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Friday, April 11, 2014

Sebelius Resigns in Disgrace

And what else can we say about this Sociocrat? She is a reprehensible person carrying out a reprehensible act for her power grapping reprehensible bosses. And she choked on it. Call it fate or karma but not only did Kathleen Sebelius not know what she was doing, she didn’t care. If she cared one whit about the public trust or the American people, she wouldn’t have gotten involved with the Obama administration in the first place.  Only a power hungry sycophant would have stood up before Congress and the American people trying to convice us that dog food was filet mignon. And she did it with unflinching fealty even though in her heart of hearts she knew it was all a Dog and Pony show for the rubes.
Everything the Obama Regime has implemented has crashed and burned. The economy, the green industry subsidies, the Orwellian named Affordable Care Act, the half-assed foreign policy, just everything!

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is the poster girl of failure. Since nothing is going to happen to her anyway since she will walk away with millions of dollars of taxpayer money, she should still be pilloried in the public eye for her lack of understanding, her profound rigidity, her unquestioning loyalty to her seditious political party and president, her lack of communication and social skills and now, finally, her lack of grace. She must have been weaned on a pickle.
But when one failed bureaucrat falls, another ambitious socialist loyalist will take their place. There are others anxiously waiting in the wings just chaffing to step up and really show the boss how to put the screws to the stupid people, the doubters, the resistant.

But it’s really all for naught. There isn’t enough money to keep the ACA afloat no matter who they rob or which funds they secretly divert. Just as its model, Massachusetts “RomneyCare” system has never been in the black and has been secretly sucking funds out of the general and highway and infrastructure funds ever since, the ACA will just be a cancer on the American economy like it has been these last four of years. Nothing will be improved, no one will be saved.
There will need to be a police state to get these social systems to run. There will need to be wealth confiscation to keep the wheels of oppression humming. There will need to be subjugation of the masses to force compliance if only for the short term since ultimately there will be no saving these programs or the economy that it will have sucked the life out of.

And the worst thing about it is that these people pushing for it, the slaves who have learned to love their slavery, won’t understand why they failed. They will have no clue. There will be no introspection, no self-analysis, no reflection on their actions. They will just merely blame someone else for this and try again. This is their nature. They will work twice as hard to have someone else take care of them. They are slaves.

It has recently come to light what we have already known. That Medicare is fraught with corruption and political patronage! We know that all these programs have for too long taken resources from the productive to redistribute to the less productive and the downright unproductive to the point where the unproductive segment of the population has grown and the productive have not. This inversion of the pyramid has grave consequences. You don't have a right to take the fruits of another person's livelihood. And government does not have the right to give your labor away without just compensation.
Healthcare, like education, is not a right. It is not an inalienable right, it is not a human right, it is not a God given right. If there was any human right involved I suppose it would be that parents should have the right to educate their children any way they see fit and to be free of Federal intervention in their children's education. The Federal Government, as outlined in the U.S. Constitution, has no mandate or obligation to administer neither healthcare nor education. Yet here they are buying their way in and inventing problems to solve so they can invent more problems to solve. And by example of international and national test scores and news from our bigger cities like Manhattan, Philadelphia, Washington DC, LA, Boston and all of other major cities across the country, nationally administered public education is an abject failure with families fleeing the city schools for the less oppressive sububurban and private schools in any manner that they can. The government and it' educational unions are fighting tooth and nail to suppress school choice via the school voucher system and charter school programs that would give equal footing for those less able to afford better educational opportunities. None of this is a secret.

So using education as the template, we are to trust the Federal Government to adequately administer healthcare? Who but only the product of government schools would think this is a good idea?

The government is only good at making one product: Poor Entitled People (PEPs). And their success in this endeavor is our demise. Make the slaves love their slavery, have them march in the streets and yell for it at the top of their lungs. Let the government bribe them and bring them across the border to be their thugs and run rampant on every street in America. And they will fight and they will win the only thing they know: How to be poor entitled people.
And afterwards they will never be anything else.

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