYTHING.

The GOP has to grow a backbone and perform some tough-love for the victims of the New Slave Culture, the culture that craves their government give-a-ways and will fight in the streets to keep them.

Like it’s their right to destroy the economy.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Trump Must Purge the Unbelievers

President Trump must start to toss the bitter dregs of the former Presidential regime of…”What’s His Name” into the streets of DC and tell ‘em they don’t have to go home but they can’t stay here. Their time is over! 

All those Goose-stepping Leftist bum-kissers have got to go and go now.  It’s time for them all to have to actually look for jobs and it is a great fantasy of mine to believe that there can’t possibly be enough non-profit organizations to absorb ALL of them.

But I could be wrong about that because there sure is a shit-load of of non-profit organizations on the American landscape scamming the tax code with their holier-than-though money making schemes you wouldn’t believe and jamming the air-waves with hungry children, abortion “counseling”, wish-making, panda bears and green amnesty for PBS and AARP.

Maybe all these good-for-nothings WILL actually get jobs after all!

Yep, no other country on the planet like the U.S.

But the point is that they should all have to go find a new job and the sooner the better for the sake of the voter’s revolt against the failed Socialist Politics of the past. The sooner Mr. Trump dumps these vile spawn of the former regime, the faster the nation and its people will profit.

There is no trusting what they'll do next, what spigot they'll leave unattended or what stink-bomb they'll let off in the transgender lavatory. They can't be trusted and right now there's too many to watch. So dump them all! 

The best example is former interim U.S. Attorney General Sally Yates. She has become the Poster Child of Treachery to President Trump's fledgling administration. 

The U.S. Attorney General serves at the pleasure of the President and cannot pick and choose what laws to follow. We’ve had enough of that Bullshit already so Sally Yates not only should’ve been fired, she should get her law license yanked and have to get in the unemployment line with all the other Flying Monkeys of the former Marxist Leader who, far from the fray, is busying himself by playing golf in Palm Springs, planning his lecture tour and laughing all the way to the bank. 

Can any of his former coat-holders, apologists and smoke-blowers even use him as a reference? I wouldn’t.

The old regime has been repudiated. Everything they did has turned to shit and will be undone. The sands of time will erase, yet again, the latest band of pirates that have attempted to RULE instead of Govern these United States.

So let the purges begin.  Say it from the mountain tops, say it from the Oval Office, say it in a Tweet but please say it now Mr. President:

You’re Fired!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Trump Juggernaut Steamrolls Sanctuary Cities

As President Trump would say; “Such a good idea. Such a good idea, folks.”

Entering the country illegally doesn't make you a citizen any more than breaking into a house makes you a part of the family. 

There should be no Federal reward for defying the law. Especially some as important as Immigration Law. It's not like we're talking about banning weed. This is the stuff that causes nations to tumble. 

To drive home the type of mentality we're dealing with in these liberal states, Massachusetts State Attorney General and failed Gubernatorial candidate once said; “It’s technically not illegal to be illegal in Massachusetts.’

This is what we're dealing with. 
These Liberal Mayoral syndicates running these illegal Safe Harbors like to refer to the United States as a "Nation of Immigrants" and we are but not everyone coming into the country is an immigrant as defined by law. 

Some immigrants, like my Great Grand Parents, came over legally. The Irish were invited by industrialists of the day to come to America with the full blessing of the Federal Government. A process was put into play to receive them all at Ellis Island. People came and were processed into the nation. This included delousing and vaccination shots. 

That was the process and that was LEGAL.

But what is happening is certainly not legal and it’s not right. Neither is it right to use taxpayer dollars in the support of illegal immigration. There’s no future in a nation doing such things and everyone knows.

The Political Left likes to draw the bizarre parallel that the illegal alien situation is akin to the old Boston Abolitionist movement prior to the last Civil War. They are sheltering these illegals from the big bad Federal Government that who wishes to send them back to their impoverished underdeveloped nations.

Well, yeah, that’s the idea. They’re here illegally and they’re breaking the law. And it is the lax enforcement of our immigration laws that has been pissing off U.S. Citizens, naturalized and indigenous alike, for well over a decade. They’re jumping the line and causing big problems socially and economically. 

That's what the LAST president, What's His Name, allowed. 

Limousine-Liberal Do-Gooders don’t give a flying shit about people coming into the country legally and playing by the rules. That’s just the wrong kind of immigrant to them. Just like the rest of us tax-paying, law abiding citizens over the last 8 years, they don’t count.

