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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Obama Becomes The Scarlet Pimpernel

“We seek him here, we seek him there, those Republicans seek him everywhere. Is he in Heaven - Is he in Hell? That demmed elusive Pimpernel!”

He is here, he is there, he is everywhere! 

One moment the President is promoting free community college the next he is promoting another Federal government Alaskan land grab. And over here he'll be promoting some subsidy or another. And tomorrow he'll be flying to yet another state to tout universal such and such. It doesn't really matter what, just as long as it's Universal and Free!

In addition to his pen and his phone, Barack Obama now incorporates his plane, or rather, the people's plane, to lead the fight for the Liberal Aristocracy against the murderous Taxpayer Revolution that seeks to thwart his massive spending and taxing schemes.

Just when the Republican party has regained the majority in the both the House and Senate and they think they have a net over the President, Mr. Obama is back on Air Force One, back on the campaign trail and out there trying to give the store away to anyone who with a hand outstretched to take it.

My favorite stupid thing Mr. Obama said during his State of the Union address was that he wanted to "Make Community College free like High School." I hate to break it to anybody who thinks high school is free. Any person who is actually paying a mortgage for a home knows that high school is definitely NOT FREE. The cost comes out of their ever growing property taxes. These taxes used to just go up every year but these days home owners have even been seeing increases quarterly. Over half of every town budget is to cover school costs. Definitely not free. But it SOUNDS great to say and hear the word "FREE".

And this is what Mr. Obama is going to be doing for the remainder of his presidency. Just one declaration after another with the hopes that the Republican party will have to pay attention to and address and take the time to explain every one of them when his partners in the national media, call them the "League of the Scarlet Pimpernel", constantly ask what the Republicans intend to do about each and every one of them.

What to do?

They can’t simply keep saying “Dead on Arrival” even though that is just what these crazy proposals are.

They should simply say that “We are going to listen and study the proposal” and then get right back to being the majority party and sending laws to the president so he can either veto or sign them. And when he vetoes them, they should get busy and override them if they can. That’s the business of Congress. Or at least that’s what it was.

The way to ground Mr. Pimpernel is to send him something he has to make a decision on. Something he has to decide what to do and explain the decision in public. In fact they have to send him lots of things to either sign or not. The rest of his populist bullshit they can just ignore. Brush it aside if asked. “We are involved in the running of the country which the president should join in on and be involved with here in Washington.” And just move on regardless of what he says. "Veto a law? Go ahead and veto it, and while you're at it, here's another."

Scott Pelley, the Leftist pseudo journalist for 60 Minutes, a group that has lost all credibility in the Internet age yet continues on regardless without shame or guilt, just a few days ago asked Speaker of the House John Boehner if he thought sending laws to the President knowing he was going to veto them an “effective way of governing” as if, I suppose, that signing executive orders, flying around the country proposing bills and skirting the checks and balances of Congress was a better way.

This is the kind of Government Media Machine that working people with an idea of holding onto the money they earn for are up against. Rich media reporters who have made their fortunes already working for the government propaganda ministry going after and talking down people who express an interest in and who are in the position to undo the damage President Obama has been doing to the economy overall and to middle income taxpayers in particular.

Keep Talking About the Constitution!

The Republicans should also use the media focus to reiterate and explain the process of Constitutional Government and how it is really meant to work. Talk about the U.S. Constitution, what is in it and what is NOT in it. There is a big problem in government today that NEITHER party talks about the process and how government is supposed to work under our Constitutional framework. No wonder people think Obama has the right to make a law and pass a law. It has to be be put out there at every opportunity by the most prominent of people in government. 

Obama the Arsonist

President Obama is going to continue to fly all over the country, and he likes to pick majority Republican states, and light fires. Just like his presidency was all about redistribution of wealth and destruction of cherished norms, Obama’s energies in his waning days in the White House will be spent in obstruction, distraction, subterfuge, more campaigning and just outright lies.

Hell, it got him to the Presidency didn't it?

