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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

American Arms On Display In World Conflict

If World War III comes about, and it appears like an eventuality, it will be a boon to the American armaments manufacturers in the United States.

Everywhere one looks, there are U.S. guns and munitions. American made TOW missiles in the hands of ISIL. Turkey using American supplied F-16s to shoot down Russian planes. All around us we see American arms making a difference for the Terrorists and their enablers. This is what it’s all about. For the United States, this is what makes our world go around. 

It just disgusts me.

I cringe every time I see images of an ISIL terrorist like Paris Attack ringleader Abdelhamid Abaaoud, pictured beside a U.S. Humvee that he’s been riding around in terrorizing people with. Well not anymore since he's dead now but you know what I mean. And it has been revealed that ISIL is in possession of 2,300 Humvees to the tune of $ 579 million, many equipped with extra armor and machine guns. Good thing we sent them over there or ISIL wouldn’t have them.

But it doesn’t stop there. In 2014, by U.S. State Department estimates, our government supplied over $500 million worth of small arms, ammunition and other equipment to the Iraqi Army, also known as the ISIL Arms Middleman.

But don’t worry about the money; the U.S. government will just tax it's citizens more.

The U.S. sells ,or just gives, arms to everyone except Russia and China. We’ll supply arms to both sides of a conflict, no, EVERY side of a conflict.

Our slogan is: War, it’s just good for business.

Selling arms to Turkey so they can use them against the Kurds, who incidentally, are fighting ISIL, and the Russians, who, again, are fighting ISIL seems to run counter to a productive solution to the Middle East tangle but it is the Grand Scheme to keep the supplies pumping into the area and the money flowing to the U.S. Treasury. With all of President Obama’s Socialist ideology crippling the economy, we’ve got to get money from SOMEWHERE!

This is why we aren’t blowing up ISIL’s captured oil refineries or their heroin poppy fields. That would hurt business. Turkey is buying the oil at a huge discount. That frees up money for more guns. ISIL gets the money to buy arms through the Iraqi government by means of “Dropsies” in the field.

It’s all just wink, wink and send the check and all just fun and games until people start getting killed in France and Russia. Russia, for their part actually think they’re in a real war.

The rest of us are just in it for the money.

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