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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

London Riots Coming to Your Town...

Ok perhaps the killing of local London neighborhood gangster in a shoot-out with police sparked the London riots but it can't be pointed to as the real reason for what has come to pass since. This is nothing less than class warfare. But who are these people and who are they after?

These are the generations of welfare classes striking out at the "rich". And who are the rich? To them the rich are shop owners, small business owners and essentially anybody who goes to work at a job. You may be saying that this doesn't sound like rich people to you and you would be right. But to the people who for 40 years have been given a "stipend" to live on and who took the short money to not make anything of themselves, they are rich people. People who are living fulfilling lives, albeit days filled with responsibilities. Like work for instance. They could have taken the short money, this is England after all and the Dole is a revered institution there, but they didn't. Instead they opened shops, sold goods, opened a cleaners, a shoe repair or a consignment shop. They are now the targets. Why? Because they obviously believe they are better than the ones who don't work. The ones who for generations have had their ambitions breed out of them. 

Does any of this sound familiar? Is there a parallel to be drawn here between what's happening in London and what will happen here? The welfare class in the U.S. is larger and perhaps even more ingrained on society that it is in England. These people now believe it is their right to have this money, money earned by someone else and what we are seeing in London is what happens when that money runs out. No longer can the country afford to keep these people quiet. So they"re coming for it.

Don't know about you but I can't afford to go rioting. They won't give me a day off at the place I work so I'm not available. This is why none of the middle class "rich" people I know are on the streets right now and it isn't likely in the future either unless of course some mob burns down their place of work but even then they will just go look for another job and that's a full time job these days too so still, no time to go riot.

But this idle class we as a society have created has plenty of time to riot. They're not going anywhere so why not? Oh, we have been so compassionate that we've created a "safety net" for people who are "underprivileged", victims of society at large and their prejudices and greed. But we have done them no favors have we? They take the short money, become nothing and hate us for it. This is the nature of humans in this situation. And not there are more and more of them. Too many mouths to feed by the people upon whose backs the burden has been placed. And now they're reached the inevitable breaking point. There is no more to give.

And all over the United States there lurks the same spectre. With a President and a regime that has no qualms whatsoever about using class warfare as a weapon and playing on racial imbalances to further their grab for power, we can look forward to our own cities, some already dead zones, become the fire pits of the bought-off children of the entitlement age. No matter what you give them, they will want more.

So to summarize who these people are, they are the Visigoths. Home grown, fast food fed and government nurtured Visigoths and the people they are after are us, our families and all that we have built with our efforts.

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