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Return Hawaii To The Hawaiians

Hawaii was stolen from its citizens by and armed group of Americans that steamed over there and would have taken the place by force had the queen of the Islands, Queen Liliuokalani, not had the foresight to just hand the place over so her people wouldn't get slaughtered which is exactly what would have happened had they resisted. It's what happened to everybody else and perhaps she had hear the news in that day and age. 

That was in 1893.

Now the United States should give it back. Every bit of it. It was a sovereign nation, a Kingdom really and today we have no business running the place.

It is no secret how the place was taken over yet nothing has been done to straighten out the situation. Meanwhile the Hawaiian people are living in an Occupied Territory. Does THAT sound familiar?

There is apparently a deal in the works where the U.S. government is going to buy favor and “settle” the situation. Yes, there is money involved. Lots of money involved.

Will what is left of the Hawaiian culture accept the buyout? Will they submit to become legal wards of the U.S. state? Where will they as a people go from here?  What makes them think the money is even worth anything? Is it worth giving up a Nation?

The U.S. has no legal right to the Hawaiian territory.  What they took, they took by force. Yes, the rest of the country was taken in the same fashion and there is more to be done to straighten that out also. But in the case of Hawaii, the people and the culture are intact, they didn't fight a war and get annihilated they are just suppressed and supplanted by the occupying power that didn't barter or negotiate, they came packing heat and would've done to the Hawaiians what their predecessors did to the rest of the indigenous population of the continental United States with either the pestilence or lead poisoning.

With the protracted wars with the American Indians one may make the case that taking the land was spoils of war but what have the Hawaiians ever done to us? They were just sitting out there in the Pacific Ocean, 2,467 miles from the California coast just minding their own business, the guys chasing grass skirted chics, fishing and paddling their big old canoes all over the place when these strangers show up and tell them they’re taking over and they better do what they say. Hardly the stuff of epic conquest. I think it got 2 or 3 lines in my U.S. History book under one small picture.  It went something like this: “These guys take a steam ship over to the Hawaiian  Islands, met the Queen and Hawaii became our 50th state.”  And we grouse about how other countries gloss over their history. Just who do we think we’re kidding?

A deal with the U.S. over sovereignty for Hawaii is a deal with the Devil. Over the last century or so since the takeover I’m sure there are plenty of Hawaiians who would be afraid they've loose the “security” of being a U.S. state just like Scotland just did when they voted to stay a part of England instead of the “scary” proposition of having their country back.  This is to be expected since the money tentacles are everywhere on the island buying influence and making dependents on U.S. government resources. 

Freedom is a chance. It is a risk. But the rewards are obvious. Run your country the way your people want to run it, it’s yours with all the head aches and advantages that come with it. Sign a trade deal with anyone you want. It will gain you respect, respect you don’t have now.

It’s not like much will change. I'm sure they could hold onto the dollar as currency if they wanted to and Hawaii will remain a tourist attraction and it probably be a better one with happier people and without the violent animosity that you hear about. It will, of course, remain a U.S. naval base except we’ll have to pay some kind of nominal rent. 

What the big difference would be is that we as a nation can make right a big wrong that is surprisingly available to us today. THEN we can gloat about it big time!   

But it should be done. We have done the Hawaiians no favors by holding onto their island.

Time to give it back. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Sneak Peak at Obama’s State of the Union Speech

Once again I have intercepted the written address that President Obama will be making this coming Tuesday evening and have reproduced select portions of it here so that nobody should be surprised at what the president is going to say.

“My fellow Americans, it is clear that Global Terror is a major concern to all of us and my administration has gone to great lengths to curb the spread of terror around the world if you don't count Libya. We have dealt a major blow to terrorists everywhere under my administration but there is one major concern. These terrorist organizations are using our inherent God-given freedoms against us. They are exploiting our open society, system of laws and freedoms of travel, expression and pursuit of happiness and using this against us. So in order to deal terror a final blow, going forward during the time that’s left in my administration we will close those misguided loopholes in the U.S. Constitution so nobody will have these rights. That’ll show those terrorists, when nobody has rights, we win! Just ask Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner, he's on board with it.”