We see this Leftist Myopia all the time in their bizarre acceptance of the subjugation of women by Saudi Arabia, the dismissal of success by the “wrong black people” like Justice Clarence Thomas and former Florida Congressman Allen West and ignoring the historical achievements of the “wrong women” like Trump Campaign Manager Kelly Anne Conway and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

They’re just not the role models the Left can leverage. 

Breaking Federal Law doesn't give cities the right to receive taxpayer dollars to support illegal aliens with perks ranging from free rent, free healthcare and free college tuition. These city mayors can still skirt the law but they will have to get the money from somewhere else. 

That somewhere else, btw, is going to be from local taxpayers. Lets just see how happy they'll be with the added cost of their "Compassion". 

President Trump has every right to pull Federal funding from these self-declared Sanctuary Cities and they know it better than anyone. 

This move and the move to pull funding from overseas abortion providers is the start of the dismantling of the Federal Gravy Train on many levels and saving taxpayer cash as a result.

There are better things to do with the money. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Obama Cult Thrives

Cult:/ a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object , a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing.

An election was held and the result was that President Obama’s entire 8 years in office was repudiated and rejected by a majority of the American Voting Public.

Citizen businessman Donald Trump, a man nobody but a few observant individuals thought would win the presidency won the presidency. Why?

Because the Cult of the Political Left has forgotten that it’s the people who work that matter most in this country and you can’t ignore them forever. Or for 8 years in this instance.

The Left in Denial

So the Left invents Russian Intervention. The Left invents the Myth of the Popular Vote. The Left invents ANY excuse except the reality that their own blind indoctrinated Marxism DOES NOT WORK…Again!

But they won’t believe it. It had to be something else, some outside force, some THING that got in the way of their POWER GRAB.

And it was all only a power grab since they knew from the beginning that none of the crap they were pulling was going to put one FARTHING into the pockets of the poor or the middle class. It was all designed to put THEM in a position that would eventually be impossible to dislodge them from. It would be the Political Left who would Dictate. The Political Left that would Command!

But a funny thing about this country and the world’s most unique document, the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights, that governs it.

It still works!

And those alive today are witness, love it or not, to our nations system of government. You don’t like what’s happening? Well, you CAN change it after all now can’t you?

It still remains to be seen where this all will lead but one thing is for sure, the group that was leading the nation to certain Chaos is no longer at the helm. They are OUT! And good riddance because THEY SUCKED ASS!

Obama Could Do No Wrong

But yet he was so wrong on almost everything. I could run a litany of willfully executed actions that really can’t be called mistakes because, well, President Obama did them all on purpose. He had a plan to execute and he did so to the best of his abilities. He tried so hard to break the nation. He tried to break us by squandering the nation’s funds. He tried to break us by regulating businesses out of existence. He tried to break us by blowing a hole in the U.S. economy with his useless takeover to the national medical industry and driving costs through the roof. He tried to break us by sending our military everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Mr. Obama tried so many ways to destroy, pull down and deconstruct the American Way of Life.

But he couldn’t do it.

The U.S. System of government was designed specifically for a guy like Obama and the nation’s founders knew a guy like him was going to come. There have been bad presidents before but never was there a president that actually hated what the United States stood for. In this aspect, Mr. Barack Obama stands alone atop the Parthenon of bad Presidents. He is the worst. Former president Jimmy Carter can now breathe a sigh of relief.

The Real Fake News

But to hear the tale told by the Leftist press, the Affordable Care Act was the balm for the pain of the poor! That all those regulations by Obama’s minion running his Ministries saved businesses! That unemployment is the lowest it’s been EVER in history! That Mr. Obama’s policies overseas have left this nation safer, yes, safer than at any time in our history.

Obama's Myth

All the statistics are true and you can’t tell anybody who believes anything else. They have stopped listening. Global Warming is a proven science even though no real scientist can state such a thing since science, like history, is always in motion, a flux of discoveries and disputes. But there is no dispute in this case. To do so risks excommunication.

Is Trump a Cult Too?

It is true that there were a lot of staunch Trump supporters out there. They had to be to endure the constant barrage of vitriol,  hateful misinformation and outright on-the-air attacks by the Leftist press corps who where staunchly in the bucket for Hillary Clinton but also glaring against YOU, the regular working American taxpayer. 

But there were a lot of people who voted for Donald Trump who clearly did not like him either. The big difference with them was that they either hated Hillary Clinton more or were worried about the future they saw coming under a Clinton Regime. They saw the nation unraveling and heard Ms. Clinton say she wasn't going to change a thing. That didn't wash with them and so they held their noses and voted for Trump. And even the media people who said they voted for him continue to criticize him. 

Not exactly cult-like behavior in my estimation. 

Now What?

