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Friday, October 31, 2014

Government Tells You What To Do

They bribe you with your own money. They take the means you need to support yourself and withhold it. They’ll keep you from spending your money on the things you want by forcing you to pay more for the things you need and the things they control.

We are not the freest nation in the world. We are also no longer the least enslaved.

We have become slaves of our government. The government tells you to vote and they’ll tell you who to vote for. You only see what it allows you to see and you only get what it wants you to have. You are not in the drivers seat but they'll let you buy a shiny new car and tax the shit out of the purchase. 

The television and print media are all in on it. They’ll back the government because it’s the government that will put them out of business and they’ll lose their high-paying propaganda jobs if they don’t tow the line. A free press? Right. There is no free press in America. They sold their souls to the devil and you have to pay for that too.

Why are you even watching, because you always watched? 

The municipal police and fire departments negotiate their fat pension plans at the public’s expense. You only need to pay for it, otherwise you’re participation is not needed. Then they send you letters asking for money to support their police and firefighters funds or to solicit your vote for their preferred political candidate. Don’t even think about the irony in that, just do as they say or it’ll get hard for you. They should be answering to you but you answer to them. It could get ugly if you don't, their entitlement to your finances has made them brazen in their demands. 

The court system and the lawyers are in on it too. If you have a beef with them, even if you are right, they will only back each other against you. This is because they know that the average person in America cannot afford the cost of justice in America. Even the people with money and who are willing to spend it will wait years of their life for a verdict.

That’s because, in case you haven’t noticed, that there is no longer swift justice in this country for the average citizen. Those arrested now face years before they get a trial. And that time costs money. This forces them to negotiate. 

If you play by the rules you’re screwed.

We get nothing for our money. They take it and ask for more. They’ll pass a tax, like the gas tax and say it’s for the roads but when we see the roads turn to shit and complain they say they need to increase the tax if you want good roads. Where did the money go? We don’t know and they won’t tell us.

The government drives up the costs of your health care by forcing doctors and hospitals to give away care for below market rates or for nothing at all. You pay that. That's why you pay a bundle for a healthcare plan yet still have a $1,500.00 to $2,000.00 out of pocket deductible. Why even have insurance? 

This is because we’re suckers.

Then you receive a jury duty notice in the government mail asking you to participate in their sham court system for free even though you couldn't afford to be on the other end of the dock. Who pays for that? You do. Don’t think about the disconnect, just do as you are told. Otherwise they will arrest you. They won’t arrest a drunken illegal alien ramming their unregistered uninsured car into yours but they will arrest you because YOU are playing by a different set of rules than they are. It’s their ball and you’re playing on their court.

We are constantly forced to provide evidence against ourselves. Our rights are constantly violated via unauthorized search, seizure and surveillance. Our license plates are scanned when we drive down the street or park on the road. Our phone conversations are monitored. Our bank transactions are scrutinized and our accounts can be laid open without a warrant. 

The government limits the right of the people to protest to “free speech zones.” I've got news for you, the whole country is a free speech zone and that’s the law of the land regardless of whether a court of law will back you on it or not. These rights are inalienable and God-given. Stand up for them.

We are targeted by the Internal Revenue Service and our assets seized without trial or notice.
The National Parks Service takes over massive tracks of land to “preserve” and then keep you from using it or as we have recently seen, forced you off of it even though you have a lease agreement. That’s because it’s THEIRS and it’s not YOURS. The law doesn't matter to these people so why should it matter to you? 

We are going to have a vote next week but it’s going to be rigged. There may be enough people to override the criminality of these Vile Leftists in this country but maybe there won’t be. 

And what we get, the Establishment Republocrats, won’t be any better. They like Big Government Control just as much since they are the other side of the same coin.

Big Government has taken over and tells you what’s good for you. It decides what you have access to purchase and what goods it will allow you to have and it decides how much money you have left in your pocket. If you should need more, the government will then provide for you once you come crawling to them. And crawl you will. This is what it’s about.

This is why the country has turned to shit. This is why you have to go on paying and paying regardless of who is in the White House or in the Governor’s office. This is why the quality of life for many people has become degraded. 

Your only job is to pay for being jobbed. 

This is why small business in this country cannot get off the ground. This is why the storefronts are empty. 

If you have an idea for making a buck and improving your life then the government that is there to “help” you wants a piece of it UP FRONT. We are regulated, taxed, monitored and prosecuted because we want something in life and because other don’t have what you have built so instead of building them up, you must be torn down. The illegals can go about their business but you, YOU must pay the toll for both.

How foolish to go along with this abuse. This must all be undone.

Don't go along and do not participate in your own demise. 

