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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

James Comey Lies Like a Rug

For an FBI guy, Mr. Comey seemed to never be able to keep his mouth shut. And now that he's been fired, he's upped the word count. Why would anybody believe a word out of this man’s mouth? Wasn’t he the man who was trying to play God with Hillary Clinton’s election campaign? Why would he announce reopening the email investigation right before the 2016 election? Then he acts “nauseous” at the thought of perhaps he was the reason Hillary didn’t win the Presidency?

Right, downright appalled he was.

James Comey provided the muscle for the last administration. There were no Executive Branch investigations for 8 years prior and now apparently there are dozens of ongoing investigations into the Trump Administration? Totally believable, right? 

Did Donald Trump tell Comey to quit the “Russian Investigation”? I'd say no but even if he did, why would anyone believe he did just because James Comey said it? Why would anyone believe the Washington Post either when they repeat it? Now these two are bastions of truth and the American Way to which I cry "Horse Shit!". 

Right Wing Radio Trumpets Comey Baloney

But then you here every radio wag Left and Right acting like what Comey says is the truth. It makes no sense other than the very real statistic that the American Public is hanging on every word of the major and minor media outlets and their ratings are going through the roof so why not act like what Comey said is what really happened?

Truth comes in second to ratings and advertising dollars.

I never understood what motivates a person to call a radio talk show. They get a sentence or two out and the radio “personality” uses that as an impetus for a 5 minute monologue of their own profound observations.

How easy is it to produce one of these radio shows? They get somebody who pulls up the Drudge Report and says, “Should President Trump be impeached? What do you think? “and then they sit back as mad horde clamors for their phone. Do these people have to go to school to do this?

 Don’t people have better things to do with their time? And the advertising is off the charts, 8 to 12 straight minutes of 1-800-222-2222.

As Johnny “Rotten” Lydon once said; “Ever get the feeling you’re being cheated?”

Matt Drudge Turns on Trump

Has anyone else noticed that MOST of the articles on Drudge these days are from Left Wing publications such as Bloomberg, New York Times, The Washington Post, People Magazine…PEOPLE MAGAZINE? And none of them are favorable articles in the least when it comes to our President. These articles are merely a constant source of non-facts, speculation without proof and innuendo. It’s one thing for your enemies to slander you, it’s another to have your friends tell you what they said and not even offer a defense. 

This is the Drudge Report today, right now.

One should keep in mind if they are going to consume this “brain filler” that passes for news. This is that all these outlets aren’t there to bring you insightful and enlightening news to help you form an opinion. They are there to SELL you things.

Another thing they sell is an emotional response. They would like you to be outraged. They want you to jump through a hoop. Better yet, they want you to jump through THEIR hoop. And most people are doing just that if you look at the comments section of most anti-Trump article. Badmouthing Trump sells. 

They’d throw Donald Trump under the bus if it gets them a higher rating, and they have so easily. Drudge made his bones on attacking the last president so why should he flip the script? He's just getting his "news" from a different source these days, that's all. 

Comey’s Memo

There’s no memo of Donald Trump asking Comey to drop the Flynn “investigation”. Not an authentic one anyway. Believe him if you want by I don’t. Not for one instant. He was merely untrustworthy before, now he’s beyond belief.

Donald Trump did not ask Comey for his loyalty since we all know that Comey had already pledged his fealty to the last Democrat President, what’s his name. And owing to his loyalty to the former president, Mr. Comey will say anything to bring down the present one. He brought down Hillary not for Trump but for his previous boss. 

There were no investigations to start with. It’s all a subterfuge and people who are red up to the ears over all this nothing should stay away from the television and radio talk shows and perhaps pick up that book they have been meaning to read. Your heart will thank you.

There are no Russian’s invading our voting ballots. G.W. Bush did not blow up the World Trade Center, Bruce Lee, Elvis Presley and Jim Morrison are all really dead, The Vietnam War was unwinnable and Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone when he killed John F. Kennedy. Oswald was a Marine marksman for Christ’s sake, he was a crack shot.

Recognizing the Obvious

There will be no impeachment of Donald Trump. But if such a thing should come to pass, the State of the Union would be on very shaky pins. If the GOP goes along with such a bald-faced Coup d'Etat, and make no mistake, the GOP is every bit as untrustworthy as the DNC, markets will fall, consumer confidence will tumble and voters everywhere Democrats and Republicans will know unequivocally that whatever they desire their particular candidate to achieve for them WILL NOT HAPPEN EVER.

Why bother voting if your vote doesn't bring the changes you voted for?

Pence No Answer

If something should happen to Donald Trump and we are left with the overly ambitious yet un-charismatic "Government Alternative Candidate" Micheal Pence, don't think for a moment any good will come from such an administration. The proposed Trump Tax Cuts will become "Too Costly", repealing the Affordable Care Act will now be "too ingrained upon the fabric of our nation." and nothing is ever, ever, ever going to change in your lifetime or the lifetime of your children. Oh, and Pence will be a one-term President but so what? Nothing will matter if Donald Trump is allowed to be ousted. The damage will have been done.

The Left Needs Trump

Without Donald Trump in the White House the television ratings for CNN, MSNBC and all those unfunny failed stand-up comedian nitwits on late night will tank and Democratic Party campaign funds will dry up. For the Political Left, campaigning against Micheal Pence after Donald Trump is gone would be like campaigning against your own brother.

People will go back to talking with their wives and children after work and Saturday Night Live will go back to being a trivia question: “When was the last time you watched SNL?”

Back when DEVO played the show?

