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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Campaign 2016: What About The Debt?

Now that not only the November mid-term elections are coming into view but also, since it’s never too soon to start a presidential campaign, we see the new wave of presidential prospects and their congressional cheerleaders coming out to tempt us with a new bag of give-a-ways for the masses.

We are hearing about the future of the United States is amnesty for the Illegal line jumpers in our nation. We hear the scourge of income inequality among the people who hold jobs that don’t pay that much money, how important it is that low wage workers have a higher minimum wage and the inequality of women in the workplace.  These are the important burning issues facing our nation.
The government media is beginning to float it’s published “surveys” of how other nations distribute the wealth much better than we do here in the United States and THAT is why we have income inequality and poor people setting the stage for more wealth confiscation if they should manage to convince enough “have not’s” to make it to the polls and gain victory. Like not enough Socialism is the problem in this country.
But the question I have  that I’m not hearing about from ANY candidate right now is:
What about the Debt?
What about the $17,346,149,770,556.00 and growing national debt?  Yes, I mean the $55,191.00 per citizen, $151,616.00 per legal citizen NATIONAL DEBT?
And this is on top of the $ Trillion plus college loan debt, personal credit card debt, paying for over a decade of costly wars and massive Federal and State government pension liabilities.
I don’t hear anyone talking about THAT! Does anybody have a plan to handle this issue? If they do I’d love to hear it.
Some people seem to think the government will just resort to the previously mentioned wealth confiscation and distribution.
It does sound absurd but where is this money going to come from? Taxes keep rising but government spending is outpacing the money coming in so even though they’re taking more, they’re spending more but eventually less will come in.
It’s real easy to talk about immigration and phony baloney things like “climate change”, income “inequality” and the minimum wage, all Leftist catch phrases mostly because who really believes that government can legislate the weather or create more private sector jobs?
But government can spend less.
We will see that this springs home sales will be flat. Business is flat. Many store fronts across the country remain empty signaling that small business, the real mainstay of the economy, has not come back. Unemployment, well we don’t really know anything about what the numbers really are there since there is no truth in the reported numbers but unemployment remains high. And it’s all because government is taking more and more wealth out of the economy and its hurting consumption. You cannot consume if you don’t have the funds to consume with.
The country is short on the optimism it takes to put the house on the market or jump from a secure job to a new position elsewhere. We are lacking in the "good times" feeling that would produce robust spending. Many people are sitting on their bank accounts even though they are getting less than 1% interest because they are concerned about what the future holds. Where did all this come from?
For the people who truly think that government spending drives the economy just think for a moment that the people who handle the money, the government middlemen, also draw a salary. They have pensions and they have paid vacations and healthcare. That is called OVERHEAD. They cost money too. So if the government handles the money instead of you, the people they transfer it to get much less than what went in. $10 Million can go in but $10 Million doesn’t go out. Sorta like the Jimmy Fund and these other “charities” that aren’t really all that charitable.
So goes the government when it comes to the transfer of wealth. They take their piece and the “huddled masses yearning to get things for free” get the rest. The economy receives no net gain. There is no profit in taking other people’s money no matter how much they take.
It is a downward spiral. The more that is taken from the economy the less goes for growth. Without growth, there is less wealth. With less wealth, there is less to take in taxes.
When the Social System kills the goose that laid the golden egg, and it will happen without intervention, then everybody will suffer.
Many of us are just holding on until the end of the Obama administration to see if a new course will emerge to stem the slide into insolvency. The last thing anybody needs is another Communist who promises to solve problems that don't actually exist.
So next time you see a candidate any candidate from any party affiliation just ask:
What about the Debt?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Has-Been Warmonger Republican Bashes Rand Paul, Tea Party

Former member of the President George W. Bush administration and interim ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton was quoted as saying that Ronald Reagan would be "rolling over in his grave" to hear Rand Paul praise him.

This is over-the-top grandstanding for the Republocratic Party on his part and he is, after all, a Republican Party loyalist. But his real point in the interview strikes home at what I feel has plagued Libertarians since our modern conciousness and that is: We just have a hard time expressing our core beliefs to the public.

I've heard Ron Paul stumble over the "So you want to legalize drugs, even heroin?" question many times. This is most likely a result of being called "nuts" over and over again for decades because up until recently most people actually thought the War on Drugs was working and making things better. Well we all know how that turned out. I've heard Rand Paul answer the same question with an emphatic "Yes".

There should no longer be any ambiguity as far as telling the world where a Libertarian's principles lie. At least we HAVE principles. And the world is coming around more to our way of thinking because, let's face it, they can see the failures of the Republocrats and the Demlicans. Our ideals, no, they are not perfect but they are far closer to what a free people need. Freedom works everywhere it is applied.