So the future of our victory over the Left is that we are now destined to fight to keep it. We must continue to ignore the Leftist Press and expect that this denial will continue for the next 4 years at least. They will not stop and neither will we. In this fashion we as a nation will continue to grow intellectually and spiritually with the fight to gain and keep freedom a constant everyday struggle against the closely encamped forces of our own oppression. 

Against people who look like us but who only see the bad America and ignore the good. 

This is how American freedom works and so the forces of the Left have been vanquished. 

For now. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

China Goeth Before a Fall

China does not own Taiwan.

They never did.

They aren’t even the same people.

The children of Mao Zedong and the children of Chiang Kai-shek, although both born of murderous totalitarian cloth, have gone in glaringly different directions since the final banishment of 1949. 

Taiwan did not become Chinese, the Chinese who went there became Taiwanese. And while the Taiwanese are a reflective people now delving into the examination of atrocities of the past, mainland China has no such reflective spirit. Their past suppression and killings of their own people go unresolved in favor of pointing fingers at Japan. Mao Zedong remains a close third on the list of top totalitarian murders behind Stalin and Hitler. Should history make more revelations, Mao could yet reach number 2.

Today the people of Taiwan are facing their bloody history at the hands of Chaing Kai-shek, even building a memorial museum to victims of the 228 Incident and the White Terror but on mainland China, although they may have abandoned the “Communist” ideology a bit for the sake of making some real money, haven’t given up on the suppression of their history, news ideas and thought of freedom that still lie within the people.

And Taiwan is a Democracy whereby they have regular and free elections to see who will exercise government power and where victory at the polls confers real power to the winner.

China…not so much.

I have met many people from China who now live in the U.S. and the first thing they tell me when I ask them “So, what brings you to this part of the world?” is that they now get to live the life they wish to lead. “We do not have much freedom in China” one woman who my company hired part-time and who is also a graduate student at Harvard University said to me, “To achieve the things I want in life, I had to leave.” I’m sure there are many more who remain less fortunate.

To say that China and Taiwan are one is absurd. There is only one China and there is only one Taiwan. There is far more than 110 miles separating the two nations. 

China's Shaky Pins

China may be flexing its muscles in the South Seas but it is a precarious perch for the new bully on the block. One does not have to worry about getting into an arms race to change the balance of power however. All the United States has to do is withdraw China’s Most Favored Nation trading status and impose tariffs on Chinese imports and things will change rapidly.

China’s out there blowing a lot of dough on armaments, building island military bases and planning trips to the moon. It would be a shame if the money ran out before they can finish all that, wouldn’t it. It wouldn’t take long.

We’ve been kissing China’s ass since 1972 screwing Taiwan and ourselves in the process. We have had to put up with a lot of China's nationalistic economic bullshit since then. The dumping of cheap Chinese steel into the United States helped kill our steel production and turned a once iconic steel mill in Easton Pennsylvania into a Sands gambling casino.

Then there is the matter of China’s currency manipulation. See China's government declare their economic independence and might while reaching for the oxygen masks!

But this is very easy to unravel. The action will cause prices to rise here at home but with the coming economic changes on the horizon, the income of working Americans will rise to meet this challenge. Once domestic product kicks into gear, there will be no shortage of goods. They’ll just be made better and last longer.

Despite the last 16 years of spendthrift egomaniac presidents trying to give away the U.S. economy, it’s about time we had a fiscally conservative egomaniac president looking to bring it roaring back.

I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Flag Burning and the First Amendment

I think this is all rather funny.

President-Elect Trump, as we all know by now, is an opinionated man and he’s still 100% better than anybody else who ran to be in the White House. I've traveled to see Mr. Trump speak on two occasions and am not worried about my choice in the least.

And really, nothing is going to change despite what the president elect said about what should happen to people who burn the American flag. Nothing.

After all, the American flag is made to burn. That’s what it is there for. It is a thing, an object, a symbol. And being a symbol, just a symbol, it is never going to be as important as what it was made to represent: FREEDOM.

The American flag is the most burned flag in the world. The Arabs in Gaza burn it, the Iranians burn it, Venezuelans burned it during Chavez' rule and now they burn it mostly to keep warm at night but most importantly, American’s burn it.

I really have no issues when I see protesters burning the American flag. If it’s overseas I always wonder where the heck they got all those U.S. flags so fast to respond to the latest "outrage". I mean, who sells American flags in the Middle East? There must be a concession just for people who want to burn them.

But when I see a U.S. government flag burned in America by Americans, all I think of is Freedom, the U.S. Bill of Rights and that our Constitutional government, despite its sometimes glaring misdeeds and indiscretions, still works on a level that no other country in the world does. A country that can stick to the rules set down by people who knew well the dangers of runaway despots and tyrant wanna-bes who would pass laws over the people with just their pen and their phone.