Watch, Wait and Relax

So turn it all off, go about your business. Be confident that you are going to have the appropriate response to the Government Takeover and react in your own self-interest. But until something outside of all this crazy talk should actually happen, there is no use getting worked up about it. Let them Impeach Trump and THEN react. Quit jumping through hoops every time a Television or Radio "Journalist" says something nutty.

It'll only drive you wacky.

Monday, May 1, 2017

The Media Hates You!

You all voted for Donald Trump and now you're gonna pay!

Where ever you turn its 24 hours of "Hate for Trump!"

There is no hiding from it whether it's in print, on-line, radio, television or, like here in Socialist Massachusetts just idle conversations with people who will blurt out the dumbest Hate Trump stuff. It's ALMOST replaced talking about the weather here in the formerly industrialized North Eastern part of the country we call “New England”. 

Call them what you want "Teachers March, Rally for Kids, Earth Day, March for Science etc. It’s all just another “We Hate Trump” rally. It's a one-note symphony that the Political Left now has boundless energy for playing and their Media enablers never tire of covering. These are the real people! These are the concerned citizens who are only out here because they CARE!

But it was the “other” people, the Tea Party people, who walked out of their regular lives to gather, plan and act that didn’t get such loving coverage. It's not like they were school teachers and other government employees who got the day off to protest or had been told to go, the Tea Party had to get out of their individual orbits on their own time and work to make this change happen since nobody was going to help them but themselves and they knew it. The Tea Party knew their chief opposition was the American Press!

And now we all are under constant bombardment in a war the Media has already lost. But they are not going to let you forget it. Their message is everywhere: Hotmail, Radio, Television and what's left of the print media: "Hate for All Things Trump!”.  

And we thought it was bad when it was just “Bush Derangement Syndrome”. This is 100 times more insane.

How exhausting this must be for all these totalitarian Wannabes. They couldn’t push you towards believing things were going great the last 8 years, they couldn’t push you towards voting for Hillary Clinton and so now you’re going to pay for your stupidity by having to endure this media pounding morning, noon and night until they either run out of money or just start shooting.

Defenders of Free Speech my ASS! It’s quite obvious that there is nothing standing in the way of anybody's 1st Amendment rights when you hear the bile these clowns are spilling. Such venom and hatred coming from supposedly educated people just shows that in reality, they aren’t as smart as they thought they were, were they? 

That may be the hardest part for them to take.

You see, they felt that they were SO close to their much vaunted and predicted total takeover of the American process of governance. They felt they were THIS CLOSE to being able to crowd out all opposition and shout down all opposing voices to their vision of what this nation should be.

But a funny thing happened on their way to the sending people to the Death Panels: They were soundly beaten. 

But it's not that they lost but how they lost. They lost everything totally. Their total control of The Message has been shattered, shattered by the likes of Snowden & Assange, the new Woodward and Bernstein of the Internet Age.

And shattered by the millions of Americans who rather than believing what they heard, believed what they saw and had the courage to endure not only the Media onslaught and name calling but the institutionalized discrimination by the government in their injudicious use of the Internal Revenue Service against honest tax-paying citizens. 

But in all this vitriol and vengeance we see the true face of the enemy. They were there all the time but now we see them for who they really are: The Dictatorial Class.

Their message is clear: You should’ve just sat there and LUMPED IT all, the lack of paying jobs, the want of starting your own small business but being regulated and taxed out of the possibility, the ever rising tax burden and the crazy escalating healthcare costs that are not just jeopardizing your health but the health of your children. You stand there at the grocery checkout watching others using the resources you paid for. And you don’t get nothin’ so sit down and Shut Up!

You should have kept on believing in what you were told Goddamned it, you must be a moron!

So every moment of every waking day you are going to hear about it from the people who are now shouting from the wayside, the people who thought THEY were the WORD and the POWER when it was YOU the whole time.

And some people still don’t believe in Karma. 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Government Scientists March for Government Science

There was a march in Washington, DC, the Boston Common and other places around the nation to declare freedom for science. But how free can science be if the government is funding it?

The claim is that they are marching to prevent government interference in science but it’s really that the NEW government does not wish to continue funding this particular propaganda cycle of Global Climate Warming Change since, after 30 years of this bullshit, people still aren’t buying the fear.

This accusation of “increasing attacks on science” is really just an attempt by the government owned science community to remain on the public gravy train and to once again proclaim that they are anything but props in the government political machine of the last administration.

“It’s not about the current administration,” said co-organizer and PUBLIC health researcher Caroline Weinberg. “The truth is we should have been marching for science 30 years ago, 20 years, 10 years ago…The current situation took us from kind of ignoring science to blatantly attacking it.”

But it IS, indeed, about the current administration because the “scientific community” has said nothing over the last 30 years since their message was the government’s message. What did science matter then? They were both on the same page and what a lucrative page it has been!

But now, the government, is not.

Oh, it was a good living for all these educated “science guys”, the ones who would roll out studies every other year of how: coffee is good for you,/coffee is bad for you/coffee is good for you, butter is bad for you/butter is good for you, cholesterol is killing you/cholesterol isn’t killing you.  All important stuff to our daily lives as if anyone ever had given up coffee based on such ground breaking scientific research. And on the other hand we hear not a word about all the crap producers are putting into the food. 

And clearly the biggest money maker out of all this science has been: The world is getting warmer, and warmer, and warmer, global warming is man-made, global warming is now climate change and it’s a global crisis, that it is almost too late and we’re almost at the tipping point if we don’t do something NOW about it so run, run out into the street and shout to the world that this must be stopped as if any government, in their modern and established pomposity and egotism, can do ANYTHING to change the weather. 

Just ask China how that's going.

The United States government, like I’m sure many First World countries, pays very well for research, especially research that supports the particular agendas of these administrations. What are all the so called “Climate Scientists” going to do now? 

