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Sunday, February 22, 2015

You’re a Racist, Blah, Blah, Blah…

You’re a Racist!

This statement only succeeds in turning my ears off and tells me the free exchange of information and ideas is finished. It has reached the proportion of an endless mantra by the Political Left in an effort to stifle free speech and derail valid arguments over the United States’ entitlement programs, bizarre immigration actions and the counter-intuitive actions, at best, of President Barack Obama, a man doted on by his white mother and abandoned by his black father.

“You don’t know what it’s like for us.” they say “You have had the privilege of being white.”, they say. Like I’m carrying the Blood Libel for the actions of my European ancestors even though I'm of Irish decent and we didn't come over until the 1880s! I never owned a slave, killed an indian or oppressed a minority and yet I have to continue to hear it and pay a price for it. It's a tiresome argument.

But that’s not the point. It’s just so the Liberals can continue to buy the vote of the “Downtrodden” in America with taxpayer money. Yes, the only privilege that I seem to have here is the privilege of paying for everybody on the Government Tit.

It’s like blaming the weatherman for rain. I can’t help if you weren't born a millionaire or that your station in life isn't higher. It’s most likely YOUR FAULT by either not studying enough, working hard enough or just not caring where you landed in life. It’s not like there aren't any rich Black or Hispanic folks because there are plenty. Racism didn't seem to stop their success.

From what I know, white people didn't start the slave trade in the first place and that the current hotbeds for human trafficking, since slavery has never gone away, remain North Africa, Asia and South America.

As we all know that grand old white guy Abraham Lincoln banned the slave trade in North America 147 years ago although to hear tell, every low contract bid to an American professional black athlete is regarded as a return to the plantation.

We only have the rights in this country that we’re willing to stand up for. If you let something go because you’re afraid of repercussions, then it’s on you these days. I’m sure Martin Luther King was afraid to walk down the streets of Alabama even with a crowd but he did it just the same.

But all this doesn't stop the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) or Hollywood from continuing to produce shows and “documentaries” based in the Antebellum South or the 1950s and 1960s showing “Whitey keeping our people down.”

I'm not of the mind to understand the blind obedience to the most racially divisive president since Woodrow Wilson or the most fiscally irresponsible president since G.W.Bush. I didn't dislike G.W Bush because he was white; I disliked him because he was spending the U.S. Taxpayer’s money like a sailor on shore leave. That was before Barack Obama made him look almost miserly.

What about the National Debt Mr. President? Why are you bypassing Congress and the U.S. Constitution to let people from Mexico overrun our nation? Why are you running around the country proposing more government benefits when the country is in massive debt? And why are you increasing taxes and costly regulations on business when in order to get small business and this nation running again, you should be easing both?

I know I’m a racist for asking such a question but until I get an answer, there’s no use talking about anything else.

UN ambassador Susan Rice, who is richer than Croesus by the way with a net worth of $44 million and who owns stock in countries who deal with Iran, has been criticized for toeing the paper-thin party line with a laughably unbelievable story of an anti-Islam video as an excuse for the attack and execution of our U.S. ambassador to Libya on the anniversary of 9/11 and then blaming it on “bad intelligence”. Only the most unthinking idealog would think they didn't have a legitimate point. But yet these people are branded as racist also.

If a person looks like a thug, with tattoos and thug dress, the so called “Hip Hop” culture with their pants a draggin’ and their hat on backwards, white or black, they’re thugs. I don’t care if its bible verses tattooed on their noggins, I’m not getting close enough to read them and I'm going to perceive them as a threat and treat them accordingly. This is because looks matter first in any culture.

Even the county’s most famous race-baiter and most infamous fornicator, Jesse Jackson, has been quoted as saying that he was relieved to see that it was two white men behind him on the sidewalk when he was worried about who was coming up behind him one dark night in New York City. Is this racism or just statistics?

I don’t even care anymore. Call it whatever you want but it’s all just free speech to me. Say what you want while you still have the right to. There is no such thing as “Hate Speech” in my copy of the U.S. Constitution.

So when will we stop paying for Andrew Jackson, George Wallace, Woodrow Wilson and Bull Connor? The Burden of Guilt should now be cast off our generation of children who don’t even know what the hell the professional race baiters of this country are even talking about. But they’re paying for it just the same.

Minorities long ago have won their rights in this society. That they are told otherwise by the shiftless cultural power mongers among them is no business of the nations. We now seem to just be engaged in a fight for MORE rights than others and to stifle opposition to their never ending demands for recompense.

To get more and more, they plead racism.

Oh, there's racism alright.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Internet a Threat to Government Propaganda Machine

This is the reason the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has been directed to restrict and regulate the Internet. The government must regain control of “The Message”.

Older folks will remember the before times. We got our information from the big three television outlets, The National Broadcasting Company (NBC), the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) and the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) and that was it. We had “trusted” people like Walter Cronkite giving us the news and setting the example of what a television newsman looked and sounded like. Solid, upstanding and sincere. Would Walter Cronkite lie to you? Hell no!

And growing up with Dan Rather and the 60 Minutes crew who went about busting scam artists and shady businesses with their on-the-spot camera crews and tough questions. They were the Good Guys.

