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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Arab Front Group Attacks Israel

The great unwashed of the Arab world have once again mounted an offensive against Israel upon the urging of their Arabian backers. These illegitimate children of Saudi Arabia are again attempting to fulfill their true reason for being since they live for nothing else but to die for the Arab cause: To wipe Israel from the map.
The Gaza Strip serves as the rocket and bomb making factory and import depot for this latest offensive while the rest of the area lives in hovels and celebrates either impending victory or martyrdom.

Just a quick glance at the pictures tells volumes about the civilization that is Israel and the lack thereof that is Gaza. One lives to prosper, the other lives to kill. Tel Aviv is a modern city bright with glass walled business buildings and terraced neighborhoods while Gaza is a wasteland of discarded weapons boxes, gray reinforced concrete buildings, graves and tunnels with only a whisper of any local industry other than the manufacture of killing devices. Physical effort does not go into recreational sports but into the training of troops. Education does not go beyond the Koran and how to either dig, shoot or fight. They vow destruction and live in a world of shit, subsisting off the provisions of their Arab masters who sit safe from the conflict, their hands free of soil. While the Gazans die, it is they that lead.

This is the war for the world. Where every retaliatory strike by Israel is a photo opportunity for the militant propaganda machine with the world media so quick to pick it up regardless of its staging or reason. The war where it is Israel that has to tread lightly while their opponents stop at nothing. The poor “Palestinians” the media pouts, they’re so poor and Israel, that power of prosperity keeping them down, they have so much.

Just how long would you put up with having your neighbor fire missiles into your yard? Good thing Israel gave up the Gaza Strip because without that, the Arab militants would have to build bigger rockets to reach it. Glad that piece of international negotiation worked out, eh? If and when this conflict dies down perhaps U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will ask for negotiations for the Golan Heights.

So we are now on the eve of another ground war where Israel has to again go into the rat’s nest to weed out the terrorists  and the international “community” will be there to report every ‘civilian” death on in the Gaza as a human interest story.

They only want a homeland and right now that homeland has a bunch of Jews standing on it.

The Arabs are aiming to fix that issue.

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