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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Will Romney Run?

The rumors of a planned Brokered Convention, or rather, a convention where a candidate is not decided upon during the first ballot and further deliberation and voting is required until a candidate is chosen, is more than likely a story cooked up by the national media since the race for at least the Republican nomination could be over by next Tuesday. What will they have to write about then?

There hasn’t been a brokered convention in the Television Era and there will not be one now. The party conventions only serve these days as a confirmation of the leading candidate after the grueling primary process. It is a jumping off point for the party platform heading into the last step of the presidential race. For someone to “Jump the line” and try to gain the party nomination without busting their ass on the trail and spending all that money and energy will be impossible to pull off today. Visually and politically it will be a disaster. 

What group wants to cast further doubt upon the validity of the electoral process when the people who support Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are already wary of the establishment attempting to step in and correct what they have built? Are the primaries something to ignore if the “wrong” candidate is chosen?

Predictability of outcome is not a part of a free and fair election process. If something should happen that makes the people feel their votes have been ignored, only chaos will follow. And if you are a party to such a thing, do you want your name associated with something like that? History is a harsh judge.

I don't believe for a moment that the story is true of Mitt Romney entering the 2016 presidential race at this late stage or of him being offered as a viable candidate in a brokered convention. If people get that the fix is in they will certainly turn on both him and what's left of the Republocrat party. 

Plus, if Romney should enter the race at this stage he will be crushed.

The one thing that Mitt Romney will never shake as long as he lives is that HE is the father of ObamaCare.

RomneyCare NEVER ran in the black. It ran deficits right from the beginning and nothing changed except for the name on the program. To cover up the deficits that the Massachusetts exchanges were running, Obama's pal and former governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick used the general highway funds to cover the shortfalls so it looked like it was holding its own. This is why all the roads and bridges in the state are in bad shape and the legislature is always trying to raise the gas tax...again…and again.

ObamaCare, as predicted, is blowing a hole in the nation’s economy. This is why we are stumbling along in the Obama Years and never getting ahead. Any economic gains are offset by growing debt. It's a catastrophe that Mitt will have a difficult time washing his name off of. 

Mitt Romney left a terrible legacy for the state of Massachusetts. If he had run again for governor instead of running for president the first chance he got, he would have been in a better position today in the presidential sweepstakes and of more importance he would have kept Deval Patrick out of the governorship. We paid dearly for that move and more has yet to be revealed. 

So now Mitt has come out at the behest of the establishment and launched an attack on the leading candidate of, subject to dissagreement, his own party. And it's over something he got hung out to dry on himself in 2012, his tax returns. This is going to endear him to the electorate? 

Donald Trump is right, Mitt Romney is a fool! 

Romney's political career is one of hurried missteps, hesitating miscalculations and failures to make the correct decision at the correct time. 

Mr. Romney, it's over.   

Friday, February 19, 2016

Tim Cook Right to Refuse FBI Request

“The United States government has demanded that Apple take an unprecedented step which threatens the security of our customers. We oppose this order, which has implications far beyond the legal case at hand.” – Time Cook – CEO Apple Inc.

In America we still have the right to say “no”, especially to the federal government.

Tim Cook, the Apple Executive who has just thrust himself and his company into the biggest battle he and his company ever faced over his refusal to have the corporation he leads aid the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the FBI, in cracking the encryption algorithm on the Apple iPhone5 which the fanatical Islamic Terrorist couple, Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik had in their possession at the time the FBI caught up to them and shot them full of holes after they shot 14 people to death in in cold blood at a rented hall in San Bernardino during a holiday party.

You know, it’s the Federal Government who let these people into the country, didn’t investigate them, gave them JOBS, free college, free health care, government paid apartments all funded by the U.S. taxpayer and basically kissed their asses right up to the point where these "Huddled masses yearning to be Free" rewarded all this altruism and kindness by killing a bunch of people and spitting into the eye of the American public.

And now the FBI wants Apple to help. NO, they DEMAND that Apple help.

And I say “Screw Them!”

Does this resemble at all another little incident from the not-so-recent past where President Obama and his minion, form Attorney General Eric Holder, allowed guns to cross into Mexico, fall into the “wrong” hands ie: The Mexican Drug Cartel, get a thousand plus Mexican citizens killed plus a U.S. border agent, Brian Terry, and then turn around and blame the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Bill of Rights for allowing people in America to own guns?

Damned Skippy it does!