And the scientists at the time, they were saying the world was…cooling. Yes, cooling. Millions of years in the future the Earth could be a ball of ice! And we worried about it.

We were told DDT was a bird killer and a threat to humanity and must be banned. We were told Vietnam was a justifiable enterprise and that the Great Society would end poverty in our nation. We were told the Russians, Cubans and Chinese were bad and that Democracy was good for all and we must export it to the world, that the hijackings by “Middle Easterners” in the 1970s were isolated incidents and nothing to worry about since they were just demonstrations by a frustrated populous of a culture and motivation we couldn't hope to understand and that the moon landing was an important step for the nation. We were told so many things. And they were all facts. Facts told by scientists, facts told by politicians and facts told by doctors. All people smarter than we were and who knew better. The government was our friend. 

Enter the Internet

Then in 1989, something happened that would change all that. The Internet went online and over time more and more information became available to the regular working stiff. There became available new messages and charges to challenge the Government narrative. Other scientists, those previously frozen out of the scientific community because of their opinions and findings, now found a voice and a following for their research. Information, facts and yes, truths, filtered onto the Web challenging "The Message".

This is why today we now believe a guy like Edward Snowden more than a hi-lee educated NASA scientist about the collusion and outright rigging of the world climate charts. One has laid their very life on the line to bring the world this news and the other is a government propagandist, twisting the facts to fit the narrative and prostituting themselves for mere money. Who are you going to believe?

Everything is now suspect, debatable and every "fact" or source is now up for scrutiny. People even doubt the moon landing. I mean, ok, I wasn’t there, but it was on TV and… oh, Jeez, who knows? And if you look at the video right you’ll see the puffs of smoke coming out as Tower One collapses, see? Well, George Bush was behind that. And did you see the video how the origin story of Jesus Christ is the same a s Vishnu’s? In fact it’s the same as a couple of past “Gods”. Christianity is based on a lie!

And how about Grumpy Cat? There’s no political or scientific significance to that but damn that cat is weird looking, I can't help but laugh!

Stigmas have been almost totally erased. Marijuana is being legalized; people are using the power of the Marketplace to buy things they would have been too self-conscious about or viewed as insane in the past: Adult babys, Anime’ geeks, Weed enthusiasts, Tatoo’d ladies, Body modifiers and every counter culture that you can think of not only now have a website to visit but shoot videos of themselves and post them on line. 

It’s all rather mainstream these days thanks to the Internet. Some might call this Freedom and it’s brought to you not by Government but by the invisible hand of the Free Market.

Then again, some people think this is a bad thing and most of those people work for the government or rather, the government MEDIA. No one can be truly shut out of a debate any longer and other opinions can find an outlet and people can accept them or reject them. But the important thing is that the have access to them.

This is bad news for “The Message”.

Today "The Message" is that the world is warming.  Scientists are predicting dire consequences if the nation or rather The Government, doesn't take corrective action. The War on Drugs is working.That GMO food is ok to eat. That allowing the nation to be flooded by millions of uneducated and unassimilated foreigners is a net gain for the country’s economy. That vaccinations won't hurt your kids. That energy from oil is bad and that air and solar is the power of the future. That Islam is a religion of peace. We are told that Americans have too much and that we must support those less fortunate by giving part of our earnings over to the government for them to administer to their needs.

But now this bullshit has opposition. The government propagandists put out a poll about how everybody agrees with “The Message” and the American people respond on line instantly to refute the words put in their mouths: “ObamaCare is shit! The endless wars we wage in the name of making peace are futile! The transfer of wealth from working people to the government is killing the American economy and the government is spending the United States into a future of poverty. Allowing illegal aliens into the country and putting them on public benefits is robbing our children’s future and literally putting American's health at risk.”

The truth is all out there now and now it must be crushed.

Enter the Iron Hand

So the Obama Regime, with its un-elected officials enforcing laws that they themselves have decreed, are poised to move against the businesses that run the major servers and networks that make the Internet run in the U.S. The FCC, a group appointed by the President, sees that it is time to step in to begin the process. They won’t take over all at once, no, they will apply pressure here and pass regulations there, all without Congressional vote or approval. They will just do it.

The government sees now that it must regain control of “The Message” so that their bullshit scientists will, hopefully one day, regain their believably. They hope to restore their Television propagandists feigned sincerity and teary-eyed portrayal of what they believe the truth will look like when spoken by a hair piece in a tailored suit while you struggle to put food on the table and keep a roof over your children’s heads.

They hope to restore the populist celebration that was the governments publicly funded mouthpiece, The Public Broadcasting Network (PBS) to its Socialist glory.

They want this back desperately.
But they will fail. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Allan Greenspan Won't Go Away!

Allan Greenspan has become the “Go to” sage of the economy. Bloomberg media has interviewed him recently and in this insightful report confirms that Mr. Greenspan believes: The economy remains sluggish.

He also said until companies start spending money and the housing market comes back the economy will remain sluggish.

We had to go to Allan Greenspan for this?