“And so now that the Republicans, by a wide majority vote of the American people, have taken control of both the House of Representatives and the Congress, I won’t be dealing with either of them anymore unless they should want to do things my way. It stands to reason, after all since I am the President and they are not the President.  Instead I will just make my proposals directly to the American people who still listen to me and just order my government minions, those who still depend on me for a paycheck, to do my bidding. I won’t actually have to make a law or sign anything, I can just tell the government agency in charge to look the other way, like with my Cuba policy. I just say “Ignore those laws that were passed by a free and open process all those years ago in ancient history and just let people go to Cuba.” And it happens. What a country! Who cares if they will be in violation of the law, I’ll only pardon them later.”

“On the home front, we here at the White House feel that people should have more time off. We propose mandating that companies big and small give those still working mandatory paid time off.  I know many people who aren’t working right now would like less time off but that really isn’t the point. I also propose raising the Federal Minimum Wage to $27.50 an hour just because everybody deserves a raise.”

“The nation doesn't need the Keystone Pipeline. Now that, despite my administrations every effort to keep oil production off of federal land, gasoline prices have come back to normal, the good times will never end and we no longer need that pipeline any more than we need that one in Alaska. The nation’s future energy needs are assured with wind, solar and now cheap oil; the good times will never end. With all this energy there is no need to think about the future. I know that’s what they said in 1970 but here we are today with cheap fuel, so what if the road got a little bumpy along the way?”

“The economy is almost fully recovered from the crash of 2007. We have created millions and millions of jobs in this country. It’s just jobs, jobs, jobs everywhere you look; it’s all over the news. The way the economy is steaming along, unemployment will soon be under 5.0% which will be lower than at any time in the last three decades. Eventually the unemployment rate will be so low that nobody will be working.”

“Also I haven’t given away any free stuff for a while so I propose not only universal full-day kindergarten in our government schools but I also feel that public colleges should be free too. That’s right, everybody should have a degree! And when you graduate college, you can step right into one of those great jobs that my administration keeps saying has been created. Good luck with that.”

“And furthermore, it is my understanding that someone somewhere in this great nation doesn't have the Internet! I have now decreed that we will be setting up our own Internet to give to people who feel that paying for the service is just too much of a burden. The NSA has graciously volunteered to host these new Internet services and will house the servers and domain services right at their headquarters here in Washington. Isn't that just great?!”

 “And don’t worry about how we’re going to pay for all this; the GOVERNMENT will pay for it, not taxpayers. It’s the government’s money, after all, that will build these institutions. Taxpayers won’t have to pay a dime, I promise.”

"May God bless the United States of America."

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Obama of Everything!

An excerpt of today's fact sheet released from the White House:

“Laws in 19 states—some specifically written by special interests trying to stifle new competitors—have held back broadband access and, with it, economic opportunity. Today, President Obama is announcing a new effort to support local choice in broadband, formally opposing measures that limit the range of options available to communities to spur expanded local broadband infrastructure, including ownership of networks."
Taking over your school lunch programs. Expanding your government run school system. Taking over your healthcare providers. Expanding your welfare programs. Taking over immigration. Running the country through cabinet ministries. Circumventing a spineless Congress. Spending money your kids haven't even earned yet...
And now taking over what Al Gore began, The Internet!
That’s right, the man who keeps on taking and taking and giving and giving is going to provide equality among the masses: Everybody’s Goose is Cooked!
The President was later heard to say: "Hey, you can't beat us, we have ALL THE MONEY!" as he left for his 1, 279th round of golf since he's been in the Whitehouse.
You will never speak or send another message that doesn’t pass through the government’s able hands. You will never email another picture of your kids birthday that some elite government hack doesn't have access to. You will never view naked pictures of pregnant women that someone in government doesn't know about. As the Whitey-hating rage filled Reverend Wright once said: This is your chickens come home to roost.
There is always someone left out. Always someone discriminated against and Mr. Obama can use that person to drive a wedge between the public at large and the U.S. Constitution. Good show Mr. President!
Somewhere there is a person without a government handout and the president is going to FIND that person and give him (or her) a check, a phone, a free lunch AND the Internet. After all, someone must have oppressed that person in the first place that they don’t have all that already.
What won’t he do next that rascally totalitarian presidential emperor!
By decree, his phone and his pen Barak Hussein Obama will right the wrongs meted out by society and the world. His word will carry and all will be well again.
Your Internet is HIS Internet to do with as he pleases. And he pleases that the government should be the guardian of Free Speech!

