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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Bombs Feed People

It’s an economic miracle. It’s crazy it’s hysterical.

But that’s just what they do. In the United States at any rate. They're probably not doing anybody else much good however.

Yes, the same munitions that kill the “enemy” also provides a good living for the designers, builders and the people who pull the trigger. It’s a vital part of the American economy to manufacture, sell and distribute the most effective killers of men the world has hitherto ever known.

And the money the bomb makers receive goes into employing painters, carpenters and landscapers for their houses and teachers, bus drivers and soccer coaches for their children.

And with our perennial military proving ground we casually refer to as The Middle East, we can be assured that American arms are the very best battle tested and effective arms. Years of Research & Development went into bringing you name it, we build it. We build the best so we can sell the best. It’s what we do.

The United States sells almost twice as much as second place Russia in the armaments race. Heck, we’re such good salesmen, we’ll even arm the opposition so that they can put up a better fight. But in the end it’s all just a game to us since we can end it all with just a push of a button if we were really pushed to do so. But it doesn’t pay to end a war. The weapons aren’t an end to themselves. Weapons need targets.

Yes, what good is buying weapons and letting them sit? You won’t be buying any more unless you use up the supply you already have, right?

Of course!

So what we need are enemies. Without enemies, how can you use your weapons? You don’t have a gun? How are you going to shoot people if you don’t have a gun?  Here, try a free sample…on us.

What are you going to do, let ISIL get you? Look what they do to people? Here, watch this video of them throwing people with their hands tied behind their backs off of a two story building. How would you like that? Ok, how many can shoulder fired rockets can I put you down for? You want CS gas with that? Great! You are very kind. I thank you, Northrop and Raytheon corporation thanks you and the American municians manufacturers thank you.

We also need “evil empires” to scare the voters back home into allocating the funds to keep the spigot on and the munition factories moving to crank out the very latest in weapons.

A good example is ISIL. We knew the Iraqis were going to drop everything and run for their lives in the face of an ISIL onslaught. It’s how we trained them. So it was  in this fashion we managed to get the weapons to ISIL without anyone thinking we were betraying the nation. Now ISIL is a force to be reckoned with and now we can sell the “good guys” the higher end equipment to beat them.

"Our representatives are ready to take your call! You know ISIL has US tanks now so you'll need an entire TOW missile system setup. What, are you sure? Well, it's YOUR funeral. Yess they aren't cheap but don't worry, we can fit it into your budget. Have I mentioned our payment plan? I'll put you down for two."

And back home it looks like Congress is ready to print up more money to pay for all of this military spending. After all, we can’t win against terror without these crucial building projects, right?

Let’s hope that we will finally vanquish the Muslim Hoards that are on the move though the Middle East and Europe. But not too quickly, we don’t want to queer the deal, do we?

It’s a living.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Democratic Debate: No Questions For Hillary

Why did the Democrats even have a debate? And why should they even bother to have another? 

As a candidate for the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton can, at BEST, be described as Scandal Ridden. She has holes in her stories you can drive a phalanx of Libyan terrorists through. 

She has decades of greed and avarice chronicled in the pages of a thousand newspaper archives across the country. Her attitude of entitlement and the way she treats people around her are the stuff of legend. 

So do you think that one the these cardboard cutouts called her Democratic "opponents" would mention something about ANY of that? 


In fact, that PUTZ Bernie Sanders, he of the "Rob Peter to Pay Paul" party, even defends her email "issues". 

Apparently this actually IS a coronation and not a primary race for Hillary like it has been reported. 

Hillary as the Democratic nominee for the Presidency IS inevitable!  So much so that nobody wants to even challenger her or ask her a possibly "disturbing" question. 

Nothing about Benghazi, no questions about her emails or even why she ran a server out of her New York mansion without getting permission or not telling anyone about it, no questions on what she actually did as Secretary of State and certainly nothing about how she managed to get a $1 Million return on a $10,000.00 investment that started the Whitewater investigation.

Just vote for Hillary already and then shut up and sit down!

But is this really doing her any favors? Eventually she will have to face the voters unless, of course, that little issue has been taken care of already in advance. 

