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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Campaign 2016: What About The Debt?

Now that not only the November mid-term elections are coming into view but also, since it’s never too soon to start a presidential campaign, we see the new wave of presidential prospects and their congressional cheerleaders coming out to tempt us with a new bag of give-a-ways for the masses.

We are hearing about the future of the United States is amnesty for the Illegal line jumpers in our nation. We hear the scourge of income inequality among the people who hold jobs that don’t pay that much money, how important it is that low wage workers have a higher minimum wage and the inequality of women in the workplace.  These are the important burning issues facing our nation.
The government media is beginning to float it’s published “surveys” of how other nations distribute the wealth much better than we do here in the United States and THAT is why we have income inequality and poor people setting the stage for more wealth confiscation if they should manage to convince enough “have not’s” to make it to the polls and gain victory. Like not enough Socialism is the problem in this country.
But the question I have  that I’m not hearing about from ANY candidate right now is:
What about the Debt?
What about the $17,346,149,770,556.00 and growing national debt?  Yes, I mean the $55,191.00 per citizen, $151,616.00 per legal citizen NATIONAL DEBT?
And this is on top of the $ Trillion plus college loan debt, personal credit card debt, paying for over a decade of costly wars and massive Federal and State government pension liabilities.
I don’t hear anyone talking about THAT! Does anybody have a plan to handle this issue? If they do I’d love to hear it.
Some people seem to think the government will just resort to the previously mentioned wealth confiscation and distribution.
It does sound absurd but where is this money going to come from? Taxes keep rising but government spending is outpacing the money coming in so even though they’re taking more, they’re spending more but eventually less will come in.
It’s real easy to talk about immigration and phony baloney things like “climate change”, income “inequality” and the minimum wage, all Leftist catch phrases mostly because who really believes that government can legislate the weather or create more private sector jobs?
But government can spend less.
We will see that this springs home sales will be flat. Business is flat. Many store fronts across the country remain empty signaling that small business, the real mainstay of the economy, has not come back. Unemployment, well we don’t really know anything about what the numbers really are there since there is no truth in the reported numbers but unemployment remains high. And it’s all because government is taking more and more wealth out of the economy and its hurting consumption. You cannot consume if you don’t have the funds to consume with.
The country is short on the optimism it takes to put the house on the market or jump from a secure job to a new position elsewhere. We are lacking in the "good times" feeling that would produce robust spending. Many people are sitting on their bank accounts even though they are getting less than 1% interest because they are concerned about what the future holds. Where did all this come from?
For the people who truly think that government spending drives the economy just think for a moment that the people who handle the money, the government middlemen, also draw a salary. They have pensions and they have paid vacations and healthcare. That is called OVERHEAD. They cost money too. So if the government handles the money instead of you, the people they transfer it to get much less than what went in. $10 Million can go in but $10 Million doesn’t go out. Sorta like the Jimmy Fund and these other “charities” that aren’t really all that charitable.
So goes the government when it comes to the transfer of wealth. They take their piece and the “huddled masses yearning to get things for free” get the rest. The economy receives no net gain. There is no profit in taking other people’s money no matter how much they take.
It is a downward spiral. The more that is taken from the economy the less goes for growth. Without growth, there is less wealth. With less wealth, there is less to take in taxes.
When the Social System kills the goose that laid the golden egg, and it will happen without intervention, then everybody will suffer.
Many of us are just holding on until the end of the Obama administration to see if a new course will emerge to stem the slide into insolvency. The last thing anybody needs is another Communist who promises to solve problems that don't actually exist.
So next time you see a candidate any candidate from any party affiliation just ask:
What about the Debt?

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