What can possibly go wrong!

No private enterprise is safe.  They are all bad for people, bad for equality and bad for the nation. Producing things for people to actually purchase, how absurd. Don’t they know like the President knows? Forgive them Father, they don’t know what they have done.
And what is next?
Your 401k perhaps. After all, the government is already going to take care of your retirement with Social Security, you won’t actually be NEEDING that extra cash where there are so many more deserving than you.
Your home. You don’t own it anyway, the bank does and the GOVERNMENT owns the banks. Even if you pay it off, the GOVERNMENT owns the land and you’ll never be able to afford the taxes if you even TRY to pass it along to your heirs.  Give it up now and we’ll go easy on you.
You fly? That’s the government’s airline you’re flying on. Take a train? Ditto!
The statues are being carved and the two story posters are being printed and will soon be in position.
Never say Never.

Obama for everyone!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Muslims Really Should Question Faith

Why is it that Islam is associated with violence?

Why is Islam so unshakable when so many people are killed in its name in the 21st Century?
Why should Muslims be upset with people being worried when they are around? What they should be upset with is that fellow Muslims are killing people in droves. Does this not bother them?

Islamic militants are currently pressing armed conflicts and killing scores of people in the countries of India, France, Russia, China, The United States, The Philippines, Nigeria, Somalia, Algeria, Belgium, Uganda, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, Syria, Chechnya and Israel. I'm sure I'm missing a few.

And people are somehow put off on Islam by this. 

With straight faces, Islamic defenders express that this paranoia is unreasonable. THEY are not the cause of the killing but a minority radical element. People shouldn't blame THEM

How CAN'T the producers of world-wide insurrection and the export of terror around the globe be surprised at people’s paranoia in regards to Muslims? How else are people supposed to react?
When they are actually out to get you, paranoia is really just GOOD THINKING.
Should we simply ignore the fact Muslims are sending 10 year old girls into the marketplace with bombs strapped to their bodies to kill innocent people? Should we simply rely on marches and candle-light vigils to combat the growing menace that is radical fundamentalism among…Muslims?
And how does it feel to belong to a religion mostly known for mass murder and forced subjugation to their faith? You don’t agree? Off with your head. And even if you do agree? Off with your head. This is a worthwhile pursuit? 

It's all about force with Islam. It's more important to gain converts than what to do once converted. The main object is to convert and since most people don't want to, force is a requirement. This force draws people who feel powerless and so Islam gives them an excuse to exert force upon others. Convert or die. Allah has spoken and in the blink of an eye we are back to 1095. 