Real people may actually want answers to the many questions that surround Ms. Clinton's dealings in business, her stint as Secretary of State where we only ever saw her with a drink in her hand and that incident where Argentina President Christina Fernandez was making strange overtures towards her. And what about the goings on at The Clinton Foundation and all those paid speeches husband Bill did in Russia?  And where did her hyphenated last name "Rodham" go?  

These questions would appear to be too “complicated” to actually ask so nobody will ask them. Perhaps people will just forget about them. 

Hillary Clinton always reminded me of that original Star Trek episode; “Turnabout Intruder” where a jealous archaeologist, Janet Lester, rigs an apparatus to trade bodies with an unsuspecting William Shatner as Captain Kirk. You see, she felt that it was SHE who was wrongfully kept from a Federation Captaincy and that SHE should, rightfully, be in command of the USS Enterprise and not Captain Kirk.

But in the end she couldn't fucking do it. Turns out she really couldn't handle the job and couldn't pilot the ship. She was found out by an astute crew and her evil plan thwarted. Captain Kirk was of course re-installed into his rightful body and resumed the helm.

That was Hillary Clinton back when husband Bill was the President and that is Hillary Clinton today! She feels that SHE has been denied greatness because THE FOOLS cannot see her talent and aptitude. She will show us ALL how wrong we were and we will PAY for our BLUNDER!

Such a tragic figure this woman who would be king. Poor, poor little rich girl.  But when you've always been able to get all the money you want when you wanted it, what else is there to have? That would be POWER of course.

So Ms. Clinton will win the Democratic Presidential nomination for 2016. All she has to do after that is show up for the general election and then her dream will finally be fulfilled. The goal is the Presidency where she will make history and after that, who knows how much money she'll be able to make for a speech?

History is a funny thing however. In the United States, we pretentiously talk of HISTORY like it is a finite thing. We kid ourselves into believing that our nation will last forever and that practically everything we do or that happens today is somehow HISTORICAL

But there have been many, many past civilizations, and we know of them only because we've found their language stones but no other traces of them, that have been lost in the sands of time and this should give even the most casual observer the perspective that history is actually very fleeting. 

This also brings to mind that the Roman formula for Concrete was lost for 2000 years and that the concrete we use today is but a pale comparison to what they had first developed and that has yet to be rediscovered. I'm sure the Romans thought that Rome would always stand...right up until it stopped standing. Think about that the next time your football team or favorite golfer makes “History” or when the day is the “Hottest Ever Recorded”. 

The Earth will not even be bothered to respond to such claims.

So what good is history if the nation crumbles and falls and actually becomes History? What good will the marble steps of the capital serve if the building is inhabited by Visigoths? Not a whole lot, will they? 

So Hillary Clinton can be our president. Another Socialist in the Whitehouse. Great! And then what? At some point these powerful Cartoon Characters will have to lead and we already know what will happen next. They won't be able to do it. They'll be too entwined in giving perks their Union constituency or their NAACP voting block or you-name-the-group lobby. They won't be able to make hard choices even when the hard choices are forced upon them. 

How many of these "cash strapped" cities and states have declared bankruptcy? Very few. It's much easier to raise taxes on the working class in order to preserve the status quo for the Party Loyal since filing for bankruptcy would render ALL Union contracts null and void and open to renegotiation. Hillary's base will clamor change. 

It shouldn't take a Rhodes Scholar to realize that even illegal aliens will won't get anywhere with another Socialist in the White House. Immigrants, both legal and illegal want to progress as much as anybody so why go with another wealth distributor? So you can get more food stamps? Great, if that's all you ever want for you and your heirs, go for it. But if you want to actually make something of yourself or have a better future for your kids, you're going to have to work for it. A government handout will only keep you poor, stupid and a slave. 

You can't work if the economy is crashed no matter if you have no degree or five degrees. No work means no work and as you can see, every company with under 100 employees is hurting big time. The ones that are still in business anyway. The Obama administration has crushed small business. We have many many empty storefronts disguised as businesses here in the formerly industrialized North East.

So go ahead, give Hillary the Democratic nomination. Hell, give her the Presidency. 

She won't be able to handle it. 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

U.S. Self-Defeat in Middle East

There is no doubt about the lost confidence of the United States in the Middle East.