The FBI isn’t investigating SHIT when it comes to these Islamic refugees who they are flying into our towns. The level of indoctrination into this cult religion that they are possessed by is on a scale of fanaticism the world hasn't since the 15th century. To label most of these characters as moderate or even conservative does not come close to how they think. Let's not continue to kid ourselves. 

So you would think just for the sake of a concern for our citizenry that someone in our government would have bothered to ask, “Well, how do you suppose these people are going to cope walking around in an open and free society?”

Well, we have the answer now don’t we, they aren’t coping very well, are they?

Radio "Conservatives" on Wrong Side of Issue

Two notable radio talk show people who are on the wrong side of this issue and thus have lost all credibility with me since their lack of consistency on Truth, Justice and the American Way is startling.

One cannot rail against the government for their over intrusive methods day after day, year after years and then suddenly say,, “Well, Apple should help out he FBI, after all, it’s for our own good.”Are you kidding me? How off the fucking rails is that?

Michael Savage is one. He’s a national figure. He’s been banned from entering Great Britain for…I don’t know, something he said if you can believe that excuse. Of course this is the same band of British idiots that have been debating banning Donald Trump so who knows how they think.

But Michael Savage, the man who's mantra of "Borders, Language and Culture" has made him a national icon seems to have taken a turn to the Left on the Right to Privacy and the increased infiltration by the government into every facet or the American people's daily lives.

On the radio today Savage asked a question: "Why would you trust that big conglomerate guy Tim Cook more than FBI head James Comey?"

And my answer is: "Yes, why WOULD I trust that big conglomerate guy Tim Cook more than FBI head James Comey?"

There are plenty of reasons but the big one is that James Comey works for the Government. Tim Cook doesn't trust the FBI and I don't trust the FBI. That's our new bond.

What an absurd question. If he hasn't lost his marbles, he certainly has lost his moral high ground so I don't know what's next for him after this. All he'll have now is his money. Good luck with that Michael. 

The second radio wag is Boston’s own Howie Carr. Not as prominent since his act of “I hate everything” probably doesn’t play well nationally. He goes on about how "we're taxed too much, too much is given to people who don't work, the government thinks they can tell us what to do etc" but at the end of the day, he's on their side. What a hypocrite. 

The Bill of Rights

You cannot pick and choose which Amendments of the Bill of Rights you want to uphold and defend, you take them ALL or you take NONE and attempting to apply them for some things but not others is hypocritical and arbitrary. Not the stuff of legendary or lasting governance.  

This is not about Liberty for ME and not YOU. It's Liberty for ALL and if we can't all enjoy the same liberties in this country no matter who you are or what you do then perhaps we deserve what we get. Imagine for a moment what this country would be like without the Bill of Rights and the constant struggle to keep the United States for it's citizens and not for it's government. Why, we'd probably be like Germany or the UK, where the government just decides what it wants to do and you, you unfortunate son of a bitch, well, you just have to lump it! That's how Germany got all those killer immigrants. You think there was a vote on it?

Freedom, it ain't free. And it isn't just the government we have to fight but the short-sighted among us who are all too willing to give up their rights just because they think the government can and is even willing to protect them.

There is nothing more annoying to hear someone say "I'm all for the Bill of Rights BUT...this is different" or "I'm all for the people's Right to Privacy BUT...this is different." Or those idiots who  would let the police just search their house because..."I've got nothing to hide."

That's not the point, stupid! Like the police have never brought anything with them to "find" before.

And everybody is for the Freedom of Speech right up until they hear something they don't like. Even the late and great Supreme Court Justice Anthoney Scalia ruled against the right of free speech for that wackado Westboro Baptist Church who's members show up and picket the funerals of U.S. soldiers killed in our endless wars in the Middle East and shout "Thank God for dead soldiers" while the deceased's family are burying him. Yes, they have a right to do that. In America there is no "Free Speech Zone" every public place is a free speech zone.

You may not like it but you should defend it because if a time ever comes and you want to speak out about an affront or perceived injustice and couldn't, then where would you be?

Of fair weather Patriots, there are many. How easily someone abandons principle in the face of controversy and a little peer pressure. How would you like someone like this packing your parachute?

Many states in the Union have in the past here and there attempted to pass “Duty to Rescue” laws. These are laws that were written and passed to compel citizens under penalty of law to intervene if they happen upon a situation where someone is in danger or about to be killed. These laws made the person, who in no way did anything to put these victims in danger; liable if the victims were injured or killed. Some of the laws merely compelled people to call 911, others had stricter and more demanding wording. These laws have always been a failure. You cannot compel a person to act against their own interests.

