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Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Democratic Platform for 2018

In light of what has transpired since Donald J. Trump took the Presidency of these United States, I have pieced together, from observation and experience, the principles and desires for the nation that the Democratic Party has chosen to champion for the upcoming 2018 election cycle.

For the past year that President Trump has been in office, the Democratic Party has freaked out about everything he has tried to achieve. They have opposed doing away with the costly and oppressive Affordable Care Act, opposed tax cuts and desires more government and taxes. They also go crazy at everything Mr. Trump has to say. 

So from what I can tell by looking, these are the key election goals the Democrats will be fighting for this coming election season:

Unlimited immigration from every downtrodden country around the world: “Come to America” they have called, “We will bring you in; give you a housing subsidy and a stipend to live on while you learn to love our country!”

No to tax cuts for the American worker:  No money for you! Yes, you earned it but it’s not yours to keep. It has to go to support those less fortunate than you. We must put the poor people’s children through college, support the in-coming immigrants who will take our low-wage jobs and to house those who can’t afford housing because their jobs don’t pay very well. We must put them first. Your kid can just take out a loan for college, after all, you're privileged. 

You can’t say that! You can’t say a word like “Gypsy” because it is racist! The KKK is everywhere lurking in a white man's heart! White European men are the real problems plaguing modern diverse society. They have no right to say anything anymore. 

You can’t call Haiti a “Shit-hole” because you may offend the shit-hole’s inhabitants. Perhaps they don’t realize they’re living in a shit-hole! How will they feel when they hear that and look around and realize it's TRUE?

The people of Mexico, Sudan, Myanmar, Venezuela and Yemen don't want to be reminded of how corrupt and oppressive their governments are and how it's a shit-hole where they live. It's easier to come to the U.S. and live as a subsidized puppet. 

You can’t say certain words any longer. They’re offensive triggers to…somebody. Which words are offensive? Don't worry, we'll just tell you when you say them. 

No free markets:  You can’t graze your cattle on this land anymore because we have now made it a National Monument. You can't drill for oil on this land because we have designated it a Caribu Sanctuary. You have to take the health coverage we give you  because we have outlawed competition. Oh, you can grow your business BUT only after you comply with our ever increasing regulations and taxes.

Guns are bad: You can’t own a firearm and you don’t have the right to protect yourself from all the radical immigrants that are coming in and shooting up the place. If you should happen to catch a bullet from one of these people, it's just your own bad luck. 

All the Pot you can Smoke: Instead of all the other stuff you don’t get to do, we want to legalize Marijuana. Not because Prohibition is wrong but because this way, you won’t know what you’re missing. Puff away people, things will seem a whole lot better. 

The platform appears to be: More government, more uneducated immigrates, more subsidies, less free speech and no tax breaks for you!

I don’t know, sounds like it could be a winner.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Trump Changes the World!

Given that all the industrial nations of the world are forced to examine their own tax codes in order to compete with the United States, I'd say that President Trump's revision of the tax code has had quite an impact.

Once again the U.S. acts and others have to pause. Do they follow the U.S. and lower their tax rates or do they watch as commerce and currency flow the other way for a change, back to the United States. 

I'd say they'd better start sharpening their pencils 'cause if they don't, they're going to be on the wrong end of the tax flow. 

But this will also lift their boats as well as the long suffering U.S. tax base. Having more of the money they earned in their pockets will prompt people to spend more. It may take a little while since here in the U.S. under the last 8 years many have been holding on hard to their cash. But it won't be long when the withholding rates drop before people realize it's true. Their cynicism will recede. 

On to Welfare Reform

Time to get the "poor" onto the road to self-sufficiency. Changing the way the money is doled out should be the first thing. Charging their EBT card every month without question is a failed method rife with fraud. Make them come get it and confirm their addresses and status. 

The state of Massachusetts sent out a mass mailing a few years back to the "Supplemented Masses" and discovered that they had 19,000 incorrect addresses and later discovered they had 1000 dead people collecting assistance. 

So if you want to see a second coming, don't turn to religion, turn to the State because they have a far better track record of bringing back the dead. 

Many welfare scofflaws think they're getting away with something but they don't realize that they could have gone much further on their own initiative than taking the short money and just not trying anything else. 

Trump Pulls Back Foreign Bribes

Screw Pakistan! The last home of Osama Bin Laden. Oh that's right, they had NO IDEA he was there! 

And the "Palestinians" can go lump it too. They don't recognize Israel, apparently have never even seen a picture of the place. They can't find it on a map.

Well, unless they all sign up for Geography Lessons, they shouldn't expect a dime out of the U.S. ever again.

Did I mention it was OUR MONEY? It's OUR MONEY. It's not THEIR money until some idiot starts giving it away to them like our last president...what's his name. And the president before him and the president before him.

What were they trying to do? 

Whatever it was, it hasn't worked. These people still hate us and they're still harboring people who are plotting our demise. 

All while taking our money. Which begs a question I have asked myself often since millions of U.S. dollars was discovered in the walls of one of Saddam Hussein's many palaces: 

If you destroy the United States, what make you think that money will be any good? That part I never got. If you're going to destroy us, holding onto our money is just a bad business move. Also, who's going to buy all the stuff you make if we're not around? Another bad business move. 