They may have to “choke”, get a real job!

There is no mandate in the United States Constitution that the federal government HAS to fund scientific research. There is no law behind this taxpayer funded entitlement. The government funds scientific research for many purposes and one cannot escape that some of this funding is for political purposes. Funding a “scientific project” at a college in a Senator’s district was always a reward for good behavior and a plum and having a “scientific finding” to counter a detractor’s research to muddy the waters is also a helpful thing to have. 

We see this with the Climate Cabal where past respected organizations like NASA and NOAA confirm as fact mere conjecture put out for political motives.

If it wasn’t for the political activism and yes, the religious fanaticism of these scientists on "what to do" about the weather, the public would not have lost faith in what they say in the first place.

The partisan actions of these propagandists have been repeatedly exposed in their efforts to fudge the climate numbers that abet the global effort by their government benefactors to grab an even bigger slice of the private sector revenue, to take an even bigger role in the determination of the means of production and as a result rob the working class of even more resources thus rendering us all less and less free. 

These same “scientists” would not shed a tear over the loss of our freedom of self-determination. They only cry now over the loss of their role in the efforts to control the narrative. Oh, and they'll miss the money!

Without their credibility, these "learned men and women" are useless and in reality when the government REALLY wants something they can use, they just BUY it from a private party.

Although the government did fund the development of computers at certain stages, they weren’t invented in government funded facilities. Neither was the stage rocket, the gasoline engine, electricity, the electric light bulb, direct or alternating current, the electric engine, the airplane or any other useful item to the government. They waited until an entrepreneurial spirit invented it and then they BOUGHT it.

In other words, they relied on a Free Market system of product development because back in those days they actually felt they had a limited amount of money and were still careful about how much paper money they printed. There may have even been a feeling of responsibility to the public trust but the Lord only knows when that disappeared or if it ever existed.

It is time to get these educated welfare recipients and government yes men/women off of the public pay rolls and the sooner the better. They should actually have to go out and earn a living in the private sector for a change.

If they can.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Is it Real? Gas Attack in Syria

Update: This whole stunt has a bad smell to it and it's not just Sarin gas.

It would make no sense for the Assad regime to commit an act such as this with everything going their way in this conflict. I still think the "attack" was an invention. Gas is a tough thing to disprove. Every side has it and the capability to use it. And having Turkey do an autopsy means nothing since they have a big stake in the opposition, having been selling them arms for years now in exchange for oil. This we know is true so as far as anyone knows, it could be Turkey's idea AND their gas.

People may well have been gassed but the point is: Who gassed them? Which side would benefit from such an act?

But it's still Assad's fault and the leaders of the world have been very quick to condemn him anyway. That's because they all want in on Syria. It turns out that there is more than one tyrannical regime that is involved in the Syrian conflict alright.

I'm leaving the blog up untouched because it does represent my skepticism on the reliability of ANY information we get coming out of Syria. The West continues to look for excuses to intervene.

The Blog:

Perhaps Assad did gas people in this latest media push OR perhaps the whole thing has been made up and did not even happen, again!

This is the real dilemma of the Rebel Opposition: Not as many people are jumping through the reactionary hoop anymore. Except for John McCain, that guy will believe anything when it comes to starting a war.

Did this attack happen at all? Where are the bodies? No bodies. When Amnesty International or Doctors without Borders shows up if at all, they'll be shown filled in graves. Anybody under there? We're told; "We have to bury victims right away, it's our religion." They can never keep these "victims" above ground long enough for outsiders to prove there were victims at all. Nobody ever seems to check. Only mass graves are dug up. There are Muslims under those too but that's another story.
Perhaps these agencies and media outlets don't want to confirm the dead because to think it real fits their political narrative. Who knows? We really don't. All we have to go on is what the people on the ground say and I have seen how tightly controlled the message is coming out of these places like Syria and Gaza and you have too. The media reporting can't be believed either. They have no credibility to say anything about anything anymore. I could name a group like CNN and you already know what they're going to say. They are very consistent in their slant and therefore can't be relied upon for the weather never mind if an international event has occurred.

The setup is pretty much the same as the other staged "attacks". We get video of people carrying "bodies" in blankets or "bodies" lying in ruble and then later we sometimes even see them walking around, oops!

We see "Doctors" frantically working on people usually in a small enclosed space using a single camera but we don't know what it's all about since it's just a person on a table. Put that scene in a daytime soap opera and it would look the same. What does it even mean? It means the Rebel Opposition gets NBC's "Days of our Lives" on the Internet.

We also see narrow angle pictures of people with respirators on, people holding half naked children and that idiot John McCain warning Bashar al Assad that his actions will not be tolerated even though NONE of this has been confirmed.

But why wait for the facts to come in when I'm John McCain, crazy person?

I've seen this act over and over. It's tiresome to see the media and people reacting to falsehoods like they were fact. But like PT Barnum so famously said; "There's a sucker born every minute."

We're also told there were war planes but who said that? Well, they did!

Totally believable, right?

No war planes, no gas, nothing but another attempt to get back in the news after being overshadowed by other world events.

It's all a shade and since other things are going on in the world that continue crowd the "plight" of the rebels off of the front page, it is a constant struggle to stay at the top of the news cycle and although I believe the Rebel Opposition would gas their own people to get an international photo op and probably have in the past, This time it looks like just another attention getting media stunt. But then remains to be seen.

There has been a huge divide in proving there was gas used and who used it. Even the French couldn't prove who actually used the gas in their own investigation back in 2014 and 2015 although since then U.S. media had reported that it had been confirmed. Go figure.

