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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Obama to Blame for Libyan Debacle

There is no one more responsible for what is happening in Libya today other than the current President of the United States, the irresponsible Barack Obama.
His ill-conceived intervention in the region has destabilized what was, for the most part, a long functioning state. For all that Moammar Gadhafi was, he was no different than any of the other regimes operating in that part of the world, holding onto power and keeping the radical element of his religion at bay.  Plus, it was none of our business.
Well no longer thanks to Mr. Obama.
What makes this worse for the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner was that he was advised that intervening in a civil war of a sovereign nation would most likely throw the region into chaos and usher in yet another victory by radical Islam and thereby all but sanction an Islamic religious Caliphate?
But Obama didn’t care.
President Obama defied Congress, defied the American People and outright violated the U.S. Constitution in his single-minded resolve to enter the Libyan civil war on the side of the radical element of Islam. Why? It boggles the mind.
And here we are almost three years after the death of Gadhafi, watching Libya continue to fight, continue to fail and continue to bleed. That is, if the national media cared to even look or report it with anything like the zeal they save for Israel.
Thank you Mr. President.
But Mr. Obama could not have achieved this all on his own. “The Party” was behind him.
Some helpful members of note include:
The former Democrat and now Independent Senator from Connecticut, Joe Lieberman, a man who once trumpeted the School Voucher Program to aid poor families to choose the schools they could send their kids to only to abandon it when Al Gore tapped him as his running mate for his failed bid in the 2000 Presidential election. Lieberman was all for it.

Former Massachusetts Senator and current “Hypocrite of State” John Kerry, then the chairman of the Committee of Foreign Relations floated the total delusion that imposing a No-Fly Zone on a foreign country did not constitute a military intervention.
Then there were well known Liberal lackeys Jack Reed D – RI and Dick Durban D- NY
Of course Republocrat Senator John McCain from Arizona was for intervention since he never met a war he didn’t like. Plus he’s crazy as a hoot owl but he keeps getting re-elected. How many times can a guy be dead- wrong about a situation and still not pay the price? A man so muddle-headed he even referred to the people who eventually stormed our Embassy in Libya “Freedom Fighters”.

Does he even have a mind left to reflect upon this? If it were me, I’d kill myself.

Right-Wing Wacko and resident FOX TV war monger Sean Hannity was all for it too, of course “America must lead!” and we did and now what?

Ultimately intervention was Obama’s decision to make and what he has to show for it is more bloodshed leading up to our Libyan Ambassador Christopher Stevens killed along with fellow Americans Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty. This is the president’s gift that just keeps on giving.

And so where the support for Libya now as chaos continues to reign? Where are the weapons we gave the “Freedom Fighters” and whom are they killing?
Whether it’s Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya, every side Obama has come down on has been the wrong side and every place we have trampled has turned to shit.

The blood is on the hands of President Obama and all who supported him in this abject failure.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Hamas Losing Control of the Message

Hamas wants it both ways. They want to be free to bring in fuel and food through the Rafah Crossing with Egypt AND the rockets they use to shoot at Israel.

“How can they want a cease –fire when they won’t let us smuggle in weapons?” complained a Gaza “civilian” of Egypt. “Israel says they want to be our friends but they won’t let us shoot at them!” seethed another.  “As long as Israel continues to keep us from importing rockets and other weapons to shoot at them, there will be no peace!”

Logic like this is hard to argue with.

The national Leftist newspapers like USA Today are trying to help Hamas control the spin on their latest campaign when they offer quotes from a Gaza resident as describing Israeli tank fire as “random” and that “even ambulances came under fire”.  Did the reporter SEE this happen? No, but he has it on good authority because somebody in Gaza TOLD him. This is important to notice. These are not off-hand quotes; they are ‘’weasel words” meant to tilt the opinion of the reader.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that Hamas “doesn't give a whit about the “Palestinians”, all they want is more and more civilian deaths.” And it looks like the majority of the world is now more willing to believe him. They can see it clearly with their own eyes if they care to.

In an incredible display of the the bold-faced hypocrisy of their words when compared with their deeds, Hamas obviously thinks we’re all fools. But to be fair, Hamas didn't just jump to this conclusion on their own, the actions of the rest of the world all but convinced them that this is true.

Up until now the Gaza wing of the Arab Assault Force (AAF) on Israel has relied upon the intervention of the UN and other countries like the United States and the European Union to stop the Israelis from retaliating with full force once they initiate their attacks. 

Their whole propaganda machine is geared towards “showing” the world how unfairly they are being treated just because they have shot a few harmless rockets at Israel in frustration at being unable to get the materials they need to prosper. They would be “somebody” in this world if it wasn't for those spiteful Israelis, Goddamnit!