Yes, after a year of struggles, of fighting with the Republican Establishment, the seditious Leftist Media, the insidiously corrupt FBI, the less than useless United Nations and having to deal with the slings of foreign Socialists from around the globe who just don't get it, President Trump has managed to pull off his bold statement. We're tired of 2.0 "growth" per year, we're tired of giving our money away to people who don't appreciate us and in other words...

we're tired of paying for nothing.  

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Why Tax Cuts for the Rich? Here's Why...

Since to the Political Left there can be no tax cut that does not benefit the "rich" in our society, I have a few answers for the question of why we are giving, once again, tax cuts to the Rich:

Because giving money to the poor hasn't benefited anyone, especially the poor. They've stayed stubbornly poor for decades. Taking the government money is a poor career choice.

Because you can't give poor people tax cuts since they don't pay taxes to begin with. Except if you count the gas tax but thats a Democrat thing and so nobody talks about it.

Because giving money to poor people doesn't create jobs or grow the economy. Any poor people offer you a job lately? I didn't think so.

Because, as my mother once told me; "There aren't enough rich people to take care of us. You can tax 'em all into poverty, it's not going to improve your lot in life one iota. Zip, nada, zilch. Now go get a *#)%_@!& JOB, will ya?!"

Because jobs are more important than poor people. No jobs equals no tax money and instead of trying to coerce McDonald's into paying $15.00 an hour for their dead-end jobs, wouldn't it be better to have jobs that did pay $15.00 an hour with potential?

That's the point.

We've been there and done that. We've shelled out Billions and Billions of dollars in welfare and it doesn't grow the economy and it doesn't make poor people want to become rich. There are too many government middlemen handling the money and taking a cut off the top for the money to actually grow the economy and it hasn't provided an incentive for people to work. Haven't we seen enough?

Tax cuts have worked to grow the economy every time they have been tried. Kennedy did it. Reagan did it. Boom and Boom! You want the numbers, Google 'em.

The Leftist talking heads ask; "How are you going to PAY for the tax cuts?" like it's the government's money we are talking about. It's not the government's money! The money comes from the private sector and out of peoples pockets before they even get a chance to see it. How do you "PAY" for a tax cut? Quit spending money that isn't yours and hasn't been earned yet! That would be a good start.

The government prints the money, the government takes the money, the government re-distributes the money, the government pays the people they use to take and re-distribute the money and the government spends the money. But the government does not EARN the money.

Tax cuts will be paid for once the Entitlement Programs are either discontinued or they collapse. No more kicking another brick under the government Pyramid entitlement schemes. Furthermore, more tax money is taken in during a robust economy than a stagnant one.

I heard on National Public Radio (NPR) that President Donald Trump's tax cut plan would funnel, yes, FUNNEL money to the rich. Like it was some sort of pay out. No, it's not a pay out. You keep it. The government takes LESS out of your pocket. They still are taking money, just not as much as they were before. That's what a tax cut is and I don't care how much other people get to keep as long as I get to keep some too.

This is not a mistake in reporting of course, NPR knows exactly what it's doing by using such Weasel Words. It's what they do and I'm sure they labor long and hard over their choice of words. They have to.

So ultimately you can only give a tax cut to people who earn and have money! Isn't it silly to call them rich because they have jobs and are bringing home a pay check? Some people earn more money than others but do not swallow the Cool Aid. Tax cuts work for the people who earn the money. They will grow the economy which is just now coming out of the last 8 years of Socialism-induced stagnation under the last president...what's his name again? 

The money will go to far, far better use in the taxpayers pockets than anywhere else. Ditto for businesses big and small.

For a business, taxes come out of something they make called "Profit" which is what money is left over after "Expenses", the costs of doing business. Profits of a company are mostly put back into the business to upgrade equipment and to possibly add employees. If it's a big business, profits also go to pay back the people who invested their money with them as "Investors" who hold "Stock" in the company, a "Piece of the Pie" so to speak. These people took a chance with their money in the hopes the business would grow and they too would profit. When the government takes this money, there is less money put back into the business for any of these purposes.

If American business can't keep up with their overseas competition who are taxed at a lower rate, what we get is what has been going on for the last 8 years. We now refer to this as a time of "Economic Stagnation".

The government has taken too much and has gotten zero return for the tax money they've spent. They've squandered it on welfare entitlements, antiquated pension plans, pay-back subsidies for donor solar panel companies, wasteful wars and interventions, free abortion on demand and the failure of a boondoggle that is the ACA. The last regime has only squandered money, strangled small business into recession and paid out "stimulus" to state unions without any "shovel ready" jobs as a result. 

No, no, we've done it the Left's way long enough. It has failed...AGAIN. The U.S. has the richest poor people in the world and still they are no better off.  In fact the American Middle Class is worse off because they've been contributing so much money to send "poor" people's kids to college, they can't afford to send their own and instead are burdened with tens of thousands of dollars in debt, to the government, that can't be charged off. So screw that! 

Give us the money back so we can spend it ourselves. 

After all, we earned it in the first place. 