It is a failure on so many levels: A failure of arms, a failure of coordination but above all, a failure of diplomacy.

Think about it. Before there was a Russian ship in the harbor, before there was a Russian boot on the ground, Putin’s diplomatic core had already secured the blessings of Iran and Iraq. In order to shoot dozens of missiles over 1000 miles to their intended targets in Syria, they had to have it. There could be no large scale strategic planning without knowing if these countries would cooperate. This wasn’t done overnight. How Russia impressed Iran, a country that trusts NO ONE, to participate even a little is a feat in itself. 

On the U.S. side of things we have Secretary of State John Kerry, a legend in his own mind, willing do to whatever it takes to see his name live forever in the annals of U.S. diplomacy. Oh, and it will. What a difference it makes to have the right man in the right job. I'd easily trade Kerry for Sergey Lavrov's understudy any day of the week. 

This isn’t a game to Russia. War to them is still serious business and not a business unto itself like it is in the United States. To us, it’s all about the money war generates. To Russia, it’s still about WINNING and it's about holding onto their civilization which stands to be overrun if they don't do something. That's the difference. Russia is on the front and we in the U.S. are WAY over here across the Atlantic Ocean playing on our iPhones and texting while driving. 

So 14 years after the United States dropped its first Daisy Cutter way back in October 2001 we still have little to show for the effort except thousands of soldiers dead and irreparably wounded and a vast amount of uncounted debt. Nobody really likes us and nobody’s minds have been changed as to our continued presence in the region beyond the collaborators who will be thrown off a three story building if we leave and don’t’ take them with us.

A prime example of what the U.S. war in Afghanistan was all about was the first battle of Fallujah in 2003. Fallujah was surrounded by U.S. forces. Rather than leaflet the place and then level it in spectacular fashion, which would be an example of the U.S. trying to win an “Ugly War”, George W. Bush instead decided to have our troops fight door-to-door in a massively costly manner in time, money and human loss. In other words, for either political or monetary reasons, he wasted our resources namely the best and brightest that the United States could produce, our soldiers. The object was a more “Humane” war of some sort but it wasn’t humane and, as time has proven, not effective either. 

Libertarianism and War

Libertarianism is not an Anti-War platform. If there is going to be a war, say if the United States is directly attacked, a country that we have an alliance with is directly attacked or if U.S. interests like our shipping or invited businesses overseas are under attack, we are going to fight to defend ourselves and our commercial interests.  If there is to be a war, it should be swift, total and have a total commitment to its successful conclusion. There should be a beginning and an end. We don’t fight wars to win them anymore and it shows poorly. War can only be an ugly affair of last resort, one that destroys and makes people lose the will to continue. One side must win and one side must LOSE. Without this, nothing changes.

Our leaders have squandered the good will of the American people by carrying on their endless wars for interests other than national defense. They have made America war weary, indebted and have contributed to a loss of national stature in the world.

We should only pull the sword when we are prepared to dispatch an antagonist quickly, humanly and decisively so that they will hesitate to confront us again. We ignored this principle at our own peril.

And here we are.

Libya Bites Obama in the Ass

By intervening in the Libyan Civil War on the side of the opposition, the United States has lost all moral high-ground when it comes to criticism of Russia in Syria.  Once there is an intervention, there is not much difference whether it’s in support of the opposition or the established government. The difference is that if Assad’s regime survives, it will be more stable than if the fractional and diametrically opposed opposition should prevail. If Assad should fall; only long years of fighting and dying lay ahead for Syria and the people who wish to control it. 

Assad is the “Devil We Know”. He is also the Devil Russia Knows and they will hold onto their port in the Caspian Sea only with Assad in power.

So what can the Obama Regime really say about all this? It was Obama who played God in Libya so to say Russia is wrong in Syria is laughable at best.

NATO Loses Perspective

With its spectacularly stupid tirade and threats to “defend” their allies in regards to Russia’s “violation” of Turkish airspace either real or imagined, NATO puts itself in opposition to a real solution in Syria. What NATO should be doing is fighting ISIL in the region and not Russia.  Get in the game and on the right side of the conflict and leave the saber rattling to the U.N.  Are we in a fight for the preservation of civilization or are we not? Get serious will you?

