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Friday, November 20, 2015

Obama Terrorist Relocation Program Hits Snag

Instead of sending Syrian terrorists to Gitmo, President Barack Obama has decided to instead send them to major cities across the country. One such example is: Springfield, Massachusetts.

Having spent some time in Springfield, MA, I’d say these people may yet prefer to go to Gitmo.

But living in the nations worst areas will afford our new arrivals ample cover to foment their next moves to fulfill their ultimate ambitions: Bending the United States to their will.

The Obama “seeding” program is sending North African terrorist cells to all the major bad neighborhoods in the country: Baltimore, Maryland, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Oakland, California, Chicago, Illinois, Hartford, Connecticut etc. These places are already welfare havens and dangerous hell holes both complete with daily shootings, rampant drug use, few services, fewer retail stores and bad, bad, bad schools.

But our Syrian “friends” are not here to go to school or to work.

Rather than work at the local Walmart as greeter and saying "Welcome to Walmart" to all who enter, Allie Ben Mohammed would more likely want to blow himself up there. And Mohammed Upyor Whazoo, rather than ask you if “you want fries with that?” at the neighborhood McDonalds, would probably prefer to spray the lobby with bullets while shouting “Allahu Akbar” Because, let’s face it, that’s what they’re really here for.

But perhaps I’m mistaken. Perhaps I’m just buying into the mass hysteria that is sweeping the world and maybe, just maybe, the President is right, that these Migrants are no more dangerous than Tourists.

But it is coming to light that these "tourists" are being caught at the U.S. border and in neighboring countries with weapons and fake passports. Also those "widows and orphans", as the president has casually described them, seem to be armed to the teeth! Even the most died-in-the-wool American Liberal voter has got to wonder if something just doesn't seem right about Obama's plan for a re-engineered American society. 

It should now be well known that the Tsarnaev brothers, aka: the Boston Marathon Bombers, were given every luxury at the expense of the American Taxpayer. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was given the opportunity of a free Dartmouth College education. It costs $24,210.00 a year with room and board to go to Umass Dartmouth as a Massachusetts resident. It’ costs $28,370.00 if you live in New England and $37,795.00 if you live out of state. Most of the students who go there are paying full freight. For Dzhokhar that meant $96,840.00 without the cost of books all for “free”.

But he wasn’t here to be a student.

Recently President Obama challenged his critics openly. He was heard to say: “I've heard that some folks just don’t want these killers, I mean, peaceful migrants, in their neighborhoods. Well boo-hoo to you too!” On his way out the door, Mr. Obama was heard to say; "See ya, see ya, wouldn't wanna be ya!"

Our imperial president has held firm to his conviction of distributing terror cells evenly across America’s once fruited plain so as to get the full effect of their radical beliefs. That’s part of the plan.
We should dispel once and for all that the president is making “mistakes” and is “fumbling” when it comes to importing these non-functioning illiterates and fanatical Muslim jihadists into the United States. We should all undergo the process of realization that THIS was the plan all along. That THIS is no mistake.

President Obama’s actions are becoming increasingly bizarre. As if he’s running out of time to get as much of his evil plans executed before he reaches either the end of his term or the American people reach the end of their patience.

Even his own zombie hordes we refer to as the Democratic National Committee are starting to grow uncomfortable since its really starting to dawn on them that their exalted leader has “that look in his eye” that tells them that they too are expendable. Welcome to what most of us rational people already knew. Who but only the most convicted and dedicated anarchists would continue following Obama and guarantee their own demise?  

Can Congress finally step up, do what they were supposed to do all along and put a stop to this?

It time we find out.

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