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Hamas Prefers to Rage

Raging in the streets only underscores the fact that these stateless Arabs who occupy the Gaza strip are wholly impotent in regard to the future of the Middle East. They will have no role and play no part in it. Their fate remains in the hands of others. This has been their choice all along.

The future has been put on hold long enough and it's time to recognize the reality that there is no Palestine and there hasn't been a Palestine for a very long time. There are no Palestinians any more and there hasn't been any Palestinians for a long time either. The people who stand in their place and claim the name haven't any more resemblance to Palestinians than todays Turkey to the Ottoman Empire. Their claims are spurious and are only held as real by their Saudi backers and the American Liberal Press, aka: The ALP Freedom Front of Palestine.

After President Clinton offered Yasser Arafat everything he was asking for to make peace and Arafat still refused, there has been no reason to negotiate further. That was back in 2000, 17 years ago. How long is civilization supposed to wait? How long are the civilized supposed to cater to the uncivilized?

It's time to move on.

The United States, under President Donald Trump, has finally done what it has long promised but never delivered. It has declared that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

Negotiate for a piece of the future or Rage and be left behind.

The Gazan Dictatorship has elected to Rage.

But they are more alone than ever.

The Saudis are having mounting and costly problems of their own.

The Arabian grip on the worlds supply of oil has been broken and the spendthrift rich and bored House of Saud has had to do a bit of belt tightening. Some of them I hear are down to their last 3 Mercedes Benz'.

The Saudis are further taxed by their intervention in Yemen and conflict with arch enemy Iran. This leaves little room for the great unwashed of Gaza. In fact, this little charade they have been backing for decades has outlived it's usefulness to them.

The Saudis Need Israel

The Middle East now needs a real functioning economy that goes beyond oil. That means they need trading partners who preferably have an economy of their own. Israel just happens to have a bustling economy. It's a growing state and a going concern. It also helps that Israel and Iran don't get along say the least.

This leaves the "Palestinians" in a tough spot. THEY don't have an economy beyond local olive growers. They've NEVER had an economy beyond local olive growers. All they've gotten good at is building rockets and digging tunnels. This hasn't been a winning strategy for them.

They've had their chances and they've been offered many more but Hamas, the un-elected armed group of militant Muslims that run Gaza has refused to negotiate. Should the world wait for them?

Look upon the shining cities of Israel like Tel Aviv and then gaze at the shoddy concrete bunkers their Muslim counterparts live in and have lived in for decades in poverty and want. It should be enough of a difference to behold that even the most fervent Muslim fanatic should say to themselves; "I'm doing something wrong!"

But I guess not.

So Hamas and the unfortunate Gazans will continue to fight a war they will never ever ever win. Not in one million years. They are poor dependents and you can't go to a poor dependent when you need money. They will continue to spin their wheels in the soft sands of a Jihadi Neverland, no closer to their pipe dreams of laying claim to Jerusalem than they ever have been and now they are farther away than ever. They never had a legitimate claim to begin with and until Hamas decides to negotiate in good faith for a homeland...somewhere, they will just stay right where they are without a real government, a real economy and any hope for a real future.

For the Gazans, poverty is a poor bargaining chip. But regardless, it looks like they've chosen, once again, to be left behind.

So leave them behind.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Al Franken is a Big Fat Pervert!

And a “Lying Liar who tells Lies” on top of it.

Can one think of anything more insincere than Mr. Franken’s apologies? His dead-pan delivery and feigned embarrassment is certainly as hollow a non mea culpa as any politician can utter.  To find something as equally evasive one would have to travel all the way back to 1996 where President Clinton "didn't have sex with that woman.". It all depends on what your definition of "Grope" is. 

To Senator Franken it's just like a handshake...but lower. 

The name calling, smart talking Senator from Minnesota, always the smartest man in the room, has been caught with his “hands in the cookie jar” once too often and has now “taken responsibility “ for his actions…meaning he’s not going to do anything but keep a low profile and hope it all eventually blows over. I mean, he's not an "Idiot" like that fat Rush Limbaugh, right?

Surely, the “Giant of the Senate” author feels, something else will come along to knock this issue off of the front pages of media outlets. All he has to do is wait a couple of weeks.

But although he wrote a book about “The Truth” Senator Franken has had a hard time recognizing it now that it has become he who must tell it. He “cannot recall” how many times he’s goosed the electorate of Minnesota. Perhaps he’s done this so often he can’t remember whose behind on which day he has grabbed. I’m sure they all blend together over time. 

Senator Franken remembers it all "differently" as if he can't remember what he actually grabbed. She says he grabbed her behind. He remembers grabbing...something else maybe? Or perhaps he recalls being INVITED to grab her behind. Most Minnesota women. he recalls, welcomed him...Al Franken, to grab their behinds! After all, he is a Genius!

Oh, the things he knows! If he could only now remember them.

But don’t expect him to resign. It’s not going to happen. Senator Franken is going to make the people of Minnesota vote him out of office. Sorta like a dare. This is why he...Al Franken, is smarter than everybody. He’s a screen writer, best-selling book author, an actor, a Senator…and a perverted groper of women.

Hell, he could stay in office as long as John Conyers!