So sorry Mr. McCain but you've been Punked yet again. Please go kill yourself before you do any more harm to the peoples of this world. If there is an untried war criminal in all of this it is YOU. If you weren't so drug addled, I would say you have no conscience but in reality you have no mind left to lose.

The Rebel Opposition has been trying to parlay such incidents into attracting outside intervention in their Civil War from the very beginning because they know they don't have the resources to win. And why should they win?

Because Assad is "Bad"? Assad was bad under Obama because Mr. Obama was on a campaign to destabilize the Middle East and aid Hard Right Wing militant groups in takeovers of these countries like Libya and Egypt. And heaven forbid Assad didn't feel like being overthrown. The GALL!

Hence the U.S. media campaign, the chemical weapons accusations, the humanitarian crisis's and all the "Assad is a bad man" stuff. Like the Rebel Opposition is fighting for the Pope, apple pie and all that is good in the world. If it wasn't for the Obama Administration supplying them, they wouldn't have lasted this long. It was just that U.S. intervention that drew Russia into the conflict and elevated the destruction. Keep in mind the people who these Rebels are. Compared to the Rebel Opposition, Assad looks downright Moderate. And if Assad should happen to fall, the following Rebel purge will make the siege of Aleppo look like a kindergarten play.

But would THAT humanitarian crisis ever get reported? Good question. Civil Wars need winners and losers. In this one, there isn't much to cheer for but you all should see through the reasons why this whole incident here has been faked.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Shadowy Evidence Serves A Shadowy Presidency - Originally Posted 06/17/2013

Update: As the United States moves in intervene militarily in Syria yet again,  we can take another look at the past case for intervention; the evidence concerning the 2013 gas attacks which is now pointed to as a confirmed fact that Mr. Assad had ordered the use of chemical weapons.  

The Blog:

It is not just a lie, it is an OBVIOUS lie.

Does anybody really know if Basher Assad used Sarin gas on what is described as “his own” people whatever that means? I take it to mean his Enemies.

But any excuse will serve a Tyrant. I read that in an Aesop fable somewhere and it seems to fit very well in this instance.

Should we take French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabious’ super- ambiguous statement saying “Sarin gas was used in Syria” as a reason to enter the fray against Assad? What if it turns out that the rebel faction actually used the gas?  Now wouldn’t THAT be awkward? I don’t even want to go into where the gas came from if, indeed, it was there in the first place.

And where is the UN at? Aren't they going to "condemn" this alleged behavior for us?
But at any rate, here we are once again poised for yet another intervention in yet another civil war in yet another Middle East nation but all of a sudden the Obama Regime is worried about how it’s going to look THIS time?

So here is the old “Weapons of Mass Destruction” construct re-worked this time with a Red Line to be crossed and rolled out for another Big-Lie-Go-Round. This is the part of the current syndicate that’s been running this country that can be said to be truly transparent.

But our shadowy president and his shadowy henchmen that pass for advisors and cabinet secretaries are once again blindly feeling down the short sighted trail of foreign relations. What on earth do they hope to accomplish other than more instability, fear of the future and pain?

Libya worked out real well for Obama already didn’t it? Well here comes Syria!

So what can an out of control government leading the biggest economy in the world do? Should we go back to the “Death From Above” campaign we’re so good at or should we get serious this time and put boots on the ground?

What could possibly go wrong with that?

We should most likely see both Russia and Iran going all-in on Syria and really start sending in the BIG STUFF along with trainers, support staff and mercenary troops. Maybe then France and England get in on the act and Whoopee, we'll really be warring our way to prosperity won't we? 

Short supply lines, access to willing combatants and dwindling war chests back home should make the going difficult for the U.S. Imperialist Machine in Syria. There is no economic engine driving this or any of the other military expenditures the Obama presidency has been involved in. It's all just IOUs at this point since none of the money spent has been earned yet.

If we as a nation actually had a functioning Congress, Obama wouldn’t have gotten his Libyan Adventure off the ground never mind starting this one. The Obama Regime was in clear violation of the War Powers Act in regards to Libya but nobody can do anything to stop a president from going to war anymore. 

All we can do is now is watch.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Trump Moves to Derail Assad Victory

United States under President Donald Trump has now intervened in the Syrian conflict based on an elaborate and fiercely promoted fabrication and has stated that there is now a coalition forming to again attempt to dislodge President/Dictator Bashar al Assad from his leadership at a time where it seems final victory in Syria's long civil war was within his grasp.

How convenient.

It’s all so hard to disprove a reported incident like this when it happens on the other side of the world in a land where life is cheap, prospects grim, the resources rich, the politics cutthroat and the wars...endless.

The “He’s just a crazy dictator” excuse doesn't fly concerning why Mr. Assad, with his enemies on the run and just a year or so away from certain and inevitable victory, would suddenly decide to use Sarin gas on a superficial target. What purpose would such a move serve him?  

Well of course such a thing wouldn’t serve Assad at all BUT it certainly would serve the Western nations so that they can jump back into the conflict to prevent Assad’s march to re-acquire control of the country. 

What a setup!

Think about it. Assad finally triumphs in his civil war and is in control of the country. Russia once again has a firm grip on their Mediterranean port and the threat of being pushed out of the region will cease and any new efforts or circumstances to pry Russia off the Mediterranean and Syria's government from its oil resources will take decades to manifest.

Well, that can't be allowed to happen!

What is it about U.S. Presidents that when they get their hands on control of our military that they just can't keep their finger off the button? Like Obama's love of drones or Rahm Emanuel asking "Who did we get today?" when he would walk into the office. It becomes a game to these people.

