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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Obama has no answers...

The telling part in the President’s speech yesterday was that Mr. Obama only has his social conscience, his moral outrage and his class envy platitudes to fall back on and the more he spouts them, the more clueless he looks.

  • He is now appalled at the prospect that the nation can’t fix the roads even though the ever increasing gas taxes we’ve been paying for decades were originally allocated to fix the roads. Where has that money gone all these years? 

  • He is now morally outraged that we can’t fund education even though half and increasingly more than half of every town budget goes to pay for the schools. Where's THAT money going?

  • He is saddened to live in a country that won’t be able to fund Medicaid and Medicare even though there really was never enough money in the world to keep those pyramids from toppling over now. And their decline is accelerating with each government give-a-way.

President Obama sees no problem with government that more money couldn’t solve. And specifically the problematic Federal Government who over the last 50 years or so has bought its way into every facet of the American economy with plenty of strings attached and public unions, added regulations and unfunded mandates to ice the cake.

Government has grown and expanded its bogus services creating $ billion industries like the School Lunch Program, now so ponderous and inefficient that some systems are mandating that kids not bring their lunches from home so they must also pay into the system. Sound familiar?

But that’s the recipe for failure government programs cook up. Now that the gravy train has come off the rails, what we’re hearing on the airwaves right now are interviews with school teachers and other public union representatives on how they’re “reforming” their systems to work more effectively. NOW they’re reforming! NOW! Yes, it’s the NEW reform. Not like the OLD reform. They’ve had 20 years. When will they get it right?

Well, actually, the answer is NEVER. Government can never get it right. The system isn’t setup for getting it right and truly, it’s not about getting it right. It’s really just about CONTROL. The Federal Government buys its way into a market by allocating public resources at a greater extent than a private firm can do. It can also control lending rates which a private firm cannot do. But the major difference between government and private entities is that the government will continue to run at a deficit. So that year in and year out losses in gov’t programs do not result in a re-examination of how things are run or to incorporate efficiencies, it just throws more taxpayer money at it.  The program budget grows and the results decrease. It’s greatly evident in our public school systems where the overhead just gets larger and the results weaker. One doesn’t need a sheet of statistics. Dont' take my word for it, just ask a teacher.

So when the president addresses a looming financial crisis with a speech to the American public and says we have to actually increase funding to a wasteful and bloated education system or that we have to continue to fund a failing Medicare and Social Security system that will sink not only this generation but the next one too, and seeing a so called leader who by rote tosses out the old Class Warfare rhetoric, well I can’t help but think that we are truly the modern Romans.

But not the bitchen’ battling Republic of Rome but the gasping, grasping, toppling Empire of Rome.

Never thought I’d see this in my lifetime.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sean Hannity is an egomaniac and a war monger...

I just heard Mr. Hannity on the air with Pastor Terry Jones trying to paint him as a person who wants to put our military boys in danger in the Middle East just because General Petraeus says that burning the Koran would do so. What a load of crap!

First, Hannity is all for these wars. He does not care why they're being fought just as long as the US is out there beating the bushes for God and Country. Second, he is just a raging egomaniac to rival only O'Reilly in pomposity.

According to Hannity, people in the Middle East are all whipped up because someone in the U.S. is burning the Koran. Not a Bible, oh no, but the Koran! They are killing people because of this and somehow, it's Terry Jone's fault. No responsibility is placed upon the killers or the imams that lead them. No, it's not their fault they've killed people since they must only be witless dups of Terry Jones. It's his fault after all. Just ask General Patraus. People don't kill, Terry Jones drives them to kill. Where have I heard this argument before?

The way I see it, our boys are already in great danger. There are bad people looking to cut their heads off. There are local soldiers and police they are fighting side by side with that they can't trust for fear of being shot in the back. There are people burying bombs in the road just waiting for them to drive by. There are people making great heaping wads of money from this whole escapade and they're just willing pawns. So can someone tell me, how much worse can it get?

