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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sean Hannity is an egomaniac and a war monger...

I just heard Mr. Hannity on the air with Pastor Terry Jones trying to paint him as a person who wants to put our military boys in danger in the Middle East just because General Petraeus says that burning the Koran would do so. What a load of crap!

First, Hannity is all for these wars. He does not care why they're being fought just as long as the US is out there beating the bushes for God and Country. Second, he is just a raging egomaniac to rival only O'Reilly in pomposity.

According to Hannity, people in the Middle East are all whipped up because someone in the U.S. is burning the Koran. Not a Bible, oh no, but the Koran! They are killing people because of this and somehow, it's Terry Jone's fault. No responsibility is placed upon the killers or the imams that lead them. No, it's not their fault they've killed people since they must only be witless dups of Terry Jones. It's his fault after all. Just ask General Patraus. People don't kill, Terry Jones drives them to kill. Where have I heard this argument before?

The way I see it, our boys are already in great danger. There are bad people looking to cut their heads off. There are local soldiers and police they are fighting side by side with that they can't trust for fear of being shot in the back. There are people burying bombs in the road just waiting for them to drive by. There are people making great heaping wads of money from this whole escapade and they're just willing pawns. So can someone tell me, how much worse can it get?

The only way it can get worse is to have over-blown right wing diehards in the gov't media who are just too quick to willingly give up their right to free speech and freedom of expression just because some guy in the army hierarchy who's more politician than fighter says so! That's how.

Hannity has proven himself a lock-step, linear thinker who has no idea on how to actually solve a social ill. For example, he still thinks the War on Drugs is effective in keeping drugs out of our society and should be continued if not expanded. He thinks that it just needs more resources to be successful. He must be the only one who still clings to this idea. He can't get off it, he doesn't know how.

General Petraeus' words are just smoke and mirrors. If he was so concerned about how much danger our boys are in over there, he would never have gone along with the prosecution of such an endless war with no clear defined objective, with such restrictive rules of engagement that puts every American boy and girl in needless danger and has been so wasteful of our resources. A war that has now surpassed all American wars including the eight years of the American Revolution as the longest war we have ever fought. Is anyone reminded of the fall of Rome?

A man like Hannity is all for the rights bestowed by the U.S. Constitution...right up until it runs afoul of his concrete beliefs. One day he will rail about the right of the individual to say what they think and the next he is yelling at a lawyer who wants to make the Pledge of Allegiance an option rather than a mandatory exercise where non-compliance is a punishable offense. You can't have the Constitution both ways Mr. Hannity.

Hearing Sean Hannity talk is like listening to Harry Reid. They have an idea of what things should be like and nothing and nobody will sway them and they will use any oratory means to humiliate someone with a contrary opinion.

Terry Jones has every right to do what he's doing and he should continue to do so! He's not endangering our boys more than the people who sent them to the Middle East and have wasted the past 10 years in a protracted war for... wait, why are we there again?

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