When I see a U.S. flag burn at the hands of the indignant, I think “This is what it’s all about.”

In fact, everybody should get out and burn the American Flag! 

But I realize that some people get confused. They think this symbol of our nation is MORE important than the nation itself and the principles upon which it was built, that this flag, this THING has importance unto itself over and above what it was meant to stand for. 

This is clearly wrong thinking. 

I have to laugh at all this since EVERYBODY seems to be all for the Right of Free Speech right up to the moment they hear something THEY don’t like. Then “There ought to be a law!”

And there is a law:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or of the right of the people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

And there you have it.

Nice speech needs no protection. There is no "but" after the sentence "I believe in freedom of expression..." You either have freedom of speech or you don't. 

There is no such thing as "Hate Speech" or "Free Speech Zones". It is all Free Speech and it can be spoken anywhere one wishes to speak it. The "Free Speech Zone" is the United States of America. 

Where else you going to find it, Cuba?

In fact there are many so called "First World" nations that don't have free speech protections. France for one, Japan for another. Forget about China, no free speech there and Russia? Fugettaboutit!

In Canada, a country where nobody wants to burn their flag, free speech is a "fundamental freedom" but the government is allowed to pass laws limiting free speech when justified, whatever that means and it doesn't mean much. 

But in these United States, it's not just The Law, it's on the top of the list of the first Ten Laws of the New Republic and it's there for a very good reason. 

You may not like it, Barack Obama may not like it, Donald Trump may not like it and Hillary Clinton, she certainly doesn't like it but that's not the point is it?

The point is, it's there.

And tens of hundreds of thousands of Americans have died over more than 240 years so far, to defend it.

Is that important enough for you?

So other than giving both right and left wing radio touts another reason to flap their gums and for people with nothing better to do with their time to call them up and give their opinions, nothing is going to change. There isn’t a Supreme Court Justice sitting today no matter who appointed them, who would vote to change the right to burn the American Flag.

So just go live your lives and use your time here on God’s Green Earth for better things than jumping through hoops laid down by partisan media types who's only real interest in the story is selling advertising for their stations at your expense.

Go out and live. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Election 2016: Hollywood Elite, GOP Faithful Flood Canadian Border

The last thing Canada needs is more Socialists. They’ve got enough problems without more flooding over their borders. Of course, try going to the Canadian border and telling them you’re there to look for a job and see the way they’ll treat you. I can save you the trouble and tell you that you won’t like it one bit.

So Donald Trump is now “President Elect Trump” and the Government Media and their Socialist brethren are already plotting their distractions. “What is he going to do about North Korea?” asks one NPR wag this morning. Like THIS is the most important thing President Trump has to address as soon as he takes office. Like he’s going to deal with that before he’s going to straighten out our decimated healthcare system and undoing all those executive orders President Obama signed as his way around Congressional approval. I can only hope that in his first week, Mr. Trump’s writing hand is going to be sore.

Mitt Romney Vanquished

Not only did the American People vanquish the reprehensible and arrogant Hillary Clinton but also the losing spirit of the establishment GOP and their most recent “Face of Failure” Mitt Romney. Mitt had the chance to help but he refused.

How stupid people like John “I never met a war I didn’t vote for” McCain, the spineless Paul Ryan, Smarmy Ted Cruz, that idiot Leftist John Kasich and the RNC in general must feel for not getting behind the Republican Nominee now President Elect. Donald Trump owes these people nothing and although he will take the high road, I hope he reminds them in private the first time they come to him for anything.

Why Buy a Newspaper Ever Again?

The New York Times, USA Today, The Boston Globe, The LA Times and The Washington Post are all just wastes of good paper and not even suitable to wrap a fish in. Other than lining a bird cage, what are these “Icons of the 1st Amendment” good for? They did nothing but distort the truth, disparage and ridicule and outright lie to the American Public. They were calling the race for Hillary Clinton two weeks before the Vote and even speculated if she was going to break the record for most electoral votes. How absurd has that turned out to be?

We are lied to every day, day-in and day-out. They lie to us in the government schools, lie to us on government radio stations like Bloomberg and National Public Radio and lie to us especially on Television and you can name any station, they are all the same.

To most of America, to our enduring credit, we can tell the difference. But now, in the aftermath of such overwhelming propaganda, vitriol and yes, hate, can we ever listen to these Apparatchiks again? They have proven to be blight on the American landscape and are doing nobody any favors with their Unions and Programs for the “Poor”. They want to keep you stupid and broke and heaven help you if you want something better for yourself or your children because you will have to beg for it.