Apple Inc

And in the case of Apple Inc., the Federal Government is demanding they act in opposition to the best interests not only of the company but also our Constitution of the United States. Complying with the government's demand will undermine the entire organization and drive it's value into the ground.

Would you trust an Apple product again if they did? 

There are a lot of people and organizations who don't like Apple Inc. They don't like it that they are a big successful organization that have brought products that people want to the marketplace and have become a major company employing thousands of people worldwide and have created wealth where none existed before. Many on the political Left and Right are just hoping to see Apple Inc fail and our left-leaning national news services report with glee the coming showdown with the government.

Many people let their feelings about Apple's position in the marketplace cloud their thinking. They may be a rich company but they can still be right when it comes to defending their business and the rights of their paying customers against Federal Intervention. And they are.

So say the Feds do manage to compel Apple to comply with their demands. Once they got their hands on the ability to get into the iPhones, it would be THEY who would then be trading it away to foreign interests with something to barter and the desire to know. Don't let 'em kid you.

No, this is a big fight. This is bigger than Apple Inc and bigger than San Bernardino. What there is to be gained at this point from the killer's phone is nothing compared to what that phone represents to the freedom of all Americans. This is a fight for the rights of every citizen to be secure in their homes and property, not from terrorism but from the people we THINK are going to protect us. I hope Apple fights this with every resource at their disposal. Let's hope. 

Make no mistake, it has been the Federal Government that has been negligent in their handling of the refugees and now that their behavior has been exposed as not acting in the best interests of the American people, they want to point the finger of blame at Apple and use the blood of 14 dead as the reason they should help them.

I don’t believe the deaths of 14 people, when stacked up to the millions of lives lost in the defense of our nation and the bedrock we have built it upon, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to be a good enough reason to comply.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Turkey Trots Out Big Lie in Syria

Where are the bodies?

Russia reportedly hits hospitals and schools and kills 50 “civilians in rebel held Northern Syria yet the videos show no bodies! A couple of guys run by the camera with a pile of blankets in a stretcher. Lots of shouting and people digging in destroyed buildings while a voice-over in English describes the destruction.

This is the Big Lie come back into plain site in the warm up to continued intervention into the Syrian Civil war. While earthquake videos always show people being dragged out of crumbled buildings, here in Syria there is no such vision. Not even a snapshot has come out of this with a corpus delicti.

In a war of pictures in the television age, the one thing that would best sway the hearts and minds of the people seems to be missing: Evidence of a Crime.

Turkey’s Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, always a reliable source for truth and justice in this situation since it it Turkey that is supplying arms to the anti-Assad forces, said that Russian missiles hit a “children’s hospital” and that many civilians and children were killed. There’s plenty of footage of the buildings but where are the dead? There is nothing, not a second of footage of bodies anywhere. You know why? Because the only bodies they pulled out of those buildings were SOLDIERS!

Now we’ve all seen the bullshit setups the Palestinians love to film where one minute someone is lying under a concrete slab and the next minute they’re walking around with a crutch. There seems to be a limit to the number of actors these guys can come up with so you’ll have to forgive me for being skeptical having seen the so called “Palestinians” shoot their own people because they were in the presence of a foreign journalists video footage so they could claim that Israeli soldiers did it. The footage was remarkable because it depicted a man and his teenage son caught in the crossfire between the opposing forces and he was shielding his son with his back not to the Israeli forces but to his own supposed protectors because he knew as well as they did he was on camera. 
There is little coming out of Syria right now in the form of “News” that I am inclined to believe so one thing I will believe is when I see footage of actually bodies being pulled from the newly minted wreckage. If this existed I am positive that the rebel forces would have had no qualms about showing them to the world. Where is it?

Everybody filmed the Japanese Tsunami in 2011. Everybody filmed the World Trade Center Towers coming down. Nobody got this? No, next week will be too late so if the archivists for ABC, CNN or Reuters are going through old video footage right now, forget it. It won’t fly. It’s all a lie and it’s an Obvious lie given the circumstances of Assad being on the verge of victory. “This cannot stand” say the forces of good in Europe.

