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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Vote for Obama, Get a Phone

Although NPR and other media outlets on the political left manage to trot out the “young single mother of two holding down two jobs but just can’t seem to make ends meet” type person to represent the 47% of the population that are on public assistance programs, we all have seen the other 46.975% that are not only gaming the system but are the decedents of people who have gamed the system.

And let’s be fair, it’s not just a black thing, a white thing, an immigrant thing or a Hispanic thing. People from all walks of life are receiving government giveaways. And it’s not like it used to be either, it’s just not that hard a game to play anymore .
It’s a lot like going on a TV game show and winning a TV. It’s just the Government perpetuating itself.  Now that it’s all Federal dollars doled out by the nameless and faceless, all one has to do is apply. Or, using what just happened to me this week as an example, one doesn’t even have to apply. I received from the State two cards that ENTITLE me to discounts on prescription drugs up to $150.00 per year. They don’t even have my name on them and the letter says they are fully transferable. I can just give ‘em to somebody else and they can use them too.

And how did I manage to weedle this perk out of the State? I requested a list of medical plans that the State offers people who don’t have a medical plan through their work. I got the list last week very well and then the discount cards show up out of the blue. What a country!
Perhaps you’re saying that $150.00 isn’t that much money to give away per year but imagine how many cards the State must give out. Add this to all the other giveaways, the EBT cards, the MassHealth cards the Section 8 housing subsidie and whatever else is offered that we never hear about.

Makes me wonder why they don’t advertise this discount like they do Food Stamps. I’ll guess that the State will need to be getting this money from somewhere to cover the increase in use of these programs. That means either increased health premiums for people who do pay or higher taxes. 

But with the current tax burden putting pressure on small business and big business alike, how will they respond to increases? They’ll have to lay people off which leads to a downward spiral of State dependency. This has become one hell of a voting bloc and it will be hard to overcome for a candidate that wishes to do something about the staggering deficits and the coming inflation. It’s a hard sell to say we’re going to cut your Welfare. Of course, this is what the current regime desires.

People will vote for their benefits. Heck, people will march and destroy to keep their benefits. Just look at Greece and Spain! These people either don’t believe or don’t care if their economy crashes and burns just as long as they get their check. Their political leaders are as much to blame or more so since they’re the ones who voted to give pensions to people retiring at 50 years old without thought to the economic consequences. How responsible does it look to join a new consolidated currency and immediately give it all away? I mean, that's what government does, right?
But look no further than the United States. With the Federal Reserve now buying mortgage debt with borrowed and printed money, can our bureaucrats manage to keep our economic house of cards up much past the 2012 election?  An ambitious idea, buying debt with debt but will it work? It is apparent that the only goal of all this economic 3 card is to make it past the election. After that, who knows. 

Wonder what excuses we’ll hear then.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Obama Administration Totally Misreads Middle East

Make no mistake, if the U.S. did not intervene in the Libyan civil conflict, our embassy would not have been overrun and our ambassador and his fellow Americans would not be dead today.
No one can blame George W. Bush for this debacle.

This bed was made solely by President Barak Obama. It was his administration that supported and urged on the rise of the Islamic Nazi movements in Libya and Egypt. It was the Obama administration that has not only nurtured the overthrow of secular governments in Middle Eastern countries but he also directly involved the United States Armed Forces to insure the radical Islamist’s victory. Now these countries are Islamic Caliphates.
To pull off the Libyan Intervention, the Obama administration subverted the Constitution and violated the War Powers Act.  The U.S. Congress, now reduced to a group of grasping, finger pointing, self-serving scoundrels, did what they do best…nothing. No vote, no proclamations, no action.

The biggest mistake Obama and his band of activist henchmen have made is to think that all this support, all this appeasement and all this bullying of Israel will buy them any favor with these Arab Barbarians.
You cannot buy favor with people whose only goal is to burn down every house in America, the UK, Israel and the rest of the world who AREN’T MUSLIM! Sure, they’ll take your aid and support and tell you what you want to hear but when they get strong enough on your good will, they’re coming after YOU. It’s amazing to think that Obama would think something else was going to happen. It didn’t.

And for Israel, they’re the smart guys we’re ignoring. They are our only non-Muslim allies in the Middle East, desperately trying to hold onto something we in the U.S now take for granted: Their NATION. Those who run Israel know how fleeting a civilization can be while we in the U.S. think that we’ll just go on forever regardless of what we do to ourselves. It won't.
So by getting the U.S. to help them overthrow Gadhafi and gaining control of the country, the Muslim regimes, enboldened and empowered, are quickly expunging every non-Muslim element in their nations.  They’re killing Christians and they’re killing U.S. citizens. They will succeed in expelling every non-Muslim in the nation in a grand Islamic purge. Remember, to kill in the name of Allah is no sin.

Or should we call it “Ethnic Cleansing”? Oh, I forgot, we only use that term when it’s non-Muslims fighting the spread of radical Islam in their countries so that term does not apply in this instance.