These people ought to feel ashamed for their behavior but Socialists have no shame. They are right and the rest of the country is wrong and Socialism will rise again because NEXT TIME they will get it right.

Such is the arrogance of the Leftist, Anti-Capitalist Mentality.

The Easy Part is Over

Now that most of the people in the key stats of Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio have voted for at least a chance of an opportunity in the future, the future hurdles that the still entrenched GOP and the united but stung Democratic Party will throw at President Elect Trump will make the bumpy run up to the presidency seem like a kiddie ride in an amusement park.

The job of putting money back into American’s pockets will not be easy if anyone can remember the hard time Ronald Regan had doing it. He was able to get the tax cuts but he never was able to cut as much of the equally important spending cuts through Congress to correspond with these cuts. Still, the economy, ravaged by Jimmy Carter’s unimaginative stewardship, responded quickly and grew.

The Supreme Judicial Court

It would be nice to give Clarence Thomas a companion or two that will hold the U.S. Constitution in as high a regard as he does. This looks to be the most important and lasting contribution President Trump can do for the United States and its people.

Audit the Fed

It's time to let Rand Paul at the Federal Reserve. This "Pillar of the Republic" has resisted scrutiny since the beginning. It's time we know how much dough this country has at its disposal and how the place works. It won't be pretty but it needs to be done. 

Russia, China and the Rest of the World

It is my profound wish that we can find some way to at least normalize relations with the Russian Republic. There may be too much bad history to think we’d be friends but if we can start today, perhaps there can be established a mutual understanding and, of course, free trade and peaceful relations.

China, on the other hand, has to be impressed upon to stop their economic cheating. They have distorted free trade and manipulated their currency to their advantage and until they play by the rules of the Marketplace like most other countries, I don’t see how we can continue to let that go on.
I hope the United Kingdom, Germany and France can pull their heads out of their asses long enough to strengthen international trade without imperial interventions around the world. Old habits die hard but it’s time to recognize the sovereignty of other States and respect them.

And lastly it’s time for the United Nations to get the hell out of New York City and set up their interventionist hateful organization somewhere else. I don’t expect President Trump to do anything about that but they should stop screwing with their bullshit Climate Change Ponzi schemes, Rules for Others but not Themselves and their military support of radical groups with the unlawful intent of destabilizing sovereign nations.

Will this all change suddenly because Donald Trump is president? Obama isn’t Santa Claus and neither is Donald Trump BUT there is cause for renewed optimism since we already knew what we were in for had Hillary Clinton gained the White House; more shortages and hardship.

Susan B. Anthony Spinning in Her Grave

To think that someone as corrupt as Hillary Clinton not only gained the Democratic Party’s nomination but came within the margin of voter fraud from the U.S. Presidency is remarkable. That so many people were willing to look the other way on all her arrogance, dubious financial dealings and her willingness to live outside the rules of office and laws of the land tells more about the people who voted for her than about the candidate herself. Is this how bad people wanted a woman president? They are as morally bankrupt as she is. Let history show that Shirley Chisolm, back in 1972, was by far a better, more sincere and honest candidate than Hillary Clinton. 

Love it or Leave it

For people who think the American flag is a symbol of oppression, for those who feel that America is a land of hate and imperialism and for those who think that anybody other than a Democrat is the embodiment of Adolph Hitler, all I can say is that there is nothing keeping you here.

There are no walls keeping people in. You are free to move around the world if you like, to search for Valhalla. You are welcome to try. The United States, like other nations around the world, doesn’t have the greatest track record in many ways but in one way we have an advantage: We are very introspective. 

We examine what we have done repeatedly, minutely and document everything. There were 100 depositions taken after the Boston Massacre. There were drawings done from many angles. We know the names of everyone there and where they were standing. The whole event was documented beginning from the time the last echos from the British rifles died out. This is how we are. We question, ponder and with any hope, improve.

Freedom is fought for every day not in the rice paddies of an Asian country, not in the sands of the Middle East nor in the hills of South America but in the homes, the workplaces and the schools right here at home. Sometimes we wonder what the hell is going on, that the people who go to work every day, pay our taxes and work towards a brighter future for ourselves and our own are the true forgotten ones in Washington. But every now and then the elastic snaps back and just maybe, perhaps, we get to pull some freedom out of the “America the Oppressors” crowd’s bonfire of hate.

Avoiding Venezuela’s Fate

Despite the deficits, the debt and the damage of a Socialist President, the U.S. still has a chance to pull itself back into the black. Our economy, when allowed to function as it should, can blow past such things. Hell, we’ve had crap for an economy for 8 years and we’re still tops in the world. What does that tell you? 

