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Monday, August 4, 2014

The United Nations: Just Another Jewish Hate Group

It's obvious, it's glaring and it's telling.

The actions of the United Nations runs counter to events on the ground in Gaza. The IDF has found weapons in multiple United Nations facilities especially the U.N. schools. The first time that missiles were discovered in a U.N. school, they just handed them back to Hamas. A U.N. spokesperson was quoted as saying; “Oops!”

The U.N. vowed an investigation. I wonder how that turned out.

But the U.N. being caught out in the open does not register with them. They will not let facts get in the way of their mission of bailing out Hamas.

It is an open secret that Hamas has been subjecting foreign journalists with intimidation when they should happen to inadvertently photograph or film Hamas in an “unfavorable light” like when they dress in civilian clothes as they fire rockets at Israel or firing rockets from hospital grounds or more pointedly U.N. facilities and schools. Only journalists who have left Gaza have been able to report these truths. Hamas, whether by accident or on purpose, even bombed their own refugee camp…nothing, it is all forgotten. To the U.N. the onus is on Israel to prove every step while Hamas operates with impunity in their eyes. “Prove to us that Hamas is firing rockets from refugee camps. Prove to us that Hamas is using human shields!” they demand. What does Hamas have to prove? This is absurd.

Who admonishes Hamas to “do more” to protect their “civilian” population? Who is calling for Hamas to stop using their population as shields? I haven’t heard that out of the U.N. Must’ve missed that press release.
They aren’t fooling anybody.

So far the United Nations has never failed to pull Hama’s bacon out of the fire (pun intended). Hamas has come to depend on it and with the U.N. behind them, they are further emboldened in their single-minded nefarious enterprise.

This is why Israel has to defeat Hamas. They have to pound them and pound them again. Right into the fucking ground until they yell “Uncle”. You don’t hear them say it, then, keep at them. Only when there is victory over this pestilence in human form, will there be a pause for reflection and peace in the region. Otherwise they will slither back into the light of day and need to be stomped back into the soiled earth that they sprang from. The U.N. has done it's best to keep this conflict going but it should succeed no longer.
There are no civilians in Gaza
I find it an odd occurrence that whenever an Israeli plane shoots a missile at a terrorist, it can hit nobody but civilians. How can their aim be so poor?

Under media questioning all Gazans seem to spout Hamas “talking points” like they were trained in politics. Listen to them next time and you will hear them. End “the siege” or "We are prisoners of Israel." and witnesses  of “random fire” from the IDF. 

This is a puzzle to an outside observer, how can they be in unison? Nobody ever says, “ I wish Hamas would stop the rockets.” They are all either plants for visiting media or they are all soldiers in their war with the Jewish State. I will say they are the later: Everybody in Gaza is a soldier for the fall of Israel.

These people have been brought up hating Israel.  It’s what they do. When they aren't shooting at Israel, there is little to do in the enclave but make more bombs. It’s not like they were busy stitching blue jeans together at their clothing factory for export to Sears or Walmart before the latest conflict started.

When a Gazan declares a dead comrade a "martyre in the fight against Israel" then that person, along with his dead comrade, is a soldier. But not just against Israel for when they go to fight wearing the insignia: "There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet" they are also soldiers against humanity.

The people who inhabit Gaza are taught from birth to hate Israel and their training to fulfill the declaration of the elimination of Israel starts on their first day on Earth. 

The reality of the situation

There is a suspension of belief here in the United States about the Gazan Arabs. We find it hard to believe that people will live this way on purpose. We project our abilities of recognizing what’s right and wrong, our working class sensibilites, onto other peoples of the world and think that "We are all brothers under the skin." We see these orchestrated images coming from the conflict and think them real. Because really, how can an entire population be enlisted in such a fashion and how can people just put their children in harm’s way like this?

This message of Israeli oppression that Hamas is sending is for us.

This is the same naive thinking of America prior to September 11, 2001 that lead to the World Trade Center buildings being knocked down. The attackers told them nobody would be hurt. We just want the plane. So they gave up the plane.

They said that’s all they wanted.

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