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Friday, August 12, 2011

Ron Paul VS. Fox News...

Ron Paul won the Iowa debate but you would never know it from the deafening silence that eminates from the Government Media. Fox News, supposedly the bastion of truth in an otherwise sea of propaganda, is actually part of this machine. The tip off for me was when they used to have Alfred Sharpton of NY on and would always refer to him as "The Reverend Al Sharpton" when he has never been ordained and has no church. Yet Fox Media has never once questioned this snake oil salesman about any of the dirty deeds he has been a part of in the past and has seemingly accepted him as he is, which is as the charlatan he is. They have frequently done the same with that known embezzler and race-baiter, Mr. Jesse Jackson. These are the people Fox News chooses to represent the voice of Black America. This is Fox News. Did they look for anybody else? Fox is just another TV "news" channel with an agenda.

Now we know Fox's Sean Hannity, a previously noted right wing war monger, does not like Ron Paul's ideas. Linear thinkers like Sean Hannity are incapable of understanding such things and he doesn't even pretend he comprehends them. The chorus against Ron Paul is always the same: that he is "too radial" too "out-there", that he is a "whack-job" for thinking the way he thinks. This is the tune Fox News and the Government Media has played and the song grows more tiresome the deeper this country sinks into chaos.

Ron Paul is absolutely right about what our many foreign entanglements have brought us. He is absolutely right about Iran, which if anyone has given it one moment of thought, has every right to distrust and dislike the USA for supporting with money and armaments a brutal Shah who kept the Iranian people under the heal of his boot for so long. But it was a boot made in the USA. All to keep the oil flowing when whoever was in charge of the country would've sold us the oil anyway. Once the Shah was finally overthrown how would you expect the Iranian people to react?

Ron Paul's ideas of returning to the free trade non-intervention policy, avoiding foreign entanglements and a more solid monetary policy are steps in the right direction and that the failure of rethinking any of the failed strategies of the past by people he has labeled "Status Quo Politicians" has brought us to a precipice. And his long time desire to audit the Federal Reserve is just common sense. The Fed has never been audited, ever. We don't even know how much debt the country is in.

But you will never hear it unless you can see the debates for yourself. The media has always been selective of who they want you to hear. You will have to work to hear Ron Paul speak. Fox News is not your friend and they certainly aren't fair and balanced. They're part of the Government Media Gang.

The Left does not like Libertarian thinkers because the Left wants to pedal it's influence by making dependents. Libertarians believe in self reliance. The Right does not like Libertarians because the Right pedals it's influence by military buildups and spreading the "American Way" at the end of a gun barrel. Libertarians know that this does not work in the long run. We see first hand what happens when the State makes dependents in London, Chicago, Los Angeles and Philidelphia and we see the waste of resources that has become of our 10 year war on three fronts.

You may also see a similarity of the Left and the Right in that it doesn't matter who's President, we still have non-stop war and non-stop dependency. Unless you have something to gain from all this, how would you condon such action? The Democrats and the Republicans, with the exception of the Tea Party candidates, are the same side, the same people. And they're equally on the wrong side of the solutions.

If people could look beyond the retoric and listen to the ideas, Ron Paul is not that radical a figure. His ideas and direction are similar to what other Republican candidates are saying. It's how we arrive there that is different. Things are going so swimmingly now after all.

Ron Paul is not talking about Utopia. He is talking sense and perhaps it's been so long since we've heard any we can't immediately recognize it. Think about it and find your voice. This is no time to be sitting on the sidelines.

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