What kind of people tie a man's hand behind their back and throw them from a two story building? I suppose anyone can do this stuff but not anyone is doing these things. There is only one group doing all of this. 
What do I see when I see a Muslim?
Either rightly or wrongfully, I see a religious fanatic. I see a person whose religion dominates not only the way they see God and the world but every action in their daily lives. I see a person who differentiates people as either fellows or outsiders, fellow Muslims or Infidels. I see an uncompromising autobot who blindly follows without questioning. And I see either a killer or a potential killer, an enemy of civilization walking down Main Street, U.S.A. 
Even the women, especially the women, are suspect. And while I'm at it, women in a free society do not live in bags!
Am I alone in this feeling? How did I come to think this way? I wasn't born with this attitude, my attitude was MADE.
The cold cruel nature of the way these Muslims kill casts a pall over every Mosque and Muslims should feel at least somewhat ashamed.
But they don’t feel ashamed.
They feel mistreated. They feel put upon. They feel that THEY are the victims.
And why in the world should they feel that way? See above.
If you want to wail against the insidiousness of Western Culture, our gaudy magazines, our lecherous people and our morally corrupt Hollywood movie machine (ok, point taken), THEN DON’T MOVE TO A WESTERN COUNTRY! Why did you leave your majority Muslim country of peace, love and mutual respect to come to a heathen enclave of blasphemers? Huh? Once Muslims gain a significant population in any country, they start insisting they call the shots for their own community and issue their own laws. 
It is a poor house guest indeed that shows up and tells you how to run things when the place they came from is a royal fucking mess of their own making. It displays an arrogance of a rare stripe.
They come saying they want freedom but then attempt to impose their restrictive religious orthodoxy upon their host country. France is the biggest example that springs to mind but there are others.
This is why Islam cannot lead. Oh, it may take over but it can’t hold. It rages and destroys but has no hope of accomplishment because turmoil and destruction accomplishes nothing. Islam, even what they call Moderate Islam, is a religion of rigidity that cannot bend or change so it will wallow in the pain of history that it has brought to the world and until it stops, there is no choice but that the world see Islam as the death of civilization.
In light of all that has been happening, can someone prove otherwise?

Friday, January 9, 2015

West Secedes Territory to Islamic Expansion

By allowing an unchecked flow of immutable peoples into their countries and by allowing them to separate themselves from long the long standing customs that have made this countries unique, the First World has invited the events that are unfolding almost everywhere these people have landed. 

France isn’t the only country that has become a battleground for Western Civilization, it’s only the biggest. The United States, United Kingdom and Spain are all just as vulnerable to these bold and escalating soft target attacks by Islamic Fundamentalists.

Back in the century leading up to the Iberians ultimate victory over the Moors in 1492, the Spaniards of that era over time became just as ruthless as their foes. They HAD to. History reveals this in its chronicles of the Spanish conquests afterwards on the North and South American continents. This hardness and convition was formed over centuries of hardship and conflict. Must we have to endure this now?

The civilized world finds itself in the same situation. Empathy is not going to do it. Empathy is going to get us all killed or forced onto prayer rugs facing Mecca.

What it will take to stop these killings is for people to rise up and quit coddling the killers or the communities that produce them.

“We should not have to prove our fealty to France.” It has been stated by the Mulism community. “Oh, but yes you do!” should be the reply.

“We are a moderate people who do not advocate such violence.” It has been said. “Well then prove it.” Should be the reply since there is only one group out there right now yelling “Alla Akbar” when they shoot a group of unarmed people, begging for their lives, in a public place in a major city. Tell me of another and I will correct myself.

If government cannot do this, then the people eventually will. People are not going to continue to stand idly by and watch their neighbors butchered without recourse and retaliation. This will happen at some point. Eventually there will be no protecting anybody and it will become a street to street war.

What is under attack by the new Islamic Fascism is not just Free Speech but Civilization itself. Republics must survive or these ignorant people from blighted and dysfunctional societies will send us all back to the dark ages. By allowing Islamic autonimous regions, host countries have invited dischord and chaos. What other group is allowed to operate in this fashion? In the U.S. our Native Americans are barely given such leeway and they were here first! 

Until we grasp the situation firmly in our minds and resolve to make not just the killers pay but the communities that produced them and even sanction the countries they are from, then our survival prospects are dim.

The families of Islamic killers should be expelled from the country and lose all assets which should then be allocated to the victims. Their names should be added to a registry and are to never return.

If a group does not want to conform to a nations educational and societal provisions then they should not be allowed to remain in the country. You want to wear a hijab to high school even though it is secular? Bye bye, wear it in your Islamic high school back in Yemen you want to wear is so bad. Only nuns wear a habit in the U.S. Are you an Islamic nun? Then lose the head gear or get out.

