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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Obama to Blame for Libyan Debacle

There is no one more responsible for what is happening in Libya today other than the current President of the United States, the irresponsible Barack Obama.
His ill-conceived intervention in the region has destabilized what was, for the most part, a long functioning state. For all that Moammar Gadhafi was, he was no different than any of the other regimes operating in that part of the world, holding onto power and keeping the radical element of his religion at bay.  Plus, it was none of our business.
Well no longer thanks to Mr. Obama.
What makes this worse for the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner was that he was advised that intervening in a civil war of a sovereign nation would most likely throw the region into chaos and usher in yet another victory by radical Islam and thereby all but sanction an Islamic religious Caliphate?
But Obama didn’t care.
President Obama defied Congress, defied the American People and outright violated the U.S. Constitution in his single-minded resolve to enter the Libyan civil war on the side of the radical element of Islam. Why? It boggles the mind.
And here we are almost three years after the death of Gadhafi, watching Libya continue to fight, continue to fail and continue to bleed. That is, if the national media cared to even look or report it with anything like the zeal they save for Israel.
Thank you Mr. President.
But Mr. Obama could not have achieved this all on his own. “The Party” was behind him.
Some helpful members of note include:
The former Democrat and now Independent Senator from Connecticut, Joe Lieberman, a man who once trumpeted the School Voucher Program to aid poor families to choose the schools they could send their kids to only to abandon it when Al Gore tapped him as his running mate for his failed bid in the 2000 Presidential election. Lieberman was all for it.

Former Massachusetts Senator and current “Hypocrite of State” John Kerry, then the chairman of the Committee of Foreign Relations floated the total delusion that imposing a No-Fly Zone on a foreign country did not constitute a military intervention.
Then there were well known Liberal lackeys Jack Reed D – RI and Dick Durban D- NY
Of course Republocrat Senator John McCain from Arizona was for intervention since he never met a war he didn’t like. Plus he’s crazy as a hoot owl but he keeps getting re-elected. How many times can a guy be dead- wrong about a situation and still not pay the price? A man so muddle-headed he even referred to the people who eventually stormed our Embassy in Libya “Freedom Fighters”.

Does he even have a mind left to reflect upon this? If it were me, I’d kill myself.

Right-Wing Wacko and resident FOX TV war monger Sean Hannity was all for it too, of course “America must lead!” and we did and now what?

Ultimately intervention was Obama’s decision to make and what he has to show for it is more bloodshed leading up to our Libyan Ambassador Christopher Stevens killed along with fellow Americans Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty. This is the president’s gift that just keeps on giving.

And so where the support for Libya now as chaos continues to reign? Where are the weapons we gave the “Freedom Fighters” and whom are they killing?
Whether it’s Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya, every side Obama has come down on has been the wrong side and every place we have trampled has turned to shit.

The blood is on the hands of President Obama and all who supported him in this abject failure.

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