Just like the unbelievable stories of gas warfare being reported by the French, again no friend of Russia or Assad, which they attributed exclusively to the Assad regime and yet not proof was ever presented. Surely the accusations of the French, who only hold the best interests of the world in there heart, should be enough to begin more armed conflict in the region. Where is the footage? In an age where everybody is walking around with a God Damned video camera in their shirt pockets, there is no video escaping into the world to document these “atrocities”. And for these accusations, Europe will again look the other way when Turkey is bombing the shit out of the Kurds. But since when have the Kurds gotten anything out of their efforts whether they fight on the side of the U.S. or on the side of Assad. No difference there. 

Any excuse will serve a tyrant and here we are with yet another U.S. with Turkey as our puppet to setup an excuse to reign more warfare upon the people of the Middle East just when things are about to be settled. BUT not settled the way we like it.

Good must triumph over evil. 

And it ultimately will. 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Obama, United Nations Renew Plans for Syrian Intervention

The Setup

First Angela Merkel is trotted out to say she is “Horrified” that there is actually a WAR going on in Syria! She has just now suddenly noticed that people are being killed there. Previously she just wondered why so many Syrians were coming to Germany. Now she seems to have realized why.

Let’s face it, Merkel is under the gun at home right now for her bizarre move to allow Germany to be overrun with unmixable Middle Eastern Visigoths. In part she needs a distraction so now she is shocked, shocked I say, that the fighting in Syria has produced what fighting usually produces: casualties and people on the move.

But is this sudden outrage really just Germany and Turkey acting out of concern for the welfare of the Syrian people?  

For one thing, the rhetoric is just insipid: “No one should excuse or show tolerance toward the Russian air attacks that amount to ethnic massacres….” So said Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu.

Who writes this stuff?

If Merkel and Davutoglu were really so concerned about the people of Aleppo not being massacred, they should be calling for the rebel forces there to surrender but wait, we don't hear them doing THAT. It's either surrender or fight to the death. That has usually been the custom, before the television age anyway.

So since when is trying to win a war an Ethnic Massacre? Yes, Syrians are getting killed, it’s fucking Syria! Who else would they be bombing in Aleppo, Bulgarians? Trying to prove that Russia is bombing Syrians because they are Syrian doesn't fly. They are also helping Syrians, apparently the "bad" Syrians, win the war. Turkey on the other hand, is backing the rebels with arms and other supplies. If they stopped doing THAT less people would be killed.

It's getting harder and harder to find a good guy in all this. In the U.S., we love the Good Guys. It's always good guys vs the bad guys. We get upset when we can't find a good guy. 

Now Ms. Merkel blames the Russians for their bombing runs despite the fact they've been doing this for five months. Can it be that her outrage and calls for the siege to be ended is really only due to the Assad forces being on the verge of final victory? This is an ominous sign.

There is no love lost between Turkey and Russia we know plus president Obama and the U.S. State Department will stop at nothing to undermine an Assad victory. It is beginning to look like they will go to their long standing trump card, the United Nations, for yet another attempt at legitimacy via coalition for their interventionist actions. But the United States is too far away and things appear to be too far along for this to actually work. 

The Syrian Civil War has gone badly for president Obama and the United States.

The Billions of dollars in arms that were “walked” into the country by the United States with the blessing and support of Saudi Arabia for ISIL to mount an offensive on the side of the anti-Assad rebels have not been enough to alter the inevitable outcome. In fact, the ISIL forces were so uncontrollably fanatical that they were attacking the rebels too and forcing them to fight on two fronts. Hardly a dependable alliance.

Iran and Hezbollah have also been instrumental in turning the tide for Assad forces to the point now that even the meager amount of ground troops that Saudi Arabia plans to send into the country will not be enough to stop them. Let’s hope the Saudis stick to fighting ISIL like they have stated publicly and do not draw themselves into bigger troubles than they have already.

A freshly funded post-embargo Iran poses a bigger threat than ever to the Saudi effort to take over Syria. Iran is now better positioned to fund a military contingent on a larger scale than they have in Syria now as well as landing an economic blow on the Arab Kingdom by entering the glutted oil market and continuing to drive the price of oil into the ground since 80% of their Gross National Product is based on oil. The Saudis have already been put under a great deal of pressure by the American fracking industry which produces oil at a competitive profit margin compared to what comes from overseas. There is also the added threat that if oil prices should jump, much of the dormant fracking installations could be brought back on-line quickly.  

Enter the UN

So a propaganda war to get a multi-national “peace” force to enter the fray will have to do.