I'm supremely disappointed that President Trump has used the U.S. Military for such a spurious "reason". I'm appalled actually at this grave misstep and now all the war mongers are praising him as one of their own. 

And he now indeed belongs to them. 

Russia is now been put on alert alright but they aren't going to cut and run from the country. And the last time I checked...We're Still Broke! We've got no tax cuts, no ObamaCare repeal and so what do we do now? Why drop bombs on Syria of course! 

What could possibly go wrong? 

How about being seen as helping out radical jihadists who vow to establish a Islamist Caliphate based on Sharia law in Syria? Sleep tight Mr. Netanyahu! 

We just dropped, literally, $94,400,000.00 on our "warning" shot! That money could've gone to far better use and unfortunately it's not like it's going to be the last time Mr. Trump is going to piss away taxpayer money "for the little babies!" that the U.S. citizenry hasn't earned yet as he flexes his new found might. What a loss this is. 

And all I really wanted was a tax cut and better health care. 

An agent or nation that would greatly benefit from U.S. intervention pulled this stunt and to find the people who benefit is to find the people who did it. Or a more likely scenario is that they ALL were in on it to some extent since there are so many with motive to snatch the victory from Assad's hands either for spite, for gold or for mere conquest.

It's just all too neat and tidy for me not to smell a rat in all this. But Trump has made his move so willingly or unwillingly we are all going along for the ride and regardless of his true motivation or whether the United States can afford entering yet another costly conflict we have no business being in, here we are again.

How great is that?

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Trump Attacks the Freedom Caucus

During the 2016 Presidential campaign I was repeatedly asked by my disbelieving friends about my unwavering support for Donald Trump, a man whom I had gone to see speak in person on two occasions and for whom I voted in the general election.They would repeatedly inquire: 

“Is there anything that Mr. Trump can do to make you not support him?"

“Nope, none that I can think of.”

“Is there anything he could say that would put you off?"

“Nope”, I would blithely state with true conviction.

“Is there any action he could take that could possibly make you waver?” They would ask.

“Not a chance!” I emphatically state.

So now what happens?

“Hey Wal Man, Donald Trump just said that he is going after the Freedom Caucus!”

“He WHAT!?”

Yeah, that would do it. Donald Trump just put the Republicans in the Freedom Caucus on the same political level as the Democratic Party. Can you beat that?

Saved from American Healthcare Act

If it wasn’t for the Freedom Caucus, a group of 32 fiscally and morally conservative Republican lawmakers from across the nation, the United States citizenry would have had to deal with yet another failed piece of legislation: The American Healthcare Act that President Trump and his new establishment GOP ally Speaker of the House Paul Ryan had tried to dress up and call “Fillet Mignon”. But the American people, the Freedom Caucus membership AND other Republican legislators knew it was the same old “Government Cheese”.

It was the Freedom Caucus that had actually saved Trump from looking bad by not allowing them to pass that Turd.

But this is obviously not how the President is looking at the situation. 

So Where’s the Art of the Deal?

So instead of listening to the Freedom Caucus’ concerns or recognizing their input and that of other Tea Party Republican’s like Libertarian Rand Paul, Mr. Trump and Mr. Ryan take a stand-offish pose and do a “My Way or the Highway” ultimatum. And it backfired.

So what’s the new plan? There isn’t a new plan. Mr.’s Trump and Ryan are going to bring the old failed plan back and instead of negotiating new legislation, they’d rather threaten the people who opposed it instead. Good idea.

Trumps New Allies…the Democrats?

So now President Trump is proposing to reach across the aisle to the Democrats to craft Healthcare Legislation rather than work with members of his own party.

This can't be happening. 

Trump Finds Strange Bedfellow

Donald Trump has taken a step toward the GOP establishment with his decision to side with Paul Ryan. It does not look to be a winning combination and I’d be surprised if it is a lasting relationship. Mr. Ryan ran for the house Speakership with the majority consent of the Freedom Caucus. Can he win friends by now opposing them? Not bloody likely.

Election 2018

Is the President really going to campaign against his own party come 2018? While some of the Freedom Caucus could be vulnerable, I don’t think a majority of them are going anywhere. Especially if their constituency feels they are under fire from a president, quite frankly, many of them weren’t too thrilled about in the first place. They didn’t all love Mr. Trump, they just hated Hillary Clinton more. 

Much, much more.

Can you see Donald Trump perhaps flying into Texas to oppose Randy Weber, who now holds the retired and much admired Ron Paul's seat? How’s that for optics.


Hopefully this gets walked back sooner than later and that Mr. Trump decides to incorporate more “Freedom” into the American Healthcare Act if it’s going to be brought back up for a vote. I’d rather see no legislation at all and have American healthcare become a market force rather than have it remain a government force. The state of healthcare is as it is because of government interference in the marketplace and nobody should have any illusions about this after the last 8 years of rising costs, shortages and hardships for those who pay and freebie give-a-ways for those who don’t.

If the President and his Republican majority are going to accomplish anything, they had better start bringing everyone to the table rather than thinking they can just punch any bit of legislation through Congress. The Freedom Caucus has the support of a great many American voters and many Conservative and Tea Party Republicans look to them in the hopes that they will continue to have their views represented and have a voice in our government. It is THEY who got Mr. Trump elected. 

For Donald Trump to call them out after the legislative blunder he almost committed is, in what should best be described in his own words: “Huge Mistake.”


Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Media IS the Enemy of the People!

And it always has been. The difference now is that we know it too.

By conspiring to keep the American public in the dark about the collusion and subterfuge by government organizations on the manufactured issue of Global Climate Warming Change, by looking the other way when illegal immigrants kill American citizens in their homes and on our road ways, by purposely manufacturing crisis at home and abroad to keep you in ignorance and fear, the National Media has done the American Public, the people they are supposed to serve, no service at all. 