When it comes to Iran and Nukes. It's a hard question to answer on the grounds that our allies do not want Iran to start making Nuclear bombs. But it's going to happen. My answer to that question is: If Europe, Saudi Arabia and Israel do not want Iran to have The Bomb then they better get busy and do something about it.

Why is it up the the United States to bomb Iran? Because that is just what we do?

Or how about the UN? Phhhbt! I make joke! Man, I crack myself up.

They ALL have the bomb over there in case you haven't heard. France, Syria, Israel, Russia, China. Nobody is stopping THEM from doing something about Iran. It's their neighborhood.

As far as John Bolton is concerned, he has done some creditable service and is, for the most part, a conservative but he is part of the "old guard" of the Republican party that has become the biggest obsticle to the Tea Party and it's candidates. He is for the status quo of the Republicans which is now part of the problem rather than the solution.

The Left Wing press will have him on every screen since he's bashing Rand Paul and the Tea Party. He will willingly become their useful idiot because there's one thing both parties hate more than each other and that's the Tea Party. I don't ever have to listen to this guy again because I already know what he's going to say.

Iran is going to get the bomb because nobody is going to stop them. Niether party has done so up to now so how is a prospective candidate supposed to say he's going to bomb Iran when the present administration isn't going to bomb them either.

Bolton the War Monger just longs for the old days when we could just go in and bomb another country "because we said so." Well that was before we've wasted political capital, boatloads of taxpayer money and America's youth on wastesful "make work" wars for well over a DECADE.

Oh, and by the way, We're Broke!

Now we're going to bomb Iran? Get real. If we as a nation had kept our sword sheathed until we really needed it, we wouldn't be in this situation.

And THAT's a Libertarian principle.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Sebelius Resigns in Disgrace

And what else can we say about this Sociocrat? She is a reprehensible person carrying out a reprehensible act for her power grapping reprehensible bosses. And she choked on it. Call it fate or karma but not only did Kathleen Sebelius not know what she was doing, she didn’t care. If she cared one whit about the public trust or the American people, she wouldn’t have gotten involved with the Obama administration in the first place.  Only a power hungry sycophant would have stood up before Congress and the American people trying to convice us that dog food was filet mignon. And she did it with unflinching fealty even though in her heart of hearts she knew it was all a Dog and Pony show for the rubes.
Everything the Obama Regime has implemented has crashed and burned. The economy, the green industry subsidies, the Orwellian named Affordable Care Act, the half-assed foreign policy, just everything!

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is the poster girl of failure. Since nothing is going to happen to her anyway since she will walk away with millions of dollars of taxpayer money, she should still be pilloried in the public eye for her lack of understanding, her profound rigidity, her unquestioning loyalty to her seditious political party and president, her lack of communication and social skills and now, finally, her lack of grace. She must have been weaned on a pickle.
But when one failed bureaucrat falls, another ambitious socialist loyalist will take their place. There are others anxiously waiting in the wings just chaffing to step up and really show the boss how to put the screws to the stupid people, the doubters, the resistant.

But it’s really all for naught. There isn’t enough money to keep the ACA afloat no matter who they rob or which funds they secretly divert. Just as its model, Massachusetts “RomneyCare” system has never been in the black and has been secretly sucking funds out of the general and highway and infrastructure funds ever since, the ACA will just be a cancer on the American economy like it has been these last four of years. Nothing will be improved, no one will be saved.
There will need to be a police state to get these social systems to run. There will need to be wealth confiscation to keep the wheels of oppression humming. There will need to be subjugation of the masses to force compliance if only for the short term since ultimately there will be no saving these programs or the economy that it will have sucked the life out of.

And the worst thing about it is that these people pushing for it, the slaves who have learned to love their slavery, won’t understand why they failed. They will have no clue. There will be no introspection, no self-analysis, no reflection on their actions. They will just merely blame someone else for this and try again. This is their nature. They will work twice as hard to have someone else take care of them. They are slaves.

It has recently come to light what we have already known. That Medicare is fraught with corruption and political patronage! We know that all these programs have for too long taken resources from the productive to redistribute to the less productive and the downright unproductive to the point where the unproductive segment of the population has grown and the productive have not. This inversion of the pyramid has grave consequences. You don't have a right to take the fruits of another person's livelihood. And government does not have the right to give your labor away without just compensation.
Healthcare, like education, is not a right. It is not an inalienable right, it is not a human right, it is not a God given right. If there was any human right involved I suppose it would be that parents should have the right to educate their children any way they see fit and to be free of Federal intervention in their children's education. The Federal Government, as outlined in the U.S. Constitution, has no mandate or obligation to administer neither healthcare nor education. Yet here they are buying their way in and inventing problems to solve so they can invent more problems to solve. And by example of international and national test scores and news from our bigger cities like Manhattan, Philadelphia, Washington DC, LA, Boston and all of other major cities across the country, nationally administered public education is an abject failure with families fleeing the city schools for the less oppressive sububurban and private schools in any manner that they can. The government and it' educational unions are fighting tooth and nail to suppress school choice via the school voucher system and charter school programs that would give equal footing for those less able to afford better educational opportunities. None of this is a secret.