This is why the United Nations has suddenly put forth a “report” that detainees by Assad forces are being “systematically” executed and that Prime Minister Davutoglu says that the rebel stronghold of Aleppo “is de facto under siege” and that “We are on the verge of a new human tragedy.” Perhaps he was referring to the “old” human tragedy of how Turkish soldiers have been killing the Kurds for as long as anyone can remember.

Nope, having the German and Turkish Prime Ministers dance like puppets on a string is just too neatly cued. These moves are a renewed and orchestrated attempt to keep Russia and Assad from final victory by either more direct armed intervention or the threat of an “International” Tribunal for War Crimes.  There are no more people left to arm so that’s out.

Will they try to indict Vladimir Putin? Have they even indicted Bashir Assad? Whatever they come up with you can be sure it will be ineffectual and all for show since the UN has never helped anybody but themselves in the long run and if they try to interfere and extend the war in Syria, even more people will die.

It always happens with the UN. They intervene, prolong the conflict and more people get killed than would have happened if one side actually won the fight. Look at the job they’ve done in Bosnia. They’ve kept that one going since 1995.  

The United Nations should keep to just warning North Korea that they better not shoot off another “Satellite” or NEXT TIME they will be in REAL trouble.  This will be your LAST warning, you hear me?!!

Heaven forbid anyone should actually win a war any more. War isn’t supposed to be fair. It’s intense, brutal, kills people and destroys things. Destruction does not build a people, a nation or an economy. It only lays waste to resources, countrysides and human destiny. 

That’s why we should think before we get involved in armed conflict. It's been all too easy when we remove the human element and the national sacrifice from warfare. If we couldn't do that then we wouldn’t have them but then again, the United States leads the world in war. We are the best since we've had the most practice. 

It's a terrible deal these people have gotten and as an American citizen disconnected from the people who call the shots, I feel powerless in the winds of the political forces at play but there really isn’t too much to choose from in this Lose/Lose game of a Syrian Conflict. 

On one side we have Bashir Assad, a person where no truth will ever describe any longer since he has fallen out of favor with the forces of the United States. Is he a brutal dictator? He’s pretty brutal right now and he certainly hasn't pulled any punches when it comes to keeping control of his country from the many outside influences. And did he really use poison gas? Although it is constantly talked about as a given in the U.S. Propaganda machine that passes for the National Press, it has not been proven.

It has been reported however that the rebels used gas and that so did ISIL. The truth may lie somewhere in between. Call it the Fog of War.

On the OTHER side of this equation is ISIL.  A group that cannot be governed, a group who it has been proven will send a 12 year old boy into a marketplace filled with civilians with a suicide vest on. A group that has cut off the heads of perhaps thousands of people who don’t worship Allah the way they do. A group that has “martyred” many outside recruits whose only mistake was wanting to join them. A group that has vowed to take over not only the Middle East but Europe and the United States as well. THIS is the group Barak Obama has chosen to back in the overthrow of Assad.

There are bad people in this world and there are WORSE people.

You pick one.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Jeb Bush’s Money is Useless

Talk about all the money in politics and the influence it buys, it  just doesn’t seem to be helping former Florida Republican Governor Jeb Bush in his efforts to reach the White House.

As Bernie, Hillary and the rest of the Political Left rages against the U.S. Supreme Court allowing political campaign contributions by corporations and Political Action Committees (PACs) and raging that Wall Street cash is changing the face of the 2016 Presidential Election, Jeb Bush must be sitting and staring at his television wondering why the hell it hasn’t done him a bit of good.

With a sixth place finish in Iowa with 2.8 percent of the vote, Jeb was left pulling up the rear behind Rand Paul and Ben Carson. Not a good result for the Man Who Would be President.

But what about all that money?

It has been reported that Jeb! has already spent over $31 Million in his own campaign cash and his Political Action Committee, “Right to Rise” has doled out between 90 and 103 Million dollars. 

That's a lot of Cake for 2.8 percent of the vote in Iowa. If you gave money to Jeb Bush's campaign, you might be feeling like you had made a bad investment. And in reality, you did. 

But if Jeb! thinks that’s bad, wait until next Tuesday in New Hampshire.

All that money, the root of all that is wrong in politics if you listen to the political wags, hasn’t gained Jeb Bush the trust of the American people. Quite the opposite, it has been a colossal waste. In contrast, the New Hampshire primary favorite, Donald Trump, has spent less than $20 Million.

Perhaps it isn’t the money then. All the money in the world isn’t going to buy you a vote if people don’t believe you or your message. And Jeb Bush’s message has been disturbing to a majority of American voters. This is a fact borne out by the lack of voter’s interest in his candidacy.