Due Process is now called for

Now the Democrats are calling for letting due process take its course.  “Let the Ethics Committee do its work and give us their findings.” is now the call. I’m sure they’ll be jumping right on that.

There was no due process for Roy Moore. He was just supposed to drop out of the race for the Alabama senate and wait to be cleared afterwards even though his alleged misdeeds were reportedly from 40 years ago. At any rate, the newest allegation is from 26 years ago.

Not Al Franken’s allegations. They’re fresh. He’s fresh. It’s all just so…fresh. 

You know, Al Franken reminds me of that nerdy kid you knew in high school, short with glasses, who never could get girls to give him the time of day despite helping them with their homework all the time. He HATED the captain of the football team because he was a dumb jock who got all the chicks and he, the boy genius, couldn't get one to remember his name. "Well!" I can hear a young Al Franken vowing, "One day I'll make them envy me!"

But nobody ever did, especially now. 

But ultimately Senator Franken isn’t going anywhere in a hurry and perhaps that will be a good thing in the long run for Roy Moore should he prove victorious in Alabama. How are the Republicans not going to seat him and stare at him...Al Franken, sitting there in the Senate? The Republicans need the votes as badly as the Democrats do.

The difference is that Roy Moore denies the allegations and Senator Franken won't admit he can't.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Why the GOP Wants Roy Moore Out of Senate Race

It's tough being a supporter of President Donald Trump. Especially if you are also running for office. It's a given that the Democrats will hate you.

And the Grand Old Party of the Republican State hates you too.

This is why the GOP establishment "believes" all of the Roy Moore accusers. Doesn't matter if there's proof, they are just going to believe whatever is said since any excuse will serve them asking for Roy Moore to step out of the race for the Senate in Alabama. The LAST thing they want is another Trump Republican holding a Senate seat.

Roy Moore is on record of going after both Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, people who have been throwing their weight against President Trump's campaign initiatives to end the Affordable Care Act and to overhaul the tax code. It is these hypocrites along with the crazy dead man walking, John McCain, who are the Never Trumpers. Roy Moore has also lead the public cheers that those two pathetic RINOs from Arizona and Tennessee will not run for re-election, namely Republocrat Senators Jeff Flake and Bob Corker.

The prevailing GOP establishment view of Roy Moore mirrors that of Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign; they would rather see a Democrat they can "work" with win than a Republican who they can't.

This is the real reason the GOP is, for the only time in recent memory, in lock-step agreement over Mr. Moore stepping out of the Senate race. The GOP can't seem to get together on anything else while Donald Trump is president but THIS is the Great Cause they have united for. You're not even allowed to defend him or risk a boycott like that knuckle-head Sean Hannity. And it all has happened within 7 days. The rush to judgement is no accident. This was an orchestrated maneuver.

Even old Wishy-Washy former Massachusetts Governor and FAILED presidential candidate Mitt Romney has crawled out his bank vault wearing pointy-toed boots to kick Roy Moore while he's down. He too "believes" the stories as if anybody even remembers who Mitt is or takes anything he says as anything other than Sour Grapes.

Do Ryan, Romney and McConnell care if Roy Moore did any of what was said he did? Hell no, but it has provided an opportunity to try to knock off the real opposition they face: Real conservatives with principles.

The Democrat Modus Operandi

We haven't seen this sexual harassment ploy in politics since 1991 when Ted Kennedy engineered the first "High Tech Lynching" of Justice Clarence Thomas. At Thomas' Senate confirmation hearing the Democrats suddenly put up a former Thomas aid, Anita Hill, to claim that Judge Thomas has sexually harassed her over years of working together. This almost derailed one of the most consistent and unbiased justices to ever sit on the Supreme Court. Good thing Ms. Hill was exposed under questioning as the liar she was in time.

The secondary tactic of "Victim Pile-on" where more and more people, after "years of silence" now come forward with only verbal accusations and no proof and having seemingly never said a thing to anyone ever over the years about what they say had happened. But the shear weight of the numbers of "victim" accusations leads people to believe that "they can't all be lying!" So it all must be true.

But actually, they CAN all be lying.

For this tactic to work, all the players have to be in on it. When the plan is well executed, like with Bill Cosby, it's hard for the man to defend himself.

Which brings up a big puzzle for me with Bill Cosby. Am I expected to believe that these 60+ women all went over to Mr. Cosby's place alone, were all drugged and had against their will in the America of the 1960s where all a black man had to do was J-walk or use the wrong toilet to get arrested, and nobody every reported him and he was never arrested? Or was he really too famous for the cops to go after in those racially charged days of segregation riots, accusations of "uppity" black men and women who were still referred to publicly as "negros"?

And will anyone remember Mr. Cosby was acquitted at trial?

But that's the game that's going on right now. Last minute allegations set against the backdrop of a national sexual harassment witch hunt where only accusations are valid and proof of purchase not required. A situation where the press will pillory anybody who's name is thrown out into the public domain and where plenty of women without fame of whose star has faded are thinking hard of what name they can throw out there next.

Ad to the mix these very real sicko Hollywood predators and nobody is going to know who is or who isn't the guilty party.