The blame for the inferno that is the Middle East today falls squarely on the Obama administration, without whose tireless efforts the storming of the Libyan Embassy would not have occurred. They miscalculated their actions in the Middle East, chose the wrong sides and used U.S. Military might illegally to carry out their misguided objectives.
The Libyan Embassy incident is a burning example for why countries stay out of other country’s Civil Wars.

By all accounts Christopher Stevens was a good man and as a U.S. Ambassador, he did his job and died in the line of duty.
It’s a shame to even have to say it.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Obama Vows to Bankrupt Country in Acceptance Speech

And people say Ron Paul has a dedicated group of followers…
In his acceptance speech for the Democratic Nomination, President Obama tonight vowed to continue spending, spending and spending taxpayer dollars on our big government programs and pledged to not take a step backwards on Medicare, Medicare or any other social program the government is running right now.

It comes as no surprise that President Obama remains ALL IN when it comes to sustaining the growth of government at any costs and tonight he has declared his intentions to go out on his shield.
Many people think that the biggest challenge to Barak Obama and his ideals is Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney but it isn’t. Mr. Obama’s biggest challenger is…Math!

That’s right, with the Federal Government running a deficit of $16 Trillion dollars and making poor people out of the middle class, the dreams of sustaining any of his pie-in-the-sky plans is running into a numbers problem: Poor people pay less or no taxes. The more poor people there are, the less taxes that will come into federal coffers and right now the economy is cranking out new poor people every week. The increased tax burden on the working sector is also creating more poor people. It is a fact that there were more poor people out there last year than the year before and more poor people today than last year. 
The only growth industry in the U.S. right now is poor people. There are record numbers on Food Stamps, record numbers on Unemployment Insurance and record numbers who have fallen off of Unemployment Insurance. This is a direct result in increased taxation and regulatory burden on businesses and taxpayers. The less people have, the less they have to spend.
So where is all this money to continue Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Unemployment Benefits, Welfare, Food Stamps, Subsidized Housing and National Health Care going to come from?  Every economist in the world has confirmed that taxing what’s left of the wealthy is but a marginal sum in comparison to what the nation owes for these and other federal programs.

So where will the money come from? Sadly, Mr. Obama seems to have left that question unanswered in his gloriously received speech. I also don’t recall one mention of the looming national debt and what he was planning on doing about it. Perhaps in all the excitement he just must’ve forgotten to mention it with all that cheering and all going on.
Obama will smite the evil insurance companies, he will turn the cruel lenders into pilars of salt and he will vanquish those who seek to harness the great Satan of domestic oil supply. Verily he has spoken.
No, our seniors will not go without, our soldiers will not suffer for want and neither will the masses see any reduction in their health care. The Obama administration will simple lower the costs. This was a revelation! After enduring hefty yearly premium increases and with my deductable and co-pay soaring, it was a salve to my wounds to hear that the government, that stalwart of saving and thrift, will just have us pay less for health care.  Perhaps all it will take is a wave of Obama's almighty hand.  

But that trick never works. Nixon tried it in the 1971 if anyone cares to remember.   

With his worshipers fervently cheering to crescendo at every phrase, President Obama has put forth his his mission for all to see. But there should be no mistake, what he says will not happen upon his re-election. It can’t, it just doesn’t add up.

For all the promises, pledges, intentions and determinations of the President, it will be The Market that will make the ultimate determination of the soundness of his policies.

I believe The Market is speaking right now.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Godless Gay Abortion Cult Holds National Rally in Charlotte, NC

I think they still refer to themselves the Democratic Party but since they’ve adopted this new platform to run on and are wearing it as a badge of honor, they might as well change the name to fit. 

Yes, these staunch advocates of the illegal alien's right to vote, drive a car and live in the United States are holding a Political Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. Or is it a “Down with God and Israel” rally, I can’t tell anymore. I think I read it on Drudge or the Fox network or something.

All I know is that the people who brought the nation the Motor-Voter laws, unwavering opposition to voter identification and verification and the escalation in the advocacy of Food Stamps to the point where they advertise on TV, radio and subway systems everywhere are rallying the nation to their most generous causes.
The Democratic Party has gathered, studied and conferenced for months to finally decide that name calling and distraction is a better strategy than actually running on deeds and accomplishments. 

And if they can’t get people who run a business or want to own one in the future or people who actually want to make something  of themselves on board with them, by hook or by crook they’ll do all they can to get everybody ELSE to join them.
So as best as I can tell from all my observations, this is the campaign platform the group "formerly known as the Democratic Party" has committed to:

1.)    Teachers Unions: Because your kid should be the smartest hamburger flipper at the Mall.

2.)    Gay Marriage: At least the lawyers will be working.

3.)     Taxpayer Funded Abortion on Demand: Because you never know when you’ll need to end your child's life.

4.)     National Healthcare: Because Affirmative Action hiring should extend to Doctors and Nurses too.

5.)    Government Competition with the Private Sector: If the bad economy doesn’t get ‘em, the government surely will.

