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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Donald Trump Schlongs Hillary Clinton

If he should win the Republican Party nomination, Donald Trump will Schlong Hillary Clinton in the general election.

If Ted Cruz should win the GOP nomination, HE’LL Schlong Hillary Clinton in the general election but I’m putting my money on Trump to be doing the SCHLONGING.

Nobody really has any confidence in Hillary Clinton being able to do anything about the myriad of serious issues currently infecting the nation. Not the Democratic Party leaders, the donors, the fringe elements that go to her rallies and even Hillary herself.

Nobody is interested in what Hillary can do as President. The only people who will vote for her are the ones taking more out of Government Services than are putting into them. She is a "Hail Mary" placeholder candidate who will deliver more of the nothing we have been getting from the current abysmal gang of "Reformers" that has only succeeded in casting a miasma over the nation and has left everybody in a bad mood for going on eight years now.

The best situation for all the people currently living in the United States today would be that Trump gain the nomination for at least two reasons: First to lay waste to the rest of the Left leaning establishment Republican Party. They have got to go and Trump is the guy who will do it. They can’t buy him and the American people will see to it that he’ll have the votes to oust them. Real progress will only come after they have left the party.

The other reason would be a tag-team scenario of Trump/Cruz hold onto the Oval Office long enough to bring about a new age of business in these United States. The Leftist Democratic Party and their media enablers make a lot of political hay in blasting “Big Business” but the businesses they are always hurting the most with their ever increasing tax burden and crushing regulations is “Small Business” while cozying up to the Wall Street big wigs to fill their re-election campaign bank accounts. Contrary to what you may have heard, it is Small Business that employs the most people in this country and always have. Without small business owners, sustained national growth is not possible.

It is small business that drives this country and the more we have of THEM the more we have of people pursuing the American Dream. Remember the American Dream? It seems to have disappeared under the Obama Regime. It’s time to bring it back and let it roar. There are people from all over the world just raring to open up a business here. Let’s let them and see what happens.

Between a Donald Trump and then a Ted Cruz presidency, business mindedness may grip the nation long enough to end the obstacles to progress and growth that the Democrats have been throwing at the working classes in this country for decades in order to substitute their own government run monetary assistance programs and all the while telling us that we can’t make it without their “help”. This only helps the poor stay poor.

Wouldn’t it be better to just have a job? Wouldn’t it be great to build something of your own? Something you can put your name on and have that on a checkbook in large print? Sure it would. But you aren’t going to get that by having the government take money out of your paycheck and fund useless wars, welfare and influence buying.
War is bad for business.

I can't help but laugh when people tell me, “Donald Trump will take us into War”! Say what? Aren’t we already at war on three fronts overseas and even here at home? Who did that? Trump hasn’t even gotten to the first primary vote and HE’S the warmonger? It’s an insane statement and I’ve heard it a number of times all the while in disbelief. Who thinks of this stuff? One shear fact keeps me from thinking Donald Trump would be a War President:  How can you do business with people if you’re bombing them or if they’re bombing YOU?

Donald Trump looks at the rest of the world and doesn't see war zones, he sees Markets. And one thing the United States needs more than anything, is a Market. China needs one too. So does Russia and the rest of Europe. War is not a boon to business, it is in reality a wasteful enterprise and should be looked upon as such. A nation doesn't get rich by going to war. It goes broke. Hasn't the last 12 years shown us that?

 Donald Trump is a businessman.

And Hillary Clinton is NOT.

Who are you going to go to for a job? Someone who’s never held one like Mr. Obama? Or someone who’s been handed jobs and benefited from unearned political favors? Neither Hillary or Obama have ever created jobs that resulted in a net gain for the U.S. economy. Oh sure they spent a lot of money but that money had already been earned by somebody else before it went to pay a government wage.  That’s not a job.

Donald Trump has created jobs. Lots of jobs for lots of people. People from all walks of life. Not everybody can be the boss but having a job is something we used to call “A good start” in this country. That was before an entry level job somehow became a symbol of corporate oppression needing the Federal Government to step in and decide what a living wage is, like they knew or cared.

So where are the jobs? Young people, recent college graduates of every stripe all looking for work. This is especially critical since the Federal Government took over the student loan program and drove up the costs of a college education. Or economy “grew” at a mere reported 2%. How you going to pay off all that debt with a 2% economy?

How is Hillary Clinton going to solve this problem for you?

Hillary will propose a tax. This tax will be paid for by “Big Business and Wall Street” and that money will go to seed the economy and create jobs. Always an increase in a tax, never a reduction of taxes. A tax increase increases the hands that the money has to go through, putting money into more government pockets. A tax cut would mean that this money would stay in YOUR pocket and that folks, would never do.

This proposal may also sound familiar since President Obama has done this already.

And here we are approaching our first Lost Decade since the Great Depression. Almost an entire able bodied young and educated workforce under employed and over taxed.

At some point we are going to run out of money. The people who are working will continue to be thrown out of work and the economy, drained by more government revenue taking, will continue to shrink. Eventually this will affect Entitlement Spending or to put it bluntly, the EBT and Welfare checks will have to be rationed. This will be an economic reality if things are allowed to progress as they are. No one will escape, not the working folks, not the non-working folks.

The United States economy can grow out of this situation but that is going to take strength of will, business acumen and strong conviction.

I don't see Hillary Clinton having any of that, do you? 

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