The Unreliable United States

How can any nation trust what the U.S. is going to do now? Who are we going to back? Who are we going to shoot? Nobody knows.

We have ignored the history or the Russia/Syria relationship. We have brushed aside Russia's concern with their own national defense. We have just gone on like we are the only people that matter in the region even thought we have no vested interest there. None. What U.S. interest are we protecting? Hmm? We're only there because we had an axe to grind 14 years ago! What the United States is right now is a disinterested third party. And it shows. 

There is no consistency in policy, hell, there is no policy. It’s one improvisation after another. The U.S. has demonstrated no leadership and is now attempting to play catch up and thereby making even bigger mistakes in an effort to stay relevant in the region. Witness the Doctors without Borders bombing. One can picture a hastily called Whitehouse meeting in which the military was urged to do something decisive quickly.

And they did.

There is no one currently in the U.S. government to look towards that inspires confidence in their word or decisiveness in their actions. We are a ship without a rudder.

The U.S. should recognize the changing political landscape in the Middle East, step back a bit to avoid any more missteps and attempt to function as a cooperative force. All the pouting and distracting criticism of Russian actions only looks like sour grapes.

Russia's bad, we get it, now what?

If the United States cannot get past its political agenda long enough to be relevant to a mutual determination of what a successful solution in the region should be, we should just get the fuck out of there. 

Isn't this what diplomacy is supposed to be for?

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Guns: The Price We Pay For Freedom

The politicizing started only seconds after the shooting stopped. The “Ban the Guns” crowd mobilized like a SWAT team and the airwaves buzzed with the media call for A-C-T-I-O-N!
It’s all so appalling. In one breath they said that children died and in the next they played politics.

The two arguments are: “Guns are bad and no one should be allowed to own them.”  versus: “ The gun is not the crime.”
“If the shooter didn’t have a gun, those people would be alive now. If there was an armed person there to stop the shooter, those people would be alive now. “

Whichever you believe, the certainty of our world is that guns do exist and they aren’t ever going away. If you can’t get one here, you will get one from someplace else. Guns smuggled from China or even the world’s second largest supplier of the world’s arms, Russia, would find their way into the American market. The law of Supply and Demand will make it so. What have we ever really stopped from coming across the border? 

The South American drug cartels smuggle loads of guns into the United States while they are bringing drugs. They use the guns to protect their illegal drug networks. A case could be made that the government itself is driving the illegal gun trade since they have made certain drugs illegal. Literally thousands of people in the U.S. are killed each year due to shootings connected to the illegal drug business. As I recall, much of the shooting stopped when the Prohibition on alcohol was lifted back in 1933. This is somehow different?
Then there is the matter of citizen gun ownership being the 2nd most important Amendment to the U.S. Bill of Rights.  It is widely said that the 2nd Amendment guarantees the 1st. Where would any of the rights laid down in the Bill of Rights without the means to defend them? There are over 5 million firearms manufactured and sold in the United States. Millions more are imported for the North American market.

A ban on guns is an unrealistic approach to this gun crime in America. Now what?
I heard a criminologist report that the United States averages 20 mass shootings per year. A mass shooting is described as a shooting of 4 or more people. We the public do not hear of many of these shootings.

And we very seldom if ever hear of the people who successfully defending themselves and others with guns but it happens all the time. We wouldn’t want that to become a national trend now, would we?
But guns in America are a double edged sword. They keep the peace, they break the peace. They can save and they can vanquish. They can drive an enemy before you or a friend. They forged a new nation on the North American continent. They are inanimate, unthinking tools, they cannot choose.

There was a time in this country that every town had a place to shoot and a boy started with a BB gun and received his first 22 cal. rifle at the age of 12 which was precisely the age I shot my first rifle at Summer camp. There was gun education, gun clubs, shooting teams and people who taught you how to be responsible with guns. Those were the days where America’s wars affected everyone’s lives and the nation united in their prosecution and where American sharp shooters turned the tide of battles. Every hear of Sargent York?  

