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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Rubio Wins Iowa by Coming in Third

The “Anyone but Trump” campaign rolls on. 

Marco Rubio was “the big winner” in the Iowa caucus. The former Florida Senator has not had much pop in his campaign since many Republican voters remember his willingness to reverse his campaign promise to oppose legalizing illegal immigrants by joining President Obama’s “Gang of Eight” who attempted to draft an “Immigration Reform” law.

This resonates with voters everywhere but also in Iowa because Rubio finished Third. Senator Ted Cruz beat both him and Trump in the voting. Both Cruz and Trump are against the legalization of illegal aliens. 

But he now has “momentum” since he was supposed to…well, come in at least third behind Trump and Cruz and he did. But Rubio is surging. And Trump, well, Trump is “Humiliated” by being second. And Ted Cruz is already picking a new color for the Lincoln bedroom. 

What will they say after the New Hampshire Primary in a week?

One strategy by the government press will be to announce that Trump didn’t win by “enough”. That he should have won bigger, that his anger is working against him.

And just what is Donald Trump angry about?

He is angry that American business is taxed at the highest rate in the world. It is hard to compete in global business with that kind of handicap.

He is angry about letting in Middle Eastern “migrants” who then practice Jihad on their American benefactors.

Donald Trump is angry that the government is nickel and diming the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution by instead going after bullets and magazines attached to the guns.

He is angry that Social Security money is being used to support people who have not paid into the system; refugees and those diagnosed as mentally disabled. Social Security is supposed to be for the retirement of people who paid into it. Not to give "crazy checks" to people who don't deserve it or to support foreign peoples who shouldn't be here in the first place.  

He is angry that we have a president that will not only not talk about radical Islam, he won’t even mention “Radical Islam” by name. How you going to have a dialog with a person who won’t even speak of it as it is? This is some strange form of denial.

He is angry that the biggest threat to the United States of America, according to our current president, is Global Warming. There isn’t ANYTHING higher on the list for Mr. Obama although we can all think of a few things higher on OUR lists.

So it is obvious by his second place finish in Iowa that Donald Trump is alone in his dissatisfaction and anger. After all, second apparently isn’t as good as third.

I don’t trust Marco Rubio. There is no evidence that he regrets his involvement with the Obama administration and their attempt to legalize millions of illegal immigrants while in the Senate. His willingness to deal and form a partnership with at reprehensible New York Senator Chuck Shumer was worrisome enough but as far as what he has said since then, I believe he is still for legalization.

This should piss off anyone who has played by the rules and became a U.S. Citizen the right way. That would go for Cuban Americans, Mexican Americans and other peoples from around the world. To put it another way, how would you feel if you paid off all your college loans and then someone came along and got a law passed that anyone who had college loans didn't have to pay them and that the slate was wiped clean. How would that make you feel, good? 

And I find it offensive to say, since Mr. Rubio is of Cuban decent, that it takes a Cuban to acknowledge and understand the wants and desires of other Americans of Cuban decent. He would not be the Cuban president. 

So no, I don’t view third place as a win.

As we now are getting reports that in Iowa, Rubio was now actually a tie for second etc, by the long knives of the government press and their enablers, the truth will just get murkier over the next seven days until the New Hampshire Primary.

Then we’ll see how the establishment explains that.

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