It's times to turn things around.

You ready? 

Friday, October 14, 2016

Can We Ever Trust the Media Again?

The Boston Globe, The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, The Associated Press, CNN, Fox News…now can we trust anything they say ever again?

All just propaganda sweat sheets. Not a word can be trusted and they prove it every day. I don’t read them, I don’t listen to them and I can’t understand why anybody else would either. If they lie about one thing or use “weasel words” to distort the facts, then why should I trust them to even tell me the weather? Should I trust that because THIS TIME they might not be lying?

Don’t think so.

Shades of Clarence Thomas

The recent big lie about Donald Trump has all the timing and suspense of belief as the allegations against Conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas when we was up before Congress for his confirmation vote back in 1991.

This was when a former long-time employee, Anita Hill, was put up by the Democrats at the last minute to claim that Mr. Thomas had sexually harassed her while she was in her employ.
It wasn’t just a lie, it was an obvious like.

Just on timing alone it was hugely suspect and although the Political Left who backed her “claim” never took a step backward, her story fell apart on facts alone. Especially the fact that if Ms. Hill was harassed in so unwelcome a fashion, then why did she follow Mr. Thomas from the employ in one firm to another? She had no answer.

But to his credit and a nation’s thankless task, Justice Thomas has proven to be the most consistent stalwart and defender of the U.S. Constitution as it is written. Not even the late Anthony Scalia could make such a claim.

Anita Hill went on to a lucrative career as a motivational speaker on the college circuit. A gift from her Leftist benefactors for a job well done if not entirely successful.

Such is the world we live in.

The “Conservative Press” is No Better

These supposedly Right Wing talk shows, Rush Limbaugh included but also Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly and our local some Howie Carr all make their bones on trumpeting their “outrage” at what the New York Times and the Boston Globe etc write. I don’t need to hear it from them. I don’t buy or read them so why do I need these guys to tell me what the hell they said? If I wanted to know, I’d read it myself.

But the real reason they do this is because THEY’D HAVE NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT 
otherwise. It’s like the Left Wing and Right Wing press feed off each other. They need each other for their livelihood. They, like the present group of Republocrats and Demlicans, are two sides of the same coin.

And WE are all paying for it.

Human Nature to Believe

I love it when a colleague tells me about some outrageous thing that they heard on a television news show about, well, anybody of prominence or of a situation overseas. I just ask, “Are you stupid? Why would you believe that?”

This is why I have no friends at work.

There are people that I know who tell me what a pack of lies they’ve heard on the news about something and then come running to me about Donald Trump. Why on Earth would you not believe everything else except this?

With what is going on today why would anyone believe a word about what's going on in Syria, Yemen, Russia, the EU or our own presidential election. And a bigger question would be why are they buying these publications or supporting them with the cable subscriptions? 

Make the Slaves Love Their Slavery

This is why freedom never seems to win in public opinion polls. I don’t know what it is, do people not trust themselves? Don’t they want to be free to pursue what makes them happy? Wouldn’t they want to have a healthcare plan they can take with them and can afford free of government and employer mandates? A plan for their individual needs and not paying for everyone else’s?

Wouldn’t people want to have more of their own money that they earn in THEIR OWN pockets so that THEY can choose how to spend it and what businesses to support instead of having it yanked from their paychecks and used for businesses the government chooses instead?

Will people vote for a chance to be rid of excess regulations, a big and intervening government, a press that is so BENT that they take it as a personal task to collude and destroy anybody who has a alternate plan (that means you too Bernie Sanders!)?

We’re going to find out but the one thing I do know is...

The idea of a free press is DEAD.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Milquetoast Ryan Abandons Party Conservatives

I guess Mr. Ryan, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, thinks this presidential election is all about himself. Perhaps he thinks himself alone in his feelings. Or perhaps he is just favors someone else entirely.

So today Paul Ryan is appalled. Yes that's right, he's appalled by what he has heard. He just can't believe his ears! He was most upset and saddened by the news that...

Donald Trump apparently likes Pussy.

Ultimately, Mr. Ryan didn't take this news well and now he has announced, to the glee of the Political Left, that he just can't bring himself to support Donald Trump, his party's Presidential Nominee and will now only focus on not letting Hillary Clinton take the Presidential Throne with a Democratic Congressional Majority.

As if she'll even need one at that point.

Paul Ryan, in exercising his self-elected brand of voter nullification, has forgotten the stakes of this election. He has overlooked or perhaps he just can't see from his high perch that the economy is turning to shit. That good full-time jobs are dwindling, that the Affordable Healthcare Act is un-affordable, that millions of people are receiving food stamps and that many American workers are living pay-check to pay-check.

