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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Nikki Haley and Barak Obama Agree: Get Trump!

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend” so says the establishment spokesperson for the Republican Party rebuttal to president Barak Obama’s all too predictable illusionary State of the Disunion address ritual.

Birds of the feather they are, united against the biggest threat to their hold on power in these United States. They march lockstep in their distain in and the belief that Donald Trump is a threat. To them!

Is this not proof positive that today's Republican Party is for the most part indistinguishable from today's Democratic Party? Are they not two sides of the same coin, together planning you future to the major benefit of themselves?
And where do you fit in with their schemes?

That’s right, you DON’T!
And Nikki Haley is their poster child. Her words, self-penned and approved by the GOP Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan and GOP Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, underscore the fears of every working American taxpayer: The Republican establishment is not looking out for THEM.

If they were then why on God’s Green Earth would the Republican Party attack the Republican front runner in the upcoming 2016 presidential race?  
It’s because the Demlicans and the Republocrats are on the same team, not your team.

It made me laugh out loud this afternoon when, as I was driving with the radio on, I heard some Rubio spokesperson state that it’s not Donald Trump but MARCO RUBIO who is the MOST FEARED candidate in the presidential race by the Democrats.
Oh REALLY?  Nobody must have realized that both the president and Ms. Haley were actually referring to Mr. Rubio when they made their thinly veiled attacks on the person they perceived as the biggest threat to the peace of the nation. Even the government press missed it.
Marco Rubio is the hand-picked successor by the establishment GOP to the failed Jeb Bush. They are both embarrassments to the American taxpayer and should be ashamed to stand there and claim that it is THEY that have the best interests of the people in mind. As if flooding the nation with uneducated Visigoths is in the nation's best interest.

To bring more clarity to the collaboration of our President and Ms. Haley on their shared interests, I must point out that it seems the big crushing concern of both right now is the anger of the American people!
Just what do Donald Trump and the people who will vote for him have to be angry about? Is it really just “Tribalism” as President Obama, who has apparently grown tired of just saying “Racism” and has found another word for it, has alleged?

Why should people be angry as the flood of undocumented, unvaccinated, uneducated, unwashed and uncaring human multitudes inundate our nation? This effluent of our inept and corrupt neighboring nations should be embraced! We should be giving them shelter and free healthcare and stop complaining about the crime, disease, competition for entry level jobs and the cost of their general welfare for this, as the president says, is NOT “Who We Are”! Your anger, we are repeatedly told, is just misplaced racism!
Of course if President Obama knew ANYTHING about who we are, he wouldn’t have done any of the crappy things he has done in the first place.

Like forcing people to buy a government run healthcare plan they didn't want and didn't need.
Or by over regulating small business to the point they can’t afford to stay in business thus killing jobs.

Or nationalizing the student loan program and creating over $1 Trillion dollars in debt for people under the age of 21 on top of their portion of the national debt that they will inherit.
Or taxing the American Middle Class to the point of robbery via taxation to merely “hand a fish” to the so called "Downtrodden" just to buy their vote which frankly does neither group any good and weakens the nation's economy overall.

And here we are.

The Republocrat and Demlican establishments have spent too much money, printed too much debt, broken too many laws, disincentivised work, started and sustained too many wars and have squashed too many who have tried to stop them.
Can the nation afford to keep going down this path?

Trump 2016!

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