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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Allahu Akbar = Heil Hitler

These terrorist attacks in the name of Allah, much like the "religion" of Islam itself, have nothing to do with the worship of God.

This war we are involved in and the murderous and cowardly events that have transpired as a result do, however, have everything to do with oppression, subjugation and control. When one of these immoral and depraved have-nothings shouts "Allahu Akbar" what they really are saying is "Heil Hitler" because they are really just Nazis with beards. They are only using religion as a shade.

They don't even worship the God of Islam, they "follow" an Imam, a God-like figure, a cult of personality. They worship a living person and do what that person wills. They even fight amongst themselves when followers of two Imams clash over who is the "One" to follow. One group will feel that their Imam should be in charge of things. They can't even get it right about what Islam even means, splitting into so many contentious factions as to strain any hint of spirituality out of it altogether and just descend into a contest of wills. That religion part, well, it only gets in the way and so over the years has been dispensed with entirely so that the world is only left with the Hate. 

Islam today is NOT a religion, it is a CULT. These people are just pawns since they aren't smart enough to do anything else, just follow. And they follow A MAN. Actually, a bunch of different men. 

How stupid these people are. They will never get any spoils in their short insignificant lives. All they will get is a chance to spread terror before they are snuffed out and their proud ignorant relatives are left with a photograph on their wall of their Martyr Progeny for all the good it will do them. And that's all they've ever done, spawned a child that grew up to blow themselves up. They must be so proud. And they are because they are Cultists, born into a miserable lie and exist only to die. They will always have nothing and killing everyone they can isn’t going to bring them anything more than the nothing they have or any closer to any goal that may have been established for them.

So we have seen that Islam is a Murderous Death Cult. Always has been and it always will be. Just because millions of people belong to it does not make it legitimate. Just because many appear to be “Peace Loving” does not make them actually peace loving since once they grow in numbers, anywhere that this has happened, they start making demands that those around them change to their way.

This is not peace loving. It only leads to violence and it has happened everywhere where they have gone in the world. They bring only violence in the name of Islam. People who are Muslim should be ASHAMED at this result but they are not. That's because they are Cultists.

So these peace loving Fascists are all around us following the Mandates of Islam. Islam mandates they build Mosques and convert people and build Mosques and convert people and build Mosques and convert people. The ends justify the means and there isn't a whole lot of free will involved any more.

They are Muslim simply because they are Muslim.

In many places throughout the world it is now “Join or Die.” That, boys and girls, is Fascism.  Once they are converted, God is replaced by the Imam. HE is your master now and what he says is what Islam is. Now get on that prayer rug and face Mecca or we’ll cut your fool head off!

The Nazis worshiped a charismatic leader who promised to restore their homeland. Islam is full of charismatic leaders promising everything from a homeland in Israel to everlasting life in the next world.

The Nazis oppressed, tortured and killed anyone who didn’t agree with their way of thinking. The Muslims oppress torture and kill anyone who doesn’t go along with their image of establishing a religious Caliphate. They even kill other Muslims.

The Nazis rose to power by playing on the sympathies of the Western cultures that felt bad that Germany was torn apart and then forced to carry the financial burden of the war and reimburse the other nations for their expense.

The Muslims rose to power by playing on the sympathies of the Western nations who took one look at how they lived and said “What a stinking Hell Hole!” We've gotta do something for them, they live in shit!

The nations of the Middle East are rich beyond belief but are filled with very poor people. Millions and millions of very poor people. And nothing is done to improve their lot by the governments of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, Kuwait and the UAE. Instead they are used by the ruling families who feed them, brainwash them in their Madrasas and send them out into the world to spread what, Allah’s Word? No, not that but to spread THEIR word and what THEY believe other people should believe in.They are all dictators born and raised under a dictatorship. What do you expect?

Modern Islam, the brand born in Saudi Arabia, has no culture or art. It only exists to expand and grow with no point or goal beyond that. There is no peace to it and no spirituality since there is no reflection or self-examination, repenting or redemption. They just want you to be a Muslim or be dead.

Since the 1960s the United States has been treating this Middle Eastern Fascist Death Cult like the acts of children. This behavior was tolerated and dismissed by American government policy and the compliant press. But this course has proven a failure and soon enough now we as a civilization will have to start to change the rules of engagement if we want to preserve our civilization, if we ever want to feel safe again for ourselves and our children, we will have to follow the precedence of human history and pursue these people to their lairs, destroy them and scorch the Earth in our wake.

Time to choose.

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