So it stands to reason that the Democrats, desperate for a Senate win, having failed in 8 special elections, are going to pick up on this atmosphere and run with it. Their friends in the press are all too willing to help and their friends in the GOP are all too willing to help also.

Finally, the Democrats and GOP can't working together.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

2nd GOP Senator Suddenly Grows Backbone

Jeff Flake has magically re-discovered his gift of oratory. He has finally come to the fore and let his passion flow for a cause he has finally found worth taking a stand for: Bashing a Republican President.

As Senator Flake took the floor to announce that he wasn't going to run for re-election, his love for country finally blossomed and his hackles were only now raised by what he sees as the single-most danger to these United States in it's modern history: President Donald J. Trump.

Now if only he had done that during the previous administration. If only Senator Flake had found his guts and his voice against the supreme derisiveness of the last Democrat President's 8 year tenure. Perhaps if he demonstrated some kind of consistency to his moral outrage he would be remotely believable.

But apparently Senator Flake was fine with what went on the last 8 years. No division there. Nothing to work his passion up about then or compelling enough to make a speech about.

Of course, back then they were all on the same side.

If only that was the side of the American taxpaying public.

Does anyone remember the last time we heard from Senator Flake? When was the FIRST time we've heard from Senator Flake? Just now. This is the first time I've ever heard a peep out of him.

No, Mr. Flake was just another invisible ghost of a GOP Senator over the last 8 long long years of "What's His Name's" contentious and divisive presidency.  It is only now that Senator Flake has managed to find his "Voice For the People".

Those people being the Establishment GOP.

Don't make a mistake here. It's not YOU he's speaking for. It's YOU he's preaching to!

How dare you elect a non-member of the political elite! YOU don't know what you're doing. Govern yourselves? Don't be stupid.

Here's another "Republican" who would rather have seen Hillary Clinton become president before Donald Trump.

How odd is this? How twisted can a man be to stand up there and call this President divisive having sat silent for 8 God-damned years under Socialist Democrat rule? Mr. Flake sat on his FUCKING hands all the while the Democrats intervened, regulated, listened in, black-balled, taxed and ruled with a pen and a phone.

"No problems there." says Senator Flake. He was on-board with that. If he wasn't then he could have made a stand like the one he just displayed. But he never did. No filibusterers from Mr. Flake ah la Rand Paul. No nothing.

This man has FAILED the people who voted for him. He has FAILED the country by sitting silent and again by suddenly finding he is now offended by such division. Is Mr. Flake for real?

No, no he isn't. It's all a con. Another con by a seasoned con artist.

Here's another one to whom I would say to his face if I could...

"Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out!"


Thursday, October 19, 2017

America's Hypersensitivity to Speech

There is nothing you can say today that won't offend SOMEBODY and that somebody wants you to STOP speaking.

Doesn't matter who you are these days, you're going to say something wrong. And when you do, there will be someone there to complain because THEY didn't like what you said.

Well Boo Hoo!

Soldiers Know What They're Getting Into

The fact that you are going to be shot at with bad intention is always being drilled into your head in boot camp. The very reason you are trained to follow orders is to keep you from looking around when someone yells "duck!" so you won't get your fool head shot off. It's the first thing they tell you.

Just being a soldier means the odds of you getting killed go up dramatically. Many soldiers are killed in training. Many are killed by their own fellow soldiers, mostly in error. Then there are the people actually trying to kill you.

If you want "Politician Speak" then vote for a politician. Most people, and don't get me started about the popular vote, most people voted for a non-politician, Donald Trump, because they were tired of the Bullshit they were hearing from professional politicians. So here he is and don't be surprised by what he says or suddenly decide to hold him to some phony "Presidential Standard" that never existed before President Trump came along. Instead just come clean and admit it, you hate Trump. You'll be a lot more believable.

Now if you actually voted for Donald Trump and are still offended by anything he may say, all I can tell you is to Shut Up!

You knew what you were getting into.

Women ARE Sex Objects

And so are MEN. Duh! For those of us who desire to have sex with a woman, we look at women to evaluate their suitability for sex and child bearing. Women also OBJECTIFY men in a fashion to determine if they would like to propagate their genes with them based upon their ability to deliver, ahem, the goods. That means "have sex" for the literary challenged.

What Harvey Weinstein was doing didn't have much to do with actual sex. Sexual contact to him was just an act of domination, like any rapist. He just wanted to lord his superiority over someone. This is why he acted as cavalier and brazen with men as he did with women.

Of course, you can't cheat an honest man. The people who laid down for  Mr. Weinstein over the years and put up with his cravings just to keep their jobs are just Prostitutes themselves and are no better than he is.

Oh what price fame!

But to attack men for treating women as sex objects is stupid since both men and women are sex objects to each other and sometimes their own. To deny that is to deny human instinct.

You see, women ogle men just as much as men ogle women but since men have a narrower range of vision, we get caught much easier looking at a woman's rear end. A woman's field of vision is much wider than a mans and she is able to see your behind quite clearly while pretending to look somewhere else.

I swear some of these chicks complaining just need to get laid.