6.)     Big Government: Because you’re just not capable of taking care of yourself.
Oh yeah, and Mitt Romney is a big rich jerk!

Rally 'round boys, looks like a winner.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Obama's Diversity Chief Can't Hold Down the Fort!

In the scheme of things it may seem small but the Federal government’s attack on freedom of speech creeps on in ever so slow increments.
Now we have a State Department RETARD like nobody turned somebody John Robinson, a BLACK MAN in the Obama administration inventing “Racist” phrases out of Totalitarian air.

Yes, Mr. Robinson is a lock-step Marxist cut from the whole cloth of Perversity/Diversity mis-education. Another "never had a real job" political hack who must have only recently, late in the 4th year of his stint in the Obama administration, accidently found his office in the State Department building and managed to issue his first press release.
This is as bad as the California “Ebonics” controversy where the San Francisco school committee condoned young black people talking stupid non-sense to be ok and even taught to any other stupid shits wallowing around in the California public school system while they were either waiting to turn 18 or find an unoccupied street corner to sell drugs on.  
Robinson’s explanation of what “Holding Down the Fort” means reveals that HE is the racist, like I suspect that many black people in the Obama Administration are.  It never meant what he says it does and HE KNOWS It.

So why then did he write such a scurrilous article? Because he’s a racist, that’s why. What other conclusion can one draw? Either that or he is a “Crazy Black Man” who sees racists in his cornflakes.
And just being the Chief Diversity Officer makes him a racist. Being called “Chief” should be offensive to every Sachem and Cacique in the world. The word "Chief" is obviously an indian term and it's use on State Department stationary should be stopped immediately.

And while we're at it, why don't we apply John Anderson's "thinking" to other expressions that should no longer be used by a caring populous, hmm?

1.) "Have a Nice Day!": This is blatantly offensive since this can easly been seen as white folks telling the minority population what to do with their day. Sounds like an order from "down on the plantation", right?

2.) "Bicycle Lane" signs: Could offend a certain Asian group (The CHINESE) known for their extensive use of the bicycle. They may feel they are being singled out for segregation.

3.) "They Got Along Swimmingly": This has got to go since it's obviously a reference to illegals crossing the Rio Grande. This could offend the WETBACKS.

4.) "Hang in There": Isn't it obvious?

If you didn't know already, the age of White Guilt in America is OVER. After the election of Barak Obama and the obvious rise of the minority class to the very heights of wealth in this country, I don’t give a shit what a black, Hispanic, Asian or “other” calls me, I’m tired of pretending  they’re not racist assholes themselves. From now on I’m calling people what they are.
I see people as people and if they're black, they’re black and brown if they’re brown. Not Hispanic American and not African American because quite frankly “African American” sends the wrong message and is grammatically wrong. Black people aren’t African American. Technically and accurately they are: “Americans of African Decent”

Why is that, Wal Man?
First, they aren’t from Africa, haven’t gone to Africa and would feel totally weird just being in Africa being around Africans. If you weren’t born in Africa but your folks or their folks were, you are a DECENDENT of people from Africa.  If you were born in the United States (to U.S. citizens) then you are an AMERICAN and therefore AMERICAN should be listed first. Hence “American of African Decent”.  Whatsamatter, you don't like this country?

I believe it was that Great Fake Reverend and adulterer/embezzler Jesse Jackson that first coined the term “African American” in public and over time it has become quite apparent that he has learned nothing from his school, his church and from the real Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. who at last report was spinning in his grave at roughly 10,000 rpms since Mr. Jackson hijacked his legacy and became a traveling race-baiter/corporate extortionist.
It does not make one PISS of a difference if “Holding Down the Fort” or “Rule of Thumb” actually does mean what Chief Johnson says it does. The use of such phrases is still protected speech under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution because “Nice” speech needs no protections. It is unwelcome speech that the First Amendment was written to protect.

Even members of the Supreme Judicial Court have trouble with putting the law over their personal biases when it comes to constitutionally protected speech. Witness Justice Anthony Alito, that great champion of conservative thought, voting for the minority in the attempt to ban the Westboro Baptist Church from protesting at the funerals of soldiers killed in action. He was wrong, he knew he was wrong and yet he voted to ban them anyway even though he was appointed to interpret the Constitution for the highest court in the land. So how's he doing on the Free Speech issue? 

By attempting to brand certain speech as “Hateful” or “Racist” , Anti-Freedom groups, and I certainly place the U.S. Federal Government in this category, attempt to criminalize ordinary and protected speech.

Keep in mind that the U.S. Constitution is only a piece of paper. Its strength lies in the people’s will to defend the outlined principles within. Without the people behind the document, the document is just a useless collection of words on a parchment.
And so this is what our benevolent government is ever so slightly trying to do year in and year out. There is no such thing as “Hate Speech”, there is no such thing as “Racist Speech”. But there are plenty of people out there working very hard to try to tell you what to do, how to think and how to behave.

And next time you stumble upon one of these people, tell them to go SCREW and tell it to someone who gives a shit!