So using education as the template, we are to trust the Federal Government to adequately administer healthcare? Who but only the product of government schools would think this is a good idea?

The government is only good at making one product: Poor Entitled People (PEPs). And their success in this endeavor is our demise. Make the slaves love their slavery, have them march in the streets and yell for it at the top of their lungs. Let the government bribe them and bring them across the border to be their thugs and run rampant on every street in America. And they will fight and they will win the only thing they know: How to be poor entitled people.
And afterwards they will never be anything else.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Obama Presidency Is A STINKBURGER.

Or how about we call it a “Failwich”.

At any rate, anyway you try to market it, Barak Obama’s presidency has ended in failure.
Yes I know he’s still got TWO YEARS left in office but we all know where this is heading. Anyone with eyes sees the socialist policies and the communist economic control that, rather than causing the economy to rise, is actually ringing in America‘s first Japanese style LOST DECADE.

Obama's presidency is not going to end well.

We have recent college graduates scrounging for bank teller positions and holding two part-time jobs while their hefty college loan bills come due. We have 20-somethings living at home with their parents when they should be out on their own learning how to make new social contacts and working towards a career. We see automobiles out of reach of the average American teen when once you could throw down $500.00 for the car and $200.00 for the insurance. Now its the insurance and the gas they can't afford never mind the car. It all spells "No Future" for America's young under 30s.

Here we are seven years after the economic meltdown of 2007 and six years after the rise of President Obama’s regime, the country is not rolling along. It’s not really even shuffling along. It’s just shiftlessly slipping into decline. Less opportunity, more debt. Less growth, more debt. Less accountability and clarity of purpose, more debt.
Everything has gone up. You’re income taxes, your property taxes, your healthcare premiums and the gasoline you put in your car AND your car insurance. If you weren’t part of the 9 million people who initially lost your job, a job that wasn’t and hasn’t come back, you are worried that you will lose the job you have. I know I am.

While promoting his wrong-headed Minimum Wage hike in Michigan, a state that can really NOT afford the consequences of such a move btw, President Obama attacks Paul Ryan’s budget proposal without a hint of irony considering Mr. Obama has only submitted one budget on time and every one without fail contains tax hikes, increased borrowing and more public sector spending. I'm sure the Obama administration struggled to come up with such a well thought-out budget plan. But as the Say Anything president, president Obama will say anything.
“Well, if we raise the minimum wage, people will have more money to spend. This will put more money in the economy. " Says Mr. Obama. "How's that not going to help people?"

Now I don’t believe for a moment that President Obama actually believes this to be true because it’s foolish to believe that just because the government passes a law to pay people more money that businesses, especially the small businesses that have been hit hardest over the last seven years, are just going to pay it. 
What becomes clear is that the President is obviously an adherent of a great American, an entrepreneurial man, a businessman, a man with hustle and who started a great circus when circuses used to cross this vast continent entertaining people in small towns and big cities. That man’s name was PT Barnum and although he died back in 1891, he would be right at home in the Obama administration. He coined the phrase that BH Obama lives by today and it goes like this:

“There’s a sucker born every minute.”

American small business is on the ropes in this country and one can only look at the empty storefronts everywhere you may go here in the formerly industrialized Northeast. Granted that the foundation they staked their fortunes on was made of Government Sand as a direct result of the partnership of the Federal Bank, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the big banks that facilitated the housing-based economic bubble, they still put their money down for their chance at independent living. The ones who have held on until now are only find higher taxes, higher healthcare premiums and a forced minimum wage as their reward.
But only a fool will think that they’re just going to pay the higher wage. The more likely scenario would be that the small business owner will lay off that worker and put in more hours themselves. If you’re working on a thin margin, anything at all can cause you to stumble. And plenty have and more are joining them every day.

No, no, nothing Mr. Obama has done will last. It can’t. Not his domestic policy missteps, not his foreign policy disasters, too numerous and obvious to discuss any further unless he can find a country we haven’t yet heard of to ruin to go along with the rest. Not his blustering about “mean” Republicans and not his incredulous, straight-face diatribes on how he can’t see how cutting federal spending will help the economy.
Everything will eventually be swept aside either by voter might or utter economic failure.
It would be far more encouraging for the future of our nation if Mr. Obama’s final rebuke would be from voter might.

And hopefully we will see another one of PT Barnum’s quotes ring true: “The public is wiser than many imagine.”
Hope so.