Back in the days of 3 television channels, The National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) The Columbia Broadcasting System, (CBS) and the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) had a lock on information and they all put out the same “news”.

Back then, the planet was cooling. Yes, getting colder, the future showed that the Earth would be a block of ice, and we worried about it. Back then the government was run by the Good Guys. And these good guys defended the United States from the people we were told were BAD PEOPLE. Countries like China, Russia and Cuba. They were BAD. That's what were were told and are STILL being told. No agenda to follow there, these people were just not LIKE US.

We had guys like Dwight D. Eisenhower saying that we HAD to call off the free and agreed upon elections in Vietnam and instead invade so that the world could have their Tungsten. That’s right, Tungsten. The media was alright with that in the beginning. It took over a decade to change their minds about it. 

The big 3 and the government controlled the narrative and you got what they wanted you to get.

And the media today was alright with Affordable Care Act even though any clear thinking person could see what it was going to do to the economy and here they sat by for 8 years and watched it turn to shit. Not a peep out of the National Leftist Media except an occasional question to the last president, “What’s his name,” about his fucking golf game.

This is what they did not do for you the American People. No “News” outlet sent a camera around to these small towns to see the empty store fronts, the closed factories or the idle people on the dole.

They did NOTHING but glad-talk everything.

Some Past Examples

Remember in 2012 when NBC edited the 911 call that George Zimmerman made to police before he killed Travon Martin in a fight to make him look like he killed the man-child in cold blood? Remember that it was CNN that repeatedly referred to Mr. Zimmerman as a "White Hispanic"?

Who was served by that? Not you and not me.

Or back in 1993 when NBC had to admit that it rigged a Chevy Truck to blow up to "prove" that they were unstable in a crash and prone to explosion. The only problem was they couldn't get the truck to explode! So they had to help it along a bit.

It's because, as former CBS "reporter" Dan Rather said back in 2004 when he got caught peddling a phony story about then President G.W. Bush's military record " The story is true, it's the documents that are fake!" But there is a good reason for that; to the Political Left...

Facts don't matter!  

It wasn't Donald Trump who hurt the National Media's credibility, the reason nobody believes a word out of their mouths is their own doing. The truth would stick in their throats if they ever had the nerve to try to tell it. But they won't try because they can't.

NOT the Free Press

They are not the Free Press, they are the Bought and Paid For Press. Big difference. 

For years they've looked the other way while the moneyed elite made their deals. They went to the parties the bomb-makers threw and the laughed the laugh of people who didn't have to worry about their next paycheck because the were the king-makers, Media Made Men.   

So for far too long we got: "And that's the news. Now shut-up and sit down!"

Enter the Internet!

But now the Internet has changed all that. You don’t need the government to give you the news. You don’t have to listen to or even believe the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to tell you the temperature or a God-Damned Government Agency (GDGA) to tell you that trading Carbon Credits isn’t a fucking swindle or that the government isn’t in bed with the big corporations to keep low wage workers piling into this country so YOU won’t have a pot to piss in.

You don’t have to believe what the Government Media is telling you because what their telling you isn’t true you stupid sheep! Wikileaks has only proven what we all had long expected: That your government was not only lying to you but spying on you intensely to boot! 

So why would you listen when NBC, Reuters, CBS, ABC, CNN or ANY of these bought-and-paid-for PROSTITUTES say that President Trump’s 4 week old administration is in Turmoil? Why would you believe Russian's hacked the election? Why would you believe ANYTHING these people have to say? And just because they continue to have a forum to put their swill out on the airwaves every day over and over even though they themselves know it’s a lie and their doing it for only ONE purpose.

And that’s to keep YOU stupid, in the dark, under-employed, over-taxed, under-educated and out of the fucking American Dream while they and their LORDS hand the wealth of this nation to OTHERS!

So why are you still giving them the time of day? Someone lies to me once and I know it, there isn’t another thing I’m going to believe. Am I alone in this world?

I think not!

Our Media system is broken. Their only real function is supposed to report the truth but they do not. 

They Leftist Media has been caught out as liars and liars they'll be until they stop. 

They have not only let the American people down but have maliciously deceived us time and again. This is reprehensible conduct but now we know it. 

We're onto them.  

Saturday, February 11, 2017

ObamaCare Has To Go…Now!

The U.S. economy is never going to get better until the Affordable Care Act is repealed in total.

What do we replace it with?

Replace it with nothing. 

The less that government is involved with healthcare, the better.  Just look at what a wonderful job the government has done since it got involved in the American school system.

Scrap ObamaCare. The longer it is allowed to linger the worse off everyone will be.

The Affordable Care Act is the single biggest economic blunder that has blown a hole in our often touted but yet unverified “Economic Recovery” of the last EIGHT YEARS! That is not economic recovery that is stagnation. For eight years, despite the forged jobs numbers, the glad-talk and the media propaganda, we have had miserable growth. People are working two part-time jobs, contract jobs or not working and flat small business growth all because the cost of insuring people in the workforce has grown so high that companies have balked at hiring. ObamaCare has made people too expensive and as a result fueled the growth of automation.

It also shows in the actions of large U.S. employers who can just get workers from India under H-1B visas and pay them minimum wage. Or use Indian and Mexican companies as outsourced call centers and pay them even less than that. 

And of course, they don’t have to pay for their healthcare.

In 2012 my co-pay, the payment I made to see my regular doctor, was $15.00 a visit. I could see, say, a cardiologist for the same payment.  My deductible, the yearly out-of-pocket medical expenses I was responsible to pay before the insurance company started covering was $500.00 for the year.