So the EU, the U.S. and Egypt negotiate a settlement, Israel stops it’s shooting and then Hamas re-groups and re-supplies and comes back just a little bit stronger, a little bit more resolved in their belief that they can fulfill their ultimate calling: Driving the Jewish State to its knees. So with the help of the rest of the world, who don’t seem to like the Jewish State much either, Hamas lives to fight on. This is a tiresome cycle. 

But there are growing signs that the world is tiring of their act and sees through the staged “destruction”, the human shields, the staged "man in the street" media interviews and the “casualties” who have been known to get up and walk once the pictures have been taken.

Even the politically ambitious and leather lunged U.S. Secretary of State John F. Kerry has come out to decisively straddle the situation when he said that Israel is justified in taking action to protect itself. 

This is a departure in message. Gone is the knee-jerk denouncement of Israel’s defense, replaced by "concern' over civilian casualties.

When you go to the well too often, the well runs dry.

Some have described Israel giving up Philadelphi Corridor, the 14km long, 100 meter wide swath of land that once separated Gaza from Egypt as a big mistake. Or giving up Gaza for that matter 2 years earlier but if those two events have lead the region and the world to where we are right now: Finally believing that it Hamas is the sole driver of this conflict. They have only used such concessions as an opportunity to import the rockets that fly over Tel Aviv today.

Had they held onto Gaza and the Corridor, Israel would always be on the defensive about the speculation of what kind of state the disenfranchised “Palestinians” could have achieved had they gotten the opportunity.

Well now we know don’t we? They have fashioned an armed camp out of what once was not and filled it with cannon fodder that pass for people. They have manufactured an incredible honey comb of a land where armed men and weapons can be moved across the area and never have to be exposed to the surface. They have fashioned a state so twisted in its single-mindedness of purpose to kill Jews that they have neglected to build any other industry of worthy of merit.

So the plan to keep arms out of the hands of Hamas never was workable since Hamas always manages to get the weapons. The next best plan then, is to make them pay a BIG PRICE when they use them.

To the radical Muslims there are no civilians in their cause.  Everyone is an enemy soldier and every State an obstacle. In order to defeat these people, their way of fighting and their immutable way of thinking is to beat them down and after that, to beat them down again until they come up, pardon the use of an American colloquialism, “a Christian”.  History holds many examples of where this strategy was applied with success. 

My philosophy professor in college opened our first class by asking the question; “Suppose you lived in a society that did not value life and when walking one day you passed over a bridge and upon looking down you noticed someone was drowning. What, given the society you were living in, would you be inclined to do?”

I answered that I would most likely have just stood there to watch that person drown.

I see no difference in that question and the kind of society that has sprung up in Gaza.

So now, regardless of how they actually feel, the world's politicians seem to be more inclined to watch how it’s done while Israel finally moves to at least attempt to solve their problems with a society upside-down in its thinking, upside-down in the purpose for which they live their lives and with the people who support it financially from the sidelines safely out of harm’s way.

Let's hope for civilizations sake that Israel prevails in their mission and that they maintain the resolve to take their fight to its successful conclusion. And afterwards, some reflection will be in order for Hamas, the UN, Iran, and Arabia upon their rolls in this conflict and the world at large but also reflection is called upon for the European Union and these United States. 

All the condemnation, all the scolding and all the threats towards Israel over the years for the crime of self-defense from an organized and sometimes praised hate group has had to be hard to bear for them.

And heaven forbid any nation should have John Kerry foisted upon them as much as he has been upon Israel. Imagine Mr. Kerry coming to your office and basically talking you to death. 

That is also a crime against humanity.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I Wish Dick Cheney Would Just Shut Up

I know there is some unwritten rule that past presidents don’t open their mouths and interfere with their successor while they are running the country and I think this should go for former Vice-Presidents as well. 

Especially since George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are probably the biggest reasons why we got Barack Obama as President, Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader and that fiasco of fiasos, Obama-Care.

I hate to break it to Mr. Cheney but George Bush was no great shakes as president either. Although he didn't spend nearly the amount of money that Obama has, it wasn't for lack of trying. G W Bush still spent way too much taxpayer money on give-a-ways and vote buying. 

He piled onto the bogus and wasteful War on Drugs, forgoing education, prevention and treatment and instead focusing on attacking the demand side of the equation by channeling most of the money to law enforcement and building more jails. He spent Billions in his efforts to curry favor with the law enforcement industry and buying their votes. 