Banning Halloween

Halloween is older than Christianity. Much older. It goes all the way back to the early campfires of Man. It falls on either October 31 or November 1st depending on tradition but it is the evening when the veil between the realm of the living and the realm of the dead is the thinnest and people believed, and they still believe, that communication with the recently departed is likely at this time of year.

Plus Halloween is a good time to dress up and pull pranks.

So what is wrong with dressing up like an Indian?  Indians suddenly in denial they dressed in feathers and skins? How about a Chinese Coolie? Did they not exist. Are the Chinese suddenly ashamed of their past? How about dressing as a Cowboy. Didn't they shoot Indians? And didn't Indians shoot Cowboys? Why are we trying to pretend this all didn't happen?

If children dressed up as Colonial or British Soldiers then they'd be accused of White Supremacy.

I heard some idiot on NPR today saying that for an immigrant to assimilate into American Culture would mean they'd be forced into "White Culture". Never mind that most immigrants actually come here to become Americans.

You just can't win.

John McCain Cannot Drop Dead Fast Enough

If you can find a person more bitter and dislocated than Senator John McCain these days, please point them out. Hillary Clinton, by comparison, is but a distant second place.

Here is a man who tried for the U.S. presidency, had the backing of his party, the GOP, had money'd backers behind him and thought he had a good chance of winning.

But he was the only one. Turns out he was a cantankerously terrible candidate who mistakenly picked a real conservative as a running mate who only highlighted how much of a "made man" he was with the establishment party. John McCain was nominated to lose. Sorta like that basketball team that always played the Harlem Globetrotters and always lost. That team was aptly named The Washington Generals. Mr. McCain was the captain of the team.

And now he sees a non-politician, untrained in diplomatic speech and uninitiated in the GOP go out and win the presidency with no experience and no political affiliation.

Hate is radiating off of John McCain like heat waves from an Arizona highway in the summertime.

Never mind the brain tumor, THIS is what's REALLY killing him. McCain would have rather seen Hillary Clinton win the White House than Donald Trump. Go ahead, somebody, ASK HIM!

This haunts him like nothing else McCain has ever experienced. You stupid MORON! No, not Trump, but YOU PEOPLE who voted for Trump.

Now Mr. McCain is going to shoot down and blow up everything Donald Trump has promised and is working for and in doing so, working against the American people who voted for Trump. John McCain is going to show you how futile it is to want to improve the standard of living of the American people. He'll show you.

John McCain is a bitter, bitter little man.


But the truth of it all is that in America, this is all protected speech. This "outrage" is designed to distract you and silence you. These idiots kneeling, these people offended, should mean nothing to you. You shouldn't be distracted, in fact you should just ignore it and stay focused on the real issues of the day: That the Affordable Care Act is killing your insurance coverage and that the American Taxpayer needs a Goddamned break! We need small business back in business and all this hoopla is just a front to keep you from holding the people responsible accountable for their actions.

Now that's an outrage. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Hey Senator Corker...Screw You!

Get lost Corker!

We don't need this GOP establishment obstructionist IMP hanging around spouting his "I'm a monument of maturity" bullshit when he hasn't uttered a peep worth printing or done a thing in the senate worth measure in 8 Goddamned years. Just who does he think he is now? 

Donald Trump asked him twice to run again for senator and he refused. I don't know why Trump asked him once. Senator Corker, the alleged Republican from Tennessee is not running in 2018 and so what? Hopefully we'll get someone who'll actually vote for a bill that will provide the American Taxpayer a break. And if a Democrat gains his seat, who would be able to tell the difference anyway? Good-bye Corker and good riddance. 

Repeal the Affordable Care Act like you've been going on about for the last 8 years?...nah. Vote for Tax Reform to spur economic growth and get small business back in business again?...nah, not if Donald Trump is going to sign it. 

And that's what it's really all about isn't it? 

Screw this jerk Corker! He's using words to describe President Trump that he has never used to describe the previous, what's his name? What a hypocrite.

The only fighting words I've ever heard come out of Senator Bob Corkers mouth in the last 8 years is when he's going after the president of his own party! What bravery in the face of adversity! Why, he's a HERO! To CNN and NPR!

Funny how the Republicans only now seem to have grown a backbone when it comes to keeping the economic scourge of the Affordable Care Act tamping down the growth of small business or when it comes to keeping taxpayers hands off of their own money. Is the status quo what they are now champions of? 

Vote for the Republican ticket and keep everything the same! Same expensive, crappy healthcare! Same high taxes! And all the opiods you want!

Sounds like a winner. 

The new slogan can go something like this: If the Democrats are too weak to fight Trump, then by God we will!

The GOP plan is to not pass any legislation that Donald Trump has campaigned on. They are going to fight tooth and nail to keep things the way they are no matter what the American people, the people who elected Donald Trump, think. That'll be a lesson for all you voters who actually thought you had a say in U.S. governance. Well guess what? You don't! Now shut up and sit down!

Bob Corker only represents the glaring problem of our one party system. He is the best example of what's wrong in our government and how these people have separated themselves from the desires of the people. Corker represents the problem, not the solution. 

The outgoing senator's sudden stand and combative rhetoric are not the actions of a person willing to work towards a common goal with the leader of his party. We need new people in the GOP who actually want to work for the country instead of worrying about getting along with that OTHER Socialist group in American government, namely the Democratic Party.