As of 2016 my co-pay is $25.00 for my regular doctor, $45.00 for the Cardiologist who is now a “Specialist” and my deductible is now $1500.00 out-of-pocket.

My employer will pay 582.71 per month for this year’s coverage or $6,992.52 in total.

This is for a single person. The family plan is double this expense.

That's a lot of money.

This is what has happened in 5 years under ObamaCare. What will the next five years bring? 


It is a downward spiral of less money, less resources, more work for those employed and no future for those who aren’t. Less money to spend to keep the economy going because it’s all getting sucked up into these Free Lunch medical services for “The Poor”.

There is no fixing this plan. It must be scrapped and the sooner the better for all involved. It will not get better, it can only get worse and all the protesting in the world isn’t going to change the reality of the fact that there just isn’t enough money in the world to make Socialized Medicine work. It never has. It’s failing every place it’s been tried. Canada? Failing. Britain? Failing. Cuba? Ha, you’re kidding me, right?

Things weren’t perfect before Obama injected yet more government involvement in the medical industry so government should not add anything more.

Market forces will return with freedom of choice. Let people buy their healthcare from outside sources and across state lines. Let people only pay for the services they need instead of forcing them to carry useless services they won’t be using and make sure the people who are paying nothing, pay SOMETHING. Otherwise they won’t respect the system.

Health Insurance should be something I can carry with me instead of with my employer. This kind of market mobility will allow more people to be in business for themselves.

But the cheapest way for people to afford their healthcare is for government to get out of the healthcare business. Government only adds bureaucratic overhead and runs deficits. Neither of these forces is conducive to affordable ANYTHING.

The GOP has to grow a backbone and perform some tough-love for the victims of the New Slave Culture, the culture that craves their government give-a-ways and will fight in the streets to keep them.

Like it’s their right to destroy the economy.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Trump Must Purge the Unbelievers

President Trump must start to toss the bitter dregs of the former Presidential regime of…”What’s His Name” into the streets of DC and tell ‘em they don’t have to go home but they can’t stay here. Their time is over! 

All those Goose-stepping Leftist bum-kissers have got to go and go now.  It’s time for them all to have to actually look for jobs and it is a great fantasy of mine to believe that there can’t possibly be enough non-profit organizations to absorb ALL of them.

But I could be wrong about that because there sure is a shit-load of of non-profit organizations on the American landscape scamming the tax code with their holier-than-though money making schemes you wouldn’t believe and jamming the air-waves with hungry children, abortion “counseling”, wish-making, panda bears and green amnesty for PBS and AARP.

Maybe all these good-for-nothings WILL actually get jobs after all!

Yep, no other country on the planet like the U.S.

But the point is that they should all have to go find a new job and the sooner the better for the sake of the voter’s revolt against the failed Socialist Politics of the past. The sooner Mr. Trump dumps these vile spawn of the former regime, the faster the nation and its people will profit.

There is no trusting what they'll do next, what spigot they'll leave unattended or what stink-bomb they'll let off in the transgender lavatory. They can't be trusted and right now there's too many to watch. So dump them all! 

The best example is former interim U.S. Attorney General Sally Yates. She has become the Poster Child of Treachery to President Trump's fledgling administration. 

The U.S. Attorney General serves at the pleasure of the President and cannot pick and choose what laws to follow. We’ve had enough of that Bullshit already so Sally Yates not only should’ve been fired, she should get her law license yanked and have to get in the unemployment line with all the other Flying Monkeys of the former Marxist Leader who, far from the fray, is busying himself by playing golf in Palm Springs, planning his lecture tour and laughing all the way to the bank. 

Can any of his former coat-holders, apologists and smoke-blowers even use him as a reference? I wouldn’t.

The old regime has been repudiated. Everything they did has turned to shit and will be undone. The sands of time will erase, yet again, the latest band of pirates that have attempted to RULE instead of Govern these United States.

So let the purges begin.  Say it from the mountain tops, say it from the Oval Office, say it in a Tweet but please say it now Mr. President:

You’re Fired!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Trump Juggernaut Steamrolls Sanctuary Cities

As President Trump would say; “Such a good idea. Such a good idea, folks.”

Entering the country illegally doesn't make you a citizen any more than breaking into a house makes you a part of the family. 

There should be no Federal reward for defying the law. Especially some as important as Immigration Law. It's not like we're talking about banning weed. This is the stuff that causes nations to tumble. 

To drive home the type of mentality we're dealing with in these liberal states, Massachusetts State Attorney General and failed Gubernatorial candidate once said; “It’s technically not illegal to be illegal in Massachusetts.’

This is what we're dealing with. 
These Liberal Mayoral syndicates running these illegal Safe Harbors like to refer to the United States as a "Nation of Immigrants" and we are but not everyone coming into the country is an immigrant as defined by law. 

Some immigrants, like my Great Grand Parents, came over legally. The Irish were invited by industrialists of the day to come to America with the full blessing of the Federal Government. A process was put into play to receive them all at Ellis Island. People came and were processed into the nation. This included delousing and vaccination shots. 

That was the process and that was LEGAL.

But what is happening is certainly not legal and it’s not right. Neither is it right to use taxpayer dollars in the support of illegal immigration. There’s no future in a nation doing such things and everyone knows.

The Political Left likes to draw the bizarre parallel that the illegal alien situation is akin to the old Boston Abolitionist movement prior to the last Civil War. They are sheltering these illegals from the big bad Federal Government that who wishes to send them back to their impoverished underdeveloped nations.

