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Thursday, December 10, 2015

UK Mulls Banning Trump, Accepting Shariah.

I realize that the hub bub about banning Donald Trump is only really just CNN trumpeting a petition that was put forth by one of their own Leftist minions in the UK, a long-time Trump hater named Suzanne Kelly and has zero chance of being adopted but one never really knows these days what's going on in the heads of the British Government. They banned radio talk show host Michael Savage in 2009 and if CNN wants to deal in mere speculation and jump to conclusions to fit their pre-defined narrative, well shit, so can I

So the Brits are banning everybody except Muslims. See these humble Muslims march through the London streets yelling that they're going to take over. This is ok in the UK! See the misunderstood Imams preaching "Death to Infidels" on the Thames. We cannot judge them and what are you, some kind of Racist?! 

Hear them scream "Allahu Akbar, We Will Bury You!". How gratifying it must be to the politicians in Britain that they are protecting these people from the likes of Donald Trump and Michael Savage. They should rest comfortably with the knowledge that they won't be around to incite THAT group with their Hate Speech! What a relief!

But it is a reality that what is going on in the UK and the rest of Europe today, specifically their inability and ultimate FAILURE to integrate the Middle Eastern migrant populations into European society, that actually underscores just how important Trump's proposal of a moratorium on the import of these people from openly hostile MUSLIM countries into the United States is. 

The Muslim populations of these countries have not mixed, have not integrated and have not accepted the law or the customs of the countries they have been given haven in for decades. And the second generation of these poor downtrodden have proven to be even worse. 

So now the United States must follow suit and allow the same thing to happen? And by speaking out against this happening is somehow "Hate Speech"? 

Since we in the United States don't actually have, under the U.S. Constitution, such a thing as Hate Speech (it's all just Free Speech), this petition to ban Mr.Trump for something he said is hard to understand in American society and really, It's just plain goofy. We may not like you or what you say, but you are allowed under the highest law of the land to say it.That's the American Way. And while we still have the American way, that's the way it's going to be. 

They don't actually have a right to free speech in the UK because if you say something they don't like, especially if you are an American, they'll ban you from entering the country. Since the UK is the last country I'd ever want to visit, this wouldn't bother me in the least. Should I miss the fine weather or the fine food the most? 

However this could prove real awkward should Trump win the Presidency. That idiot David Cameron will have to come over here to kiss his ass. And don't you think Trump won't make him. Nothing like putting your foot in your mouth a year in advance.

And the Mayor of London, that knee-jerk twit-for-brains Boris Johnson. How he got to be mayor without an ounce of brains. Perhaps that was his advantage. 

I particularly enjoy the Leftist talking point that the established Republocrats are also using since I've heard CAIR, PBS, Hillary Clinton and South Carolina Republocrat Senator Lindsey Graham use all within two hours of each other, which is how "Donald Trump is playing right into the hands of ISIL" by proposing this "ban". Like importing fewer hostile Muslims is going to hurt the country somehow? 

This new talking point is laughable at best. It's now as if it was Donald Trump that left 20 to 30 Billion dollars worth of tanks, armored humvees, missile launchers and literally PILES of other munitions in Iraq for ISIL to use. Like it was Donald Trump, a guy who is only just a candidate and holds no power of office, who intervened in the Middle East and deposed established governments in Iraq and Libya to create the power vacuum that enabled ISIL to get a grip in those countries. This has all been said without a hint of irony buy the powers that be and their media cohorts. One has to laugh. 

Yes, it's now the new mantra now sung in chorus by the government establishment: "It's Donald Trump's Fault!". We already know that the GOP establishment would prefer Hillary Clinton in the White House to Donald Trump. What a disgrace to the American people they all are. 

In a side note, GW Bush has been said to be now breathing a sigh of relief that he is no longer being blamed for everything Obama has messed up these last 7 long, long, long years. 

I love how the Socialist glory holes in the UK pounce on a successful American who has no ties to the status quo. Nothing scares an incestuous ingrained political malignancy like a person who can't be bought. 

By denouncing Trump for something he actually didn't say, and not taking the time to find out what he actually said, British Pols and their media minions send the message that they would rather have the Muslims than the rock solid national ideals of "Borders, Language and Culture" to infect their hollowed out Socialist autobots who accept in whole that their government knows what best for them. We know better than that. 

And while everybody is out looking for a Moderate Muslim, take a hint: Anyone who prays 6 times a day in any religion is a FANATIC. 

Really, what normal person has time for that? 

Trump 2016! 

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