By compromising and giving in to the uncompromising only leads to more demands and the secession of the authority that keeps a Republic together. By granting more rights to a group of people only emboldens them to ask for more and to eventually impose their will upon other groups. We see this with the Rainbow Coalition and the NAACP who as “oppressed minorities” enjoy more rights in the workplace and in politics than the majority of people in the nation.

As events have unfolded, we can see that we have given away too much as it is. We have given too much support and too much autonomy to people who have only viewed this as a weakness.

Until the so called “Moderate” Muslim community starts mixing with the general public, starts denouncing and outing suspected radicals, why should we give them anything?

Many groups of people have come to this country in the past and conflicts have arisen but right now we don’t have Buddhists shooting up a shopping mall in the name of the Budda. We don’t have Jehovah Witnesses shooting up a coffee shop yelling “Jehovah is the only God!” We don’t have Jews shooting up a newspaper because somebody offended Israel and nobody cares about offending Catholics since the Middle Ages.

But we do seem to have a crop of Islamist Fundamentalists with murder on their minds for the slightest infraction. And as Aesop would say,  “Any excuse will serve a Tyrant”.

So why are they here? Are they here looking for a better life than the one they had where they were, to become Americans and accept the American way of life?

Or are they here to mold America to their cultish image of the world and to impose their religious ideals upon the rest of us at the end of a gun barrel?

The jury is out on that.

Monday, January 5, 2015

The U.S. a Prison and the Police Our Jailers

Even before 9/11/2001, being a police officer in one form or another has been a growth industry in the United States. Practically everyone who wants to be a cop gets to be one. Cops in this country come in all shapes and sizes and people you’d never even think were cops are, indeed, part of law enforcement either by chosen profession or government edict. Here are a few examples:

The Postman. People who work for the Postal Service are part of law enforcement. They work for a government agency and do pay attention to what’s going on at your house and who lives there.

The Fireman. Firemen are cops too. They report what they see in and around your house just like the Postman.

Your Banker. Bankers are cops but not because they want to be. We all know that they have to report transactions of $10,000.00 or more to the government under the Money Laundering Control Act of 1986. The War on Drugs has failed but the act remains making your banker a conscript in the government’s monitoring of average American citizens.

Your School Teacher. Yep, they’re cops too. They work for the government and are bound by law to monitor and report what they hear from you or your kid should it not sound on the level regardless if it’s on the level or not.
Your Neighbor. Especially if there's a Neighborhood Watch program going on in your town. Nothing like a little authority to go to someone's head. Just think George Zimmerman.

Then there are the uniformed police: State Police, Park Police, Environmental Police, Town Auxiliary Police, Mass Transit Police, Town Police and the Sheriff’s depart/Department of Corrections.

Then we have the Federal police forces: IRS, NSA, FBI, CIA, FCC, DHS, ICE, DEA, ATF, USPM, USDA, USCP and the USPIS to name just a few.

We Have Too Many Cops

There was a car accident in front of my tenement here in Obscurity, Massachusetts. You know how many cops showed up?  Four cruisers, an ambulance and a fire truck. This was a two car accident with no injuries. You would have thought that someone took a shot at the president over here.

This town, like a lot of Massachusetts towns, has an awful lot of police officers in it. The amount of cruisers that serve this town is quite noticeable. There are a lot. Obscurity, Massachusetts is not a high-crime town. Can’t remember if there ever was a shooting in the last couple of decades. Since Obscurity University is nearby there are the usual incidences of loud drunk students every now and then and fender benders, lots of fender benders. But real crime on a scale that someone would notice, nope.

But we have a large police force never the less and when there isn’t enough real crime for them to justify their existence they they’ll MAKE crime.