It is Senator Corker who is out of step with what the American people want and who has lost sight of who he's working for and why. I'm glad you're going Mr. Corker because it's clearly time to go and I only wish you could take Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell with you. 

Much like Hillary Clinton, the nation will be 100% better of without Bob Corker, period. 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Eliminate the Estate Tax!

Warren Buffett should just shut his big fat yap! His argument for keeping the estate tax sounds like it comes from an establishment bureaucrat who acts like he doesn't have a clue as to why the estate tax is an Anti-American and Anti-Capital tax.

He really is a bad liar.

First of all, the money in a person's estate has already been taxed. It was taxed when the person earned it. They have, at the point of income, already paid their obligation to the state and federal "guardians of the public trust". What is left over belongs to the person who earned it and they are free to distribute this money any way they please.

Unless they die. When this person passes away, his money is then taxed again. By a lot.


It's just an asset grab by the state. This also discourages continuity of family wealth. Most times the taxes on an inherited property are so high that the recipient has to sell the assets to pay the tax and doesn't not get to pass the property down to their heirs. This is an un-American activity.

Rather than "hurting" the wealthy, the inheritance tax, very much like the capital gains tax, hurts the middle income people. Buffett would like you to focus on people like him, wealthy big business types but the people who are most hurt by the estate tax are family businesses and farms, people who's wealth lies in the businesses they built and the land they hold in the family name. The wealthy just pay it but the lower inheritors have to sell to pay and lose the asset. How is this serving the public interest when people work their whole lives to earn a living and to pass their gains on to their families? It makes no sense.

And to have Warren Buffett bloviate about how the inheritance tax effects so few people that the government should just keep it.

That it. That's his high-minded argument. It makes me think Mr. Buffett must have inherited his money at least initially since it's hard to believe a person such as he is considered a money master-mind if he says bullshit like this.

Perhaps he'll also make a statement about how the government will "pay" for their tax cuts. Like the money was coming out of the government's pockets in the first place when it's money from the taxpayers. The government can "pay" for taking less of our hard-earned money by slashing Washington's bloated bureaucratic overhead by 10% across the board departmental spending cuts.

That'll "pay" for it plenty, bucko.

But what should Mr. Buffett care about you? You're not Warren Buffett you stupid down-trodden surf! Why should you get to keep anything from your parents especially if they did well?

What a jerk Warren Buffett is.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

San Juan Mayor Can't Find U.S. Aid!

It seems that Carlin Yulin Cruz, the Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico cannot find any disaster relief that has been sent to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria flattened the place. Even though she gave a press conference while standing in front of tons of relief materials left standing on the docks.

It's like watching a horror movie where the victim is wandering around in a big dark house. We can see the killer looming to strike but THEY can't see the killer. We yell, "Quick, turn around, it's right behind you, Look! Look!" but the character just does not see what is plain to everybody in the movie theater.

"Ms. Cruz, turn around, it's right behind you, Mira! Mira!

But no, the Left Wing Mayor cannot see what is plain to see by everyone else.

Did she purposely leave everything piling up at the docks? Were there no local teams put together to distribute these goods? Although there was a sense of urgency in her voice, there didn't appear to be urgent actions taken to tear open those pallets and get that stuff out to the countryside. There were news reports of aid being shipped to Puerto Rico as soon as the storm had passed. What happened to it?

We know what happened to it.

If there were no local teams to distribute these foodstuffs and water, President Trump is correct in his assessment that it is a matter of bad organization. With modern weather services we can now see a storm coming weeks away. It's not like the Hurricane of 1938, there's no excuse for a municipality not to be ready for such contingencies. Disaster recovery is just the sort of thing you have a municipal government for. It's supposed to be what they do.

The Vietnamese were able to haul giant howitzers over mountains and carry supplies 500 miles at a time all on the backs of the people yet in Puerto Rico they can't get people to come get the food? There seems to be a lack of motivation somewhere along the line.

That Leftist mouthpiece, National Public Radio, has been trying to make Puerto Rico out to be President Trump's Hurricane Katrina and have been typically quick to pounce on anything to use the "K" word. Now they have Mayor Cruz in the fold and she has become the Media's darling, another in a long line of Anti-Trump champions. You go girl!

You remember Hurricane Katrina right? That was the Left Wing's opening to attack GW Bush for Federal inaction even though the Democrat Mayor of New Orleans, convicted felon Ray Nagin, and late Democrat Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco both got the heck out of Dodge before the storm and left everybody to face the wrath of Mother Nature themselves. So much for setting an example. There was no leadership during the storm, they just screwed. Evacuation buses stood empty and stationary since there was no one to drive them and people who did manage to get out were left in the Houston AstroDome to live through a remake of "Lord of the Flies".

Well all that was George Bush's fault.

But ultimately this whole charade is yet another grandstanding waste of time and money. To anyone paying attention, and we're all paying attention these days, it means nothing. Nobody's opinion will be swayed and it all amounts to a hill of beans. Trump's bitter clingers will hold on tighter to their Bible's and guns and Hillary's Commies will grip their microphones and camera stands with more vigor.