Well, yeah, that’s the idea. They’re here illegally and they’re breaking the law. And it is the lax enforcement of our immigration laws that has been pissing off U.S. Citizens, naturalized and indigenous alike, for well over a decade. They’re jumping the line and causing big problems socially and economically. 

That's what the LAST president, What's His Name, allowed. 

Limousine-Liberal Do-Gooders don’t give a flying shit about people coming into the country legally and playing by the rules. That’s just the wrong kind of immigrant to them. Just like the rest of us tax-paying, law abiding citizens over the last 8 years, they don’t count.

We see this Leftist Myopia all the time in their bizarre acceptance of the subjugation of women by Saudi Arabia, the dismissal of success by the “wrong black people” like Justice Clarence Thomas and former Florida Congressman Allen West and ignoring the historical achievements of the “wrong women” like Trump Campaign Manager Kelly Anne Conway and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

They’re just not the role models the Left can leverage. 

Breaking Federal Law doesn't give cities the right to receive taxpayer dollars to support illegal aliens with perks ranging from free rent, free healthcare and free college tuition. These city mayors can still skirt the law but they will have to get the money from somewhere else. 

That somewhere else, btw, is going to be from local taxpayers. Lets just see how happy they'll be with the added cost of their "Compassion". 

President Trump has every right to pull Federal funding from these self-declared Sanctuary Cities and they know it better than anyone. 

This move and the move to pull funding from overseas abortion providers is the start of the dismantling of the Federal Gravy Train on many levels and saving taxpayer cash as a result.

There are better things to do with the money. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Obama Cult Thrives

Cult:/ a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object , a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing.

An election was held and the result was that President Obama’s entire 8 years in office was repudiated and rejected by a majority of the American Voting Public.

Citizen businessman Donald Trump, a man nobody but a few observant individuals thought would win the presidency won the presidency. Why?

Because the Cult of the Political Left has forgotten that it’s the people who work that matter most in this country and you can’t ignore them forever. Or for 8 years in this instance.

The Left in Denial

So the Left invents Russian Intervention. The Left invents the Myth of the Popular Vote. The Left invents ANY excuse except the reality that their own blind indoctrinated Marxism DOES NOT WORK…Again!

But they won’t believe it. It had to be something else, some outside force, some THING that got in the way of their POWER GRAB.

And it was all only a power grab since they knew from the beginning that none of the crap they were pulling was going to put one FARTHING into the pockets of the poor or the middle class. It was all designed to put THEM in a position that would eventually be impossible to dislodge them from. It would be the Political Left who would Dictate. The Political Left that would Command!

But a funny thing about this country and the world’s most unique document, the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights, that governs it.

It still works!

And those alive today are witness, love it or not, to our nations system of government. You don’t like what’s happening? Well, you CAN change it after all now can’t you?

It still remains to be seen where this all will lead but one thing is for sure, the group that was leading the nation to certain Chaos is no longer at the helm. They are OUT! And good riddance because THEY SUCKED ASS!

Obama Could Do No Wrong

But yet he was so wrong on almost everything. I could run a litany of willfully executed actions that really can’t be called mistakes because, well, President Obama did them all on purpose. He had a plan to execute and he did so to the best of his abilities. He tried so hard to break the nation. He tried to break us by squandering the nation’s funds. He tried to break us by regulating businesses out of existence. He tried to break us by blowing a hole in the U.S. economy with his useless takeover to the national medical industry and driving costs through the roof. He tried to break us by sending our military everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Mr. Obama tried so many ways to destroy, pull down and deconstruct the American Way of Life.

But he couldn’t do it.

The U.S. System of government was designed specifically for a guy like Obama and the nation’s founders knew a guy like him was going to come. There have been bad presidents before but never was there a president that actually hated what the United States stood for. In this aspect, Mr. Barack Obama stands alone atop the Parthenon of bad Presidents. He is the worst. Former president Jimmy Carter can now breathe a sigh of relief.

The Real Fake News

But to hear the tale told by the Leftist press, the Affordable Care Act was the balm for the pain of the poor! That all those regulations by Obama’s minion running his Ministries saved businesses! That unemployment is the lowest it’s been EVER in history! That Mr. Obama’s policies overseas have left this nation safer, yes, safer than at any time in our history.

Obama's Myth

All the statistics are true and you can’t tell anybody who believes anything else. They have stopped listening. Global Warming is a proven science even though no real scientist can state such a thing since science, like history, is always in motion, a flux of discoveries and disputes. But there is no dispute in this case. To do so risks excommunication.

Is Trump a Cult Too?

It is true that there were a lot of staunch Trump supporters out there. They had to be to endure the constant barrage of vitriol,  hateful misinformation and outright on-the-air attacks by the Leftist press corps who where staunchly in the bucket for Hillary Clinton but also glaring against YOU, the regular working American taxpayer. 

But there were a lot of people who voted for Donald Trump who clearly did not like him either. The big difference with them was that they either hated Hillary Clinton more or were worried about the future they saw coming under a Clinton Regime. They saw the nation unraveling and heard Ms. Clinton say she wasn't going to change a thing. That didn't wash with them and so they held their noses and voted for Trump. And even the media people who said they voted for him continue to criticize him. 

Not exactly cult-like behavior in my estimation. 

Now What?

So the future of our victory over the Left is that we are now destined to fight to keep it. We must continue to ignore the Leftist Press and expect that this denial will continue for the next 4 years at least. They will not stop and neither will we. In this fashion we as a nation will continue to grow intellectually and spiritually with the fight to gain and keep freedom a constant everyday struggle against the closely encamped forces of our own oppression. 

Against people who look like us but who only see the bad America and ignore the good. 

This is how American freedom works and so the forces of the Left have been vanquished. 

For now.