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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Citizens Discover USA & GDR are Dictatorships

Even though it’s been like this for a long time, the people of these two nations are coming to the realization that our Democracies are no more.

Our nations are run by Dictators.

What else can it be when one person, with the aid of a compliant few, can push one edict after punishing edict upon the peoples of their nation who do not want these things?

Nobody thought National Healthcare was a good idea but here it is, for now, until it collapses in total failure causing pain and hardship for the citizens of the United States. We all knew it was a power grab to secure control for the Federal Government of more and more of the nation’s economy. The American people railed against it because they knew it was a fucked up plan but here it is just the same. 

The same goes for the German Democratic Republic, which just sounds like an Orwellian name these days much like Obama’s “Affordable Care Act” which provides neither affordability or care since no taxpayer can afford their premiums or even their co-pays. And so just what is this "democracy" getting the German "republic" these days? I don't recall them holding a national referendum about inviting these migrants into the country and foisting them upon the German people. Seems like something so important should have gone to a vote. 

Germany, now the scene of “Merkel’s Folly”, can join the United States in its naivete in thinking that they had a voice in what their government did.
How can one person in the form of Angela Merkel, just decide to arbitrarily import one million illiterate, indigent and religiously unmutable people into Germany?

Yes, she had help but help but from a few betrayers that were either bought off or just plain in on the plan. The rest of the government has just blindly fallen in lockstep. And the only thing the German government seems worried about is that the citizens will vote conservative! How's that for a disconnect from the reality of the situation? 

Just like in the United States where people see their tax money, part of the wealth they’ve created through many hours spent working and producing, going to the unproven, the undeserving and the newly minted foreign mouth to feed while they count pennies and put off retirement. The American people have also seen the reports, from our own department of defense, about the 30 to 50 Billion Dollars in arms left on the field in Iraq so that ISIL can use them to dominate the region. Money well spent I say. And what do we get after that? The government wants to spend even more to finally eradicate the ISIL scourge in Syria. Are you kidding me? Who writes this stuff?

At the end of his last term. George W. Bush decided that he was going to bail out the big banks even though it was a bad idea and even though it has been touted as “buying time” for the U.S. economy, it was a failure since in that time that the Fed “bought”, our national debt has doubled and we've been staggering through the Obama Years ever since.

GW also decided the U.S. was going to invade Iraq…again. And we did. Nobody believed the lie he posed about Iraq but that didn’t matter becae as AESOP said, “Any excuse serves a Tyrant.” And it did.

These blunders, or are they blunders, can only be committed by people who face no consequences for their actions. They are the unchallenged rulers of their countries and they can do whatever they want and there is nothing, nothing you can do about it. You just have to lump it and try to deal with the cards your government has dealt you since they are above the law and answer to no one. Oh yeah, but you are still expected to pay for it all out of your wages. So put THAT in your pipe and SMOKE IT!

Screw you, taxpaying citizen. All you have a right to is to pay for whatever WE, your GOVERNMENT, decides to do. If we want to pass restrictions in the name of Global Warming and decide to add another tier of bureaucracy to the monetary structure in the form of Carbon Credits, well, what the fuck can you do about it, write your CONGRESSMAN?

Even though this has been going on for quite some time, since Roosevelt's New Deal in the United States at least, it seems to have shocked the hell out of the people of Germany to discover they have no say in ANYTHING their government does. They are seeing these Great Unwashed marched into their townships and given apartments right next door or across the street. They are getting the creeping feeling that it is the end of the world. And for them, it IS.

At least Russia makes no bones about being a Dictatorship. The Russian people wouldn’t have it any other way. But Dictatorships are bad for business. Jobs disappear, people go without, shortages abound. 

This is because Dictators are bad at picking winning ideas. They are bound by ideology and follow that instead of sound economic principles. They try to defy gravity and nobody wins that contest for long.

And here we are.

Germany is overrun by almost a million dependents and the people are just expected to embrace them, educate them, feed them and then what, put them to work and ask them to pay into the system?

Good luck with that.

In the United States we are in the same boat. We have millions of people coming into the country who cannot read in their own language never mind English. But the most hurtful part of this to the citizen taxpayer is that instead of the resources they work for going to their own kids, they have to support other people’s kids and people who have yet to put Dime One into the system. They have to pay the high premiums so that others will get their healthcare for free. They are being robbed of opportunity so that others will BE GIVEN, by their benevolent government of course, an opportunity. 

This attempt at an even outcome NEVER works. Makes you wonder why they keep going back to that well. It’s because Dictatorships don’t foster creative thinking. They only encourage conformity and conformity leads to stagnation and failure.

So hitch your wagon to the totalitarian government folks, they’re going places.

So what can you do about it?

Same deal. Quit supporting your own demise.The last resort of the oppressed is to go on strike. Reduce your taxable consumption. Don’t buy new. Quit paying taxes on new goods. Screw Amazon, they're screwing YOU. Return to cash transactions instead of using your card on everything from coffee to beer to gasoline. Also put some cash away for in case of emergency and to keep it off of bank ledgers.

And do you need an iPhone? Really? Stay away from products that are put out by people you don't agree with. And are you paying for your iPhone through a two year contract with a big phone company and paying close to $100.00 a month for service? That phone, even on sale, is taxed at the suggested retail price and the amount you pay for service is taxed. Check out one of the smaller no-contract services and cut your phone bill in half and keep all the services you had before.

Why put more money in the government's pocket? They're only going to waste it. Take care of you and by taking care of you, you will do more than marching in protest is ever going to do for you or pulling the lever on the one vote you get. It'll be better for your blood pressure too since every time you avoid paying a tax, you'll feel better. Works for me. Help yourself not the enemy, and yes, right now the government, both Republocrats and Demlicans, is your enemy.

Voting with your pocketbook is a more powerful tool for the otherwise powerless. Check out the Montgomery Alabama Bus Boycott orchestrated by E.D. Nixon and Jo Ann Robinson from 1955 to 1956.

But if you’re fine with the way things are then why the hell are you reading this far? Go stare at your iPhone.

If dedicated liberal socialists shop at WholeFoods and Earthy Crunchy Co-ops and pays their exorbitant prices to support their causes, then you can at least pitch in by saving yourself money. Or does that sound dumb?

But also, drop the sense of civility about what is going on. Don’t pretend you are living in a Democracy. Don’t pretend you live in a Free Republic. The reality is that you do not.

That doesn't mean you should go marching in the streets. Other than a few things to keep in mind, just live your life. You may actually find more time for that. 

The name of the blog is “Freedom in an Unfree World”. For those who haven’t caught on by now, it is the title of a book by Harold Brown outlining ideas to deal with exactly what we are facing as a nation right now. The premise is to realize that we have little to no control over our ruling class and what they do so recognizing this will lead to focusing on what we do have control overt. That's the freedom part. 

Between Harold Brown, Robert Ringer and the fact that I got my first paycheck with the taxes taken out that same summer made me realize I was a Libertarian.  I wondered why so much money was taken out of my meager earnings and didn’t buy the explanation my mother offered. I worked for that money so why did the government feel they had the right to take so much and what idiot would think this was ok?

We are only here for a short time. Spending years banging our heads against a wall or to rail at the government for what has befallen us won't help you be free. That in itself is a prison. Whoever gets elected is going to be out for themselves. But there is also something else to keep in mind...

Dictatorships always fall. 

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