The real tragedy is that the people who are actually waiting for this stuff now probably believe it's the Federal Government that dropped the ball when it was their own home grown Apparatchik who just let the supplies sit on the docks to fit an agenda of subterfuge and propaganda. Or maybe they know the score, who knows?

But of all the many things the Mayor of Puerto Rico has said during this recovery effort of a totally devastated island, the one phrase you will not hear pass her lips is...

"If there is a will, there is a way."

We see what we see. Not action on the part of the government of Puerto Rico to take charge and get something accomplished. Instead they stand in front of piles of supplies they say didn't come and stand around while the mainland flies in troops to hand it out for them.

Hey wait, maybe this IS Katrina after all!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Liberals Kneel While America Stands

Kneeling is an act of capitulation. It is a sign of submission. Look it up.

And that's what we have seen over the last 8 years under the last president and what we continue to see in almost every facet of the public media.

Capitulation. Submission.

These are the same people who don't mind if the country is over run with illegal immigrants who often are supplied public benefits such as housing, medical care and even social security payments that they never paid into. To the Liberal factions among us, this is ok. They need it, they say. It's their RIGHT, they say. Neither, however, is the case.

These are the same people who also don't seem to mind that people from known hostile lands such as Syria, Yemen, Libya and Somalia can come into our county with no scrutiny. If fact the Left has gone out of it's way to fight for their RIGHT to come into this country unimpeded. Under the United States Constitution they have no such rights.

But this makes no difference to the Liberal front and it never did.

There are many on the Left who feel America is bad. The last President of the United States...what's his name, was their champion. Born with every privilege yet deciding it was all wrong. These people have lost sight of how lucky they are. They have lost sight of the history of hard work and sacrifice that the "American All" has put into making these United States so unique to this world we live in.

There are too many examples to list, where does one start with American History? White men fought to end slavery, African men fought the war too. The bones of thousands of Chinese lie along the path of the great Transcontinental Railway. The Italians and Irish fought for limited space in the Industrial Revolution and ended up marrying each other in great numbers. The German families that raced into the Midwest to start farms during the Great Plains expansion. The one thing in common was; Everybody had it tough! They all fought, they all competed and every race that came to this country can claim a victory. They've all had members become successes.

But the American Experiment has a learning curve. It's comparatively short history is paved with conflict and strife inherent in such a highly mixed society. Go ahead, name another society as diverse as ours. I'm waiting.

So when someone says that we as a nation are not diverse, that the American Ideal does not provide adequate opportunity, I would say that you have an alternate agenda since there cannot be a statement farther from the truth.

The American people, those who get up every morning and hump their way to work, put up with a lot of crap. Crap from other countries who's jealousies are worn on their sleeves and come to the UN in New York, eat cracked crab, drink champagne and then stand up and say the U.S. is the Great Satan. Crap from our home-grown Liberal "Elite", with monied families and who graduated privates schools who think they are the smartest people in the room and dictate to every day working taxpayers how bad the country is and how undeserving of the things we have because we were born white when there are millions of non-whites doing very well here. Apparently they didn't get the memo they were supposed to be down-trodden.

We took crap from the last president who thought we clung bitterly to past traditions and to our guns. He thought that we had too much when others had less. He never had a job in his life so could not value to work ethic of the average American. When one is pushed through life, it's hard to know what it's like to have to pull.

And now the American people are taking crap from our over privileged professional athletes who have been given every chance to develop their careers from a young age and never appreciated it. Most never take advantage of the education they are given a chance to obtain since most professional football players never graduate the colleges they've played for and who knows if they ever went to a class.

When Pat Tillman left the Arizona Cardinals to enlist to fight in Afghanistan, everybody in the league thought he was CRAZY to give up a $3.6 million contract to go fight for the United States overseas.

That's all you need to know.

The American people are tired of this Crap. That's why they elected Donald Trump president. President Trump is also tired of this Crap. How do I know? Because he SAYS SO! That's why the American people voted for him.

Who else did you think, the Russians?

The jeers that President Trump received from his speech at the United Nations was obscene. Who can disagree with the analogy that Socialism worked as it always does in Venezuela? Who can defend such a subjugation of an entire nation to the yoke of debt and ruin? Who can speak to that and say that Mr. Trump is wrong?

The Liberals can and do. How sick!

President Trump isn't into capitulation and it's about time.

There are people out there who want to cut our heads off. They want to walk into the nearest shopping mall with an automatic weapon and shoot as many Americans as they can. There are people who want to drive up on the sidewalk and run over as many "infidels" as they can before they are stopped. We have nuclear escalations in Iran and North Korea, we have an economy that is still stumbling along thanks to the last presidential administration and the American worker and American industry is badly in need of tax cuts and the end to Socialized Medicine. American workers everywhere are just trying to hold on to what they've got and forget about retirement and what do they see when they turn on the television?

Millionaires kneeling to protest "Oppression".

Are you kidding me?

I agree with Donald Trump. Fire these people. If the NFL owners defend them, hit them in the pocket book. The NFL only exists because the U.S. Congress has granted them an exception from anti-trust laws. But do they appreciate that?

No they don't.