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Thursday, August 4, 2011

No Tea Leaves for Obama and the New Left to Read.

There is no sending a message to President Obama that he is going to listen to. There is no quit to this guy. He is going to go on and push and push for his Marxist agenda despite any seeming setback until something finally and unequivocally stops him. His agenda has been clear since his first book. The Tea Party strengthens in the wake of ObamaCare passage. "So what?" says Obama. The 2010 elections give the House of Representatives to the GOP. "It doesn't matter." says Obama. The President is rebuffed time and again in his efforts to tax the people (make no mistake, it's ALL the people he wants to tax), spend money we not only don't have but wont' get for decades and to selectively strip certain corporations of their subsides.

It makes no difference to this man. It's full speed ahead with his agenda and from it he will not waver. He will tell any lie, strike any deal and divert attention from what he wants to do by any means at his disposal. There is no message that can be sent, all this does not concern him. He has a job to do. He has to destroy the American Economy so totally that it will take a generation to come back. And that's the plan. A generation raised on the government arm. A generation , therefore, raised in poverty. Not you, you'll be dead, it's your kid's and their children who will be living hand to mouth. 

And the ironic thing about it is that the people he has in his corner are the ones who will suffer the most. If you don't have anything now, what makes you think you're going to have anything under the coming Autocracy? You will have less. The people who Hugo Chavez of Venezuela owes his power to are still living in the same slums they were living in 11 years ago when they helped propel him to power. They still have nothing more than what they had then. This is you in 11 years under the Obama Regime. Don't say it can't happen here. It is now a near inevitability.

Think about Casto's Cuba. A country so dependent on Goverment for everything that even though they have very little, without the goverment giving them that they would have nothing. Not a pretty way to live and, I imagine, a worse way to die.

History tells us that these Marxist regimes cannot stand. Every one has failed and yet so too have Democracys. The only difference is the genocide part that comes with the Marxist regimes. Crushing protests and revolts are part & parcel to taking over a country although it has never been tried in a country like the United States. But now we'll get the chance to see first hand how it works out.

God help us all.

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