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Monday, February 8, 2016

Obama, United Nations Renew Plans for Syrian Intervention

The Setup

First Angela Merkel is trotted out to say she is “Horrified” that there is actually a WAR going on in Syria! She has just now suddenly noticed that people are being killed there. Previously she just wondered why so many Syrians were coming to Germany. Now she seems to have realized why.

Let’s face it, Merkel is under the gun at home right now for her bizarre move to allow Germany to be overrun with unmixable Middle Eastern Visigoths. In part she needs a distraction so now she is shocked, shocked I say, that the fighting in Syria has produced what fighting usually produces: casualties and people on the move.

But is this sudden outrage really just Germany and Turkey acting out of concern for the welfare of the Syrian people?  

For one thing, the rhetoric is just insipid: “No one should excuse or show tolerance toward the Russian air attacks that amount to ethnic massacres….” So said Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu.

Who writes this stuff?

If Merkel and Davutoglu were really so concerned about the people of Aleppo not being massacred, they should be calling for the rebel forces there to surrender but wait, we don't hear them doing THAT. It's either surrender or fight to the death. That has usually been the custom, before the television age anyway.

So since when is trying to win a war an Ethnic Massacre? Yes, Syrians are getting killed, it’s fucking Syria! Who else would they be bombing in Aleppo, Bulgarians? Trying to prove that Russia is bombing Syrians because they are Syrian doesn't fly. They are also helping Syrians, apparently the "bad" Syrians, win the war. Turkey on the other hand, is backing the rebels with arms and other supplies. If they stopped doing THAT less people would be killed.

It's getting harder and harder to find a good guy in all this. In the U.S., we love the Good Guys. It's always good guys vs the bad guys. We get upset when we can't find a good guy. 

Now Ms. Merkel blames the Russians for their bombing runs despite the fact they've been doing this for five months. Can it be that her outrage and calls for the siege to be ended is really only due to the Assad forces being on the verge of final victory? This is an ominous sign.

There is no love lost between Turkey and Russia we know plus president Obama and the U.S. State Department will stop at nothing to undermine an Assad victory. It is beginning to look like they will go to their long standing trump card, the United Nations, for yet another attempt at legitimacy via coalition for their interventionist actions. But the United States is too far away and things appear to be too far along for this to actually work. 

The Syrian Civil War has gone badly for president Obama and the United States.

The Billions of dollars in arms that were “walked” into the country by the United States with the blessing and support of Saudi Arabia for ISIL to mount an offensive on the side of the anti-Assad rebels have not been enough to alter the inevitable outcome. In fact, the ISIL forces were so uncontrollably fanatical that they were attacking the rebels too and forcing them to fight on two fronts. Hardly a dependable alliance.

Iran and Hezbollah have also been instrumental in turning the tide for Assad forces to the point now that even the meager amount of ground troops that Saudi Arabia plans to send into the country will not be enough to stop them. Let’s hope the Saudis stick to fighting ISIL like they have stated publicly and do not draw themselves into bigger troubles than they have already.

A freshly funded post-embargo Iran poses a bigger threat than ever to the Saudi effort to take over Syria. Iran is now better positioned to fund a military contingent on a larger scale than they have in Syria now as well as landing an economic blow on the Arab Kingdom by entering the glutted oil market and continuing to drive the price of oil into the ground since 80% of their Gross National Product is based on oil. The Saudis have already been put under a great deal of pressure by the American fracking industry which produces oil at a competitive profit margin compared to what comes from overseas. There is also the added threat that if oil prices should jump, much of the dormant fracking installations could be brought back on-line quickly.  

Enter the UN

So a propaganda war to get a multi-national “peace” force to enter the fray will have to do.

This is why the United Nations has suddenly put forth a “report” that detainees by Assad forces are being “systematically” executed and that Prime Minister Davutoglu says that the rebel stronghold of Aleppo “is de facto under siege” and that “We are on the verge of a new human tragedy.” Perhaps he was referring to the “old” human tragedy of how Turkish soldiers have been killing the Kurds for as long as anyone can remember.

Nope, having the German and Turkish Prime Ministers dance like puppets on a string is just too neatly cued. These moves are a renewed and orchestrated attempt to keep Russia and Assad from final victory by either more direct armed intervention or the threat of an “International” Tribunal for War Crimes.  There are no more people left to arm so that’s out.

Will they try to indict Vladimir Putin? Have they even indicted Bashir Assad? Whatever they come up with you can be sure it will be ineffectual and all for show since the UN has never helped anybody but themselves in the long run and if they try to interfere and extend the war in Syria, even more people will die.

It always happens with the UN. They intervene, prolong the conflict and more people get killed than would have happened if one side actually won the fight. Look at the job they’ve done in Bosnia. They’ve kept that one going since 1995.  

The United Nations should keep to just warning North Korea that they better not shoot off another “Satellite” or NEXT TIME they will be in REAL trouble.  This will be your LAST warning, you hear me?!!

Heaven forbid anyone should actually win a war any more. War isn’t supposed to be fair. It’s intense, brutal, kills people and destroys things. Destruction does not build a people, a nation or an economy. It only lays waste to resources, countrysides and human destiny. 

That’s why we should think before we get involved in armed conflict. It's been all too easy when we remove the human element and the national sacrifice from warfare. If we couldn't do that then we wouldn’t have them but then again, the United States leads the world in war. We are the best since we've had the most practice. 

It's a terrible deal these people have gotten and as an American citizen disconnected from the people who call the shots, I feel powerless in the winds of the political forces at play but there really isn’t too much to choose from in this Lose/Lose game of a Syrian Conflict. 

On one side we have Bashir Assad, a person where no truth will ever describe any longer since he has fallen out of favor with the forces of the United States. Is he a brutal dictator? He’s pretty brutal right now and he certainly hasn't pulled any punches when it comes to keeping control of his country from the many outside influences. And did he really use poison gas? Although it is constantly talked about as a given in the U.S. Propaganda machine that passes for the National Press, it has not been proven.

It has been reported however that the rebels used gas and that so did ISIL. The truth may lie somewhere in between. Call it the Fog of War.

On the OTHER side of this equation is ISIL.  A group that cannot be governed, a group who it has been proven will send a 12 year old boy into a marketplace filled with civilians with a suicide vest on. A group that has cut off the heads of perhaps thousands of people who don’t worship Allah the way they do. A group that has “martyred” many outside recruits whose only mistake was wanting to join them. A group that has vowed to take over not only the Middle East but Europe and the United States as well. THIS is the group Barak Obama has chosen to back in the overthrow of Assad.

There are bad people in this world and there are WORSE people.

You pick one.

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