The former Crazed Mayor of New York City , Michael Bloomberg, (he's still Crazed, just no longer Mayor) has been spending money hand over foot to get more anti-gun ownership legislation passed and it hasn’t done him any good either. In this time of random terrorism on soft civilian targets to go along with every day criminal activity, people aren’t inclined to give up their right to own a firearm. Add to that, given his high profile governorship of the nation's largest city, people know Mr. Bloomberg has more money than brains and if he should jump into the race for the 2016 presidency, it will really prove that money isn't everything when it comes to American politics.

So as it stands, people just aren’t interested in the product Jeb Bush is selling, namely himself. They don't like the substance of his ideas and the package of his veneer. They don’t want amnesty for illegal aliens, they really don’t want another big spender, they aren’t interested in more military intervention in the Middle East, they don’t want continued expansion of government and they certainly don’t want to create a political dynasty by sending yet another misguided Bush family member to the White House.

Otherwise they would have voted for him.

Jeb Bush and his group has dished out plenty of cash to get his message across to the American people and the people apparently have heard his message loud and clear and they’ve sent one back to him.

Forget it!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Rubio Wins Iowa by Coming in Third

The “Anyone but Trump” campaign rolls on. 

Marco Rubio was “the big winner” in the Iowa caucus. The former Florida Senator has not had much pop in his campaign since many Republican voters remember his willingness to reverse his campaign promise to oppose legalizing illegal immigrants by joining President Obama’s “Gang of Eight” who attempted to draft an “Immigration Reform” law.

This resonates with voters everywhere but also in Iowa because Rubio finished Third. Senator Ted Cruz beat both him and Trump in the voting. Both Cruz and Trump are against the legalization of illegal aliens. 

But he now has “momentum” since he was supposed to…well, come in at least third behind Trump and Cruz and he did. But Rubio is surging. And Trump, well, Trump is “Humiliated” by being second. And Ted Cruz is already picking a new color for the Lincoln bedroom. 

What will they say after the New Hampshire Primary in a week?

One strategy by the government press will be to announce that Trump didn’t win by “enough”. That he should have won bigger, that his anger is working against him.

And just what is Donald Trump angry about?

He is angry that American business is taxed at the highest rate in the world. It is hard to compete in global business with that kind of handicap.

He is angry about letting in Middle Eastern “migrants” who then practice Jihad on their American benefactors.

Donald Trump is angry that the government is nickel and diming the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution by instead going after bullets and magazines attached to the guns.

He is angry that Social Security money is being used to support people who have not paid into the system; refugees and those diagnosed as mentally disabled. Social Security is supposed to be for the retirement of people who paid into it. Not to give "crazy checks" to people who don't deserve it or to support foreign peoples who shouldn't be here in the first place.  

He is angry that we have a president that will not only not talk about radical Islam, he won’t even mention “Radical Islam” by name. How you going to have a dialog with a person who won’t even speak of it as it is? This is some strange form of denial.

He is angry that the biggest threat to the United States of America, according to our current president, is Global Warming. There isn’t ANYTHING higher on the list for Mr. Obama although we can all think of a few things higher on OUR lists.

So it is obvious by his second place finish in Iowa that Donald Trump is alone in his dissatisfaction and anger. After all, second apparently isn’t as good as third.

I don’t trust Marco Rubio. There is no evidence that he regrets his involvement with the Obama administration and their attempt to legalize millions of illegal immigrants while in the Senate. His willingness to deal and form a partnership with at reprehensible New York Senator Chuck Shumer was worrisome enough but as far as what he has said since then, I believe he is still for legalization.

This should piss off anyone who has played by the rules and became a U.S. Citizen the right way. That would go for Cuban Americans, Mexican Americans and other peoples from around the world. To put it another way, how would you feel if you paid off all your college loans and then someone came along and got a law passed that anyone who had college loans didn't have to pay them and that the slate was wiped clean. How would that make you feel, good? 

And I find it offensive to say, since Mr. Rubio is of Cuban decent, that it takes a Cuban to acknowledge and understand the wants and desires of other Americans of Cuban decent. He would not be the Cuban president. 

So no, I don’t view third place as a win.

As we now are getting reports that in Iowa, Rubio was now actually a tie for second etc, by the long knives of the government press and their enablers, the truth will just get murkier over the next seven days until the New Hampshire Primary.

Then we’ll see how the establishment explains that.