The only way it can get worse is to have over-blown right wing diehards in the gov't media who are just too quick to willingly give up their right to free speech and freedom of expression just because some guy in the army hierarchy who's more politician than fighter says so! That's how.

Hannity has proven himself a lock-step, linear thinker who has no idea on how to actually solve a social ill. For example, he still thinks the War on Drugs is effective in keeping drugs out of our society and should be continued if not expanded. He thinks that it just needs more resources to be successful. He must be the only one who still clings to this idea. He can't get off it, he doesn't know how.

General Petraeus' words are just smoke and mirrors. If he was so concerned about how much danger our boys are in over there, he would never have gone along with the prosecution of such an endless war with no clear defined objective, with such restrictive rules of engagement that puts every American boy and girl in needless danger and has been so wasteful of our resources. A war that has now surpassed all American wars including the eight years of the American Revolution as the longest war we have ever fought. Is anyone reminded of the fall of Rome?

A man like Hannity is all for the rights bestowed by the U.S. Constitution...right up until it runs afoul of his concrete beliefs. One day he will rail about the right of the individual to say what they think and the next he is yelling at a lawyer who wants to make the Pledge of Allegiance an option rather than a mandatory exercise where non-compliance is a punishable offense. You can't have the Constitution both ways Mr. Hannity.

Hearing Sean Hannity talk is like listening to Harry Reid. They have an idea of what things should be like and nothing and nobody will sway them and they will use any oratory means to humiliate someone with a contrary opinion.

Terry Jones has every right to do what he's doing and he should continue to do so! He's not endangering our boys more than the people who sent them to the Middle East and have wasted the past 10 years in a protracted war for... wait, why are we there again?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Looming Gov't Shutdown and the Compromise of the GOP...

"Since I am an Anarchist by nature, I would like to see the whole current order of things grind to a hault and come crashing down so we can rebuild it from scratch...but since I am also a Pessimist, I don't believe that we'll get it right then either." - Wal Man

Ok, so I'm quoting myself. I can do that. Moving along...

If the Republocrats in Congress cave in and take only $40 Billion in budget cuts, that should be the end of them come the primarys for 2012. They probably wouldn't have made it anyway but they're ouster should be a guarantee since they already never even got close to the $100 Billion in cuts they run up the hill with. The $40 Billion would be concidered a lose by those who gave them their faith. That'll show 'em.

I'd like to see the gov't shut down, of course, so a compromise isn't what I think the US needs right now. What we really need is the $100 Billion in cuts. More really but I'd take that as a good start.

The cuts I've seen seem to be aimed at the Leftist Machine that has been created to buy the vote and fund the leftist propaganda machine ie: Head Start, PBS and let's not forget NASA's Global Warming prone weathermen. Didn't realize just how much money went to those organizations until I saw what they wanted to cut. Over a $Billion just from Head Start! How much money have they been getting? Of course, what good is Head Start if the country goes bankrupt. Not much.

I saw CNN sniffing earlier this evening that the GOP didn't go after defense spending and I almost fell off my bike at the gym I was laughing so hard. This is how Obama shoots that arguement in the foot. Three years ago he was talking of ending the wars in Iraq and Afganistan and closing Gitmo. Not only does he not do ANY of that, he then manages to open a third front in the Middle East. Now who's going to mention cutting defense spending? If the President had done any of what he said then an argument could be made but three wars? Talk about a third rail in politices. A nice try for the perenially breaking news channel.

There is no dialog in Washington. This is a staring contest and Obama is going to hold fast and see if the Republocrats blink, which they will. There will be no significant cuts in spending. The economy is going to crash sooner than later and the sooner you face the facts and make your plans on how you're going to hold onto your dough and deal with the aftermath, the sooner you find peace of mind.

Life is alot like the boxing game: Protect yourself at all times. Don't expect anybody to do it for you.