Uniformed Accountants

This is why the police are so aggressive. They will goad you into an adverse reaction so they can make an arrest and cost you a boat-load of money. They’ll bully you and make you feel small ask you a bunch of stupid questions and never wait for an answer because it’s not an answer they want, they want you to make a mistake so It’ll cost you. That’s they’re raison de entente. They could give a shit whether you’re a wiseguy or not. That’s not the point. The point is they got you by the balls and want to have some fun even though you don’t have a record and were minding your own business.

They scan every license plate in every parking lot in town. They scan every plate on every car parked on the side of the road. SOMEONE somewhere is BREAKING THE LAW and by Jesus they’re going to find them and write them a ticket.

I have a friend who suggested long ago that the Registry of Motor Vehicles should issue license plates with a barcode on them so all the cops have to do is swipe a reader over the plate and charge you for an infraction. It can't be long now. And what are you going to do about it, huh? Shut up and sit down!

The cops in the suburbs are mainly just shakedown artists with a badge. Every now and again they hit us with a “road tax” because of some infraction that 800 people before you just did but today YOU did it. That’s the way it works. We have too many police for too little actually crime so when business is bad, and crime has been down for ages, someone has to drum up some business. They treat the American taxpayer like shit.

To them EVERYONE is a criminal. All they have to do is prove it.

A Prison State

We are constantly under surveillance. The United States has become an open air prison and the police are our jailers. We are always monitored. Your license plate is always being scanned. Your phone conversations are monitored for “catch words” and there are cameras everywhere.

The United States today is a land of over-policing, over-regulation, over-the-top law and order and too many people in charge. With so many cops, why don’t I feel safe? With so many public police organizations supposedly looking out for us, why are we being told that we are in more danger now than 9/11?

It's all a justification to grow the Police State. Nothing like having more and more people tell you what to do and where to stand, OR ELSE. It is THEY who are in control and it will be THEY who run our prosperity into the ground. The last thing we need is to have cops run this country. They will turn it to shit. They already have.

What good is calling ourselves a free country when you can't HAVE any freedom?

Too Much Television

I grew up with nothing but cop shows on the television. There was Hill Street Blues, Police Story, The FBI, Hawaii Five O, McCloud, Colombo, Quincy right up to CSI, Bones and Law and Order. It's easy to write these stupid "Law Enforcement Dramas" and people never get tired of seeing some holier than thou cop character who "Keeps his search warrant in his shoe" and kicks down somebodies door because he KNOWS he's a "perp" etc. This is why nobody gets a fare shake in court. You have to be guilty, they arrested you didn't they?

Cops Are Above the Law

Recent events have only proven what we’ve known all along: Cops can do anything and get away with it. They can drive drunk, crash into you on the highway, site you for being in an accident and they don’t even get suspended. That's because they're better than you are. What are you to them other than a paycheck?

They can shoot at your new boyfriend, pull him over, pistol whip him and they don’t even lose their jobs.  It was just a misunderstanding is all.

They can pull their service revolver, wave it at their neighbor in a threatening manner and NOTHING HAPPENS to them. They can act with impunity regardless of whether it presents a danger to the public. The public they took an oath to protect I might add. Nothing happens to a cop if they should violate that oath.

They can flash their badge and get what they want. I've seen it done too many times.

As a young man I washed dishes at a local restaurant and two or three cops would come once or twice a week in the back door and eat for free. I was wondering why the fire department didn't come too since it takes more than one fireman to put out a fire.

The police can’t police themselves

It’s time for a civilian review panel.  It’s time somebody was able to fire a negligent cop. The police department has proven incapable of doing it and forget about a grand jury.

It’s time that a panel of either neighborhood, town or state peers sit in judgment of the police departments in their area and get the bad ones out of the department and clear of any of the protections that they enjoyed to run roughshod over the civilian working taxpayer. It’s time the harassment of law abiding citizens as well as the beatings and outright murders not only end but that punitive measures be enacted for when they do occur. Yes, criminal charges and loss of employment should be meted out.

We pay the police a princely sum and for the most part put them above the law and we should thereby hold them to higher standards of conduct.

But who will Bell the Cat?