He also connived to expand Medicare with his Prescription Drug “Improvement” plan with its prescription drug benefit coverage which was just a vote-buying scheme for the AARP at the future expense of their grand kids who will be the ones left with the crippling balloon payments once grammy and grampy have gone to the big beyond.  Instead of cutting costs for Medicaid, which was pretty much broke at the time, George W. Bush expanded its benefit payouts, increased costs and provided no funding mechanism for the budget increases thus ballooning the deficit by an alarming amount. 

Then there was Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” attack on education. It provided all of the bureaucracy and none of the means to pay for its implementation of new testing for students or the hiring and training of more teachers. This funding was left for the states to provide at local taxpayers expense. Thank you Mr. President!

And ALL the Republocrats went along with it in the same lock-step the Demlican Leftists are being accused of now. People like the former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, R-Mississippi and former House Majority Leader Tom Delay, R-Texas, people so driven to follow the President that they totally disregarded the political and financial fallout. History now shows how massive the fallout was. 

And for Dick Cheney’s part, just how "divested" of Halliburton was he when the organization when they got those massive contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan that reaped Billions for the company and it's shareholders at the expense of the American people.

The Bush Administrations prosecution of the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq left a lot to be desired. It was almost as if they went about it like union contractors and didn't want to “Kill the Job” by actually trying to win. After all this time there was never any lasting change in the country. There were never any decisive victories and the Administration left legitimate Prisoners of War to languish in Guantanamo Bay instead of setting up a Military Tribunal to try them in a timely fashion, preferring to let the next administration do that part. The Bush/Cheney Administration should have tried them quickly and remove any future of botching the job. But that wasn’t the point was it? The Iraq war was all about the money.

Rand Paul isn't alone when he openly accused Dick Cheney of pushing for the Iraq War so that Halliburton could profit.

Until Barak Obama came along, it was GW who was spending money like a sailor on shore-leave. Obama just picked up his baton and ran with it. At this point in history the arguement shouldn't be so much a case for Obama being the worst President ever but more about who are the worst Presidents ever since back-to-back both GW Bush and Barack Obama have proven to be a deadly duo to this nation.
And one has to laugh when Cheney accuses the present Republican Party of Isolationism because they,  over a decade and Multi-Billions of dollars later, with little to show for the lives and other resources expended, didn't want to continue the wars in the Middle East! 

So for Dick Cheney to come out and say ANYTHING right now looks to me to be a FEEBLE attempt at political redemption.  It’s like saying “Yes, we were a bunch of fiscally irresponsible screw-ups but look at Obama, he’s really BAD!”

Please Mr. Cheney, haven’t you caused enough damage to the United States already?

Please just go away.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Arab Front Group Attacks Israel

The great unwashed of the Arab world have once again mounted an offensive against Israel upon the urging of their Arabian backers. These illegitimate children of Saudi Arabia are again attempting to fulfill their true reason for being since they live for nothing else but to die for the Arab cause: To wipe Israel from the map.
The Gaza Strip serves as the rocket and bomb making factory and import depot for this latest offensive while the rest of the area lives in hovels and celebrates either impending victory or martyrdom.

Just a quick glance at the pictures tells volumes about the civilization that is Israel and the lack thereof that is Gaza. One lives to prosper, the other lives to kill. Tel Aviv is a modern city bright with glass walled business buildings and terraced neighborhoods while Gaza is a wasteland of discarded weapons boxes, gray reinforced concrete buildings, graves and tunnels with only a whisper of any local industry other than the manufacture of killing devices. Physical effort does not go into recreational sports but into the training of troops. Education does not go beyond the Koran and how to either dig, shoot or fight. They vow destruction and live in a world of shit, subsisting off the provisions of their Arab masters who sit safe from the conflict, their hands free of soil. While the Gazans die, it is they that lead.

This is the war for the world. Where every retaliatory strike by Israel is a photo opportunity for the militant propaganda machine with the world media so quick to pick it up regardless of its staging or reason. The war where it is Israel that has to tread lightly while their opponents stop at nothing. The poor “Palestinians” the media pouts, they’re so poor and Israel, that power of prosperity keeping them down, they have so much.

Just how long would you put up with having your neighbor fire missiles into your yard? Good thing Israel gave up the Gaza Strip because without that, the Arab militants would have to build bigger rockets to reach it. Glad that piece of international negotiation worked out, eh? If and when this conflict dies down perhaps U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will ask for negotiations for the Golan Heights.

So we are now on the eve of another ground war where Israel has to again go into the rat’s nest to weed out the terrorists  and the international “community” will be there to report every ‘civilian” death on in the Gaza as a human interest story.