The BBC also has run an interview with Mr. Greenspan concerning the national debt and how both U.S. political parties are ignoring the problem and how the nation is "heading for a fall" to sum up the situation. He sites a lack of "Political Will".

Mr. Greenspan certainly ought to know about a lack of political will; he played a major role in the destruction of the U.S. economy these seven going on eight long years ago with the crash of the American housing market. Had he done his job and stood his ground on interest rates, we would not have crashed and burned the economy in the first place but instead Allan Greenspan, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, the protector of the American Banking industry played politics and continued to lower the borrowing rates until they hit the floor and basically just giving away money for loans. To this day we don't know how much money Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac has cost the American taxpayer.

And when we hit the wall at 100 mph what did Mr. Greenspan say? "Oh, sorry, my mistake." and took his retirement millions and flew off on a private jet.

But he didn't fly away far enough.

Allen Greenspan failed us. He favored his big business buddies and kept the credit flowing right to the end even though he was warned in 2004 by a Republican committee. Now at 88, what has this guy have to say that anyone will listen to? He has a lot of gall to stand out in the media and preach economic reason. Why would he even show his face after the chaos he has wrought? 

But very much like disgraced plagiarizing historian and National Public Radio & Public Broadcasting Service darling Doris Kearns Goodwin who is still writing and promoting books on history regardless of the fact that nothing in them can now be believed, Mr. Greenspan is still out there attempting to cover his tracks and the national media is still pretending that anybody really gives a shit about what this fraudster has to say about anything.

Why does anybody ask this man's opinion anymore? Is there really no such thing as bad publicity? Will people tune in just to hate the guy? Perhaps but I’d be mindful to be aware of what outfits are advertising on the article and remind myself not to buy anything from them. This is the only power we beleaguered taxpayers have left.

The generalities in which the government media speaks to the public just glosses over the real issues. Sure the housing market is slow because people need good credit again, duh!

There is also a lack of inventory…but WHY?

Because people are WORRIED!

Why are they worried, isn't the economy coming back?

If people believed that, they wouldn't be worried.

But the consumer confidence index has risen!

Says who, the national media?

When people are worried they don’t move. They don’t buy up to a new house, they make do with the one they have. If the housing market is any indication, people aren't moving. Quite the opposite, they're staying put.

If people aren't worried about the future they take risks with their resources. I don’t see much risk taking. There are plenty of empty storefronts that tell me people aren't risking their jobs or finances to start a new enterprise and if you have a job right now, you holding onto it with BOTH hands. I know I am.

If I were to lose my job, I don't have a lot of confidence that I will find another one anytime soon. Nobody's leaving where I work and we don't pay that great for the most part. Nobody I know is seriously looking for another job either.

So, how are YOU feeling?


I do see the costs of doing business continuing to rise. The cost of medical insurance rose. The taxes taken out of our checks this year was far more than last year. Property taxes have risen. My auto insurance has gone up. I received a notice that for the first quarter at least, my gas utilities will cost more.

People have become more expensive to hire in the private sector and the public sector has not decreased at nearly the rate of the private sector. This is bad news.

The public sector does not produce wealth; it spends it and regardless of what Nancy Pelosi says, public sector jobs do not constitute a gain to the economy. They have a negative impact because the money that goes to the public sector first has to be earned privately and then transferred, by other people in the public's employ who also expect a paycheck, to the public "trust". That's called "overhead" and there's a pant-load of that in government. That's Japan's problem and that's our problem. Did I mention the pension benefits?

It stands to reason that for the private citizen to move the economy by their conscious choices in what they purchase, they first must get their money back into their pocket. The government can't make their purchasing choices for them and be successful. Here they have failed by trying to pick our doctors and our schools to name but two things they have dictated to the people. The Public Sector must be cut for the economy to move forward. Right now they take too much but it's just easier politically to keep raising taxes and fees until we're all out in the street.

Right now the only municipalities doing anything about their public sector overhead are the ones which have already declared bankruptcy.

So what is a "job" really? Is it a result of government putting up someone else's money to fund a program? No. It is people risking their own resources to start an enterprise and working to grow it. And from this work, this risk, the government takes a piece of their production and puts it towards their programs.

So, no, that job "created" by the public sector does not add to the economy. The money would have gone farther and done more good had it remained in the pockets of the people who first earned it. Then THEY could support the businesses of THEIR choosing.

This of course would have cut out the "middleman" of government and we can't have that, can we?

So a viable reason for the "Sluggish" economy could be: Fear of the future.

"Oh, but Wal Man, you have such a Pie in the Sky approach to this issue, there is no Utopia you naive Son of a Bitch!"

No there isn't but since things have gone SO WELL the way it’s been going, we might as well stick with what the government is doing, yes?

You don't see what COULD HAVE been done or created had the money remained with the taxpayer. All you get to see is what government did with it and for the most part, they have squandered it inefficiently amongst their pet vote-buying projects like the drug war, foreign interventions and welfare give-a-way programs that help nobody in the long run.

It’s certainly time for a different approach.

I wish Greenspan could have said this but would anybody have believed him?

How can we miss you Mr. Greenspan if you won't go away?