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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I Wish Dick Cheney Would Just Shut Up

I know there is some unwritten rule that past presidents don’t open their mouths and interfere with their successor while they are running the country and I think this should go for former Vice-Presidents as well. 

Especially since George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are probably the biggest reasons why we got Barack Obama as President, Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader and that fiasco of fiasos, Obama-Care.

I hate to break it to Mr. Cheney but George Bush was no great shakes as president either. Although he didn't spend nearly the amount of money that Obama has, it wasn't for lack of trying. G W Bush still spent way too much taxpayer money on give-a-ways and vote buying. 

He piled onto the bogus and wasteful War on Drugs, forgoing education, prevention and treatment and instead focusing on attacking the demand side of the equation by channeling most of the money to law enforcement and building more jails. He spent Billions in his efforts to curry favor with the law enforcement industry and buying their votes. 

He also connived to expand Medicare with his Prescription Drug “Improvement” plan with its prescription drug benefit coverage which was just a vote-buying scheme for the AARP at the future expense of their grand kids who will be the ones left with the crippling balloon payments once grammy and grampy have gone to the big beyond.  Instead of cutting costs for Medicaid, which was pretty much broke at the time, George W. Bush expanded its benefit payouts, increased costs and provided no funding mechanism for the budget increases thus ballooning the deficit by an alarming amount. 

Then there was Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” attack on education. It provided all of the bureaucracy and none of the means to pay for its implementation of new testing for students or the hiring and training of more teachers. This funding was left for the states to provide at local taxpayers expense. Thank you Mr. President!

And ALL the Republocrats went along with it in the same lock-step the Demlican Leftists are being accused of now. People like the former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, R-Mississippi and former House Majority Leader Tom Delay, R-Texas, people so driven to follow the President that they totally disregarded the political and financial fallout. History now shows how massive the fallout was. 

And for Dick Cheney’s part, just how "divested" of Halliburton was he when the organization when they got those massive contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan that reaped Billions for the company and it's shareholders at the expense of the American people.

The Bush Administrations prosecution of the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq left a lot to be desired. It was almost as if they went about it like union contractors and didn't want to “Kill the Job” by actually trying to win. After all this time there was never any lasting change in the country. There were never any decisive victories and the Administration left legitimate Prisoners of War to languish in Guantanamo Bay instead of setting up a Military Tribunal to try them in a timely fashion, preferring to let the next administration do that part. The Bush/Cheney Administration should have tried them quickly and remove any future of botching the job. But that wasn’t the point was it? The Iraq war was all about the money.

Rand Paul isn't alone when he openly accused Dick Cheney of pushing for the Iraq War so that Halliburton could profit.

Until Barak Obama came along, it was GW who was spending money like a sailor on shore-leave. Obama just picked up his baton and ran with it. At this point in history the arguement shouldn't be so much a case for Obama being the worst President ever but more about who are the worst Presidents ever since back-to-back both GW Bush and Barack Obama have proven to be a deadly duo to this nation.
And one has to laugh when Cheney accuses the present Republican Party of Isolationism because they,  over a decade and Multi-Billions of dollars later, with little to show for the lives and other resources expended, didn't want to continue the wars in the Middle East! 

So for Dick Cheney to come out and say ANYTHING right now looks to me to be a FEEBLE attempt at political redemption.  It’s like saying “Yes, we were a bunch of fiscally irresponsible screw-ups but look at Obama, he’s really BAD!”

Please Mr. Cheney, haven’t you caused enough damage to the United States already?

Please just go away.

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