They only want a homeland and right now that homeland has a bunch of Jews standing on it.

The Arabs are aiming to fix that issue.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Whooping Cough and the South American Boat People

Immigrants that play by the rules and go about citizenship the right way are now set at a disadvantage. They were suckers for trying to follow the laws of their adopted country. They should have just broken in, made themselves at home and let the big business lobbyists do all the heavy lifting for them. It’s the new American Way.
Even though this latest mass of migration from  out “neighbors” to our south has been the result of the clarion call of the Obama Administration that has made no secret that they will not uphold their bargain to the citizens of the United States and uphold the law to defend our borders, the prime mover is that there is nothing for them in the countries of their origin.  

These are the FAILED STATES of South America. Their corrupt governments have decimated their economies by adopting pie-in-the-sky Socialism and have killed off the business class, sucked out opportunity, never offered an education worth a damn and have put their people on the move a la Fidel Castro back in 1980 when he “allowed” people who wanted to leave Cuba a chance to do so and then emptied his jails and was also rumored to have emptied the mental hospitals on top of that.
And here we are.

There are no perceived consequences to any economic action in South America. Argentina defaults on loans it took out to cover the massive debt it accumulated to cover for its destruction of successful private businesses and then becomes upset that some of their creditors, who lost big heaping wads o’ cash, actually have the gall to want to be paid back. It is they, Argentina cries, who are destroying the Argentine nation. Oh really? And they make this accusation with a straight face without a hint of irony. It takes real balls to say something so disconnected from reality.  
And there isn’t much left to be said about Venezuela. There is no place to go but rock bottom for them.

With the exceptions of Columbia and perhaps Peru, South and Central America is just one big graft-fest and their governments have pretty much acknowledged that fact by telling their people to go to the United States. Let them feed you, let them educate you, let them take care of you.
But guess what? We can’t do it either. The public schools in every major city are crap. The same goes for the housing.  You will leave your third world slum for a first world slum but it’s still a slum except that our slum neighborhoods come with cable TV and indoor plumbing.

But with the influx of South American peoples attempting to gain entry into the United States and the many who are successful, a new issue is dawning on the mental giants behind this move: These new arrivals haven’t had their shots!
This has proven to be a big problem here because diseases that were heretofore though gone from our townships and cities have made sudden reappearances. And one of those diseases that is rearing its long forgotten head here in the U.S. is known as Pertussis or the Whooping Cough.

“Whooping cough? You mean that viral cough that my grand-mother told me about? It disappeared sometime in the 1960s until it "cyclically" came back into the southern states in the early 2000s and has only spread since then. That Whooping Cough? “
Yes, that Whooping Cough

But Wal Man, many experts say that these diseases are just following a natural cycle, how do you know they were carried by illegal aliens?
If that were so, we’d be hearing about Whooping Cough outbreaks from all over the nation but that is not the case. These "outbreaks" are isolated to the Border States with Mexico: Texas, Arizona and Southern California. It is absolutely unheard of in the Midwest and the formerly industrialized Northeast. 

Sacramento, California, which not so long ago had declared itself a sanctuary city for illegal aliens to live without fear of deportation, now appears to be at the center of the epidemic. Perhaps this is no small coincidence. Neighboring states like Washington and Oregon have managed to avoid the same fate.

Does anyone truly believe that a nation sending so many people who can't read and write their own language let alone speak a word of English and seemingly have never set foot in a school but somehow they all have gotten a vaccination?
In contrast, a child can't enter a school in the U.S. without a vaccination certificate. Some people have fought this over the years but they get a battle every time and every adult my age has a vacination scar on their right shoulder.

Whooping cough may not have totally disappeared in the U.S. but it has truly been unheard of on any newsworthy level until its re-emergence beginning in 2003 where cases spiked to approximately 11,651 and have risen every year to where it reportedly stands at 24,231 according to the governments Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) if one is to believe such things.

All I know is that Whooping Cough was only something I ever heard of as a child and then only told as a legend along with Goitre, the abnormal enlargement of the Thyroid Gland just under the Adams apple, that people used to get prior to the introduction of Iodine into America’s table salt in 1924. Throughout the 1970s and most of the 1980s, Whooping Cough cases seldom exceeded 3000 per year.  Rates began to rise beginning in 1986 which is, coincidently, after Ronald Regan sign

The Bubonic Plague also seems to have turned up in the Southwestern part of the country and has been in the news with multiple reported cases. The last time I heard of anybody getting THAT in the Americas was back during that little altercation in Peru with the Conquistadors and the Incas in 1532. 

If we keep this up we will see more of every disease and our capacity to combat them overwhelmed.