Do not participate in jury duty: Just chuck the letter. You never received it. The post office is in such a state of disarray, it could conceivable have gone anywhere. My car insurance bill always ends up at the neighbors but I'm supposed to be convinced the jury notice they get right?

Do not contribute to any government organization charity fund: If they aren't using your tax money for what they told you it was intended for, what makes you think the charity money is going to go to its stated purpose. How many lies can you rationalize? Tell them to screw. Hell, they’re screwing you.

The time for the end of politeness and civility is fast approaching its end. There is too much government and they take too much from our pockets and do nothing but tell us to shut up and sit down. Stand up for yourself. Use the tools available to circumvent the government whenever you can. 

Living on your knees is no way to go through life. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Distraction That Is Ferguson, Missouri

After waited far too long for the information to come to light, it seems that everyone knew that the shooting of Michael Brown, a very big and aggressive kid from the streets of Ferguson, MO, was, in the terms of gun owners everywhere, a “Good Shoot”, meaning that the officer was justified in using deadly force even though young Mr. Brown was unarmed. Being unarmed has nothing to do with anything when two people are wrestling for the same gun or when a guy who is 60 pounds heavier makes a rush at you.

When I was younger I had a roommate who was a State Trooper for the state of Massachusetts. One time he gave me a quick demonstration of how easy it is for an officer to lose a gun to an experienced criminal. He had me wear his gun belt with the (empty) pistol in the holster and the security strap snapped in place and while facing me with a quick and singular movement of his open hand he unsnapped the restraint and removed the pistol, upside down from the holster with his finger on the trigger before I had a chance to react. “It still shoots upside down” he said. Yes it does and that would have been it for me. It didn't take much practice for me to do the same thing. It was quite an education.

The real crime in Ferguson, MO is that it took this long for the information to come out when everybody knew this a few days after the shooting. The Obama Regime and the disgraced criminal who heads the Department of Justice, Eric Holder, was hoping to use Ferguson as a race-based distraction in order, I presume, to keep the economy and the looming government debt out of the news although there are so many controversy and intrigues happening in government right now that to point out just one thing proves difficult but for the most part the economy and the precarious financial pins we are on should be the nations biggest concern.

The economy is not getting better regardless of how much the national press, Bloomberg news, Reuters and PBS glad-hand it and now we are pledging millions more on renewed interventions in the Middle East and on the Ebola scare that has threatened to knock Ferguson, MO off the front pages of the news and it is pitying to see the lengths the race-baiters will go to put it back. A trial for Officer Wilson, the policeman who shot Michael Brown, would serve that purpose very well. Then there could be a new round of indignation when he is acquitted. That should be good for half a years' worth of headlines. 

But despite all this it is the lack of jobs and the lack of opportunity for America’s educated youth that is the 800 pound gorilla in the room and anything to keep this from being discussed prior to the November elections is a result that is dreamed about in the upper reaches of Washington, DC. And for President Obama and his shifty crew, if it’s an issue that will divide America upon racial lines, even better!

The people of Ferguson, MO may very well be getting hosed by the local police but they aren't going to change anything by being on the wrong side of the Michael Brown shooting. To deny the evidence won’t garner any sympathy with the people who can only read what has happened and who have doubted from the beginning the contradictory nature of the local “eye witnesses” to the shooting. Once the truth is known the American people will be on to the next distraction.

At my bank there are 4 year college graduates who are working as Tellers. They make $11.00 an hour 3 and 4 years after they graduated. Individually they are all over $40,000.00 in debt to student loans.  How are these people going to participate in the economy? They can’t borrow more money because they are already in debt and they are struggling to make the minimum payment on their student loans. What the hell are they going to buy? A new car? A house?  Don’t think so. And these young graduates are far from alone. I know a young lady who is also 4 years out of college who works in marketing. She said that she is the only one of her peers who is actually working in the field they went to school for. 

Retail banks aren't making much in the way of money right now either. With the Fed keeping interest rates the lowest they have ever been in the history of American Finance, it costs more to write and service the loan than they receive in return payments on interest.  This leads to slow to no growth. No growth means employee raises remain sparse. Add to that the rising premiums employers have to cover for healthcare and profits are eaten up before they find their way into anybody’s pockets. This is our “recovering economy”.  Not a warm fuzzy feeling for most people around here.

So sure Mr. Obama, distraction and division are the new normal for our national government. It has become so unwieldy, so morally corrupt, so grasping, so unabashedly spendthrift and devoid of irony or guilt as to have rendered itself almost totally ineffective in doing almost anything right. It neither goes far enough or cares enough about doing the job it was intended to do; provide a level field for business, assess and address foreign threats to the nation and to protect the American people.

