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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Amy Winehouse is Finally Dead...

This is the true headline. Nobody is really surprised.

Yet nobody grows up wanting to be an addict. Add to this the fact that the music business can get you pretty messed up and here we are as Amy has finally paid the price of her risky behavior. We can glorify the talent but must condemn the addict.

It's hard for us to imagine someone of great wealth offing themselves in such a fashion. They seemingly had it all yet they were not content. Perhaps they felt they didn't deserve their fame. Perhaps they did not feel like extraordinary people and wholly unworthy of people's idolatry that they received everywhere they went. But such is the burden of fame and after the fact there are no answers forthcoming.

But there is a way to redemption for Amy. Her parents could user her estate to sponsor scholarships for people seeking rehab and who can't afford it.

Although the gov't is good at providing jail cells, they aren't nearly as good at providing rehab facilities. There are too few beds for too many seeking help.

Amy's estate, if her parents so choose, can sustain a clinic or a number of clinics for decades. Perhaps it could become a certifiable charity and stand as a testament to the singer's life as a positive force. Why not?

Just an idea.

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