Perhaps he has not pondered the Supreme Judicial Court nominee waiting to be confirmed.

Or perhaps he has a plan of his own.

If Trump should lose this election, Mr. Ryan is going to lose the majority speaker-ship within two years anyway. It won't matter a hill of beans what he does after this. The Republican party deserves to lose the majority in the House. They have done nothing to hold onto it. They've abandoned their candidate and they have abandoned their electorate. What more can they do to undermine their cause?

Actually to say they have abandoned Donald Trump is to imply that they had ever given him anything but grudging acknowledgement as the Republican Nominee.

But Donald Trump is where he is because most people voted for him. This is why we hold elections. They didn't vote for smarmy Ted, the landed and entitled Mr. Bush, the decidedly un-dynamic Mr. Walker or that idiot Kasich ,

Trump didn't buy his way to the nomination, he was endorsed by a large group of people who represent the most conservative section of the Republican Party. Even though a majority of them are registered as Independent, they vote Republican. And for decades they have waited for a real conservative candidate.

Only to now be told that Conservatism is no longer allowed in the Republican Party.

In this election cycle, Donald Trump has electrified the Conservative Voter. Across the nation more people have voted in the primaries than they did the last two election cycles. He has gotten out the vote and he will continue to get out the vote. Whether he wins or not is a big unknown at this point but Mr. Trump has mounted an unprecedented campaign.

A campaign against not only the Liberal Democratic Party but also against the Liberal Republican Party.

But a lot of hard working people, people who pay their taxes and aspire to do the right thing, are pulling for Donald Trump. They feel, rightly, that many of the ideals they believe in are what he believes in also. Ideals that they see, more and more, the Republican Party abandoning. They want somebody to stand up to the special interests and big government that does not take their opinions and their rights in regard. They feel they have lost their voice in government.

And Paul Ryan has confirmed that they have. 

Friday, September 30, 2016

U.S. Propaganda Machine Girds for War in Syria

Oh, the children!

Day after day the leftist press:CNN, The Huffington Post, New York Times, MSNBC and Fox News roll out the articles, articles you can't comment on, and pictures of the "Children of Aleppo" and the humanitarian crisis that nobody fucking cared about until the "Rebels" backed by the United States, France, Germany and England began to LOSE the war they've been waging with Bashir Assads Syrian government forces.

And if Doctors without Borders really gave a Goose-Stepping FART about the children of Aleppo they would be calling on the parents, the anti-government "rebels", to throw down their arms and surrender "for the children". If the insurgents would just put down their arms, the Syrians and the Russians would stop bombing them and the children would be safe.

But NO, they can't do that now can they? That would mean the civil war would be over and that Assad would re-gain control of the country again and the above named Imperial Coalition would not!

So it's obviously not about the children.

Oh, and here's a quick tip on how not to get your hospital bombed: Quit firing your U.S. supplied anti-aircraft missiles from either the hospital rooftop or the hospital grounds. We've seen this act all over the Middle East. They've been warned so it should come as no surprise. Apparently a press photo op is more important than the lives of women, children and wounded fighters.

So now everyday there is outrage in the news, the White House and the U.N. that there is war, yes, war going on in Syria and that Assad and his Russia thugs are fighting back. How dare they fight back! Didn't Obama and that cardboard cut-out of a Secretary of State, John Kerry say they wanted Assad out? Then why isn't he going? And why are the Russians coming to his aid? Oh, yeah, that's right, Russia is an Ally. They signed a contract and everything.

Now what sort of deal does the United States have with Syria? None. The United States has no legitimate alliance with any group in Syria and is too far away from the conflict to even know who is using the weapons they are indiscriminately supplying. We are only told that they are Moderate Muslims if such a thing actually exists any more. This is one of those "foreign entanglements" the framers of the U.S. Constitution always warned us about. No good has come from these affairs and no good will come from this one either. Just look at how well Libya turned out.

But any excuse will serve a Tyrant and the Obama Regime is nothing if not tyrannical when it comes to what they want. They will find some excuse to throw more U.S. troops and arms into the region and continue to intervene in the Syrian Civil War. But they have to be discrete so they have the U.N. invent a humanitarian crisis so they can use yet another force of "coalition partners" to step in.

Wars need winners. What the U.S. and its European enablers are doing is prolonging the conflict so more people die. Had the U.S. not intervened, the war would have been over two, three years ago and everybody would have gone home by now.

But no, Assad must go. Why? Because we said so!

