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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Obama has no answers...

The telling part in the President’s speech yesterday was that Mr. Obama only has his social conscience, his moral outrage and his class envy platitudes to fall back on and the more he spouts them, the more clueless he looks.

  • He is now appalled at the prospect that the nation can’t fix the roads even though the ever increasing gas taxes we’ve been paying for decades were originally allocated to fix the roads. Where has that money gone all these years? 

  • He is now morally outraged that we can’t fund education even though half and increasingly more than half of every town budget goes to pay for the schools. Where's THAT money going?

  • He is saddened to live in a country that won’t be able to fund Medicaid and Medicare even though there really was never enough money in the world to keep those pyramids from toppling over now. And their decline is accelerating with each government give-a-way.

President Obama sees no problem with government that more money couldn’t solve. And specifically the problematic Federal Government who over the last 50 years or so has bought its way into every facet of the American economy with plenty of strings attached and public unions, added regulations and unfunded mandates to ice the cake.

Government has grown and expanded its bogus services creating $ billion industries like the School Lunch Program, now so ponderous and inefficient that some systems are mandating that kids not bring their lunches from home so they must also pay into the system. Sound familiar?

But that’s the recipe for failure government programs cook up. Now that the gravy train has come off the rails, what we’re hearing on the airwaves right now are interviews with school teachers and other public union representatives on how they’re “reforming” their systems to work more effectively. NOW they’re reforming! NOW! Yes, it’s the NEW reform. Not like the OLD reform. They’ve had 20 years. When will they get it right?

Well, actually, the answer is NEVER. Government can never get it right. The system isn’t setup for getting it right and truly, it’s not about getting it right. It’s really just about CONTROL. The Federal Government buys its way into a market by allocating public resources at a greater extent than a private firm can do. It can also control lending rates which a private firm cannot do. But the major difference between government and private entities is that the government will continue to run at a deficit. So that year in and year out losses in gov’t programs do not result in a re-examination of how things are run or to incorporate efficiencies, it just throws more taxpayer money at it.  The program budget grows and the results decrease. It’s greatly evident in our public school systems where the overhead just gets larger and the results weaker. One doesn’t need a sheet of statistics. Dont' take my word for it, just ask a teacher.

So when the president addresses a looming financial crisis with a speech to the American public and says we have to actually increase funding to a wasteful and bloated education system or that we have to continue to fund a failing Medicare and Social Security system that will sink not only this generation but the next one too, and seeing a so called leader who by rote tosses out the old Class Warfare rhetoric, well I can’t help but think that we are truly the modern Romans.

But not the bitchen’ battling Republic of Rome but the gasping, grasping, toppling Empire of Rome.

Never thought I’d see this in my lifetime.

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