Now most kids grow up knowing nothing about guns, their safety or the responsibilities that come with them, they’re only told that they are just BAD. This is the standard, substandard education they get these days. They don’t have to own one but they should know all we can teach them about them, their history, what they can do and the laws governing them. Ignorance is fear.
And if you think all the English ever did with them was shoot Indians then you’re in the wrong place so Stop reading and get off my page!

The British marched on Lexington for what? To get the guns and powder stored there and guns continue to be the first thing sought out when people’s faith in their government falter. People immediately grow suspicious and start hoarding guns at the first hint of another government anti-gun “Crusade”.
Instead of trying to ban guns we should work to keep guns out of the hands of people who we know shouldn’t have them; the mentally ill, the loners, the criminal. We should remain vigilant to point out the isolated and disenfranchised among us who, with murder in their hearts, wish to harm others with whatever means at their disposal whether it be a gun, a knife or a bomb.  It is no secret that we have closed many mental health facilities in this country and on the state level, Michael Dukakis closed down and dismantled the mental health facilities in Massachusetts in the 1980s and the result was that many of these people ended up in rooming houses and on the streets.

We need an engaged and educated populace to be alert to the dangers of our nation. Nothing has changed except that people should get their noses out of their iPhones and be cognizant of what’s actually going on around them. To speak to each other and not take warning signals for granted.
This will go farther than the empty tears of yet another conniving President, the empty words from overstuffed Congressional suits or another fruitless and wasteful attempt by government and their partisan press at a ban on guns. 
But knee-jerk reactions are really all that politicians are good for these days, aren't they?

Sure beats trying to actually think through an issue to solve a problem. 

Friday, October 2, 2015

Obama Searches For More Distractions

It’s one thing to be elected President. It’s another to BE President.

President Obama has a crisis of conscience. Well, he would if he had one but he’s got big problems and he needs an out.

Here is an excerpt from the Obama White House strategy meeting held just last night:

Obama: Global Climate Change just ain’t cutting it. There are just too many problems to cover up. Anybody got any suggestions on how to get past this one?

Aide: How about…Income Inequality?

Obama: Nope, we’ve tried that last year and things have only gone downhill since then. First, I’m killing the economy with regulations, taxation and confiscation and people just aren’t seeing the vision. There are too many people upset with rising healthcare premiums as a result of the government putting all the illegal aliens on ObamaCare. We need a BIG campaign to get people’s minds off of all the problems we’re causing them.

Aide #2: How about bombing somebody? It worked for Bill Clinton.

Obama: Nah, the only people we can justify bombing these days are MUSLIMS. What do you want me to do, get them mad at me?

Come on now people, I'm starting to look like a juggler running out of hands here. There’s got to be SOMETHING we can do to get people to look away from all the hurt I'm putting on the nation.

Aide #3: Well, there was another mass shooting, how about going after the gun lobby, again?

Obama: BINGO!

Aide #1: Well, didn’t we try guns after the Connecticut shooting?

Obama: Yes, we did but I’ve already tried everything else twice.

We’ve Race Baited, cried College Campus Rape, championed the $15.00 minimum wage in the name of Income Inequality and prosecuted anti-gay marriage fanatics. We've 
closed down bakeries, hounded climate skeptics, glorified the polar ice melt, armed every extremist group in the Middle East, spent twice as much money as the country earns in a year and denied oil production everywhere we can.

We HAVE to go after guns again. After all, it's an election year and WHAT THE HELL DOES THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY HAVE LEFT TO TALK ABOUT?

All together: GUNS! 

Obama: That's right people. If we dare try to talk about the economy, the war effort, jobs or...anything, we're going to get trounced come election day. I've got a legacy of good works to protect here! 

Quick, someone call Reuters, The New York Times, CNN, PBS and all the rest of our mouthpieces to tell them what we want them to do for us! Call that sycophant Wolf Blitzer and that walking ventriloquist dummy, Anderson Cooper and get them on the same page with our talking points. Type up something about the NRA, that aughta get people talking. 

You know, what we really need is a natural disaster like a tsunami or something. Where are all those severe storms our NASA scientists keep predicting?  

Aide #2: Sir, NASA was only following orders, it's not like it was true or anything. 

Obama: What? You mean we were making that stuff up? You mean none of it was real?

Aide #1: No Sir.

Obama: Crap!