And so more U.S. taxpayer money, money we haven't even earned yet because we're $20 Trillion dollars in debt, is being cast upon the Syrian sands because Obama said so and as a result more bodies will burn.

Until our War President, Barack Obama is finally out of office we are going to have to put up with all the impotent phoney-balonie hand wringing coming out of the government media machine.

It's all they got.

The U.S. should just pack it in. Not just in Syria but in the whole Middle East. The only sponsor of terror in the world right now that I see is the United States. We have toppled stable governments and replaced them with chaotic fanatics. We have put an unmixable populace of religious fanatics (also of our making) on the move to countries that don't understand them and can't afford to take them. We have armed groups of radicals with an axe to grind against their governments who would never have had the resources to rebel if WE didn't fund and supply them. This is straight out of the Roman Book of Conquest

Here is a paraphrased piece written by Celtic historian Graeme Talboys:

"Roman techniques for conquest were sophisticated. Trade was generally the first step, with increasingly stringent and monopolistic treaties being enforced. Some groups are picked out for favorable treatment, creating civil discontent. Training and weapons are then provided for the malcontents who would other wise have little impact on their own society. If challenged about this, any imperial power will usually either deny involvement or will talk about support for the oppressed and a desire to bring freedom and political enlightenment to barbarians who, despite their uncouth ways and and lack of the benefits of civilized society, are always painted as a threat."

Sound familiar?

 Aleppo will fall and Assad and Putin will finally win a war in the television era unless Obama does something really really stupid.

Don't count that out.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Trump Gets His Point Across

Whether you feel Donald Trump “won” his debate with Hillary Clinton Monday night or not, the one sure thing that did happen was that Mr. Trump left no doubt as to what he believes should be done to provide jobs and to bring the United States economy back from the edge of the cliff.

Instead of focusing on what Trump SHOULD have said, since we know his points already by heart, we should focus on what he DID say because he said a lot.

Donald Trump was on a roll before Lester Holt deftly stepped in to get him off of the prone body of Hillary Clinton. Had he not knocked him off his line of thought and put him on the defensive, Trump would have continued to pound Hillary on the Obama Economy and her long failure of a roll in it.

Donald Trump, speaking more to the American people out in Television Land than the debate audience, outlined his plan to cut the corporate tax rate to stimulate business growth. He railed against the excessive regulation that is not only killing existing businesses but keeping new businesses from forming.

Trump hit his points on foreign trade, jobs leaving the country, inner cities crushed by no work and high crime, and the Obama Government’s responsibility for it. He also blasted that POLITICAL HACK Janet Yellin at the Federal Reserve and let the people know just how precarious a bubble the economy is perched upon. Trump also accused Yellin of playing politics with the economy after promising to raise interest rates and then differing doing so until after the election. Trump even got in the fact that we are in the worst “recovery” period since the first Great Depression. All this he said.

It was clear even before this debate that this was going to be an election of who has the right idea of getting the economy going. There has been little left to the imagination from both candidates.

Hillary has told us again and again that she plans to tax our way to prosperity. Her plan to raise taxes on the “rich” to pay for the “work” programs to get the economy going again. The Robin Hood approach is a well-worn Democratic boiler-plate idea that has never failed to fail.

Economies do not work that way, never have. When an activity like spending is discouraged, the linchpin of the economy dries up. It was clear during the debate that Hillary has NO IDEA how business actually works or how to bring the economy back. Donald Trump is correct to say that it’s about time we had a president who knows money. He said that too during this debate.

We can go off about Hillary’s email. We can go off about her lying about it to Congress. We can go off on her use of the Clinton Foundation as a license to print money and more of her nefarious missteps and oversights, the worst being Bengazi since Ambassador Stephens saw it coming and asked for help, was ignored by Hillary’s State Department and now he and three of our best are dead. There was so much to say and so little time. We were all trying to fill in the blanks.

I know there were many people leaning in their chairs hoping for Donald to land that clean punch when Hillary said she had poise and stamina because she was interrogated by Congress for three hours. We all wanted to say “And why was that, Hillary?” And I’m sure there was many a Trump supporter yelling at the Television urging him to say more about Hillary’s email server tech, Paul Combetta, pleading 5th Amendment protection in front of a Congressional hearing.  But what he said was enough and acknowledging that Hillary did have experience but it was all bad experience certainly got the message across.

Could he have said more about Hillary? Sure, but he only had an hour and a half.

Donald Trump said everything he needed to say. We all wish he could have said more but it wasn’t us up on that stage with the camera’s and millions of people watching. It wasn’t us in a room full of people just looking for one flaw to undermine years of hard work and the hopes of productive people across the nation.

There will be more time to get it all in.