In all facets of its purpose, America’s government has clearly failed.  

Friday, October 3, 2014

The Great Alaskan Walrus Ice Melt Hoax

From the usual suspects in the National Media: CNN, The Washington Post, NBC News and PBS comes the “Great Ice Melt Beached Walrus” crisis.

Yes, walruses are gathering in record numbers on the Alaskan shore Point Lay because the ice that they live on has melted and they must go ashore, all 35,000 of them.

It’s unprecedented!

That would be incredible…if it were true.

It’s not and N.O.A.A. the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration and some shadowy organization known as The World Wildlife Fund knows it isn't true.

Witness this interactions on National Public Radio between Judy Woodruff of PBS and Margaret Williams of the World Wildlife Fund.
JUDY WOODRUFF: So why are the walruses doing this? What’s going on?
MARGARET WILLIAMS: Well, walruses are one of the many species in the Arctic that are highly dependent on the Arctic sea ice.
So the mothers raise their calves on the sea ice. They use — these animals use the sea ice as a platform from which to dive to reach their food. Walruses like the eat clams and shellfish. And when the sea ice melts, as it is right now, they have to go somewhere to rest and to reach their food.
So they’re coming ashore in large numbers. And the sea ice is melting so rapidly. It’s melting earlier in the summer and later every — and forming later in the spring. So the Arctic sea ice is changing dramatically.
Now check this next answer and how well it is carefully couched. I heard this on the radio this afternoon and it is word for word what was said on the radio…just before I shut it off in disgust.
JUDY WOODRUFF: So, how unusual is this? Has it ever happened before?
MARGARET WILLIAMS: This is the largest number of walruses we have seen in Alaska. It’s a sign of tremendous change. It’s a sign that Arctic wildlife distributions and life’s history patterns are actually changing pretty much before our eyes.
We have seen large haul-outs on the Russian coast. And World Wildlife Fund works closely with Russian scientists and communities. So they have told us about these large numbers on the Russian side. But this is first time these numbers have been seen in Alaska.
That was not an answer to her question. The answer would be: YES, this has happened before.
The ice melts EVERY YEAR. The walruses either land on this side or the Russian side. We are given no numbers concerning how many walruses have ever been known to gather on the Russian side. I could guess maybe...35,000 or so?
And how long have they been counting walruses in Alaska in the first place, the 1970s maybe? This isn't even a blip on the radar of climate history.
So why be so evasive in answering a simple question?
Because Margaret Williams KNOWS this has happened before. Her answer is only that this is the first time walruses have been seen in these numbers on the beaches of Alaska. That’s it. That’s all. It was a Weasel Answer just short of a lie, In that case, they could have been there every year but this is the first time they've SEEN them. Weasel Words for a misleading weasel report.
This is what passes for journalism? If this what our tax dollars are going to support on the Public Channel? This is what we are supposed to believe is a result of GLOBAL WARMING? Excuse me I mean, GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE! Wait, I mean GLOBAL CLIMATE DISRUPTION?

The World Wildlife Fund is just another anti-capitalist front group of dead-ender environmentalist fascists who would rather make up reasons not to allow freedom in the marketplace and the pursuit of happiness for people with fewer means to achieve their dreams in this world so that they can instead force them to turn to government for their sustenance. They aren't in if for the wildlife, the environment or the people, they are in it for their own power and control of the means of production so that YOU will need THEM instead of relying on YOURSELF.
Anyway, here’s the rest of the propaganda session:
JUDY WOODRUFF: So what do — so, in other words, they need sea ice for survival.
JUDY WOODRUFF: So, what are the implications for the walrus, for other marine mammals, for humans, if there are any?
MARGARET WILLIAMS: Well, the humans are absolutely connected to the story of the walrus, because this is a story about climate change.
The walrus depend on that sea ice habitat, just as polar bears do, just as bowhead whales do. The Arctic is an incredible sea ice environment. And, as it changes, the Arctic Ocean is changing. And there is increasing evidence that changes in the sea ice are influencing the jet stream, which then has implications for weather patterns in the Lower 48 and really around the country.
JUDY WOODRUFF: What can be done about it, Margaret Williams? Is it — it seems like it’s so — such a remote area. Can humans do something specifically about these walruses?
MARGARET WILLIAMS: They absolutely can. And we’re so lucky to have fabulous scientists with NOAA and the U.S. Geological Survey and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service out working with communities.
And communities have taken a great role in protecting the walruses while they’re on shore, both in Russia and Alaska. So, they’re trying to reduce disturbances while the walruses are ashore. Walruses are very skittish when they’re in these great numbers.
This really is tiresome. They think we're all stupid.