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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Internet a Threat to Government Propaganda Machine

This is the reason the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has been directed to restrict and regulate the Internet. The government must regain control of “The Message”.

Older folks will remember the before times. We got our information from the big three television outlets, The National Broadcasting Company (NBC), the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) and the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) and that was it. We had “trusted” people like Walter Cronkite giving us the news and setting the example of what a television newsman looked and sounded like. Solid, upstanding and sincere. Would Walter Cronkite lie to you? Hell no!

And growing up with Dan Rather and the 60 Minutes crew who went about busting scam artists and shady businesses with their on-the-spot camera crews and tough questions. They were the Good Guys.

And the scientists at the time, they were saying the world was…cooling. Yes, cooling. Millions of years in the future the Earth could be a ball of ice! And we worried about it.

We were told DDT was a bird killer and a threat to humanity and must be banned. We were told Vietnam was a justifiable enterprise and that the Great Society would end poverty in our nation. We were told the Russians, Cubans and Chinese were bad and that Democracy was good for all and we must export it to the world, that the hijackings by “Middle Easterners” in the 1970s were isolated incidents and nothing to worry about since they were just demonstrations by a frustrated populous of a culture and motivation we couldn't hope to understand and that the moon landing was an important step for the nation. We were told so many things. And they were all facts. Facts told by scientists, facts told by politicians and facts told by doctors. All people smarter than we were and who knew better. The government was our friend. 

Enter the Internet

Then in 1989, something happened that would change all that. The Internet went online and over time more and more information became available to the regular working stiff. There became available new messages and charges to challenge the Government narrative. Other scientists, those previously frozen out of the scientific community because of their opinions and findings, now found a voice and a following for their research. Information, facts and yes, truths, filtered onto the Web challenging "The Message".

This is why today we now believe a guy like Edward Snowden more than a hi-lee educated NASA scientist about the collusion and outright rigging of the world climate charts. One has laid their very life on the line to bring the world this news and the other is a government propagandist, twisting the facts to fit the narrative and prostituting themselves for mere money. Who are you going to believe?

Everything is now suspect, debatable and every "fact" or source is now up for scrutiny. People even doubt the moon landing. I mean, ok, I wasn’t there, but it was on TV and… oh, Jeez, who knows? And if you look at the video right you’ll see the puffs of smoke coming out as Tower One collapses, see? Well, George Bush was behind that. And did you see the video how the origin story of Jesus Christ is the same a s Vishnu’s? In fact it’s the same as a couple of past “Gods”. Christianity is based on a lie!

And how about Grumpy Cat? There’s no political or scientific significance to that but damn that cat is weird looking, I can't help but laugh!

Stigmas have been almost totally erased. Marijuana is being legalized; people are using the power of the Marketplace to buy things they would have been too self-conscious about or viewed as insane in the past: Adult babys, Anime’ geeks, Weed enthusiasts, Tatoo’d ladies, Body modifiers and every counter culture that you can think of not only now have a website to visit but shoot videos of themselves and post them on line. 

It’s all rather mainstream these days thanks to the Internet. Some might call this Freedom and it’s brought to you not by Government but by the invisible hand of the Free Market.

Then again, some people think this is a bad thing and most of those people work for the government or rather, the government MEDIA. No one can be truly shut out of a debate any longer and other opinions can find an outlet and people can accept them or reject them. But the important thing is that the have access to them.

This is bad news for “The Message”.

Today "The Message" is that the world is warming.  Scientists are predicting dire consequences if the nation or rather The Government, doesn't take corrective action. The War on Drugs is working.That GMO food is ok to eat. That allowing the nation to be flooded by millions of uneducated and unassimilated foreigners is a net gain for the country’s economy. That vaccinations won't hurt your kids. That energy from oil is bad and that air and solar is the power of the future. That Islam is a religion of peace. We are told that Americans have too much and that we must support those less fortunate by giving part of our earnings over to the government for them to administer to their needs.

But now this bullshit has opposition. The government propagandists put out a poll about how everybody agrees with “The Message” and the American people respond on line instantly to refute the words put in their mouths: “ObamaCare is shit! The endless wars we wage in the name of making peace are futile! The transfer of wealth from working people to the government is killing the American economy and the government is spending the United States into a future of poverty. Allowing illegal aliens into the country and putting them on public benefits is robbing our children’s future and literally putting American's health at risk.”

The truth is all out there now and now it must be crushed.

Enter the Iron Hand

So the Obama Regime, with its un-elected officials enforcing laws that they themselves have decreed, are poised to move against the businesses that run the major servers and networks that make the Internet run in the U.S. The FCC, a group appointed by the President, sees that it is time to step in to begin the process. They won’t take over all at once, no, they will apply pressure here and pass regulations there, all without Congressional vote or approval. They will just do it.

The government sees now that it must regain control of “The Message” so that their bullshit scientists will, hopefully one day, regain their believably. They hope to restore their Television propagandists feigned sincerity and teary-eyed portrayal of what they believe the truth will look like when spoken by a hair piece in a tailored suit while you struggle to put food on the table and keep a roof over your children’s heads.

They hope to restore the populist celebration that was the governments publicly funded mouthpiece, The Public Broadcasting Network (PBS) to its Socialist glory.

They want this back desperately.
But they will fail. 

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